Rebecca in trouble (part 8)


Rebecca in trouble (part 8)The door was opened, the key in the metal lock waking Rebecca up. She sat up in bed, frightened, not sure where she was. The blanket fell down, her breasts, naked, her nipples hardening in the cool air of the cell. “Who is it?”The Commander moved into the light. Rebecca noticed a small black bag at his side and the fear began to form in her eyes. She knew that she was to be sexually abused again, but at the same time she could feel her pussy becoming wet.”Wake up, Rebecca. You have been asleep for five hours. It is now time for my pleasure and I intend to take my pleasure from your young body.” He moved to the bed and pulled the blanket all the way to the end of the bed, uncovering Rebecca’s naked body to his gaze. He saw the humiliation on her face as she was forced to show her most intimate charms. “You have such a delightful body and it makes my cock so hard thinking of all the things I will to do it.” He looked at her lying there, naked. Her youthful breasts standing firm on her chest, her large, brown nipples already hardening from the air. His gaze moved down her flat stomach to her hairless pussy, the skin so pale and thin. He could see her pussy lips, a faint glimmer of moisture on them. Her long legs and firm thighs, held tightly together, attempting to hide her delicate charms. It was all his to do with as he pleased. And he had many things he planned to do to her tonight, most she would not enjoy. He loved to force his female victims to submit to him and to hear their pleas and cries. Tonight would be no different. Rebecca would soon be begging him, but he would ignore her cries. It would only make his cock harder.Rebecca tried not to look at him but his hand on her ankle startled her. She looked up and saw him grabbing her ankle, moving it toward him, attempting to spread her legs. She resisted, tightening the muscles.”A fighter, are you?” His hand slapped the top of her leg, the noise ringing out in the cell. “Relax your leg, I want to see that sweet pussy,” he ordered her. He watched her as she submitted, her leg hanging limply. He pulled her leg over to the edge of the bed, her legs spread about a foot apart. He ran his hand up and down her leg, from her ankle to her knee. He put his other hand on her knee, pressing it into the bed, keeping it in place and he began to bend her knee and pulling her leg up by the ankle. Her leg began to bow out, her pussy spreading out, “Yes, I can see your pussy lips begin to spread open, do you like opening up your pussy for me, Rebecca?””No, please leave me alone,” her left leg now bent back, her pussy spread. She saw the lust in his eyes as he stared at her pink pussy. She felt his hand lightly slap her inner thigh.”Keep it spread open,” he ordered her. His hand moved up her thighs, feeling her toned flesh, grabbing the young flesh in his hand. He moved his hand almost up to her pussy, but stopped. He wanted her to wait, not to know when he would begin to m***** her pussy. His hand moved up higher, over her flat stomach, feeling her stomach muscles tightened up as his thick, callused hand slid over her smooth skin. His hand moved down to the top of her pubic mound, running his fingers lightly over her hairless skin, feeling her body shudder, still not touching her pussy lips yet. He could see more pussy juice forming on the insides of her pussy lips. “You like that, don’t you, I can see your pussy getting wet,” grinning as he watched her face.Rebecca turned red in shame, her 14 year old body was being felt up by a 50 year old man and her pussy was getting wet. How could her body betray her like that? She felt the hand move back up her stomach, moving toward her breasts. She could feel the rough hand running moving up until it reached her breast, the fingers fanning out and grasping her tit flesh. “OOOWW, please, not so hard,” she cried, as his big hand encircled her breast and squeezed it tightly.”Great tits, especially your nips, so big, just waiting to be abused.” The Commander m*****ed the teen’s tits. They were big for a girl her age, no sag. He could see that she wore a modest bathing suit, her white breasts in stark contrast to the rest of her tanned body. Her areolas stood out, dark brown against a sea of white flesh, her pink nipples, hard and erect as if begging for fingers to pinch and prod them. “Oh, yeah, you love this don’t you Rebecca, you love it when you are forced,” his fingers finding her nipples, two fingers grasping them tightly, watching as her face contoured in pain. He saw her hands clench the bed in pain, but not move to try to stop them. “That’s a good girl, submit to my fingers,” his fingernails digging into her nipples.Rebecca’s back arched up from the bed, hoping to escape the pain in her breasts as it felt like he was trying to tear her nipples from her chest, but her arms hung limply by her side. Her hips bucked on the bed, the pain increasing, feeling like his fingernails were drawing blood from her tender nipples. Why can’t I stop him, she