Subject: Queen Mary Bell Boys Chapter 21 Queen Mary Bell-boys by badboi666 =============================================================================== If sex with boys isn’t your thing, go away. If, as is much more likely, you’ve come to this site precisely to get your rocks off reading about sex with 14-year-olds then make yourself comfortable – you’re in the right place. Don’t leave, however, without doing this: Donate to Nifty – these buggers may do it for love but they still have to eat. fty/donate.html =============================================================================== Chapter 21 Sam appeared and Alan went off next door. “Do you always send him away?” said Sam. I assured him that Alan would be happily embroiled with Peter, and that there wasn’t room for more than four in the cabin. At that moment Charlie tapped softly and came in. “Oh, hello Sam,” he said, rather surprised. “Hello Charlie. I see you’re part of Cabin 1’s sex parties now. I didn’t know,” and to his eternal credit he stood up, hugged the startled Charlie and gave him a kiss. Tim watched this and smiled, catching my eye. We started to take off our clothes. Sam and Charlie, who had returned the kiss after a moment’s hesitation, saw that we were practically naked and quickly joined us. It was good that Charlie’s reluctance to be seen naked had left him, at least in the safe confines of our cabin. Tim took Sam’s hand and pulled him onto his bed. Charlie looked at me and said, “I suppose I’m stuck with you.” The wide grin on his face was a joy to see. It was the first joke I’d heard him make, and the fact that he could make a joke of that kind – pretending I didn’t matter – was the strongest evidence that he was relaxing into the new role of being loved. My heart melted. Again. First Tim, now Charlie. Tim had made it clear to Sam that he needed to be fucked. Charlie had heard this, and whispered to me. “I thought you could only … fuck girls.” Soon he wouldn’t pause before saying bad words, I thought wryly. “Well, yes, but watch, and you’ll see how boys fuck other boys, or men, come to that.” Charlie’s lesson would be less shocking, and – with luck more exciting – if he enjoyed it while in a state of sexual ecstasy himself. I got down between his legs and drew his cock slowly into my mouth. “Aaah! Patrick, I’ve missed you. I love it when you do that.” Sam was busy on Tim’s perineum, licking and getting him nice and wet. Charlie was all eyes. “Is he …?” “Licking Tim’s arse, I expect,” I said, “he’s getting Tim ready to be fucked. They both love it, believe me. So do I.” Charlie was coming along nicely, so I gave his perineum a quick tonguing. He leapt a mile into the air. “Oh! oh! that’s so nice, Patrick.” Things were going nicely. I looked over at the other two. I wanted to time my next adventure in Charlie’s crack with Sam putting his cock doggy-fashion into Tim’s arse. Yes … Sam was touching his 8 inches to Tim’s hole and … in it went, and in went my tongue to Charlie’s hole. He leapt again. “oh! oh! aaaah!” this time accompanying his cry with a thrust of his hips and a good squirt of cum up onto his chest. If Charlie could cum with just half an inch of my tongue up his arse he was going to be a very happy bunny when something longer and harder and warmer made the same journey. I moved to his chest. “That’s a big load,” I said, “when did you last cum?” “Yesterday night.” I was impressed. I bent my lips to it and licked over the warm trail, spreading it towards his nipples. They were very sensitive, and as I licked them Charlie’s cock lurched and another dribble of spunk leaked out. I got most of it up and swallowed. I then kissed him, and our tongues danced in each other’s mouth. Sam was giving Tim a long slow fucking. Now that Charlie had recovered he was watching intently. “Doesn’t it hurt? Sam’s cock is huge.” “I heard that,” said the cock’s owner happily. “It does at first, but not for long, and if the person doing the fucking is considerate the pain soon turns into the kind of feeling you had in the pool, only twice as good,” I said. “That isn’t possible,” said Charlie. I turned to him, and putting my face very close to his, and looking in his eyes I said quietly, “how do you know? When you’re ready we’ll give it a try.” I could see that Charlie was in two minds. If being fucked really was twice as good as being wanked in the pool then it was something Charlie wanted, and wanted right now. On the other hand Sam’s cock was very big, and although ataköy escort mine wasn’t that big it