Subject: Queen Mary Bell Boys Chapter 117 Queen Mary Bell-boys by badboi666 =============================================================================== If sex with boys isn’t your thing, go away. If, as is much more likely, you’ve come to this site precisely to get your rocks off reading about sex with 14-year-olds then make yourself comfortable – you’re in the right place. Don’t leave, however, without doing this: Donate to Nifty – these buggers may do it for love but they still have to eat. fty/donate.html =============================================================================== Chapter 117 Two nights before we left New York, when all the carpenters and the hordes of other workmen fitting us out had left, the Captain called the entire ship’s company to the First Class dining Room, now cunningly disguised as the biggest of the three canteens. He told us that shore leave was cancelled and that we would be sailing with a small complement of passengers at 0600 on the day after next. He said nothing about our destination. When we got there he would give us instruction about dealing with several thousand troops. He was proud of all the work we’d put in while we were lying idle, and that for us the War was just beginning. All very uplifting stuff. He handed over to a team of junior officers, each of whom would brief the appropriate crew departments – food, bars, engine room, and so on. Will, very serious-looking, was among them. When we were dismissed Sam beckoned to the rest of us. “Will wants to see us in 20 minutes,” he said, “he’ll be coming down to Cabin 1.” This was interesting. “What’s he want?” asked Charlie, but Sam shrugged. We went for a quick beer before going back down to await Will’s arrival, and when he knocked we were all sitting on the beds looking alert. “I’m not really here,” said Will, “and I can’t stay long. None of the other Officers knows about the arrangement we had before the War, and that’s how it’s got to stay. The last months have been hectic for all of us, but for the moment we’ve got maybe three weeks of hard steaming, but not too much work. If you eight are still interested I’d like to pick up on our former activities. Just the eight of you and the four of us still on board – Francis, Ryan, Larry and me. Are you interested?” There was no hesitation, and each one of us instantly agreed. “Good. We can only meet down here. I gather the sling’s in Cabin 4, so let’s keep it there. This whole deck will be clearly marked as being Out of Bounds: Crew Only, so we should be OK.” “Aren’t you taking a huge risk, Will?” I asked, “they’ll court martial you like a shot if they find out.” “Yes, Patrick, but it’s a risk I’m happy to take. A lot of the young men we’re going to be carrying are going to die, and so, come to that, could we. This ship is a big target and the Nazis are bound to want to sink us. How old are you now? 18, 20, that kind of thing? -” (we nodded) “- well, I’m 28 and I don’t expect to see much action unless it’s with delightful ex-bell boys, and if the War goes on I might be 40 by the time I can lay into a lad on land.” By this time all nine of us were finding it hard to keep a straight face. It was Sam who struck the right note. “I called you Will from the first time we all got together nearly six years ago until Hitler fucked things up. I’ve called you Sir ever since. We’re used to calling someone Sir, so being able to call you Will in here and Sir on the Bridge will be nice. Let’s do our best to enjoy ourselves while we can.” And he stood up and formally shook Will’s hand. The bargain being sealed we all relaxed. “How are we going to fix things up?” asked Tim. “I’ve thought of that,” said Will. I can liaise with Sam; you, Tim, can liaise with Francis; Charlie and Patrick, you work with Ryan, and one of you can let Larry know. He’s going to be in the gym because the troops will be training and doing keep fit stuff. So everyone will be easily contactable.” Looking back on that evening from getting on for 80 years later I see that Will was taking a monumental risk. In wartime a court martial would have probably sentenced him to a very long sentence, if not to being shot for what could have been seen as sedition. None of that happened, but that evening none of us were to know that. Instead we were lusty young men with what looked like a very bright green light to enjoy the unusual sexual practices of which we were all so fond. “It’ll be hectic until we’re well out to sea,” said Will, “so let’s meet here three nights from now at 2200. Tell the other three,” and he was off. We looked at each other. “This looks like being fun,” said Tim, “I wonder where we’re going.” Sam shrugged – our destination wasn’t part of the bridge gossip. Charlie said it