Subject: Rods Of Redemption – Part 3 This story is a work of fiction. If material describing sex between men and teenage boys is illegal in your country, then read no further. Nifty is a free resource, but it does require money to stay on the Internet. Therefore, please consider donating to Nifty fty/donate.html Gay / adult-youth / interracial: oral anal, M+/t+ – – – Following on from that first session in the garage, I was laid up for almost four days. The pastor was none too pleased: his friends had overstepped the mark, and he blamed himself for not being there to intervene. They had paid him well, but the marks on my backside were not fading, and my arsehole was out of bounds for several days. Still, our cock-sucking sessions did keep us entertained and well satisfied during the recovery period. The making of the film was almost a non-starter, but the pastor needed to pay off some of his debts. Max was keen to shoot another black-on-white epic, but wanted Russell to take my place. “His arse is all battered and bruised, Manny,” said Max. “Russell is old news, and no longer a star turn, but I can film him at any angle. This boy will need far more work, and use up a lot more film.” “No one needs to see his arse,” said the pastor. “Look at that face. Look at those nipples. Look at that cock.” “Yes, yes,” said Max. “One side is white bread, but the other side is burnt toast.” “So the first scene opens with a caning,” said the pastor. “Not a real caning! Just something that looks real.” “Okay. Leave it to me. I’ll sort something out.” – – – Innocent was a giant of a man, with a mighty long cock. He was slow and ponderous, and not very good-looking. Max called him “Mountain”, but Daniel and the others called him “King Cock”. The first scene began with the naked black man in the garden. He was cutting back a shrub when a beach ball came over the fence and landed on the lawn. Innocent turned away from the shrub and looked at the ball. “Cut!” exclaimed Max. “That works for me.” “Why is Innocent gardening in the nude, Max?” I asked. “He looks a bit silly cutting twigs in the altogether.” “Manny has a thing for the Garden of Eden story in the Bible. He sees Mountain has Adam and a white boy, that’s you today, as the serpent. You tempt Adam with your sexy wiles, and I get lots and lots of black-on-white sex scenes. The serpent is normally naked when he enters the garden, but you’ll be wearing those tight yellow speedos today. That’s why I’m using the beach ball as a prop in scene one. It backs up your swimwear entrance.” “And people will get that?” I queried. “The Garden of Eden siirt escort setting?” “Nah! It’s all cobblers. But it keeps Manny happy. Pervs like me will just see a big black man fucking a cute white kid. The black-on-white thing works for me every time: black is all-powerful; white is weak and willing. The setting doesn’t really matter in my book.” The old white man continued to fiddle with his expensive-looking camera. He was clearly in his sixties, and neatly turned out in a classic grey suit and flowery tie. He was small and wiry, and had silver-grey hair. “You can make a lot of money doing these films, boy,” he continued. “So do get in touch when the arse-swelling goes down.” “Yer, I’ll do that,” I said. “But how?” “Hang around the photo studio in the high street. I’m always in and out of there on a Friday and Saturday.” The tight yellow speedos were extremely tight, but they didn’t stay on for long. Innocent had me sucking on his cock in no time at all. The two of us rolled around on the grass lawn for almost an hour. Max concentrated on the cock-sucking side of things for most of the scenes. Innocent’s uncut cock did look mighty pleasing in long-shot, mid-shot and close-up. And it looked especially pleasing when a “cute white kid” was sucking it off. Max captured all the arse-fucking scenes head-on, with no side shots of my arse-cheeks. Innocent fucked me doggy-style, so that helped the old man save on film and time. “That’s a great look, Gavin,” said Max. “Screw that nose up some more.” Max was planning to add a few arse-pounding close-ups to the film later, during editing. Scenes from Russell’s last film would be slipped in where necessary; or if that didn’t work, a blond named Martin would be used. Innocent and I got on great. He was a bit slow and unimaginative, but very friendly. I really couldn’t get enough of his coal-black cock, and he couldn’t get enough of my “white willy”. He was in his mid-twenties and loved fucking schoolboys. He had the stamina to fuck a whole classroom of boys. And boy was I grateful for that. – – – The next day I got up early and did a lot of household cleaning and dusting. The pastor liked to see me walking around the house in the nude, so I was happy to oblige. The sight of a thirteen-year-old blond, bending over and showing off his arse, really got the pastor worked up. He also liked it when I stretched up high with the duster and flashed my cock and ball-sac in his direction. With the cleaning and dusting over for the day, I decided to check out the garage. “Just in time, Gavin,” said Max, as I opened the door and sincan escort stepped inside. “It looks like rain, so no filming in the garden today. Maybe we can find something else to do in