Subject: ‘Redd’ & he Wolf. (2) This is a fictional story that follows the ‘Red Riding Hood’ tale. It’s an alternate idea for thw story. The main character is not a girl but a Ginger kid named ‘Redd’. Still sent to visit his grandma. He is sent by his single father to take grandma her food and medz. There is some wolf fun in this story too. So there is some animal aex in this story. So of this bothers you, please move on. The rest follows the original tale.. Somewhat.. Hope you like this sexy version…. ‘Redd’ & he Wolf. (2) ….. Redd sat there outside with his dad. They had just finished stocking the wood box with some wood. Winter would be in its way soon, and hus father wanted to make sure they had enough wood for the season. And Redd helped out. It was the first time to do so. So he felt great to be helping his dad. But more so because he was closely watching his handsome father do the hard chore. And it was something he loved to watch too. Watching his fathers sweaty body as he worked. Ans this time he was front and center for it. “So son” dad said as they sat there. “I think its time I have you more responsibility” “Sure great dad” Redd replied His father looked at his growing some. In his teens and growing fast. He would soon be an adult man. “It’s time you helped around here more” he added “Like chopping wood?” Redd asked back His dad looked back at him and smiled. Placing the axe down on ground. Then a hand on his hip. Redd looked at his dad standing there. His shirt was opened to show some of his strong chest. Then he looked down at his fathers pants. There was a nice lump in the crotch area. He had to look away as his dad was looking back at him. “No nothing so hard” he said “You are still young.” “Filling wood box. More chores like that.” Then his dad walked over to him. He placed his big hand on Redds shoulder and squeezed. “And taking supplies to your grandma” he added This Redd thought was great. He always wanted to go there on his own. It would be like an adventure. And his father was planning on letting him do so. He smiled as his dad told him this. “You just have to stay on the road to grandma’s” his dad then said “Can you do that?” “Sure dad” Redd chirped “You can count on me” Then his dad lead him inside. Patting his back as the reentered the house. The rest of the evening was pretty normal. They had dinner and he was sent to his room to read. His dad was going out as he did on occasion. Redd knew that his dad needed a respit from the dads drudgery. Work and then home to take care of him. To make sure he had a good meal. He had to do this aince Redd s mom passed. So it was common for him to go out an evening or two during the week. He would meet up with friends and have a few drinks at a nearby pub. Then he would come home after he had the time with his friends. “I hope dad finds another lady” Redd hoped “Sometimes he seems ankara rus escort so sad” “And all he does is take care of me” “I want him to be happy.” But Redd didn’t think his dad did much else than what was his usual routine. But this night was diffrent. Dad came home with someone. Redd could hear them as he lay in his bed. It was late and Redd was just about our for sleep. But the slamming of the front door and sounds if laughter filled the house. Redd heard as they shuffled around. His dad and the woman he was with. “Ahh” he father said to her “My son is sleeping” She giggled a bit as the continued to make noise. Then the shuffling continued for a bit longer. And then it grew fairly quiet. Redd wondered what they were doing as he could hear no talking. So he crawled out of his bed. He was just going to go out there ans make sure everything was okay. But as he got to his door he heard it. Groans. “Ohh my” he said softly “Are they…?” It took Redd all of seconds to realize why there waa no chatter between them. This was a sound he hadn’t heard in quite a while. Pleasure. His father and the woman were giving on another pleasure. He waa going to go back to bed. But, curiosity got the better of him. And he felt his dick start to thump in his shorts. Hw had heard his parents having sex before. And back then it was just that sex. But now as he was a teenager, his body wanted to know what sex was. “Gotta see this” he said to himself. So Redd paused. Took a breath and opened his bedroom door. It was just a few inches. The sounds came in through the doorway again. Louder. His father was moaning in the other room. “Yess.” He groaned “Suck. Suck it down woman” “That feels very nice” Redd pushed door a bit more. Hoping that no one would see it from the living room. Then he heard the woman swoon as she pleasured his dad. A deep happy sigh as she contiued her work. Redd peered through the opening in his door. But he did not see them. Where were they, if not in the main room. “Bedroom!” He said louder He surmised that his father had led the woman to his bedroom. And that she was sucking him off in bed. So he pushed the door opened more. Then he stepped out and into the main area. His father’s room was to the left or the main living area. Near the small dining room. So he stepped through the house and into the dining room. Thwre qas a dark passageway between the dining and the bedroom. And he could see that the door to the room was halfway opened. His father must have just forgotten to close it. And as he looked down on the floor he could see why. “Out” he said “I see” There were strips of clothes near the door. Pants, a dress and his fathers underwear right at the door itself. The moans from his father continued. Deep manly groans as the woman continued to pleasure him. Redd moved in closer to the doorway. He peered inside the slightly çankaya escort opened door. “Holy Crap” he mouthed to himself “She is sucking dads dick.” There in the room was his father. Laying on