was still .. well, big. I put my arms round him. “Let’s just watch, and you’ll see how much they both love it.” “Are you sure it doesn’t hurt?” “You weren’t listening, Charlie, it does hurt at first, but the pain quickly goes. I can’t remember when I was first fucked and how much it hurt, but I do remember that as soon as it was over I wanted it again, and again, and I’ve never regretted it. You can trust me that I will be as gentle with you as I know how.” Charlie turned his face to mine. “I know, Patrick, and I do trust you.” I kissed him. “Good, now enjoy two experts.” The two experts were well away. Sam hadn’t accelerated yet and Tim was moaning happily. “Oh, Sam, it goes right into me. It’s so hot,” and more in similar vein. I thought this was mainly for Charlie’s benefit, but Sam was pleased with Tim’s reaction. “There’s more to come, Tim, just you wait.” I reached down to Charlie’s cock, already recovering well from its recent performance. A few strokes from me and he was fully hard again. “You can stroke mine, you know,” I whispered. Immediately his hand reached for my cock. “Sorry,” he whispered, “I got carried away watching those two.” His hand was full of electricity, or so my cock thought. Two boys busy fucking on one bed; two boys busy stroking each other’s hot hard cocks on the other. Suddenly without any warning Tim arched his back and cum flew out of his cock onto his bed. “See,” I said, “you can’t come if it hurts, can you?” Charlie supposed not. He was still excited to see another boy actually coming. Sam felt the reflex contraction in Tim’s arse and speeded up, somehow managing to get 9 inches of his 8-inch cock into Tim. Well, that’s what it looked like. Then, “aaah!” and Sam was firing jet after jet into Tim. “Oh fuck!” breathed Charlie, “they loved that all right. The bad word just escaped quite naturally. Calvin was long forgotten. He turned his face to mine again. “I’m ready, Patrick. Be gentle. I trust you.” I’m not going to describe the next few minutes: they’re too precious to me. 80 and more years later I still can’t think of them without getting emotional. I’ve not hesitated in describing my many sexual experiences until this one, but you’ll just have to use your imagination. Let me put it this way. That day in late May 1936 was the first time I made love to Charlie. It wasn’t the last. If you remember almost the very first thing I told you (“I looked at that picture again the other day and smiled. They’re probably all long dead of course. Except me.”) you’ll want to know that I scattered Charlie’s ashes over the stern of Queen Mary 2 a few months ago at the same spot, as near as I could judge, where that first fuck had taken place all those years ago. He died in July 2017, aged 97, and we’d been together for most of the next 81 years. Married for the last few too. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Charlie said that it had hurt, but he wasn’t put off by that: he trusted me that it would hurt less the next time, and he made it very clear that he expected the next time to be, as he put it, ‘very soon’. And the cum he’d had had been, if not twice as good as the earlier one, certainly special. For the sake of completeness I should tell you that it didn’t take a great deal of persuasion (mainly from Tim) that he should return the compliment, and fuck me. He did, and lasted about 15 seconds. Subsequent fucks over the ensuing 81 years were, as you would expect, better. Much, much better. By about 1 in the morning we were all exhausted. Charlie had spent the hour and a half after I fucked him thinking about Sam, and at last he screwed up his courage and told Sam he wanted to experience the full force of his enticing 8 inches. What he said was, “Sam, I think I can take it. Will you fuck me, please.” Such a polite boy. That hurt too, but as promised, it hurt a bit less. Afterwards we slept together, as we would do so often in the years to come. In the cool light of day I would have to find out whether he would be willing to make the transition from lover to whore. After 0700 parade (with four very weary-looking teenagers among Sir’s gang of bright-eyed and bushy-tailed youngsters) we went off for breakfast. It was obvious to anyone with half an eye that Charlie and I were, to use today’s idiom, an item. Neither of us could have cared less – we were in love, and if the world didn’t like it, the merter escort world could fuck itself. Sam and Tim were wryly amused, and Alan, followed by Peter, quickly worked it out. “Is he six?” said