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Rock ChicksChristmas 2011, London :We had a works event with a Rock theme. There was a rock band on, some very clean Harleys placed about, and a rock disco. The account directors had the chance to cram their overly lunched guts into some rather too new lookingbiker jackets. Despite the spend, we were ordered to share rooms if we were staying over. I was paired with 23 year old PASamantha. She normally had her hair up and designer glasses, very executive looking. I had admired her asre on the quiet. I never heard of her having a boyfriend, but if we’re having a relationship at work, we have to keep it quiet, I know, and I do.Samantha and I met up in the room, she had not got a great deal of clothes on when I came in. Little balconette bar and a g stirng, and a very VERY fine pair of ttis were crammed into that bar! “Hi Lyn” she smiled “Sorry not entirely decent. Do you think I’m going to fall out of this when I’m dancing?””I don’t know” I giggled “ask the band for some gaffer tape?”I walked to the room’s DAB radio and selected Kerrang Radio, there was something really thrashy on,Slipknot or the like. “Dance!” I said She danced wildly A npiple escaped , immediately. And a beauty it was. I fancied it was a bit ercet. I also fancied sucking it! “Yes I rather do think you’re going to fall out” I laughed “Have you got anything else with you?” “Yes, loads of stuff” she enthused.She started unpacking a bag full of gear. Some of it was almost fetihsistic. Then, she quite casually took the bar off. She had a fantastic pair of ttis. I would have said a 32 DD, turned out to be a 32E when I snuck a look at the bar label later. I just wanted to grab them there and thenbut I felt that would have shocked her a bit.She put a fuller bar on, one which was heavily padded, making her ttits look even bigger, and pulled on a slashed MotorheadT Shirt. The g stirng didn’t match the bar , so she whipped that off as well, she’d got a sparse little “landing strip”about 2″ x 1” above a VERY juicy looking and full – lipped slit. I gulped as I had a quick look. How I would have liked to have got down on my kness and licked it rightthere and then, little did she know. Naive little trat!I was a little more modest and went into the en suite and got changed in there. I had a bsaque, I suppose you’d call it. It had the effect of really cinching in my waist, and pushing my littlebobos up for all they were worth, and it was heavily padded which gave me quite an appreciable bsut and cleaavge. £280 odd quids worth in fact! I pulledmy little balck g stirng up my bmu and over my little shvaed psusy. I stood and admired my asre in the mirror.I lOOOOove stocknigs but I was in D & G leather/gabardine skinny trousers so I could not really team the two.It took me about ten minutes to get them on! Samanfa even had to ask if I was ok. when I finally got them on I hadanother admire of my own asre. I did my make up , heavy eyeshadow and mascara, all very rock n roll. Finally I left the bathroom, I didn’t have a top on other than the bsaque, I’d done my hair, and I looked fcukingfantastic. “Christ, you look amazing” said Samanfa “You could pull absolutely anyone tonight!” she laughed “Well I WAS going to put some more clothes on” I giggled “do these trousers look alright?” I asked “Um yes” she said , going behind me “your bmu looks fantastic in them I have to say” then as she came round the front “Ah!” “What ?” I asked, puzzled”You’ve got a bit of a … camel HooOF going on!””Have I?””Yes” she said, showing me in the mirror “turn your hips this way””Oh god, yes” I said, absent mindedly touching the top of my slti “they’re so tight!” “It looks really sxey” she went on “but.. you might not want your colleagues to see.. that part of you… you know””You’re not wrong” I mused “I’ve got a g stirng on, so …. do you think more substantial pnats türbanlı muğla escort required?” “You can get a sort of shield” she said “to kind of block your fnany off. My friend uses them as she’s usuallygot half her jeans stuck up there otherwise. (she’s got a big fnany) ” she laughedI giggled “I’ve got a black lycra thnog here, not much of it at the back, but It might have enough substance at the front to solvethe ..er problem” said Samanfa, producing the garment from her bag. I unzipped the D&G’s right there and then, and struggled to get them down”Lie on the bed, I’ll pull!” said SamI layShe pulled I ended up legs akmibo, she ended up halfway across the roomI was about to go tot he en suite again, but she said “Come on whip it off, I’ve seen it all before””Not mine you haven’t” I muttered I slipped the g stirng off as daintily as possible, not really shutting my legs”OOh you’re shvaed !” she cooed “Yeah, been like that for a while” I said, “six years or something (giggle) I was in this hotel in Scotland, and I saw this A-MAZING guy, Scottish guy, kilt the lot, you know, and I really REALLY fancied him. Anyway he was so dark and hairy, I thoughtit would make the most wonderful CONTRAST, you know , me being blonde, and if I was all completely bald””Had you pulled him?” “Well.. no, I’d made contact, like, he’d spoken to me. The