thought, her hips bucking up and down, like she was fucking an invisible person? Why is my pussy so wet?The Commander released her nipples, seeing small drops of blood on them. His mouth clamped on one of the hard nubs, sucking in the morsel, cleaning the blood off of it, his teeth nibbling gently on the nipple. He moved to the other, again cleaning the erect nipple. He pulled his head off of her tits, seeing her nipples, hard and erect, glistening in the light from his oral ministrations of them. “If you liked that, I have some things I’m going to do to you that will make you cum.”Rebecca felt the Commander push on her arm, forcing her over onto her side. She felt his hand run down her waist, toward her hip, sliding over the tanned flesh, moving down to her upturned ass. She felt the callused hand massaging her toned ass cheeks, a testament to the time she spent in the gym keeping her body toned and flexible. She tightened her ass cheeks as she felt it move lower towards the slit in her ass. A sharp slap to her ass and an order to relax her muscles brought a relaxing of the muscles, a tingling spreading over her ass cheeks from the spank. “Please, again,” she meekly said in a tone that could just barely be heard.”What did you say, Rebecca, did ankara escort I hear you say you wanted another slap on your ass?” The Commander looked down at the teen, her face flushed. He looked at her ass where he had spanked her, a slight pink compared to her white cheeks.”Yes, Sir,” the voice rising a little in tone.”Louder, Rebecca, tell me you want me to spank your ass?””Yes, please spank my ass,” she begged, her voice louder now, her eyes clenched shut, not wanting to see the face looking at her as she begged to be spanked. She did not know why she said it, she felt humiliated, asking to be spanked but the slap on her ass had triggered a reaction in her teen mind. She had cum before when her pussy was slapped, the slapping of her ass bringing the stirrings of the previous encounter.”I think I can accommodate you, my little pet.” His hands moving over her body, arranging it to maximize her exposure for a spanking. “Over you go, turn sideways on the bed and move towards the edge.”Rebecca felt her body being turned this way and that, complying, giving over her will to him as he readied her for a spanking. She was turned over onto her stomach, her ass fully exposed to his gaze. He turned her body sideways on the bed, her feet hanging over the side. A command to raise up on her knees brought her feet back up, tucked under her body as she kneeled submissively before the Commander, her ass thrust seductively towards his face. A hand ran over her cheeks again, squeezing the flesh tightly. She felt fingers sliding down her crease, spreading the flesh on either side as it played down her body, teasingly over her anus before reaching her pussy. She knew that he could feel her wetness and knew that she craved the control. The fingers slid back up, this time, wet, sliding over the flesh, covering her skin with her pussy juice.The Commander opened the top on the baby oil and began to slowly pour some of the clear liquid on Rebecca’s upturned ass. “I’m going to rub this into your ass cheeks. It will make the spanking sting more, but it will keep your skin supple. Later I will take a whip to your ass.” His hands moved sensuously over Rebecca’s teenage ass cheeks, spreading the oil in her skin.Rebecca raised her ass up higher as the Commander spread the oil on her cheeks. She felt his fingers slide over her cheeks, reaching the crease in her ass, fingers reaching out and pulling her cheeks apart, opening her anus to his eyes. She felt the cool liquid poured on her open anus, sending a shiver through her body as she realized how exposed she really was. The fingers returned, this time running over her anus, covering her exposed flesh with a liquid sheen. The fingers slid down until they reached her pussy, already wet in anticipation.”Higher, raise you ass higher,” his hand reaching out and slapping her right cheek, the noise ringing out in the cell. His hand continued the massaging of her ass cheeks, feeling the heat from the last spank. “That’s a good girl,” watching as Rebecca arched up, her ass moving higher into the air, allowing him access to her open pussy. “I think you need to be bound, you must learn your place. Ask me to tie you up?”Rebecca blushed again as she pushed her ass up higher in the air, presenting herself to the Commander. She knew that her pussy was thrust out into his face. She cringed when she heard his command, he was going to bind her. She would be unable to prevent anything from happening to her body. She would be tied, face down, ass in the air, open and vulnerable. “Please tie me up, Sir.”The Commander brought out some leather straps from his case. He pulled her right arm and slid it down her side, running it along her right leg until it reached her right ankle. He saw Rebecca bury her face into the mattress as she was pulled backwards. He quickly tied her wrist to her ankle, another