Reality Break


All characters in this story are over 18.


Amanda had been a friend for years. An odd girl but a good friend, none-the-less. Tonight, after much deliberation and a lot of second guessing yourself, you were going to take her up on her offer. “It’s not like this’d be anything more than what it is. We both need it and it’d never go beyond that. Besides, I trust you. Take what you want and leave what you don’t.” She’d said it like it were the most normal and natural thing in the world. It was that little grin at the end that really got your mind thinking. Carte blanche to do whatever it is you wanted to someone with their full blessing. Wow.

Tonight, Amanda had agreed to give you that. Full control to do whatever it was you wanted from nine that night until nine the following morning. A “break from reality” she’d called it. Whatever happens tonight, doesn’t count and anything you didn’t want to happen, wouldn’t. You had the control after all.

Checking the bag one last time, you nod with satisfaction. If this didn’t have everything you needed, next time you’d be prepared. Wait… next time? Where’d that come from? There was no next time.

At 7:30, you pull up into the parking lot of a modest hotel on the outskirts of town. This area had a lot of tourists and you’d picked it for exactly that reason. Less chance that you may be spotted by someone you knew. All the same, you pulled your hat a little lower over your head before getting out of your vehicle. With the bag in hand, you check in – paid in cash – and head up to the room: 415. Top floor of the hotel and in a corner just as you’d requested.

Inside the room you find two double beds in one room attached to another with a small sitting area and a kitchenette. Nothing fancy but it would serve. Setting your bag of tricks on the chest of drawers, you pull your phone out of your pocket and send Amanda a quick text: 8:30, Room 415. A second later your phone vibrates with the response: Sounds good. See you soon!

Looking around the room, you run a hand through your hair and sigh.

“The hell’ve you gotten yourself into to?”

Shaking your head, you move the bag to the bed and start digging through it, arranging the various contents around the room for easy access later tonight.

With everything arranged in what seems like a workable fashion, you plop down on the bed and pull your phone from your pocket. A moment later you hammer out a short text: Just double checking, you’re still okay with this? It’s okay to back out if you’re having second thoughts.

Rubbing a hand over your face, you wait for the response. When the phone vibrates, you let out the breath you hadn’t realized you’d been holding. Nope! No second thoughts. I’m on my way. 🙂

The words make you grin. It’s a humorless, predatory smile that spreads over your face and you check the clock one last time.

At eight thirty on the dot, there is a soft knock at the door. Stowing your phone in one of the drawers, you answer the door. Amanda is standing there with her hands clasped behind her back and her eyes sparkling as she looks up at you. You arch an eyebrow and tilt your head to the side rather expectantly. At the unspoken disproval she drops her eyes and folds her hands in front of her, waiting. You pause as you take in the subtle but dramatic shift in personality from the Amanda you normally knew. This isn’t the outgoing, vivacious woman you’d drank beers with while talking about baseball. This Amanda was different. Pliant.

Hooking a finger under her chin, you tilt her head up to look her in the eye. She meets your gaze with a hesitant smile that quickly fades as she catches the gleam in your eyes. Like a trapped animal, she seems to sense the danger before the pounce. With a satisfied smirk, you place a hand on her lower back and step aside, ushering her into the room. In the privacy of the room you take your time and inspect your new toy.

At about 5’6″, Amanda was relatively short compared to you. Dressed casually enough in a pair of jeans, a light blue jacket and a pair of sneakers, she simply stood waiting for you. Running your eyes over her, you notice her light brown hair is pulled back into a ponytail. Her large green eyes remain lowered as you inspect her but a small smile tugs at her lower lip.

“Something funny?” Your voice is soft but the tone serious enough to make her jump. You grin as the smile disappears from her face. Amanda shakes her head.

“I asked you a question,” you growl at her, liking the reaction she gives you. Her body tenses and she takes in a sharp breath. ümraniye escort

“No, sir. Nothing funny at all.”

