Romance Unlocks the Sex Needs of Old Lady


This is fiction: Old women (my preferred ages are between 70 and 85) do not believe that a young, middle-aged, or even a guy like me at 60 could be attracted to them. But as we all know, granny lovers are. But a lot of them find it hard to meet and fuck old ladies. This story is based a little part on fact but embellished to make it good wanking material

From the time I was seduced by a very horny old lady, I could only get a hard-on with older women. At 17 I went out with a 35-year-old, at 25 went out with a 50-year-old, and at my age now, 60, I seek out 70 to 85-year old’s.

My latest lady friend Edna is 78 and I targeted her because she was my ideal type. Quite plump with lovely titties, nice protruding belly, old-fashioned permed hair, quite nice looking, minimal make-up but well dressed like a typical granny her perfume was wonderful. But if you were just an ordinary guy (not a granny lover like me) and didn’t look, she was almost invisible.

I like to take coach trips for three or four days to some downtrodden seaside hotel and a month ago I was waiting at the pick-up point and she came walking up, pulling her suitcase.

When the coach arrived, I naturally helped her and put her suitcase in the luggage hold. Getting on she waved from her seat indicating that I sit with her. With her coat off, she wore a nice jumper with just a hint of cleavage which was nicely wrinkled.

“Hi, thanks for saving a seat. My name is Stan and yours is?”

“Edna”, she smiled and we shook hands.

She asked if I had done many of these trips and when I said no, she told me that she lived alone and came on these trips more for the company than the destination. “Because at my age, nobody is interested or even wants to have a conversation. At least on these trips we’re all old and can enjoy ourselves.”

I fully agreed with her but added “I don’t see how you can say no one is interested. Edna, you are my ideal type of elegant lady and If I may be as bold to say so, you are very attractive and I would like to get to know you a lot better.”

“Oh, you flatterer”. I must be at least 20 years older than you. What’s attractive about me? I’m just a lonely old biddy.”

“Well, that’s where you are dead wrong. Let me tell you why. Now, when I explain I don’t want you to freak out or get upset. Just listen to me, please.”

I told her how I lost my virginity to a much older woman which was wonderful and how when dating girls my age I found them disappointing in many respects and very demanding. And then went on to say how since then, I had always been attracted to older women.

As I was telling her my background as a granny lover, I could see that she was not mocking me or even laughing but looking at me with keen interest.

“I must say, Stan, that is unusual. Normally men of your age are attracted to younger women istanbul escort but I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t be the other way around. After all the wife of the French President is 25 years older than him”.

Edna’s story was sadly very bland. Married at 22, three kids who now only saw her once in a blue moon, and a dead husband.

“He on reflection was not inspiring or attentive to my needs when young and I am ashamed to say, that I was unfaithful a couple of times but could never find the right man who understood my needs, if you get my meaning, Stan. Virtually all of them, like my husband, would get on top, have their orgasm, and didn’t care if I did or not. Then they would roll over and go to sleep. But somehow, I think you will be very different.”

Not wanting to rush in to find out what her needs were, we both settled down for a quiet nap.

My imagination was running riot so when we stopped for a break, I ensured we sat together away from the crowd to continue getting to know each other better.

As it was a nice day, we sat drinking our coffees. Edna was squirming in her seat and I noticed that each time she did so she was slowly pulling up her skirt which was now mid-thigh showing her stocking tops.

Turning to face me she said “Stan, your comments about me and now knowing your preference for old ladies, have released something in me that I don’t understand. It’s been 15 years since anyone has shown the slightest interest in me and I am liking it very much. Can I kiss you?”

I nodded and placed her full lips on mine I received a lovely simple chaste kiss. I responded very enthusiastically and soon our tongues were exchanging lots of spit. Very gently and over her dress, I put my hand on her thigh and started gently stroking. Then, with an eagerness, I was not expecting, she slowly opened her legs allowing me to stroke her cunt through very loose knickers.

Pulling back, Edna was very flushed and apologetic saying she didn’t know what came over her and she had never done anything like that before. I replied that I did — she was randy. Our fumbling was over in less than a minute but I knew from then on, that we were going to have a horny two days.

Back on the coach, Edna was very happy for me to put my coat over our legs to allow us to explore each other in private. She had the most wonderful fat sloppy hairy cunt and with her legs wide open let me explore it to my heart’s content. And she wasted no time in massaging my dick the way I like it done. Playing with her clit, she must have had at least two very quiet orgasms, and finally, I came too.

At dinner at the hotel, I was still none the wiser as to what her ‘needs’ were, so was determined to find out.

After about half an hour she was still silent on the topic of her ‘needs’ so I said: istanbul escort bayan “Ada, almost all older ladies I have had the pleasure to experience are sexually repressed by something or other and find it hard to admit to what they want.”

“Well Stan if I tell you, you won’t laugh will you, promise me.”

“Scouts honour Edna.”