his big bed. The woman was between his thighs. Her and holding while sucking down on his father’s dick. And thats when Redd got a nice view of it. “Wow dad. Nice dick” he said “Looks big” It was a nice size. And his fathers body was nice as he lay there. The womans hands moving over his chest and belly. Then back to his dick as she slobbered on it. Redd licked his lips as he gazed at the dick in her hand. Knowing he would love to be her at that moment. To suck on his dads cock. “Bet it tastes soo good” he said softly “Lucky girl” The woman continued to suck on his dad. Moving up and down his wet dick. The sounds if her slurping filled the room. She was certainly enjoying his fathers dick. And his moans were soo hot too. Deep and happy. She continued as she gave him pleasure. Redd cpuld see his father’s hips starting to push at her face. Then he grumbled something and pulled her off his dick. “Now i will take you woman” he said Thays whem he grabbed her and pulled her to the bed. Her face pushed down to it. She protested at his action “I don’t want to see your face” he said Then he pulled her backside up and moved in behind her. Redd could see his awesome fathers whole naked body now. It was a sight for sure. Reed gazed at him in awe. His dick in his shorts was pushing at them. So he had to release it from its confines. Then he grabbed it and started to stroke himself as he watched his father. Watched as the rigid pink rod on his dad jutted out from his reddish crotch bush. How he moved it to the woman’s backside. Then rubbing her vagina. Redd could see she was wet. “Here woman” he father grunted “This is what you wanted” “Me!” With that he thrust into her. Hard. She squealed as he plowed every inch of his dick into her body. And then Redds dad pulled himself down on her body Redd looked at his fathers body on her. His thighs looked thick. His butt a big round glorious orb. “Noo. Well. Fuxk, fuck” she cried “Slow down. Fuckk” His father then started to just pound away at her body. Through brute force, driving himself into her repeatedly. Hard and fast. Her cried echoed through the house. The big man reached around and grabbed her face. Covering her screams. “Quiet woman” he growled as he continues “You will wake my son” But she continued to cry into his hand in her face. He pummeled her body more now. Like a punishment for her crying out. Redd could here her under his big hand. Crying and whimpering from his onslaught. This was soo damned hot to him. He was pulling on his own dick as he watched his father Fuck. It was the hottest thing he had ever seen “That has to hurt” he huffed But Redd loved it. He loved this hot ankara escort show he was watching. Watching his dad take the woman. It was getting to him. He could feel himself getting close as he pulled harder on his dick. He looked own for a moment and saw his dads underwear. He reached for it and grabbed it. Then pulled it to his face for a moment. He could smell his father in them. It was a great smell. “Ohh Crap. Hmm fuckk” he whimpered to himself “Gonna blow.” “Fuckk” He had to get out of there as he didn’t want to make any noise. So he crawled back to his room. Closed the door and jumped into his bed. Then he put the older mans underwear to his face. Taking in his fathers smell again. That ans the image of what was happening in the other room. And he could still faintly hear the womans cries. Those poor muffled cries of her body being savaged by the man. It was all Redd could take. “Fuck. Hmmf fuxkk!” Redd chirped as he came He shot several cum bullets up on his belly and chest. Whimpering himself as he blew. His eyes pulled to his skull as he felt the heat of his cum in him. And then he was done. Redd was finished. He then lay there for a bit. Just breathing. Then he could still hearvthe cries from his fathers room. They seemed louder too. He was surprised that it was still going on. Surprised at his fathers stamina. So Redd crawled back out of bed and left his room again. He wanted to see why it was taking his dad so long to cum. His was butt moments. Besides he needed to put his dads underwear back where he found it. “Out my GOD!” He huffed as he looked in on them again. “He is fucking her ass now” Jess. His father had stopped for a moment to take his dick out if her pussy. But then slammed it into her ass. He now knew why the cries got louder. Her ass waa getting slammed hard. Redd watched his dads balls as they moved with his ass crushing fuck. They were very nice in size too. And they were bouncing against her as he hit her ass over and over. “Damn dad. You are a beast” he stated But the sex ended fast aa he watched. The woman had been fighting with his dad this whole time. And her hand got free. Then she reached back and grabbed at his nuts. Then she yanked hard on them. I mean really hard. His dad cried out from the pain and pulled out of her. His grip on her face released. She began to curse and kick at him. “Fuckk!” He had yelped as he buckled over on the bed “You piece of shit” she yelled as she kicked at him more. “I told you no” “Asshole Fucker” Her hand struck his balls seeveral times. He helped each time. Trying to cover his balls. “My son” he shouted “Fuck him and fuck you” she yelled. He had to get out of there before he was seen. So Redd rushed back to his room. I had just started to close the door when she came out of the other room. Grabbing her things as she contiued to fling obscenities. She saw Redd at his bedroom door. But ignored him and ran out of the house. “Holy Crap” Redd said as the door slammed And then he heard his fathers groans. So he went over to his dads room. He opened the door to see his dad in a heap on the bed. Gripping his crotch. “Dad. Are you okay?” He then asked….. More to cum

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