You smile. “Good girl.” She looks up into your eyes and smiles, genuinely grateful for your approval from the looks of it.

“Now, before anything else happens, I want to be clear. You were mine that moment you walked through that door. You’ll do as you’re told, when you’re told or you’ll be punished. Exactly as we agreed to last week. Understand?” You watch her as her cheeks take on a distinct blush at your words and she nods. “Yes, sir.”

Moving past her, you take a seat on the chair. With a tilt of your chin towards her, you give your first command. “Strip for me.”

Her cheeks flush a darker shade of pink but she nods, her eyes still on you. Her hands come up the zipper of her jacket and slowly lower it, revealing the soft, creamy skin of the middle of her chest and belly. Only the dark blue of a bra interrupts the view. With slow, deliberate motions, Amanda removes the jacket and tosses it to the side.

Free to watch, you lean back in your chair and notice all of those little things that clothes hid. Amanda’s not a large girl but she’s soft. The curve of her waist and hips is much more clear without the clothing blocking your view. Slowly unbuttoning her jeans, she shimmies the pants down her smooth legs all the while watching for your reaction. Stepping out of her sneakers, she slips the pants off and kicks them to the side to join her jacket. Amanda arches an eyebrow at you as she stands there, hands at her sides in nothing but matching bra and panties.

You chuckle at the unspoken question and nod. “I did say strip, didn’t I? Looks like you’re only about half done.”

Amanda’s cheeks turn a darker shade of pink at your words but she nods readily enough. “Yes, sir.” Reaching around behind her, she unhooks the clasp of her bra. Holding the cups in place, she slips each arm out from the straps and hesitates a moment before tossing the bra onto the pile of clothing. Next, she slips her thumbs under the waist band of her panties and bends forward, dragging them down along her legs. In nothing but her birthday suit with her cheeks flushing a fetching shade of pink, Amanda waits just for you.

You take your time looking at her from your seat. Her breasts are large and heaving as her breathing quickens. She’s excited. Trailing your eyes downwards, you see the soft pubic hair at the junction of her legs. It was trimmed short and neatly groomed; only partially obstructing the view.

Amanda shifts expectantly as you look her over. A smirk spreads across your features as you get to your feet. Time to give her something to be nervous about! This is really going to happen. You’d had your doubts but they were slowly beginning to fall away as Amanda proved true to her word. Deep in your belly a knot of anticipation begins to grow as the possibilities open before you.

Reaching out, you grasp her left nipple between your thumb and forefinger and pull her towards you, towards the middle of the room. Amanda squeaks at the sensation and bites down on her lower lip to contain herself as she follows your lead into the room.

“You’re not to speak unless I give you permission to speak or ask a direct question. Understand?” You tower over her frame with your rather impressive height and force her face up to look into her eyes. A small tremble works its way through Amanda’s body and she nods slightly within your grasp.

“Yes, sir. Of course.”

She bites down on her lower lip while she looks up at you expectantly, those green eyes silently inviting you to take more. Your hand comes up and grasps the back of her head, your fingers wrap around her ponytail and pull down, forcing her to tilt her face up towards you. She grimaces at the pain but keeps her eyes firmly locked on yours.

A break from reality. That’s what this was. No need to hold back…

Leaning in you claim her mouth with yours. It’s yours. She’s yours. You force your tongue into her mouth and feel the tremor pass through her body as she accepts you willingly into her.

“Mmm. Good girl.”

Drawing away you cup her right breast and squeeze, testing her reaction. True to your words, she remains silent but shifted her weight to press herself into your grasp. Suddenly releasing her breast, you step away from her. “Stay.”

You turn and open the drawer on the bed side table where you’ve left some of the kit you brought with you. You pull out two zip ties and a pair of surgical scissors from the drawer and toss them on the bed for Amanda pendik escort to look at and consider as you walk in a circle around her, trailing your fingertips over her skin. Coming to a stop behind her, you trace your fingers over the swell of her ass and grin.