strap attaching her upper arm to her upper leg. He grabbed her left arm and accomplished the same. Rebecca’s arms were now pulled back, tied to her legs, her head buried deep into the mattress.Rebecca could feel her ass being pushed up higher, her arms were tied to her legs, pulling her back, her ass rising to assume the bondage position the Commander put her in. She felt the hands returning to her ass, again massaging her teenage flesh, molding it, getting it ready to be spanked. “Please, sir, I need to cum, please spank me.”The Commander looked down at Rebecca, her tits brushing across the mattress, her ass thrust up, so vulnerable. His hands moved between her thighs, feeling the toned muscles of her legs, pushing out on them. “Spread your legs, I want your pussy open,” he ordered, watching as Rebecca slowly spread her legs open, her arms moving with her legs. “More,” his hand slapping the inside of her tender thigh, forcing her to spread wider. He watched as her pussy lips began to spread open, her pussy juice glistening. “Again, spread them more,” her legs again moving up, her knees now over three feet apart, her ass cheeks spreading open, her tiny anus now open and exposed. It was still red and swollen from her ass ****, “Such a nice little asshole you have Rebecca, did you like it when a big, hard cock was pushed into it.”Rebecca felt the fingers brush over her anus, bringing back the reminder of the pain when she was fucked in the ass. It felt like they were tearing up her backside, the hard cock feeling like a baseball bat being shoved in her backside. “No Sir, it hurt,” she cried as the finger circled her defenseless anus. She knew that she could not stop him from doing anything to her teenage body. She tensed as the finger circled her tender flesh, rubbing the inflamed anus.”Time for your spanking,” the Commander swung his hand, it making contact with her left ass cheek with such a force that Rebecca was forced forward on her knees. “OOOWWW, AAAGGGHH,” Rebecca cried as her ass stung from the huge hand slapping against her tender flesh. She felt the hand return to slowly rubbing her ass cheeks, massaging, playing with her body as she was bound for his pleasure. “OOOW, that huuuurrrtsss,” she cried again, this time the hand striking her right cheek. The Commander continued to massage her ass cheeks, feeling the heat rising from the spanked flesh. His fingers moved down to her pussy, ankara escort bayan running up her wet slit, spreading her pussy juice back up between her ass, over her anus. His hand shot down again, slapping her ass hard, her body rocketed by the powerful hand. He heard her scream in pain, but her ass moved back into position, up and open, begging for more. “That’s good, back into position, your ass is getting nice and hot.” His hand slapped again on her other cheek, her flesh quivering in pain as it bore the brunt of his slap.Rebecca openly cried in pain, as the slaps became harder and more frequent. The fingers would only return to her wet pussy for seconds before the palm of his hand would again torture her beaten ass cheeks. Two more quick slaps, the staccato ringing out in the room, quickly followed by two more stinging slaps. Rebecca’s body shuddered, the pain radiating from her beaten cheeks into her pussy, sending conflicting signals of pain and pleasure. She pushed her ass back, looking for the fingers on her pussy but only finding the cruel slap on her ass. “Please, my pussy, please,” she begged.”Yes, I don’t want to disappoint you,” his hands moving her thighs further apart, her pussy now spread, her pink insides peeking out. He watched as she spread herself open for him. His hand went to slap her again, this time hitting her squarely on her spread pussy, her body jumping in pain as his palm slapped hard on her wet pussy with a loud splat.”AAAGGGHH, that’s not what I meant, OOOWWW,” his hand slapping her tender pussy again. Oh, God, she wanted his fingers on her pussy, not a spanking. “Please, not again, AAGGHHH,” his hand hitting her on her clit this time, shooting pain going directly to her brain. The Commander looked down at the teen, her body covered in perspiration, her ass cheeks a bright pink, and her pussy beginning to turn a dark red. Yet she continued to push her ass up in the air, offering her most intimate portions of her body to him, to do as he pleased, whether it be pleasure or pain. His left hand shot out and slapped her hard on her ass cheek, his right hand shot up between her legs, slapping on her exposed pussy, pushing her body up higher into the air as it absorbed the powerful blow. “Yes, I love to spank your body, especially your pussy. You should see how dark red it is turning. It will be very tender to the touch.” Rebecca felt the fingers returning to her pussy, her pussy juices running down her thighs. No matter how much she screamed in pain, her body seemed to be enjoying the sexual torture. The fingers ran up her pussy slit, so open by the obscene spread of her legs. It ran over her clit, now swollen and erect, peeking