Rediscovering Diana Ch. 02


This is the second part of a story based on conversations between two good friends. Voting on the first part was positive enough for me to feel that this should be continued and there are a few more ideas in the pipeline. Constructive criticism would be welcome.

All characters involved in sexual acts are well over 18.

As she walked the short distance to her car, Diana’s mind was in turmoil. She had just had a threesome with a couple she had met less than an hour before. Well, Jenny had been in a threesome, at least. And now she was going home without her panties. She had NEVER done that before. She knew girls that liked the thrill and freedom of not wearing underwear but she was not one of them! Though it did feel quite liberating…

At the car, Diana automatically went back into sensible housewife mode. She went through her bag but decided against putting on the sweaty panties that she had played tennis in, settling on only her lycra shorts. That was another first, an interesting sensation without her underwear.

As she drove out of the car park she was already on the phone to one of the other Mums at the children’s birthday party. Fortunately things were running late so there was no need to dash across town.

When she got to the party she sought out her girlfriends from the kids’ football practices. They were quite a tight-knit group of friends for the most part and the fruit punch had clearly been flowing for a while. Inevitably it was the always outspoken Rachel who came out with “You’re looking very rosy-cheeked this afternoon Diana! Just like I do when I come back from the gym.”

That comment caused giggles all round. Everyone knew that Rachel’s gym sessions frequently culminated in torrid sex with her very personal trainer.

“We don’t all take our exercise quite as seriously as you Rachel,” retorted Diana, hoping that they would let the matter drop. Her reply got more giggles from their friends. Rachel was not convinced but did not push any further. Diana found herself thrilled by how close that comment had been to the truth. After a while she tore herself away from the chitchat and went to find the children.

A short time later they were all on the way home with the kids coming down from their highs on excitement and sugar. It was all Diana could do to feed them and get them to shower before they crashed out for the night, leaving her to put the washer on and tidy up.

Stretching up to put a vase on a top shelf in the kitchen, Diana brushed against the edge of the counter top with her pubis and was shocked by the buzz that coursed through her. Earlier, when she went back into “Mum” mode, she had forgotten that she wasn’t wearing panties. Now her thoughts returned to her afternoon’s sexual activities.

She placed the heels of her hands firmly on the counter top and rubbed her mons against the edge, deliberately this time. Her legs shuddered in pleasure. She was still very sensitive from earlier. Looking for a way to make better contact, she shuffled across to the corner of the counter and tried there. Ooh that was better. She lifted the front of her skirt so that the only thing covering her mound was the thin lycra of her shorts. Then, like a young girl exploring her first sexual sensations, she closed her eyes and started Büyükçekmece escort bayan to rock her hips against the corner of the counter. Only a couple of minutes later she was cumming hard.

Her recovery was rudely interrupted by the ringing of her mobile phone. Still panting, she picked it up to see “Charlie” – her husband’s caller ID. Panic set in briefly until she rationalised that the timing must be a coincidence.

When she answered, she found it wasn’t her husband but Col, one of his mates, shouting over a huge volume of background noise.

“Hi Diana. I guess you heard that the Swans won this afternoon. We’re in the cup final! Anyway, there are loads of very drunk people here. Charlie’s one of them I’m afraid. I’m the designated driver for a group of guys and I have room in the van so I’ll drop him off. Should be there in about an hour. OK?”

Diana agreed and hung up. She was thankful there were still some nice responsible guys out there, not like her degenerate husband. Even so, she felt rather dejected as she made herself a snack and sat down in front of the TV to wait.

When Col turned up, she was glad to have his help to get Charlie into the house. Charlie had come home inebriated before but never in this state. Diana bundled him into the shower and put his beer-stained clothes in the basket. Thankfully, when she got him to the bedroom after his shower he fell asleep almost as soon as his head hit the pillow. She pulled a sheet over him and let him be.

It was quite late by now. Diana’s usual bedtime routine was to retire to bed earlier than her husband with a book or something to read on her phone. Lately she had discovered a site with erotic stories. It had been a revelation for her to discover how many of the things she had previously thought of as slutty or kinky actually turned her on as she read about them. But tonight her thoughts returned to her new girlfriend. While Jenny was physically similar to Lizzie, her girlfriend back at University, Diana had sensed that Jenny was rather more decisive, almost domineering, particularly when it came to sex. She had often wondered what it would be like to relinquish control in the bedroom. Perhaps on Tuesday she would find out…

Her daydreaming was turning her on again so she headed to bed, putting on a long t-shirt and nothing else. The bed in the guest room was fresh and unslept in, much better than lying next to her booze-soaked husband. Her roaming fingers soon had her juices flowing again as she thought of Jenny, which brought her to another gentle climax before she drifted off into a peaceful sleep after her exciting day.

Diana woke the next morning, Sunday, to the sound of the kids’ footsteps. They knew by now not to talk loudly if they woke early at the weekend but seemed incapable of moving around quietly. She stretched sensually under the covers, enjoying the feel of her taut muscles after her exercise the day before. She got out of bed, wearing only her long t-shirt, and fixed breakfast for herself and the kids.

As she ate, her mind turned to sex again. While yesterday with Jenny had been fun, Diana really did prefer sex if there was a nice hard cock involved. It had been a while but she wondered if maybe, just maybe, she Escort Çatalca could get a reaction from Charlie.

Once the kids were settled into their Sunday morning routine, Diana slipped into her bedroom where Charlie lay on his back, snoring as usual. Maybe she could get him hard and ride him. She peeled off her t-shirt and slipped naked into bed.