“On your knees, pet.”

Obediently, Amanda drops to her knees, sitting back on her heels with her hands resting on her thighs.

“Good girl. Now cross your hands behind your back.”

While Amanda moves into position, you grab one of the zip ties from the bed. Careful not to over-tighten it, you secure her wrist. Walking around to stand in front of your new toy, you grin as you look down at her. “Do you know what happens next?” Without waiting for a reply, you being unbuckling your belt to free your hardening cock from the confines of your pants. Stepping forward, you rub your semi-erect length over her face, claiming it as your own.

“Next you’re gonna be my toy… Open your mouth.”

Amanda moans at the words and quickly licks her lips before parting them for you. Her eyes lock on yours as you wrap one hand around her ponytail and the other around the base of your cock and feed the tip between her waiting lips. Soon her soft, wet mouth closes around the head. You give her a moment to explore; her tongue strokes across the slit, lapping up the precum and she moans wantonly at the taste. Swirling her tongue over you, Amanda closes her eyes and sighs with obvious pleasure. With a rough tug on her ponytail, you force her eyes back up to you as you push yourself deeper into her mouth.

“Mmm. Good girl.” You wrap both hands around the back of her head and slowly start moving her head back and forth, controlling the tempo. Slowly at first you ease your hard cock a little deeper into the wet confines of her mouth with each stroke. Beneath you, Amanda moans around you as her eyes remain firmly on yours. Looking down at her you realize she really is quite helpless all naked an tied up as she is. With that you pull her head towards you and shove your cock into the tight confines of her throat, making her gag. She shudders, trying to squirm enough to manage to draw a breath but you hold her there a moment longer. Drawing her head back you see tears leaking from the corner of her eyes as she gazes up at you. She’s panting, catching her breath after being choked from the inside by your cock.

You bring a hand around to gently stroke her cheek, giving her a moment to catch her breath. Amanda tilts her head into your touch and moans softly with your cock still in her mouth.

“Such a good toy,” you murmur appreciatively.

She smiles warmly up at you at the praise and you take hold of her head once more and pull her mouth down, engulfing you. You pull her in until her lips reach the base of your cock. With a hand behind her head you hold her in place, enjoying the feeling of her gagging around you. Pulling her back you start a steady rhythm with her head, using her mouth for your pleasure. You move her faster and deeper until you feel that familiar tingle at the base of your balls. Her warm mouth around you, accepting you, submitting to you, drags you over the edge and the wave crashes through your body as you shoot rope after rope of cum down her throat.

You look down at the woman on her knees before you and watch as she swallows every drop you have to give her. Slowly pulling your cock back from her mouth, she carefully runs her tongue over your length to ensure she cleans up each drop. You move your hands to cup her face and smile down at your pet, enjoying the care and pleasure she obviously takes in cleaning you. Finally you pull her up so she’s standing before you and press a kiss to her forehead.

“Good girl.” You murmur and she beams at you, clearly pleased at the praise. Taking a moment to refasten your pants, you grab an eye mask from the bedside table and pull it down over her eyes, blinding her. Your pet’s breath hitches in her throat in anticipation and perhaps mild apprehension as you take one of her sights from her.

You slip a hand behind her lower back and reach down, picking her up like a doll. She lets out a surprised squeak of fear at that and you growl in apparent annoyance as you cradle her to your chest. “Don’t trust me, pet?” It’s a good thing for that mask or she’d see your grin of amusement and that might just spoil the illusion you were going for. “No! Of course I do. I trust you!”

Grinning, you carry her over to one of the beds and carefully put her down, rolling her onto her front and pulling her back to the edge so her legs hung over the edge. bostancı escort “I am quite sure I told you no speaking earlier. Now I’m gonna have to do something about this.” You rub a hand over her ass, squeezing a cheek to emphasize your point.