was bound to be the Empire, but if we were going to be three weeks it had to be Australia or South Africa. “Either way we’ll be going south, and that means hot weather. That’ll make a change from winter in New York.” “I wonder where Phil is now,” said Sam, “he’d have loved getting together again.” Phil had left Queen Mary not long after the War had started, along with most of the crew whose job had been serving passengers, rather than working in the engine-room. He, Gus and James had all gone up to Canada early in October 1939 and we’d not heard anything from any of them. They said they were going to volunteer for the Royal Navy, but they had no idea how or when they’d be able to do so. It was only at times like this that we remembered them, and the fun we’d had, and that of course led us to remember Alan and Andrew. Were they still together? Were they still alive? What about George and Vincent – they’d gone to Canada too. The next afternoon the small number of passengers began to come aboard. The eight of us watched about 80 people trudge up the gangway. Most were men in uniform, but there were a small number of families. We later discovered that they ataköy escort were diplomats going to Australia (which is where we were bound, it turned out) to help co-ordinate troop movements. Tim nudged me and pointed to two families, each with children. One group had three children, two girls of about 8 and 10 and a boy of maybe 13; the other had a boy and girl, both 13 or 14. “Could be interesting,” he said, “those boys will be thrown together as the only boys on the ship, and they won’t find their sisters much fun for three weeks at sea. Maybe we should – oh, I don’t know – show them fun things to while away their voyage.” Sam and Charlie heard this with as much interest as I did. “Yeah,” said Sam, “you young lads can tempt them into wickedness while Tim shovels coal and I drive the damn thing.” Sam’s understanding of how Queen Mary was powered was clearly something which Will had not yet attempted to teach him. “Yes, old one, we will find boys for you,” I said, “Charlie can tempt them with luscious treats from his galley.” What with Will’s announcement and the arrival on board of fresh young talent the voyage to wherever it was suddenly looked a lot more exciting. Charlie and I went on duty in the galley at 1700. Dinner for the passengers would be at 1900 each evening, we were told, and would be served in what had been one of the bars. The bar itself had been stripped out and the room was almost as nice as the passengers’ dining rooms before the War. Apparently this room was being kept for any passengers and senior officers when troops were aboard, and the food would be served at the table, rather than dished out cafeteria-style as we had with the carpenters. This would be interesting, I thought, as there weren’t any waiters any more apart from the few still on board to serve the ship’s officers. The head chef told Ryan to sort it out – no-one had told him, apparently, and he was not pleased that some of his galley staff would be seconded to waiting at table. Luckily the galley was crewed to prepare meals for several thousand troops, so there were plenty of us. Charlie and I had learned the necessary skills at Ashokan over four years earlier, and we’d occasionally served proper passengers when someone was unavailable, so we were obvious choices for Ryan. He chose three others and, with himself in charge, we were a team of six – easily enough to deal with 80 or so passengers. They were seated at tables of eight, and the two families were at the same table, with an extra chair for the youngest daughter. I told Ryan that I wanted to serve that table. He gave me an old-fashioned look. “Be careful,” he said, “the fathers are very important.” I assured him that my interest in the fathers went no further than serving them their dinner, and he laughed. “You know what I mean, Patrick. Good luck!” Everything went smoothly, I made no mistakes, and all I did by way of friendliness was to smile brightly at the five children. This game had to be played slowly. As they got up to go at the end of the meal I helped one of the mothers from her chair. “Thank you,” she said, “you’ve been very kind.” I smiled and said “good evening” to them all, “I hope you have a comfortable voyage.” I decided I would make a move the following night unless I managed to bump into the boys before then. We would be at sea by then and the boys would have explored the ship. It would be easy to offer to show them interesting things not normally available to passengers. Sam could surely get them up to the bridge for a few minutes. Hearing them talking over dinner it was obvious that the family with three children were English. I