here. Got any ideas?” “We could try out the bondage frame,” I said. “Or you and Innocent could fuck me over that wooden sawhorse …. with you in front and Innocent behind.” “Yes, a double fuck could be the answer,” he replied. “But let’s see if the sawhorse will work before Innocent arrives. It looks a bit rickety, so let’s check it out.” Max quickly stripped off and began to play with his semi-erect cock. He then bent me over the sawhorse and applied some lube to my arsehole. I grabbed the wooden crossbar when he pushed his hard-standing cock into my hole. I moaned with pleasure as he began to pick up speed, whilst calling me all the names under the sun. Fucking an over-excited boy was clearly getting to him, and making him delirious. He suddenly began to howl like a wolf. “Get down on all-fours, boy,” he ordered. “Let the wolf see its prey.” The two of us moved from the sawhorse to the concrete floor. It wasn’t a smooth transition, but it was a quick one. “Stay put, boy!” he snapped. “The alpha needs to fuck your pretty little hole.” The man had been all sweetness and light the day before, but somehow a screw had come loose overnight. I became fearful and wondered if the old man was some sort of sex-mad werewolf. It was then that he struck gold. I had to match his frantic rhythm to keep from getting hurt inside. His bony hands gripped my hips as he pumped me full of seed. He let out several high-pitched howls, and then told me to stay perfectly still. My knees were really hurting when he finally dismounted and began licking my arse-crack. His tongue began to feel like a cock as it probed my arsehole, darting in and out of my over-stretched hole. I felt an orgasm approaching and began to get really excited. My arse-lips tightened as my cock gave up a deluge of seed. This encouraged him to stab his tongue deeper into my hole, which forced the orgasm to get stronger. Once it was all over, I was told to get some rest and wait for Innocent to arrive. – – – Innocent fucked me over the sawhorse without any wolf-like howls. He didn’t turn into a sex-mad werewolf either. Max face-fucked me at the same time, and didn’t howl once. I began to wonder if the Devil had got into the old man. Suddenly, there was a lot of pressure inside my arse. Innocent began fucking me with shorter, faster strokes. He was close to shedding his load. “C’mon, Mountain,” said Max. “Give sinop escort it to him good.” Innocent stopped pumping, and I could feel his cock pulse inside me. I then heard him babbling away in his native tongue, so I tighten my grip on the wooden crossbar and waited. The two of us climaxed together: he flooded my inner sanctum; I grunted and shed my load onto the concrete floor. “Ah! Good boy,” said Innocent. I then heard Max growl as he rapidly approached a climax. He held my head in a vice-like grip and filled my mouth with spunk. All three of us stayed coupled together for a good few minutes after that. – – – There were three serpents in the garden a day or two later. Martin and Russell were frolicking around on the grass lawn, surrounded by five naked elders, and I was sucking on Innocent’s cock in front of Max’s camera. John and my dad were both inside the garage, secured face-to-face to the bondage frame. Danso and Samson were caning their arses as they swung in the air a few inches off the concrete floor. The pastor and his friends had five white arse-souls to exorcise that day. The gathering had two adult arses to cane, marinate in calamine lotion, and then fuck to the nth degree. The three teenage arses were to be lined up, side-by-side, and tested for durability and fuckability. The pastor was minded to grade the redemption rods from short-and-thin to long-and-wide. He wanted the three sinners to experience the full spectrum of rods available in sequence. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any short-and-thin rods to grade. “Daniel’s dagger will go in first,” said the pastor. “He will test all three holes in sequence and keep the results to himself. Only after Innocent’s test will the results be officially announced. The winner will then be lanced again by me, just to confirm the rigour of our test.” “And will the other two be strapped face-to-face to the bondage frame and caned?” asked Raphael. “Yes,” replied the pastor. “Danso and Samson are far too aggressive for such a task, so I’ll be asking for volunteers.” All the elders put up their hands, with Daniel putting up his other hand as well. “Let’s share the burden,” said Kofi. “Three strokes on each bum.” The elders murmured their approval as they stroked their hard-standing cocks. “And I get to film it all,” said Max. “Except for the indoor stuff.” “You should buy some photofloods, Max,” said Martin. “You can then light up the inside of the garage and get everything on film.” “All my lights are on heavy tripods in the studio,” replied Max. “Manny keeps promising to turn the garage into a proper studio, but it never happens.” “We could have a fundraiser at the church,” said Samuel. “With all these white sinners to redeem, on a regular basis, I’m sure the congregation will want to fund our mission.” A cacophony of laughter went up as the three teenage sinners bent over.

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