Role Reversal


This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Role Reversal

“Would you back the fuck off already?”

The petite mouse anthro, demonstrating surprising spark for her size, glared at the equine looming over her. The horse’s large breasts swelled against the almost sheer fabric of his dark blue shirt, nipples protruding through as if to draw the eye, and he winked ostentatiously, sweeping aside his flowing mane, spilling down the arch of his coal-shaded neck like a dark waterfall. The mouse and her friends, a motley group of young ladies in their early twenties, scowled, dipping muzzles to drinks as if for liquid confidence. Unwanted suitors were rarely a pleasant experience to undergo, least of all when the attention was derived from the bar owner.

Leering, the large equine, an anthro Clydesdale with blocky, muscled features, dominated their small space, leaning over the back of their booth. Though he could not be confused for a true male, the bulge of an equine sheath and testicles could not be missed, marking him as a natural hermaphrodite. Despite his dual gender, Dinero would not abide being referred to as ‘she’ or ‘shi’ under any circumstances. Anyone who dared refer to him as such was swiftly reminded what exactly his cock was for in a most personal, demanding round.

“Now, darling, why would I want to do that?” He sneered, looking down the length of his muzzle at the group. “You’re the ones in my bar. You’re on my turf now. You have to pay the price if you want to drink here, them’s the rules.”

A slim vixen seated beside the mouse snorted into her cocktail and slammed it down on the sticky table with enough force to slop the green liquid messily over the rim of the glass, splashing on to the wooden table top.

“Well, maybe we’ll just leave then!” She huffed, scrambling to her hind paws and jostling the table in the process. “I’ve never been treated so badly! Honestly! What’s wrong with you? Don’t you want people to come to your bar?”

Dinero smirked, lips twisting cruelly.

“If you think you’ve been treated badly here, sweetheart, I’d better make good on that.” His eyes narrowed at the corners, ears pricked tall. “Not a bloke who leaves a bitch wanting.”

Lunging with the speed of a striking cobra, he caught the vixen’s arm in an iron grip and hauled her bodily over the table, using his greater stretch and size to his advantage. The vixen shrieked and clawed at Dinero, tearing his creased blue t-shirt, but he paid her no mind, setting her on her hind paws and dragging her through the bar with his cock tenting out the front of his jeans. The mouse gaped after them, a paw extended as if she could somehow stop what was unfolded and change his course of action – yet they were already beyond her reach. And what could one mouse do? A trembling tiger from the group scrabbled in her bag for her phone, dialled and brought it to her ear, paw shaking so badly that it was a wonder she even managed to hold it up at all.

“I’ll bring her back,” Dinero promised as he made good his exit in a clip-clop of giant hooves, squeezing the fox to his breast. “Can’t promise she’ll be in one piece though.” He paused, grinning. “Or be able to walk. Sluts don’t need to do that.”

Unzipping his jeans before he reached the comparatively secluded back room, easily accessible, Dinero pinned the vixen to the wall, flipped up her skirt and pressed the fat, flat head of his cock to the slit of her pussy. He snorted, ignoring her squeal, as he pushed in, easily bottoming out in her tight sex, the fox already wet for him. His victims could complain all they liked but he always found them dripping and wanting, craving his masculinity. Dinero flushed with cocky pride, upper lip curled back from his teeth to scent her arousal, unbidden and yet so lustful. The vixen panted harshly, an arm thrown up above her head as he pressed her muzzle into the wall, hips driving with powerful, coarse strokes. Predator or not – they were all sexual prey to him.

Behind the bar, a grey-furred wolf polished a wine glass and kept his mouth shut as the same old scene, yet again, unfolded before his eyes. Amir had had an inkling of an idea of what Dinero was like when he had been hired as a lowly bartender in the grand scheme of Dinero’s pecking order – female staff did not tend to last very long in his employ – but the reality of the bar was an eye opener. Licking his lips, the smartly dressed wolf folded his ears back and tried to concentrate on his job, as there was never any sense to him in doing half a job when he could complete a task to the very best of his ability. Distractions, however, were another matter entirely.