“Well, when I was a young girl, maybe 15, I used to get a tingle when I wiped my bum. It got to the point that I would deliberately stick my finger up there and masturbate my, vagina or cunt as I prefer to say.”

She added, “another thing was that after giving birth, my bladder muscles weakened. Like lots of old ladies, it can be difficult but I got turned on by peeing. In private, well, I love to pee in the garden, and sometimes I wear a long skirt when out and deliberately pee”.

“Finally, I desire to flash my body, although not very much these days due to my age. But when we were having coffee, I could not resist the urge to show my stocking tops to you — which had the desired effect.”

“Stan, you make me feel things I haven’t felt in a long time. I hope I’m not being presumptuous, but I want to be with you, and I think you want to be with me, too.”

“You are so very right Edna. Let’s finish up and go upstairs and enjoy ourselves.”

Sitting on the bed, Edna was quiet. I put my arm around her and started necking. Relaxing I placed my hand on her left breast and massaged and caressed the lovely soft tittie. It was begging to be kissed and shown a good time.

Getting impatient, I persuaded Edna to get undressed and I did the same. Before I knew it, she threw three towels on the bed and lay down on top of them.

I looked at her lovely fat flabby belly, cellulite-crinkled thighs, and her thick grey-haired cunny. I was turned on. Without saying a word, I started fingering her warm clit and then felt her piss squirt — fuck me it was so horny. I started to rub it all over and then climbing on her stuck my dick up her now piss-lubricated cunt hole.

“Oh, yes, Stan your cock feels so good inside of me.”

Starting with a gentle in and out she pissed and squired some more and it was no wonder she had no problem when I started ramming it right up her — and not having had sex for so long she was tight. I looked down to see her eyes were closed and there was a smile on her face.

I started nibbling on her tits and Edna’s body squirmed in response and starts moaning. “Oh fucking hell, Stan, don’t stop”. I got the impression that she never had her tits sucked during sex.

She was gnawing her bottom lip and her breathing was becoming more erratic. Finally, she said, “Oh, my God,” and as she came, she pissed herself and me. She looked at me then, and said, “Thank you.”

“Stan, that was fucking great. Now come, I want to escort istanbul feel all your lovely spunk and then let it dribble down. And as soon as she said that I unloaded. I just seemed to shoot spunk forever.

“Stan, I have never had an orgasm like that ever.”

“Then you’ve never been with anyone who appreciated you,” I said.

“Did you enjoy it, Stan, even when I pissed on you? Sorry about that, I just can’t help it”.

“Edna, it turned me on — I’m looking forward to finding out more about your piss kink”

“Oh goody”, she replied, smiling. But before letting her show me her piss kinks, I had to put my cock up her shit hole.

After dinner she suggested we go to bed early, “so you can push more than a finger up my bottom.”

We started slowly with gentle kisses, mutual fondling, and fingering which as usual got her nice and wet. I think that this mutual fondling was what I liked about Edna. At heart, she was a romantic and I liked her for it. Also, it was nice because at my age it took quite a lot of stimulation to get me hard.

So, with my fingers nicely lubricated I started playing with her lovely crinkly fat arse sticking one and then two fingers up her shit hole. And to my surprise yet again, she started fingering my butt hole.

“Oh Stan, this is so nice — now that your dickie is nice and hard, I want you to go all the way up my bum.”

Getting up she put two pillows in the middle of the bed and laid down on them which pushed her lovely hairy arse up in a classic, ‘fuck-me’ position.

Starting slowly, I kissed her lovely fat flabby arse cheeks finishing up with my tongue up her hole. Pulling her cheeks apart Edna said, “You’re driving me wild, Stan, fuck it please.”

Running my hand over her wet cunny and mixing it with my pre-cum I gently lubricated her hairy arse hole.

As I pushed my now very sticky fingers into her, Edna moaned. “Come on Stan, what’s keeping you? Put that cock of yours up.”

With one inch of my dick in her shitter; she said “that’s great. Push more, push.” And with that, she pushed her arse into my cock right down into her bowels. “Oh, that’s it. Oh, oh yes, yes.”

“Your arsehole is so good, Edna. Are you all right, are you okay?”

“More than okay, oh more. I’m having orgasms, little orgasms everywhere”

I could feel every inch of her rectum stretch to take my dick. It was heaven. I lost it and started driving in hard and fast, hanging on to Edna’s old, tapered hips and jamming my dick deep into her ancient shit hole.

It was so horny watching her little bud stretch around my cock, milking it for cum. Then she whispered “I’m cumming. Oh, oh-oh, it’s big, bigger, oh…” and she trailed off to silence as my cum began to shoot deep into her.

“Here, it comes Edna honey right up your lovely shit hole”.

Afterward having a relaxing cup of tea Edna remarked: “that worked out nicely for both of us don’t you think, Stan.”

We must have fucked our brains out over two days and to be honest, were knackered. Edna gave a chaste peck on my cheek when we left the coach and said to come around to hers next Saturday for some more fun.

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