wasn’t sure whether the other family were American or Canadian – in those days I hadn’t learned to tell the difference. That meant that the boys were unlikely to know each other, an advantage, it seemed to me, if we were to lure them down to our cabin. Things were looking decidedly rosy. We set off at 0600 the next morning as it was getting light, and breakfast was at 0730. The children were excited to have seen the Statue of Liberty as we slipped by, and by the time breakfast was finished the coast was a mere line on the horizon. We were steaming at full speed – well over 30 knots. Lunch at 1300 was much less formal than dinner, so much so that some of the passengers discussed it and approached the officer in charge to ask whether they might not have lunch in one of the main cafeterias in future. Clearly they knew how the ship was to cater for troops, and as it suited everybody that was how it happened after that first day. We didn’t know at the time that several of the passengers would be involved in arranging the logistics for troop carrying, so the cafeteria arrangement was something they had known about before coming on board. This suited my plan as it would make contact with the boys much easier to arrange – always assuming they were interested, if course. I made my move as I served dessert at dinner that second night. I was pleased to see that the two boys were sitting together, and the three girls were together, but opposite to the boys. That made it easy for me to say quietly to the boys that I was sure they’d explored this ship from end to end by now. One of them said that they’d been to most parts. “Have you been to the bridge?” “No, can we?” said the other. “I’ll see if I can fix it,” I said, with a conspiratorial wink. The English father picked this up and told his son not to be a nuisance. I said it was no trouble, that while the ship was practically empty all kinds of things were possible which would be unthinkable with thousands of troops on board. “Let me talk to one of my colleagues and I’ll let you know at lunch tomorrow.” “That really would be most kind,” said English father, “I’m afraid they will get really bored by the time we get to Sydney.” So that was where we were going – right across the World. merter escort I wondered what kind of treat we might fix for the girls. It would look very odd if the nice young man serving at dinner favoured the boys over the girls. I would have my work cut out to sort all this out before lunch the following day. That night we got together in cabin 2 with a few beers. I asked Sam to see what he could fix with Will. “Have a word tomorrow morning if you can. I’d like to tell them it’s on at lunch tomorrow. The best time would be between 1400 and 1500.” Tim asked why. “Because we’ll have ages before the next meal, and all kinds of things might happen.” I voiced my difficulty about not making it obvious that it was the boys we were interested in, and that I had to come up with some fun thing for the girls. “That’s easy,” said Charlie, “I don’t know why you didn’t think of it. I’ll take them into a corner of the galley and they can see how we prepare the food. If we do a fancy dessert they’ll love making the portions their parents will get. I’ll fix it with Ryan.” He’s very inventive, is my Charlie, I thought, not for the first time. My wicked plan could not have gone more smoothly. When the two families queued up for their lunch the next day I watched from the galley to see where they sat. The boys ate faster than anyone else so they were back for dessert on their own. As they collected their plates I told them that the bridge was fixed for 1430 – “that’s half past two” – and that they should meet me in here at 1415 for a briefing. “One of the things I’ll need to know is your names, so I can introduce you to the officer. I’m Patrick.” “I’m Tom,” said the English one. “And I’m Felix.” “Where are you from?” “Oxford.” “Toronto.” So it was Canada. “OK, guys, be in here at 1415.” I followed them to the table and addressed myself to their parents. “I’ve arranged for Tom and Felix to visit the bridge this afternoon. My colleague would like to show the girls what goes on behind the scenes in the galley. Would you like that?” Girlish glee made it impossible for any refusal to be made. I said that my friend Charlie would meet them here at 1600 and he’d show them all the secrets. Four parents looked pleased that their children would be kept amused; three girls looked forward to learning secrets; two boys could hardly wait to see the really important stuff; one crew member was hopeful that he too would soon be seeing the important stuff. In the end it couldn’t have been easier. I gathered them as planned and took them up to Sam who was waiting