Reaching down, Diana started to caress her husband’s cock and balls, making his cock grow slowly but nowhere near hard enough for what she had in mind. She pushed the sheet down, wriggled down the bed and laid her head on his belly. Then she pulled his foreskin back and ran her tongue around the perimeter of his glans, getting an immediate reaction as blood started to flow into his cock. Opening her mouth, she moved down a little, relishing the feeling of his manhood growing under her attentions.

Rather unexpectedly, she felt his fingers in her hair, almost a caring caress. That was nice. She wasn’t sure if he was awake but his cock was almost hard enough already. He started rocking his hips slowly, almost as if he was using her mouth for his pleasure. She had let him do that before, back in the days before they fell into their current rut.

Then Charlie came out with a groan of “Mmmm, baby, that’s nice”, and put his hand flat against the back of her head. Diana was surprised. Never in all their years as friends or since they got married, had her often goofy husband ever called her “Baby.” “Honey, Hun, Princess”, those were his usual terms of endearment. What was going on?

Diana was roused from her thoughts by a sudden pungent taste in her mouth. He was rock hard and she knew that he was about to cum. They had an understanding, he had to warn her first. But she wasn’t even sure he was awake. With his hand firmly on the back of her head, she couldn’t get away from his rocking hips. And then it came, he came, spurting hard into her unwilling mouth. Diana swallowed hard and repeatedly, knowing that it was best not to let the taste linger unless she was really in the mood.

No sooner had the flow of ejaculate stopped than Charlie’s cock started deflating. He let go of her head and was snoring again in less than a minute.

Diana slipped out of bed and dashed into the bathroom, her mind full of conflicting emotions. Much to her dismay, having her head held while her mouth was fucked until a cock spurted down her throat was actually a turn-on. A slutty thing to do but so exciting.

Naked in front of the bathroom mirror, she looked at her reflection. Her dark pink nipples were rock hard, protruding from her small breasts – not even a handful but at least they didn’t sag. Her eyes scanned down over her flat belly to the triangle of trimmed dark hair. Was that moisture she could see?

She reached down her fingertips and found it was indeed her juices she could see, almost dripping onto the rug. That light touch was like an electric shock. She needed to cum, urgently.

Scanning the countertop, her eyes lighted upon a container of moisturiser. About eight inches long and an inch in diameter, it narrowed slightly just below the lid. She picked it up and rinsed it under the tap. The dense plastic was slightly textured so it didn’t slip when wet.

Diana reached down and placed Esenler escort the tube horizontally again her outer labia, rubbing it back and forth as she enjoyed the new sensation. Her nether lips opened as she spread her juices around. Reaching still lower she inclined the tube so that the edge of the base was making harder contact, pushing into the opening to her pussy then sliding up to her clitoris, spreading her inner lips on the way and making her legs buck.

‘I really should do this more often,’ she thought as another spike of pleasure hit her. Diana stretched her fingers and eased the plastic tube slowly into her pussy. She felt so good, so full, relishing the slow penetration. Deeper and deeper it went until a good six inches were inside, filling her up. Relaxing her fingers, she found that the tube stayed in place.

Now with both hands on the edge of the sink, she looked at the sexy, slutty woman in the mirror, her hair matted with perspiration, nipples hard, a plastic cap protruding from her pubic hair. Reaching down again, Diana started to rub her clit, watching her reflection, the ecstatic look on her face as she built towards orgasm. The tube felt huge inside her as her pussy tightened around it.

Suddenly she was coming, hard. So hard that her legs buckled under her, leaving her squatting on the rug. The convulsions kept on coming and she let herself roll onto her side on the floor, groaning and twitching, completely out of control. She had seen videos of girls having full-body orgasms but never experienced one herself, until then. It took a couple of minutes for her to regain consciousness and struggle to her feet and a couple more before she could remove her new toy, accumulated juices running down her legs as she eased it out.

Fortunately nobody else in the house seemed to have noticed her absence. Diana washed and walked naked to her bedroom to get dressed. Leaving the bedroom door open, she went to make lunch of baked beans on toast, bacon, sausages, poached egg. She knew what it took to get Charlie over a hangover and the kids loved it too. Sure enough, the smell wafting through the house brought Charlie to his senses and he appeared, suitably repentant for being so drunk the previous night.

After lunch they had to go and get Charlie’s car from the club. They called the neighbours’ teenage daughter to watch the kids and Diana drove. On the way, Diana tried to get Charlie chatting about the previous night and that morning but it pretty quickly became clear that he had no memory of anything between drinking at the club and the smell of bacon, so she let the matter drop.

At his car, Charlie was in and quickly away, pulling out into the traffic in his usual macho driving style. On an impulse, Diana pulled up Jenny’s number on her phone and they chatted as she drove.

Diana enthused about how she had enjoyed the afternoon before. “You’ve done something to me. All I can think of is sex and I can’t keep my hands off myself!”

Jenny laughed. “Don’t wear yourself out. I want you to return the favour on Tuesday.”

Diana blushed at the thought of devouring the blonde girl’s smooth pussy.

Jenny continued, “So I want you to do something for me. Or rather NOT do something. No touching! No more orgasms until Tuesday with me. Understood?”

Diana thought Jenny was being rather pushy but decided to play along. “Okay. If you insist. I hope you make it a good one.”

“Oh I will. See you Tuesday then.”

Diana drove home with a goofy grin and an itch that she wasn’t allowed to scratch, looking forward to Tuesday very much.

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