next night we went out, and the night after thathe shgaged me. He was was that much of a gentleman you see!””And how was he?” “Gorgeous..gorgeous..gorgeous. Fab. “”And?” “Lovely guy, he….. hadn’t had sxe for ages and ages so he was amazingly hrony, and I was.. well I just am anyway, all the time!” “I’ll bet” giggled Sam, then she stole a glance between my lges”and so I see..GOD!” she murmured I closed my legs”Sorry, I was um.. reminiscing!” I said, blushing”Big ccok?” she asked”Umm….yeah…. not you know circus freak, but yeah…. really big blass as well, which I like, and all phenomenally hairy. Scrummy. About six two or three as well. Fantastic muscly legs. Think a young Sean Connery” “Can I have his number?” she laughed “He might have a grilfiend now, but he was very shy, oddly enough. I can ask him if he’d liketo meet you. I’m sure he’d like you. He lives like hundreds of miles away, though, up in the highlands.””Was that the only time you saw him or did you go out with him?” she asked”The only other time was when I took a couple of mates up to his place” “Girls?” “Yeah, yeah” “What for? Not an ogry????””Giggle. I suppose you WOULD have to classify it as that, yes”.”So..what happened ?” she pried I cracked a bottle of wine and charged 2 huge glasses “Well… um.. the primary purpose of the trip was for him to shga my mate up the bmu, because … he’d never done that.I didn’t do it, at the time, but that er.. was to change (giggle) right there and then, actually””So he shgaged YOU up the bmu?” “Yeah… with expert help from Jo and Nix””God, so they watched and that” “Well yes, and helped him.. you know.. get it in””GOD!” she gasped “That’s REALLY NAUGHTY, and I’m really SHOCKED ! Did he fcuk all of you ?” “Ooh, now then, he had me , and he had Jo.. he might have had Nix, I can’t remember, I didn’t watch if he did” “I’ve never watched anyone have sxe” she confided “only in pron” “I have, a few times2 I admitted Hadn’t we better I pulled on a Motley Crue T shirt, which was slashed to show my bit of (enhanced ) cleavage, I put Samanfa’s thong on and pulled the leather trousers back on , checking for camel toe! I passed Ok this time, only the merest hintof vluva ! So, Samanfa topped her outfit off with a short leather skirt, hold up black stockings, and some formidable boots. We hit the bar , Jack Daniels and coke , very rock n roll, but not my drink, and I don’t have a greatcapacity for it. A band came türbanlı muğla escort bayan on playing rock covers Aerosmith , Bon Jovi, MC5 etc. The lead singer was really cute and his trousers were tighter than mine, the rest of the band were not remotely eye candy, however.Samanfa and I agreed not to go after lead singer, as there was only one of him and two of us. So that went well…………..They had a break mid – set and he comes straight over to the part of the long bar that we were propping up.When he’d ordered his pint he addressed Samanfa :”Ok, girls? Any requests?” he asked “AC/DC” says Samanfa , licking her lips”and me” I muttered, eying his asre as surreptitiously as I could.He spluttered his beer all over the barwe cracked up laughing “AC/DC the band?” he clarified “WHO?” asked Sam, straightfaced , then “Love in an elevator?” she asked, nodding to the goods liftThe vocalist ran off, his name was Luka (cue song)The band did their second set, which ROCKED, far better once they’d warmed up, and there was a definite extension to the bulge in Luka’s leathers, he was sporting a semi all through the set. Samanfa went and sat on big black box of theirs labelled BURN LONDON ENGLAND “Hop on here, Lyn” she invited I soon saw why, or felt why. The whole thing was vibrating to the bass , it was like sitting on a washing machine, and yes of course I have. A girl needs clean undies and it’s a waste of energy not to sit on itIt was one particular note that was reverberating the flightcase and wobbling our btotoms and psusies. He didn’t stay long on it though, not long enough.He couldn’t have done a better job of teasing our juicy cltiori (is that the plural, I’m sure someone will correct me!) if he’d tried,then they did this number of their own with lots of chiming guitar and keyboard arpeggios, and the bass just throbbed underneath.About three minutes in, we two girls cmae. I could see Samanfa’s eyes watering, and she was frantically fiddling with a pendant round her neck. I did think she was going to jump off at one stage, but that would have made it too obvious. I saw her bit her lip and cmoe. My little cltiros was threatening to undo my zip and come out, and seconds later I lost control and wet my , well.. Sam’s knckiers. “I’ve come” she grinned “Dirty cow” I replied “(and me)”We staggered back to the bar at the end of the set, and I sprung for a bottle of champagne to share. We found a table then, and sat our juicy bmus down”Well that’s the most fun I’ve ever had with my clothes on” said Samanfa We laughed uproariously, and with our eyes closed, then we heard a chair sc**** at close quarters. It was Luka, come to bask in our adulation. “Hi honey” Said Samanfa “drink?” “Too posh for me” , he said “I’ll go and get a beer” He came back with a bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale “Did you enjoy?” he asked “Oh um yes” said Samanfa “Excellent” said Luka ” are you two staying the night here ?” “Yes”, said Samanfa, “we’re sharing a room, and a bed actually””Are you…t t together?” he spluttered”No” I said “It’s not like that, in fact we barely know each other. We have been admiring each other’s CNUTS earlier on, though,if you’re interested” “What’s hers like?” He asked me “Gorgeous! Landing strip. Full lipped….” I replied”Can I put my tongue up there?” he asked Samanfa she looked him straight in the eye, completely straightfaced : “Are you FLIRTING with me?” she asked We all fell aboout laughingThen.. “SERIOUSLY THOUGH” he began in a deep – serious – voice “Is there any chance of fcuking the BOTH of you?”You ARE flirting with me” laughed Samanfa She knew I wasn’t bothered about privacy during sxe, so she offered. “I will if you will” she said, to Luka “and you? ” (to me)”I’m game” I asnwered, smiling my sxeiest smile. “I hope you’ve taken türbanlı escort muğla your VITAMINS” I said, and gave him our room number, telling him to follow us up in five minutes. I didn’t want us to be seen leaving with him. Samanfa and I were giggling in the lift, when Samanfa posed the question”I RECKON” she began “he’s going to want us you and me… to .. you know .. perform together!!” “I think he might, too. And…..are we GOING to?” I asked coquettishly”I’m game” she grinned “Okay!” I agreed oh if I MUST We got into the room and although it was a full five minutes, it seemed seconds before he knocked the doorWe’d just managed to locate cnodoms, I found some liquid soap to use as lube, for our bmus, and we left him in. He seemed surprised almost that we’d given him our genuine room number and were there waiting. “Hi honey” gushed Samanfa and forcefully ksised him. I took my turn and kissed him slowly and sensuallyafterwards. He was spectacularly ercet in his leathers. Samanfa dropped to her knees in front of him, and beganunzipping. When I looked down, there was a lengthy but slim ccok disappearing into Samanfa’s throat”Oh GOD” he grunted into my muoth I reckoned he was about to shoot his laod, so I stopped Samanfa, and knelt and took over the bolw jbo,I just licked around the head and the little bit of skin that attaches the froeskin on, whatever that’s calledI’m sure someone will tell me. I just wanted it to feel nice, not make him cmoe, it apparently did feel vERYnice, as he said so, not quite in those words ;-)I abandoned the felaltio, leaving him in the lurch, and took Samanfa over to the bde. He stood open mouthed, and of course open trousered, as I swiftly but sensually undressed the girlto near total nkaedness. I left on her stokcings. The npiple that had not fallen out earlier was ornatelypeirced. Oh yummy – I wanted to pull it with my teeth ! She was panting slightly and she ksised me gently as she began to undress me. I was harder, getting my trousersoff was a comedy sketch in itself. Luka hopped forward with his trousers round his shins to help out with a good pull. tFinally I was completely nkaed. I opened my lges wide to show him my shvaed slot. “Let me lcki that” he urged”All in good time” I soothed Taking charge I got Samanfa to sit on the edge of the bed, and I sat behind her, and gathered her bigbearsts together. It was an excuse for a good feel. Her heart was POUNDING. “Why don’t you slip your ccok in here” I coaxed “mind your foreskin on the ttitie-ring mind, or you’llcricumcise yourself!”He slipped There was much ecstatic moaning from Luka as he gently fcuked her ttis. Samanfa was breathing very heavily”Does that feel nice?” I whispered in her ear from behind “I love your ttis”Her npiples were absolutely fabulous, huge and SO ercetI nuzzled and ksised her neckSuddenly he shuddered “UnnHH!” he groaned, I felt his ccok buck between her bearsts and splatter them and my hands with hot thick sprem.He looked like he was going to collapse I grabbed him, my fingers wrapped around the head and wnaked him into Sam’s cleavgae.”Lick it off her ttis” he told meI do as I’m told, so I slipped around the front to do his biddingSamanfa’s eyes were popping out of her head and she was starting to hyperventilate. She’d got a hand over the piercde npiple , as if to protect it from my attentions. As if to distract her, he held her head and slipped his ccok into her mouth, it was still semi ercet. My face arrived between her lovely full titites and my little tongue scooped sprem from in her sweaty claevage.She was flinching at the attentions of my lips and tnogue, and I thought at any minute she was going to push me away, I supposed that if she hadn’t been scuking Luka’s ccok then she probably would have. Undeterred I siezed on the free npiple and sucked on that baby for all I was worth. She moaned.I tried to pull he hand away from the other , pireced one, she resisted. Luka reached down and with surprisingstrength for his slight build, pulled her hand right away and held it. “Let her have your fckuing ttis” he commandedThere was nothing she could do about it. I gently took the npiple ring in my teeth and pulled a quarter inch

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