at the door to the bridge. He took them in and introduced them to Will who explained all the dials and whatnot. As we were well out to sea and there was nothing visible anywhere Tom and Felix each steered the mighty Queen Mary “for a whole minute, Dad!” as Tom reported later. They were so excited that they were getting special treatment (“no-one else has been on the bridge before” said Sam) that they were up for whatever we suggested. This included a swim. They were unaware that there was a pool on the ship, and normally it wouldn’t have been available as it was being kept for special training when we were carrying troops. “Come on,” I said, “there won’t be anyone there.” As we took them straight from the bridge, and without having made any earlier mention of the pool, they were unprepared. When we got to the changing room, “I’ve not got any trunks,” said Tom. “No matter,” I said cheerfully, “nor has anyone else. We’ll all just swim as we are,” and Sam and I stripped off. Tom and Felix looked at each other, shrugged and took off their clothes. To save embarrassment Sam and I jumped in quickly, and the boys were only a few seconds behind us. We swam about for a few minutes and I was about to suggest getting out when, to my great surprise I saw Felix grab Tom’s arse. Tom yelped in surprise but didn’t move away. Felix grabbed again and a smile crossed Tom’s lips. I caught Sam’s eye and he nodded. “How long have you two known each other?” I asked. “About a month,” said Felix, “we came down from Toronto and we’ve been staying with Tom’s family on Long Island. Our fathers are going to Australia, and we’re all going too.” A month was plenty long enough for these two boys to break any ice that there might have been between them. “How old are you?” I asked. “I’ll be 14 in June,” said Felix. “And I’m two months younger.” “My twin brother and I got up to all sorts of mischief when we were 13,” I said, “and that included grabbing each other’s arse.” Felix laughed. “Tom says arse, just like you. I say ass.” By this time we were all standing close together in about four feet of water, and I could see that both boys’ cocks were hard. I suggested we got out and got dried, expecting to meet embarrassed reluctance. Far from it – neither of these two was fazed at all, and they led the way cheerfully back to the changing room. Sam and I, behind them, gave our cocks an encouraging stroke and by the time we were all standing in the changing room all of us were hard. It was Felix who took the first step. “Tom and I have been fooling about for a couple of weeks and we hoped we’d find guys on the ship who wanted to fool around with us. I think we’ve found them, don’t you?” It’s not often I was stuck for words, but luckily Sam was quick off the mark. “I think we’re all going to have a fun three weeks,” he said, “but rather than do anything here why don’t you let us take you somewhere more comfortable?” Rarely have four randy naked young males put their clothes on as fast as we four did that afternoon. I kept a careful look-out as the four of us went down to our cabins. “How long can you stay?” I asked Sam. “Not long,” he said, “Will said I could have 45 minutes, so I’ve got another 15 maybe. Enough to get friendly though.” I led them into cabin 1 and immediately started to strip. “Come bahçeşehir escort on, lads, let’s get back to where we were 5 minutes ago. They were a bit reticent at first, not surprisingly. It’s one thing to be relaxed about having a hard-on when you’re naked in a pool, but quite a different one in a stranger’s bedroom when you’ve still got your clothes on. However when Sam and I were both naked they looked at each other, shrugged, and took off their clothes. “I have to be back on duty soon,” said Sam, so all I can do is this,” and he knelt at Felix’s feet and took the boy’s cock in his mouth. “Oh fuck, Tom, he’s sucking my cock.” “So I see,” said Tom, but he got no further because his cock was suddenly in my mouth. “I’ve wanted this for so long,” moaned Felix, “and it’s miles better than I hoped.” Sam took his mouth off Felix’s cock. “Lie on the bed,” he said, “and I’ll do it properly”. Felix obeyed instantly and Sam knelt over him, gently drawing the boy’s foreskin back. His cock was a good five inches of steel, moist but with no sign of precum. “Can you shoot yet?” asked Sam. “Yeah, I started a few months ago.” “Good,” and Sam bent to his task, sucking and licking Felix’s cock, occasionally taking a few seconds to lick his hairless balls. Felix wasn’t going to last long, and instinctively as he got closer his hips started to move as he fucked Sam’s mouth. “Oh Sam, stop, I’m … stop …”. But Sam hadn’t any intention of stopping. “I’m going to pee …” But of course he didn’t, and as his