Amanda presses her face into the bed, shaking her head but wisely staying silent. “What’s that? You don’t think you should be punished for being a bad toy? Speak!” You bark the last word at her, going for intimidation and it seemed to be working.

“No, sir! It’s not that. I do deserve it. I’m just sorry for breaking your rules.” Her voice is small and contrite.

You bring your hand up bring it down with a crack on the junction of her ass and upper thigh causing her to moan. She shifts on the bed looking rather uncomfortable with her hands strapped behind her back. Grabbing the surgical scissors, you cut the tie and move her hands above her head, holding them tightly as you land another hand on her other cheek. Towering over her, you spank your pet for her supposed transgression enjoying the way you make her squirm and moan under the touch. Your strikes aren’t quite hard enough to really hurt but she’s clearly enjoying your ministrations. Soon her ass is a nice shade of pink and her arousal is quite apparent from her glistening thighs. With mild surprise you notice your cock stirring to life at the sight of her there helpless and thoroughly spanked.

Running a hand gently over her ass, you lean in and whisper huskily in her ear. “Good girl. You did very well. Now don’t move.” You push yourself up from the bed and quickly strip, tossing your clothes in the pile with hers in the corner. Standing above her, you bring a hand to your cock and stroke it back to life. She’s all yours. Whatever you want. She’s there just for your pleasure. The thoughts run through your mind and you realize how empowering it is to have her submit so completely to your rule. It’s intoxicating. Closing the distance to your pet, you begin kneading her ass, pulling her hips up to the height you want. Your fingers dip down into her folds and spread her arousal over her puckered ass. At each pass, she pushes herself back into your hands and moans with pleasure.

“Such an impatient little thing, aren’t you?” You bring your right hand down on her ass cheek and she yelps in surprise. “Patience, pet.”

Moving into position behind her, you rub the head of your cock along her wet slit. She’s more than ready for you. Lining yourself up, you grasp her hips and pull her towards you as you sink deep into her pussy in one brutal stroke. You reach up and grab hold of the back of her neck, holding her in place as you throb inside of her. Fuck she’s tight. She clenches down around you and moans in protest as you pull back, almost all of the way out before sinking all the way into her again. She’s pinned by your hand and your weight as you use her again for your pleasure alone. Fucking her as hard and as fast as you want, you lose yourself in the thrill of owning her.

Eventually you feel the warning signs and you lean forward, pinning her with your body as you cum deep inside of her. “You feel that, pet? I’m breeding you. You’re mine. All mine.” She nods desperately beneath you and moans in agreement. “Yes, sir! Please! Fill me with your cum!” You squeeze her throat as you force your cock deeper inside of her, the last few drops of your cum deep in her womb. “Mmm. You’d like that, wouldn’t you my little pet? You want me to get you pregnant, don’t you?”

She nods quickly, moaning once again at the words. “Yes! Please, sir.”

You grin and place a kiss on her forehead. “Good pet.”

Pulling out to the sound of her resigned sigh, you take a seat on the nearby chair and look at your work. Her hands are still clasped above her as instructed, her ass still red from her earlier punishment and now your seed is slowly dripping out of her pussy and down her leg.

“Come here, pet. You can take the blindfold off.” She pushes herself to her feet and pulls of the mask as instructed. Before she can take the first step towards you, you stop her. “No. On your knees. Crawl over here and clean me.” A moment later, she’s crawling on all fours across the hotel room to your chair. Without hesitation she begins the process of licking every drop of your combined juices from your cock, balls and thighs.

Soon enough she’s gotten you all cleaned up and stays put, with her cheek resting against your thigh. You reach down and gently stroke her hair, enjoying the pleased smile she wears as she looks up at you. It’s pretty obvious from her expression that she’s thoroughly enjoying the attention and the evening in general.

You look at the clock and realize how early it still is. There’s plenty of time left for your break from reality and you smile, imagining all the other ways you’ll put your pet to work that night.

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