out from behind its hood. It had received the last blow directly on the delicate morsel sending a rush of pain and pleasure through her body. The finger tantalized her clit before moving up, spreading her pussy juice up between the cheeks of her open ass until he reached her abused anus.The Commander felt her tighten the muscles in her ass as his fingers rolled over her anus, now wet with her pussy juice. His finger pushed gently on the muscle, watching as it spread open, fighting to prevent the fat finger from entering her anal tract. “Relax your asshole,” his head bending over her body, his tongue running over her exposed anus. He felt her body jerk in response to the oral ministration of her anus by his rough tongue.Rebecca shuddered as her inexperience body felt for the first time a tongue invading her backside. She could not believe that someone would enjoy running his tongue over her butt. “No, that’s dirty, don’t lick me there,” she cried in humiliation as she tried to shake her ass to escape the ravishment of her backside. She only succeeded in making the Commander more excited, seeing her ass shake begging for more.”You have such a sweet young asshole, Rebecca,” as his tongue began to push inside her tightened anus. “Open up for me, let my tongue in,” feeling her relax her anus as his tongue suddenly plunged into her open orifice. Her anus tightened on his tongue, the natural reaction of trying to expel an invader up her backside. He licked the small anus, making it glisten with saliva. He pulled his mouth from her anus. “Push out with your asshole, Rebecca, let me see your asshole pucker out. Do it now,” his voice ordering Rebecca to perform for him.Rebecca pushed her head further into the mattress, trying to hide her embarrassment as she pushed back on her ass, like she was trying to expel a turd from her ass. She could feel her anus pushing back and she had to stop to keep from farting.”That’s nice, Rebecca, again, push out again.” He watched as her pucker pushed out again. He saw her strain. “Good girl, now again.” She released and then pushed out again. He pushed his finger into her anus as she pushed out, entering her swiftly and painfully as it bore into her anal tract. “Tighten on my finger, squeeze it tight.””AHHHH,” the pain of the finger penetrating her backside forcing her back down. A slap on her ass and she moved back up again, forcing her ass back down on the finger in her ass, feeling it slowly move into her rectum. It continued its relentless push into her backside, twisting and turning inside her as it bore into her backside as she forced herself to take the fat digit. She felt his knuckles against her anus, knowing that the finger was now buried deep inside her. She felt the finger tip move around inside her like a tiny a****l.”Are you ready to cum, can you cum with my finger up your asshole?” He twisted his finger cruelly in her rectum, scratching her anal tract, seeing her body shudder in pain. He reached down to her clit, grabbing the tiny pea size organ and began to pull and pinch the delicate morsel. Her body jerked on his fingers as they continued to pinch and prod her openings, dragging moans of pleasure and pain from her lips as he masturbated her.”Yeeeessss,” she cried, her ass arched backwards, forcing her twin openings onto the fingers abusing her. She felt two fingers enter her pussy, spreading the walls of her vagina as she was speared on the digits. His other fingers continued their forced masturbation of her clit, as the finger in her ass became two, spreading her anus open wider, escort ankara forced to accept the fingers up her backside. “YYYYEEEESSSS, I’MMMM CUUUUUM MMMMIIINN NNGGG,” she cried, her pussy and asshole clamping down hard on the fingers as the most intense orgasm hit her inexperienced teenage body. Her body shook and shuddered as the fingers continued to draw out a second, more intense cum, three fingers now in her asshole, the pain adding to the pleasure, her clit pinched tightly by his fingers.The Commander could feel her pussy juices running down his fingers as she came from his masturbation of her teen body. He twisted his fingers in her asshole, making her feel his power over her body, making her shudder. He pulled his fingers from her body, watching as her asshole popped as the fingers left her backside, her anus staying open, begging for the fingers back. His fingers left her pussy, glistening from the cum from her body. “Did you have a nice cum, Rebecca?” He slapped her ass hard, her body shuddering, just barely able to keep in position, the cum draining the energy from her body.”Now it’s time for my pleasure, I am going to fuck you in any hole I want.” He rolled her over onto her back, her legs drawn up high, her arms holding them open and wide. “I didn’t think you would like this, but I think you might enjoy it.”Rebecca did not understand, looking puzzled. The Commander moved out of her range of vision. She could hear the sound of clothes being removed, knowing when he returned, he would be naked, his