“I fucked Becky Howard last night, and she has the smallest tits I have ever seen,” said Todd to his two friends. They laughed and went back to their hamburgers.“Was she any good?” said one of the others after putting down his food.“She was alright I guess, sucked my dick a bit but wasn’t very good at it. And she would only do the missionary position and that’s so fucking lame.”The three young men continued to discuss Becky’s body and what she had done the previous night. I sat at the table next to them listening to all of it, they didn’t even consider that I was a woman and what they said was sexist and plain mean. I got up and walked over to the bin where I deposited my trash and then stepped out into the harsh sunlight. While walking back to my dorm I wondered why it was okay for guys to discuss their sex life in public but when a girl did it she was a slut, a whore, or any other degrading word.******“Hi, Holly, how was lunch?” said Tina when I walked in. She was propped up in bed with her laptop on her knees.“Food was good, company sucked.”“Why, what happened?”I sat down on my bed and sighed. “Todd and his friends sat at the table next to me and he told them all the details about having sex with Becky.”Tina laughed. “Well, she is a slut, and you know it.”“And there it is, even you, a woman uses that kind of word. I don’t get it, why should we be sluts because we like sex?”She put away her computer and leaned forward taking my hands in hers. “Listen to me, we can like sex, but we shouldn’t have it according to the social norm.”“That doesn’t make any sense at all.”She sat back and shrugged her shoulders. “I know, but there you have it, life doesn’t make sense and even less in college.”I thought for a minute and then said, “What do you think would happen if I did what Todd did?”“What do you mean?”“I fuck some random guy and then I tell you all about it over a coffee in a loud voice making sure everyone hears it.”She stared at me and the slowly shook her head. “That’s a very bad idea, you will be branded, and you know it.”“What if I don’t care? I only have a month left to graduation and then I will be gone and most likely never see anyone I fucked again.”Tina got up and grabbed her bag from the floor. “Think about it, you might only have a month left, but it could be the month from hell. I’m late for class.”“Yeah, see you later.”********It was Friday night and Tina had gone to the library to study with some other friends. I was bored and lay on my bed looking at the ceiling. I had thought a lot about what I had asked Tina and as I lay there I made up my mind, I would do it.While showering, I shaved my pussy which had gone unattended and grown an unacceptable bush. I left a thin line of pubic hair and then washed my hair. Then I went into my room Anadolu Yakası Escort where I stood in front of my closet looking at the options I had which weren’t many. I hadn’t bought anything new in months. After a while, I decided on a little light green dress that went well with my red hair. Black stockings and four-inch heels rounded it off nicely.******Dressed for success I walked the short distance to Big Grey’s Bar and Grill. The kitchen closed at ten, and after that the place turned into a small nightclub.When I walked in after eleven it was pumping. The music was loud and I had to elbow my way to the bar where I ordered a beer. I had decided not to get drunk but I couldn’t just drink water or soda which would make me look boring. I scanned the crowd and saw some familiar faces.It didn’t take long before I guy I knew from my Physics class sauntered up to me.“Hey, Holly, you look good tonight.”“Thanks, Luke.”He was drunk but still had clear eyes. Luke was a pretty alright guy and I felt a bit bad about what I was going to do, but in love and war, everything goes.“Do you want to dance?” he almost screamed over the music.I nodded and took his hand. He walked ahead and when we reached the dance floor he swung me around and held my hips from behind. In seconds he was grinding his cock against my ass and I could feel his hard on. I slid my body up and down against his while twirling my ass.Two songs later he pulled me close and said, “Do you want to get out of here? My roommate is out of town for the weekend.”I pretended to think for a while and then I said, “Maybe, but I don’t want to act like a slut you know. I don’t want you to think I go home with the first guy I meet.”He smiled. “Of course not, I know you are cool. So, what do you say?”“Okay, let’s go.”******His dorm was similar to mine and Tina’s with the exception that he had a small fridge under his desk. He took out two beers and after opening them he handed me one.He leaned against the door to the bathroom and looked at me. I could feel his eyes undressing me and then they zoomed in on my boobs.“Are those real?” he said.I put down my beer on his desk and cupped my tits. “You mean these?”“Yeah?”“Uh-huh, they are natural C-cups.”“God, I had no idea you had such a sexy body. You always wear those baggy clothes around campus.”“Thanks,” I said and walked up to him. I took his beer from his hand and put it next to mine. Then I let me hand slide down over his tummy to his jeans and when I fondled his already hard cock I whispered in his ear, “Should we get started?”He responded by kissing me and while our tongues danced I opened his pants and put my hand into his boxer shorts searching for his cock.He sighed when I grabbed it and began to slide my Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan hand up and down his shaft. His hand came around my waist and up under my dress. When he realized I didn’t wear any panties he stopped kissing me.