Alan quietly. “Sh!” I said, “leave it, Alan.” But Charlie had heard, and as we left breakfast he asked what Alan had meant. “Come on, and I’ll tell you,” I said. This would not be easy. I took him up to the top deck where we’d talked before. I explained about Sir’s boys, about what we did, why we did it (because we liked it), how Tim and I had got started, where Father Corrigan and Sir fitted in, how Tim and Alan and I had been the first, how I’d recruited Sam and Peter … and how much I hoped he’d understand all that and not stop loving me. I stopped … and waited. “Patrick, you silly … bugger. You think I might not love you because of all that? You’re daft. You’ve seen how much you mean to me, how much you’ve shown me about … sex, how much I love it all. If you and Tim go with men, why would I not want to do the same? I know I have a great deal to learn, but I’m a quick learner -” (we both grinned) “- and you’ll teach me what I need to know.” I couldn’t see for the tears in my eyes. Even if there had been a hundred passengers watching I would still have put my arms round him and kissed him passionately. “Then I’m six?” he said. “You’re six, Charlie,” I said, “come with me at 0915,” I said, “and we’ll tell Sir.” At 0915 that morning, for the first time, all six of Sir’s boys were admitted to his office. He smiled. “That was quick work, Patrick. So Charlie is the last of our team. I think you’d all better find somewhere to sit as this will be a longer meeting than usual. Charlie, please stay when the others leave. Now, I need to hear about yesterday’s adventures.” Tim went first as he had yesterday. “He was about 60, but fit-looking. He wanted to suck my cock and after I’d cum in his mouth we lay on his bed cuddling. He said he wanted to fuck me, but he didn’t seem to be in a hurry – he was enjoying stroking me. He was very gentle and it was nice. After a while he saw I was getting hard again, so he turned me over and fucked me from behind for a while. Then he took it out and got on his back and made me sit on his cock. He said he wanted to see me cum on him while he was fucking me. Well. I’ve been fucked like that by Patrick often enough, and it’s the way we prefer, so it was all good. He came up my arse and I wanked myself onto him. He was happy and so was I. He didn’t want to clean my cum off, or to clean his cock, so he told me to dress while he stayed all cummy on the bed. I think he’ll probably ask for another session.” “Thank you, Tim. What about you, Alan? No trouble this time?” Alan’s experience had been brief but satisfactory. “I knocked on the door and when I went in he was naked and hard. He was English, young – only about 22, I’d say – and very fit. Muscles everywhere and not a hair on him except his head. Big uncut cock, nice low balls. He wanted me to rim him and then fuck him. I had to promise to take my cock out before I came and to wank myself onto his face. The rimming was fine – he’d showered just before I got there – and the fucking was OK. He hadn’t got any lube, so I was glad of the vaseline. I knew I was getting close after about six or seven minutes, so I whipped it out just in time and aimed at his face. I hadn’t done that before, but from the moans he made I must have got it right. I came four or five good spurts and I aimed them to criss-cross his cheeks. Then he opened his mouth and took my cock in while I was still cumming. When he’d finished cleaning it all off – he was in no hurry, believe me – he than wanked himself off onto his chest. He told me to rub it in, so I smeared it onto his belly. ‘That’s it, boy,’ he said, ‘off you go. Thanks,’ and I left. I then told them about my adventure in 611 with Al. “It sounds as though you were unlucky, Patrick,” said Sir, “but that’s how it goes. Sam, Peter, that’s the kind of thing that happens, and that’s how you are to report it to us at 0915 each day. You each have a client today. Sam is to go to 508 at 1400 and Peter to 443 at 1430. Neither client has any special instruction, so you will each shower one hour beforehand and lubricate your arses with vaseline. The other three will share what advice they want to give you beforehand – listen to what they say, because they know what they’re talking about. I know you’ve fucked bahçeşehir escort around with them, and with some crew members, but passengers are different and you’ve got to go along with what they want. If it’s nice, that’s good; if it’s distasteful, that’s part of the job – don’t let the client know it’s distasteful: your job is to