cock ready to claim his pleasure on her young body. She heard the unfamiliar rustling of something in the bag, unable to comprehend what it was. “Noooo, please don’t” she cried in anguish as the Commander moved back into her sight. It was too horrible. He was almost naked, but it was the almost that scared her. He had a tee shirt on, but it was not an ordinary tee shirt. The upper half of the tee, where her breasts would be pushed against if he laid down on her was covered with very sharp tacks, spaced about one inch apart. They were attached to the inside of the tee, the sharp tips pointing straight out. His shorts were almost identical, except his hard and erect cock was naked and pushed out the hole in the front. All around his cock, tacks pushed out, especially above his cock, where his abdomen would pound into her spread pussy, especially onto her clit. On his hands were two rubber dishwashing gloves, except they were covered with tacks, from the fingers, all the way down into the palms. They would tear into any innocent flesh that they touched.”I think you will like this, Rebecca, I think this will make you cum again.” He rolled Rebecca over onto her side, her arms still tied to her legs, curling her into a ball as he pushed against her naked ass. One hand crept around her body, the tacks seeking out her breasts and nipples, the other moving down to find her naked and wet pussy. He pushed his cock between the cheeks of her ass as he pressed against her. “You are going to enjoy this, Rebecca, I am going to make you cum on my cock,” he laughed as he watched her body press against the sharp pins.”I want you to be able to move around a little more, Rebecca.” He untied her wrists from her ankles, but attached them to the headboard, forcing her arms up over her head. He stretched her out on the bed again, placing the punishment gloves back on his hands.”No, don’t touch me with those. You’re going to tear up my flesh with them,” the thought of the pain the tacks would inflict on her body, especially her more intimate areas frightened her. She felt the hands touch her lightly, motioning her over onto her side. When she hesitated, he pressed harder, the tacks indenting her skin. “OK, I’ll do it, just don’t touch me with them,” turning over onto her side, her ass and back to him.”You will obey, Rebecca. It will stop some of the unnecessary pain if you cooperate. Now, relax as much as you can,” the Commander sliding up next to her on the bed. “Tuck your legs a little, yes, that’s good,” pushing Rebecca into a position where she was curled up slightly, her ass prominently displayed outward. He moved in closer, his hard cock pushed out in front of him. He still had on the tack covered shorts, the tips of the sharp tacks glinting in the light, arranged all around his cock. His tee shirt was also adorned with tacks, ready to push into her naked breasts when he turned her over. Best of all, the glove bore the most, tacks covering all of the palm, fingers front and back and even some on the back of the hand. Wherever he touched would feel the prick of the tacks. Even a gentle pressure by his hands would produce punctures in the flesh, especially when pressed against the sex of Rebecca or inside her. He moved his hands over her body, moving his hands down to her stomach. He felt the sharp intake of her breath, her stomach sucking in to escape the hands, but he followed her, pressing further. He let his fingers touch her gently, there would be more than enough time to make sure she suffered more severe pain. He would take her gradually, forcing her to accept the pain and finally make her cum even while he inflicted the pain on her body.Rebecca’s body tightened up as she felt him behind her. With her arms bound over her head, she was defenseless to stop him from doing anything to her. She could feel his breath on the back of her neck and she knew that it would be only a matter of seconds before he would move against her. She felt his body pressing against hers, his cock, hot and pulsating, pressed against her naked ass. She knew she would be fucked again, hoping that he would not fuck her asshole. It had hurt each time they did it to her. She could never understand why they wanted to put their cocks in her ass. The only reason she could think of was they liked to hurt her. Make her scream. She felt his hands move over her stomach, the cold plastic gloves giving her goose bumps on her skin. Her nipples hardened when she felt the cold metal of the tacks touch her naked skin, feeling them slide painfully along her stomach.”Such a beautiful, young body you have, Rebecca. I’m going to enjoy it. Did you like it when I made you cum before?” His hands moved over her flesh, moving from her stomach up, moving towards her breasts. He felt her body pull away as his hands sc****d painfully along her flesh, the tacks leaving small white traces on her skin. “Nice large tits, big nipples from such a little girl. They make such tempting targets for abuse.”

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