It was about time Dinero faced his comeuppance and the wolf wished ankara2010.com he could be the one to deliver it. It would be all too satisfying to be the one to force his knot into the owner’s unused cunt, teeth pricking into his neck as he pounded the equine into submission. His cock pushed from his sheath into the front of his black trousers, leaking pre cum. Shifting, he hunched his shoulders and growled, thankful for the bar top that concealed his erection as he imagined driving into the horse over and over until he was nothing more than a whimpering, nickering mess under his rule.

His paw tightened into a fist and he tilted his muzzle high, lips parted. Perhaps that fantasy, as wild as it was, could be true, if only he played his cards right. Amir took a deep, steadying breath. It was all in the paw. He could play the game. His lips quirked up at the corner and a wicked light played through his eyes.

Luckily, Amir had a side of the supernatural on his side, or so the potion-maker claimed. If he did not, he was vastly out of pocket for three little vials that were otherwise extremely expensive urine.

The wolf figured the bar could look after itself for a short while – it wasn’t as if he was the only bartender on duty that night. Slipping from behind the bar with the vials weighing heavily in his pocket, Amir loosened the collar of his shirt and padded through the throng of patrons to the little room where a steady thud-thud-thud emanated from. He rolled his eyes as the others in the bar pretended not to notice. Or perhaps they simply didn’t care that female after female was being nailed in the back room.

Maybe they wanted sloppy seconds.

Amir didn’t bother knocking; Dinero wouldn’t have heard him anyway. Instead, he swung it open with nary a creak – his handiwork in oiling the hinges, of course – to reveal the equine with his next victim of the night, a white goat with a shorter, tapered muzzle, gagging on his cock. The vixen must have been shoved out the back door already. Wow. Jeans pulled down below his overly muscled backside, the horse grunted as he pounded into the goat’s muzzle, holding on to one of her horns as she fought not to gag, small paws with hoofed fingertips up against his thick thighs. Amir shook his head. Dinero probably didn’t even know her name.

“Hey, Dinero…” He raised a paw to the taller equine’s shoulder, tapping twice. “You got a minute?”

Holding the goat down on his cock, fleshy head rammed to the back of her throat, Dinero snorted and glanced back over his shoulder, tail swishing with an angry lash of hair.

“Does it look like I have a fucking minute, runt?” The stallion snorted and jerked his thumb towards the bar. “Get back to your fucking job!”

Amir raised an eyebrow, heart hammering in his chest as he kept his cool. The first steps into dominance were always the most difficult, his natural instinct in non-sexual life to be passive and, well, to pretty much go with the flow. Even at work, he didn’t like to find himself in the spotlight. In the bedroom, however… Amir grinned, fangs bared in the way only a predator could manage to pull off. His sexual side was another matter entirely. There he could let his other side out to play.

When the wolf did not immediately scamper back to his job duties, Dinero huffed, nostrils flaring.

“Cat got your tongue?” He jerked his thumb, fingers curled into a fist. “Beat it.”

“Oh, I don’t think I will.”

Amir stepped forward, inclining his head to the goat-fur, eyes bulging out of her skull.

“Let her go.”

The equine threw his head back and laughed, chest heaving. In his random mirth, he let go of the goat’s horn and Amir leapt forward, shoving Dinero off balance with the ram of his shoulder into the equine’s ribcage. It was a hasty, ill-timed blow but it did the trick: the equine’s cock slipped from the goat’s muzzle and she scrambled back with a scared bleat, freed at last from her tormentor. A string of cum hung from the side of her muzzle and her dress still had the tags dangling from the back zipper, caught over her shoulder.

Amir disengaged in a flurry of fur, gaining some breathing distance as the equine returned to his senses, shock quickly depleting. Stomping, the equine sized up his challenger, tail flicking, never still, as his hooves shifted in turn, unable to rest easy.

“What? Think you’re stronger than me, runt?” Dinero rolled his eyes, oblivious to his victim making good her escape. “Think you’re better? You can’t stop me. Try me. I’ve no qualms about going under a bitch’s tail just like yours.”

He advanced, linking his fingers together to crack out the tension. His black lips curved up dangerously and there was no warmth in his shocking blue eyes. Amir stood tall, shifting his weight into a defensive stance, paws apart for balance.

“I’ll fucking ruin you, runt.”