“That’s so fucking sexy,” he moaned.I slowly slid down along his body and pulled down his jeans and boxers. His cock popped out and I took it in my mouth while looking up at him.“Oh God, that feels so good,” he sighed.I bobbed my head up and down a few times and then let go with a slurp. While stroking his cock I said, “Yeah, did you like me sucking you?”“Mm, very much.”I continued to blow him and when I felt his balls contract and his breathing changed to gasps I stopped and got up. I turned around and leaned over the desk where I pulled up my dress showing him my round firm ass.“C’mon, give it to me,” I said while caressing my ass cheeks.He entered me hard and his cock slid in and out of me while he held on to my hips.“You are so tight and hot, Holly.”“And you are so hard inside me, go on, fuck me harder, Luke.”He did and a few minutes later he pulled out and his hot cum rained down on my ass cheeks.He stood back and I turned around pulling down my dress. His cock was still hard and when I stepped up to him I took him in my hand and gave him a kiss on the cheek.“It was nice, but I got to go,” I said.Before he had a chance to answer I grabbed my purse from the chair where I had left it and walked out.******The following Monday I found Tina sitting at our usual table in the cafeteria. I looked around and smiled when I noted it was almost full.“Hey, how was class?” she said when I sat down.“Good, and yours?”I hadn’t told her about me and Luke.”“Fine, I forgot to ask you, where did you go on Friday?”“Big Grey’s.”“Cool, lots of people?”I raised my voice, making sure the people around us heard. “Yeah, and I fucked Luke. Picked him up at the bar and went back to his place. God, he sucks in bed, and not only that, his cock,” I giggled, “it’s so small I hardly felt it.”By now the people around us had stopped talking and were staring at me. Tina looked shell shocked.“Anyway, he took me from behind and then he went limp, I didn’t even come.”“Shut up, Holly,” Tina snarled at me.“What? All I’m doing is telling you about a guy I fucked, it’s no big deal. Actually, I think I am going to do another later today.”Tina got up and left the table. People were still staring at me.“What, you guys never have sex?” I said.******“Are you insane?” Tina almost screamed after she had slammed the door to our dorm shut.I was at my desk working on an essay. “No, why?”She threw her bag on her bed and sat down on mine. “Stop typing, Holly and listen to me.”I turned to her. “What? I am busy.”“The Escort Anadolu Yakası entire campus is talking about what you said in the cafeteria, and it’s not nice.”“I guess I am a whore and a slut?”“No, they are talking about how useless Luke is in bed. I heard some girls calling him micro-dick to his face.”It made me laugh. “So?”“It’s not nice, okay.”“I don’t care. Do you have any idea how many girls on campus hear things like that about their bodies?”“You are impossible, I can’t be around you.”She got up and left. Alone in the dorm I smiled and checked the time. It was close to seven at night and I knew Todd would be on his way to Big Grey’s by now. There was a weekly pool competition which he always attended and it was time for me to get ready.******Dressed in a short black cocktail dress I walked into Big Grey’s at nine that evening on a new pair of six-inch heels I had bought. I had decided to let Todd play a few games and becoming suitabley drunk. He was a completely different kettle of fish than Luke. Where Luke was a bit shy and actually quite nice, Todd was an asshole. I had chosen Luke as my first victim because he was easy to handle and I knew he liked me.I saw Todd and his side-kicks on the other side of the bar where they stood watching a couple of guys playing pool. After ordering a drink and went over to the side of the bar where they would see me but at the same not close enough so they could talk to me without coming over.The bar wasn’t very full since it was a weekday and people had classes the next morning. There were a couple of girls giggling at a table in front of me and a few guys at another. No dancing and no loud music. I watched Todd who wore jeans, a sweater, and tennis shoes. He wasn’t known for his fashion sense. Watching him I could see why some girls would be attracted to him. He was tall, had an angular face and thick blond hair that he kept sweeping back from his face.When he saw me he took a double take and then stared for a few seconds before turning back to his friends and the game. I figured it took him that long to realize who I was. Like Luke, he was used to seeing me in my baggy and scruffy clothes I usually wore. With my long red hair flowing down my shoulders and back and with a bit more makeup that I should have, I made a stunning picture sitting at the bar. I had skipped the garter belt but wore black stockings and the way I sat made my dress slide up showing the last two inches of the stocking before my skin.I seductively sucked on the little straw that had come with my Margarita and when I let it go there was a smudge of red lipstick and I saw Todd staring at me. A quick smile from my part and he moved in like a shark on its prey.“What’s up, Holly?”“Not much, having a drink, that’s all.”He looked around. “Are you alone?”I nodded and drank from the straw. His eyes on my lips and then down towards my cleavage.“You look good, stunning actually.”“Thanks, Todd. How’s the game?”He looked over at his buddies. “Garry and I are doing okay, but David and Rick suck.”There was a long silence and I took the opportunity to finish the Margarita.

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