Robbie’s First Incest Experience


My first incest experience happened when I was 20, and it was with my mom. I had been trying to set it up for years by finding ways to expose my cock to my mom and my sister. At this point, my dad had left and my sister moved out to live with her boyfriend.

As I mentioned in my first writing, I’m the shy fat guy. I’m 6’2, and my cock is about 5″. At this point in time, my mom was 55. She was a bit overweight but not by a lot. She had D-cup boobs that sagged a bit, with big pink nipples. Her pussy was unkempt and very hairy.

I worked from home and had an office in the extra bedroom. One day I decided I wanted my mom to catch me jerking off. About the time she was due home from work, I turned the music up in my office loud. When I saw her car pull in the driveway, I took my pants off and started jerking off facing the door to the hallway. The way the lights in the house are, I could see shadows to know if my mom was walking towards the bedroom. I obviously couldn’t hear because the music was so loud. When I saw her coming, I peered through slitted eyes so it would appear my eyes were closed in fantasy. My mom came to the door to tell me she was home, and I had my cock pointed right at her. She hesitated for a few seconds, then just walked away. Once I finished, I licked the cum off my hand as I always do to clean up. Then I put my pants on and walked out of my office. She acted as if nothing had happened.

A few days later, I decided to do this again, with pretty much the same result. It was quite exhilarating and made my orgasm very powerful. After a few weeks of doing this several times per week, I had gotten my timing down to where I blew my load right when she walked in. My mom waited until I finished cumming and then walked away as she always did.

After a couple more weeks of her walking in right as I blew my load, I decided I needed to take it further and see what would transpire. I spied on my mom through the door jamb to the bathroom as she was getting into and getting out of the shower. Then I went and sat on the couch in a pair of shorts and a T-shirt waiting for Jeopardy to come on, as we always watched that together. When my mom came in, she was wearing her pink nightgown that was fairly short, with blue and white striped panties on. Her nightgown was low cut to where I could see quite a lot of her boobs.

We got to the first commercial and my cock was just rock hard from me thinking about my mom naked. So I decided to go for it. I pulled my shorts to the side and started jerking off. bursa escort My mom looked over and asked “What are you doing?”

“I’m sorry mom, you’re just so sexy, I have to!” I said as I slowly jerked my cock. With my fist going up and down on my cock I looked my mom up and down. She just kept her eyes glued to my cock. I took my other hand and started to fondle my balls. I felt my orgasm rapidly approaching, so I leaned forward and shot all of my cum into my open hand. My mom just watched without saying a word. When I finished cumming, I licked the cum off of my hand and put my cock away. We finished watching Jeopardy without saying another word.

The next day was my mom’s day off work. So I didn’t jerk off in my office for her. But that evening, I watched her through the bathroom door jamb again. And when she came to the living room to watch Jeopardy with me, I already had my hard cock out and was very slowly stroking it. My mom sat beside me on the couch and asked “Is this going to be our routine now?”

I replied “I dunno, we’ll see. Does it bother you?”

“No…but why don’t you save a little of that sperm for me to taste?” My mom added.

I just smiled at my mom and stroked away. After a couple minutes, my mom reached down her gown and pulled her big boobs out for me to see and asked “does this help?”

“Oh yes! Very much so, thank you mom!” I enthusiastically responded as I started stroking faster. I used my other hand to play with my balls again as I felt the beginnings of my orgasm. When I was about to cum, I leaned forward and filled my hand again, just like the previous night. I then licked my hand clean.

“I thought you were going to share!” My mom whined.

I smiled at her and leaned over, cupping her large left boob with my wet hand and kissed her. I stuck my cum-covered tongue into my mom’s mouth and let her have all of her son’s cum to eat. I pinched her nipple and it stiffened in my hand. I smiled at my mom and got up and went to my office.

On the following night, again my mom had the day off of work. I was anticipating our time on the couch all day and could hardly contain myself. I didn’t want to jerk off because I wanted to make sure I had a full load of cum for my mom. I, of course, watched her get in and out of the shower again. This time when she came out to the living room, I was on the couch naked and hard as a rock! She surprised me as well, she came in wearing only her panties.

As she sat down next to me she said “Why don’t you lie down bursa escort bayan and let mommy take care of her baby boy’s cock?”