Something deep inside the wolf tightened, twisting and poised for release. As the equine drew back his fist in preparation to swing, a cheap punch better suited to brawling outside a pub, Amir moved in a flicker of grey fur, quicker than the slower, heavier equine could catch. Slamming into Dinero’s bicep, he shot a line of pain down the equine’s arm – Dinero howled – and grasped his flailing fist, trapping it where he could safely control the bulky stallion. Breasts bouncing, Dinero snarled viciously as he strove to wheel around for a second attack, forelock falling across his eyes. He would not be bested! He wasn’t a stupid bitch to be knocked down by one lucky blow. Yet Amir smirked. It would all be over in a few seconds, if that. The beast inside reared its ugly head and the wolf snarled.

Ah, my sweet, he crooned, time seeming to slow around him. You’ve been silent too long.

It was easy to disable a larger male if one knew the right points to target. Once he had Dinero’s arm bent back and his paw between the horse’s shoulder blades, it was a simple task to hook his paw behind his employer’s fetlock and jerk and twist him down to the ground in a tumble of oversized hooves. It also helped that the equine had clearly downed a few shots already that night, slowing his reflexes and sapping his functional strength.

The outcome may have been different if the fight had gone on for longer as the equine was still larger even than the muscled wolf, definition hidden by his work attire. The ‘what if’ did not and could not matter, however, as long as Dinero was on the floor at his paws, a pile of useless bone and breasts and bollocks: dead weight. Letting the impact work against Dinero as the equine gasped for breath that had been knocked out of his lungs, Amir dug in his pocket for the first of his vials – a bright pink, bubbling solution.

Dinero groaned.

“Stay down.”

“Fuck you!” Dinero spat. “Wait ’til I get my fucking paws on you! You think you’ll have a job here after this! You’re gone, runt! With my hoof print on your bastard sorry arse!”

Jeans tangled around his knees, Dinero twisted with a feral growl, hooves swinging without sensible direction. Amir had to work quickly – quickly! His cock was already hard in his trousers, all he had to do was yank them down to reveal the modest length of wolf-flesh, though it was nothing to rival the equine’s fatter, thicker cock, worthy of being called such. He gave it a couple of experimental strokes and tucked the pink vial into the palm of his paw, fingers curling protectively around the slim nuzzle of glass. His sweat made it slick and he nearly cursed aloud as it threatened to slip.

There wasn’t much time.

As Dinero got on to his paws and knees, Amir crouched behind his rump; there was no need to kneel and line up his cock as the equine’s massive size put him at an easy height to take already. With a short bark, he plunged his cock into the plump, equine pussy, only briefly wondering if it had ever been used before. He slipped in all the way to his deflated knot and hissed out his pleasure between gritted teeth. For his size, the stallion was as tight as a filly. Surely he had let someone mount him before, even with all his masculine sway?

Dinero took a second to register the intrusion but, when he did, he bucked with a vicious squeal, kicking out with the power of a mustang.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” He roared. “Get the hell off me, you godforsaken whore – I’m going to fucking murder you! Just you fucking -“

Clapping his paw over the equine’s mouth, Amir rolled his eyes. Jeez, did Dinero want the whole bar to know what they were up to? Horses, honestly. Couldn’t keep their gobs shut for the life of them.

“Bottoms up, bitch.”

Digging his finger into the corner of Dinero’s lips, he forced the equine’s mouth open and upended the vial, sending a stream of pink liquid straight down Dinero’s throat. The horse coughed and thumped his fist into the floor, fighting not to choke as Amir laughed. Prey would learn their place sooner or later, as long as the predators kept reminding them. The equine would soon know the feeling of teeth closing on her neck, spilling life-blood. Just a drop.

The potion acted swiftly and Amir hurled the empty vial aside only to swiftly down the second himself, this time a blue concoction. The potion-maker had said that both would interact when a fluid bond was shared and he couldn’t think of a more appropriate fluid bond than having his cock buried in Dinero’s cunt. The stallion’s breath grew laboured and he hung his head down to the floor as the potion took effect, sapping the strength from muscles that could have otherwise crushed the wolf if he had not forced it on the horse so quickly. Timing was everything when it came to the hunt.

Wrapping his arm around Dinero’s waist, Amir fumbled for the stallion’s shrinking cock, already half the size it used to be. The drugs were targeted, something beyond his comprehension, yet Amir did not need to understand as his own shaft swelled in response to Dinero’s stolen size. The potions worked their magic, stealing the size of Dinero’s cock and transferring his strength and virility to the wolf, whose cock bulged, stretching out the equine’s pussy as he was forced to take every inch.