orgasm started he gave himself over to enjoying it. Sam went on sucking and licking as Felix unloaded three good jets of creamy 13-year-old spunk. Felix, although he’d never been sucked off before, somehow knew that stroking Sam’s head was what you did, cooing happily that that was the best jizz ever, and didn’t Sam mind? Sam reassured him that not only did he not mind, but that his intention from the outset had been to taste Felix’s jizz. “And next time, Felix, we can go a lot further.” Felix grinned. Sam got up to go, briefly kissing Felix chastely on the lips as he did. Felix looked at Sam as he climbed back into his clothes, and his look was hungry. The act of bringing Felix to jizz in his mouth had made Sam’s cock rise to almost its full glory. “Before you go, Sam …”. “Yes?” “You can kiss me properly.” Sam’s return to the Bridge was delayed by a full minute.. not least because he spent ten seconds happily agreeing to allow Felix’s request to become better acquainted “with that monster”. While all this had been going on Tom and I had been active too. Knowing that Sam wasn’t able to stay long I deliberately didn’t do too much with Tom, contenting myself with gentle sucking and fondling his balls. Once Sam had gone I gave Tom my full attention. “Will you do me like Sam did Felix?” By way of answer I pushed him on his back and gave him the five most erotic minutes of his life so far. When he’d come and I’d gently licked off the last drops his cock slipped out and he lay panting on the bed. “OK, you two, time to talk. What have the pair of you done, and more important, what would you like to do? There are eight of us down here. I’ll be 19 next week. My twin brother is Tim. Sam is Tim’s boyfriend, and he’s 20. My boyfriend is Charlie – you saw him at dinner – and he’s 20 as well. He’s showing the girls stuff in the galley. The other four are Prince, Graham, Javid and Nigel, and they’re all 17 or 18. You’re on Queen Mary for three weeks. If you fancy doing sex stuff with each other you might like to come down here. Even if you don’t fancy doing it with old guys like us at least no-one will come and interrupt you – parents, that is.” “Are you saying we can do stuff with you, and the others?” said Tom. “That’s exactly what I’m saying, but only if you want to. Our rule is that you do what you want unless the other guy says `no’.” Tom and Felix went into a brief – a very brief – huddle. “Yes please,” said both of them. “Good. We’ll have a lot of fun. It’s 1530 now – do you know that’s how we keep time on the ship? You add 12 to the usual time, so if your watch says 3.30 in the afternoon it’s 1530.” They nodded. “We have odd duty times. Most of us have time off during the day. We can stay here until around 1700 then you ought to get back to your parents – we don’t want them thinking you’re being a nuisance, taking up our time. I’ll say nice things at dinner which should make things easier for the days ahead.” At this point they both jumped as Javid walked in. “This is Javid,” I said, “he’s one of us, it’s OK.” “I see you’ve been quick off the mark, Patrick. I come down for a break and you have gorgeous naked boys for me, almost as though you read my mind.” “You know me, Javid. These sexy boys are Tom and Felix. Sam and I gave each of them their first blow job not 15 minutes ago, so they’ll be up for more, I’m sure.” While this was going on the range of emotions on the boys’ faces ranged from terror through embarrassment to doubt to interest (and here their cocks gave some evidence of something more than interest), all the way to acceptance that they were likely to be having a second orgasm fairly soon. “I was explaining to them that much fun is to be had in these cabins with the eight of us, and that’s when you walked in. By the way, why have you still got your clothes on? I don’t suppose these two have seen a brown cock and you might as well let them have a close look.” Tom said, “you’re weird, Patrick.” I told him that he was not the first person on Queen Mary to have voiced that opinion, and that I took it as a high compliment. “I was asking you what the two of you might want to do.” =============================================================================== The fun continues in Chapter 118 as our new friends continue to enjoy the voyage with us, and Will and the other gather in Cabin 1 for an interesting evening. The photographs in Queen Mary 2 are real. I saw them while making a transatlantic crossing in 2017, and the boy I describe as “me” is really cute. I’m sure he had adventures … Drop me a line at net – that is after you’ve dropped a few quid. ===============================================================================

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