I put my head on her lap and stretched out across the couch. My mom reached her hand down and started stroking my hard cock. My mom’s hand on my cock was the most amazing feeling I’d ever felt. I just laid there admiring my mom’s big boobs while she stroked away on my cock.

I grabbed a throw pillow and propped my head up so I would be at the perfect spot to suck on my mom’s big nipple. This must have felt good for her because she began stroking a bit faster. I sucked on my mom’s boob like a nursing baby, and I played with the other while she jerked me very close to cumming.

I told her I was close to cumming and she quickly leaned down and stuck my cock in her mouth. I couldn’t believe it, I was about to shoot a big load of cum right into my mom’s mouth! Her warm, wet mouth pretty much made me cum instantly. When I’d shot the last bit into her mouth, she took my cock out and sat back up. I sat up and kissed her. To my surprise, she saved my cum to share with me.

We sat on the couch making out for awhile. I finally decided to reach down and see if she’d let me play with her pussy. Her panties were quite wet as I first just rubbed her pussy from outside of them. I got a little bolder, so I pushed her panties to the side and started rubbing her pussy directly.

I rubbed vigorously on her big clit for awhile as we kissed passionately. Then I quickly got on the floor and pulled my mom to the edge of the couch and removed her panties completely. It was time for me to taste my mom’s pussy for the first time! I buried my face in my mom’s hot, hairy muff and moans escaped her as I brought her closer to orgasm. I stuck a couple fingers inside her pussy as I concentrated my tongue on her sensitive clit.

My mom’s moaning became louder as her breathing sped. I knew she was going to cum soon as she grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face hard into her pussy. My mom’s pussy tasted so much like heaven as I felt my fingers get wetter and wetter through her orgasm. When it finally passed, I continued lapping up her delicious pussy juices as she caressed my hair.

When I was satisfied that I’d gotten all of her juices licked up, I rose up to my knees and began to kiss my mom once again. As I did, my once-again hard cock poked into her hairy pussy. When it poked her, my mom grabbed it and said to me “Mommy needs your cock inside her right now!”

I escort bursa kissed my mom once more as I slid my cock slowly into her pussy. It felt like nothing I’d ever felt in my entire life! This was not my first time having sex, but it felt a million times better! I was sliding my cock into the pussy that I had come out of all those years ago.

“Mom, your pussy feels so wonderful, like it was made for my cock!” I said as I started my slow backstroke.

“You’ve been a bad boy teasing mommy with your cock for the last couple of months. Now you have to fuck mommy good and make her pussy cream!” My mom instructed to me.

I started to fuck my mom for all I was worth. My cock pistoned in and out of her juicy pussy. Her big boobs bounced all over with each forward thrust I made. This was my first experience inside of a pussy without a condom. Because of my mom’s age, I didn’t have to worry about getting her pregnant.

“Mommy, I’m gonna cum soon. Can I cum in your pussy?” I asked hopefully.

“Yes, baby! Shoot all that sperm back into the womb you from where you came!” My mom moaned back.

I kissed her deeply as I thrust faster and harder than I ever had before. Then I looked deep into her eyes and said “I love you so much, mommy.”

My mom looked back into my eyes and replied “I love you too Robbie, you are a great mother fucker! Give me all that sperm baby! Mommy wants to feel her baby boy’s sperm swimming around in her belly!”

While we stared deep into each others eyes, my sperm filled cum erupted harder and more intensely than every as deep inside of my mother’s pussy as I could get. We kissed passionately while we caught our breath and our heart rates slowed back to normal.

Then I got a devilish look upon my face and said to my mom “I think your pussy needs another tongue bath to get all of your son’s cum out of there, don’t you?”

“Oh, baby, I don’t know if I can handle you eating my pussy again!” my mom exclaimed.

I didn’t really give her much choice in the matter, I slid down and began sucking and licking her pussy for all I was worth! My mom started squirming and shuddering as I quickly brought her to another orgasm which pushed all of my cum to my hungry, waiting mouth.

She was finally able to push my face away from her over-stimulated pussy and said “Go get cleaned up while I catch my breath. Now I’m going to need another shower!”

“A shower sounds great, I think I’ll join you, mommy!” I happily replied.

“Not tonight, baby, I’m completely satisfied, but also very tired, I need to recover before we do anything again.” she reasoned.

“So…..there will be more occasions?” I asked hopefully.

“Yes, baby, mommy will need your cock many, many more times!” she said with a giant smile on her face.

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