Unable to comprehend what was happening, Dinero groaned and struggled weakly, the potion not only sapping his male-hood but the very sense of his masculinity. His muscle sucked in to his body, leaving a softer, more feminine figure in its wake, mane and tail growing more luscious by the second. A growl building in the back of his throat, Amir wrapped the new mare’s – for such a small, shrivel of a penis could surely not belong to a male worthy of the name – mane around his paw, hammering into her tight pussy, which squeezed around his cock with every thrust, almost as if the filly was trying to suck him in. Amir gave a breathless laugh. He rather liked that thought.

“Does that feel good, whore?” He snarled, lip curling up from his teeth, gleaming in the low light. “Becoming mine? You don’t have a cock to speak of now! Well,” he laughed. “What you have ain’t worth bragging about, pathetic really.”

Twisting his paw in her dark mane, Amir snarled and yanked, making her squeal shrilly, scrabbling at the floor. Patrons shuffled closer to the door, still closed, and he closed his eyes, imagining them with their ears pressed to the peeling green paint as he debased their overlord. The stallion was no more and he would solely leave them a mare in his place. Though what good was a mare when she had done nothing but abuse her patrons? His jaw clenched and he drove forcefully into the mare, the tip of his cock pushing against the softer flesh beside her cervix, almost as deep as a male could go. Impressive, for mounting a mare.

He would be a far better owner of the bar than she could ever have been. And the mare would have her comeuppance for all the wrongs she had done as a stallion. The wolf’s breath raked through his lungs as he pounded her, hooking his paw around her tail and using it like a handle, pulling her backside back to him as he slammed in, balls slapping her cunt. Call it his little way of justifying his actions.

There was only one more thing he needed to do to ensure her tie to him, her eternal servitude. Though it had been surprisingly easy to overthrow the stallion in the first place… Amir grinned, imagining. Perhaps the horse had been eyeing him up already, wanting to kneel at his paws. A wolf could have all the fantasies he imagined.

“Think you’re protected just because you’re a herm’?” He growled in her ear, claws digging into the soft flesh of her rump. “Think again! Excuse for a cock – you don’t have nothing now! Once my knot is locked in you, my seed in your cunt, you’re going to be carrying my pups.”

He reared his head back, smirking as he licked his lips with a gleam in his eye that made her shudder, pressing her muzzle down to the floor.

“But that doesn’t mean I only have to breed you once tonight. We can do this again and again, mare, until I’m good and satisfied.”

Shoving her head down, he ignored the tears moistening her cheeks. Her flagged tail told a different tale to her muzzle and her pussy, so hot and inviting, squeezed around him with every ruthless thrust. Ah, the poor filly. She wanted him as much as he wanted her. Only now she had a better way to express her sexual desires than raping patrons in back rooms. Now she would be used as she should be. Repeatedly.

“Let’s make sure you leave here tonight with my seed quickening, hm?”

Swiping the final vial from his pocket, the wolf tipped it into the equine’s gaping mouth and massaged her throat until she swallowed it all in one big gulp. Groaning, the wolf teased his swelling knot against her entrance, refusing to push it in deeper and inflate until he was certain the potion had taken effect. The potion maker had said that it would force a female into season – the perfect state from which to bear his young.

“You can’t do this…”

Even her voice was pitched higher, softer and more feminine than before with a quavering hint of a whisper to her lilt. Amir shivered. He loved it.

“I think you’ll find I already have.”

Arching over the mare, the wolf balanced on his paws, resting just inside of her shoulders, to throw the whole weight of his body into his thrusts. It was almost as if he had something to prove, mounting a larger female, but the truth was that his cock with its stolen size took some getting used to. She didn’t have to enjoy it, however, only him.

He bared his teeth as he drove in again and again, teasing her with the hint of his enlarging knot, not yet at its full size. It slapped into her cunt, throbbing with pain, and it was only with a grunt and a show of force that he drove it into her passage, fluids slopping slickly around the fleshy bulb. Whinnying, her eyes bulged and she slammed her paw into the floor, though the blow was weak and more of a token gesture than anything else. With the potion’s effect, she had no strength left to speak of. It was all his.

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