make the client happy. If, as happened to Alan on the way across, it’s dangerous or frightening then you have to use your wits to deal with it. Since that occurrence I hold the clients’ passports while you are with them, so it’s now very unlikely that there will be trouble. But keep your wits about you. There’s nothing for you today, Alan. Patrick and Tim, I have an unusual mission for you. Come back here at 1145 please, and be showered when you do. Any questions? Off you go then. Charlie, stay please.” When we left Sam and Peter said they needed to talk to us. “Let’s wait until Sir’s finished with Charlie,” I said, “how long did he spend with you?” “Ten minutes,” said Sam, “all he did was get me naked, feel me up, get me hard and suck me off.” “Same here,” said Peter, “ten minutes at most.” “Then we won’t have long to wait,” said Tim. Alan seemed disappointed to be without a client, but I pointed out that that would give him time to get to know Charlie, and to give him some guidance. He and Charlie had been together in Cabin 1 while various sexual pairings had happened, but so far they hadn’t done anything together. They would also have a chance to put right the little matter of Charlie’s arse being groped while the photograph was being taken. The more Charlie’s confidence with boys other than me could be built up, the better he would feel when he had a client. I didn’t want Charlie to have to deal with a client until he was far more used to the sort of things he would be expected to do, and that included being fucked. We five would have to get him used to it before I let Sir book him out. We tried to remain inconspicuous in the corridor leading to Sir’s office, but teenage boys aren’t very good at being inconspicuous, and another officer told us brusquely to get back to our duties. I said quietly to the other four that they should go off to the elevators – it was now 0940 – and I’d wait for Charlie and we’d all meet in Cabin 1 at 1000. Charlie reappeared rather red in the face a few minutes after the others had gone. “Well?” I said. He grinned. “You’re a lot better with your mouth than he is.” This didn’t come as a surprise, but it was nice to hear all the same. I told him we were all meeting in our cabin, but if there was anything he wanted to tell me privately then we’d meet somewhere later. “The six of us can’t have any secrets from each other though – you do know that, don’t you? You mustn’t be embarrassed by what any of us says – we’ve all been new to this at some stage and the others know you’re not experienced. We will all help each other.” Charlie nodded. “I know, Patrick, and I trust you. I’ll learn to trust the others too. I know Tim best, and Sam and Peter too. I don’t really know Alan.” I explained that I’d asked Alan to spend time with him today, and Charlie was pleased. When we got to our cabin we were the first ones back. “Sir is going to make some big changes when we get to Southampton,” I said, “and from then on it’ll only be two boys to a cabin. I want you with me.” Charlie’s eyes filled, and mine did too. When the other four appeared they found us in each other’s arms, tears visible to all. “Oh God!” said Tim, “they’re in love.” There could have been no better way of allowing us to acknowledge that that was indeed the case, and from that moment on it was an accepted part of our lives together on Queen Mary. We sat down in pairs on the three beds. Tim and Alan naturally sat on their own beds. I was pleased that Sam sat with Tim and Peter with Alan. “Is this how we’re pairing up from Southampton?” I said. The other four nodded. “Will you tell us if you’re in love too please?” said Charlie, “because I’m not sure I’ll be able to tell.” Gales of laughter greeted this. “Not yet,” said Tim, “but those 8 inches make him well worth loving.” Silence from Alan’s bed. I wondered what had happened in Cabin 2 between them. “We can’t spend all morning here,” I said, “but we’ve got a lot to talk about.” =============================================================================== The fun continues in Chapter 22 as the six settle down to business. The story is, of course, fiction, but the photographs in Queen Mary 2 are real. I saw them while making a transatlantic crossing a few months ago, and the boy I describe as “me” is really cute. I’m sure he had adventures … Drop me a line at net – that is after you’ve dropped a few quid. ===============================================================================

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