Room Of Response Pt2C: Date 03 of 03


This is part two of my Room of Response story. (It’s in 3 parts because of file upload size requirements – this is Part 2B) Part 1 set the stage and introduced most of the characters, and was all voyeurism and exhibitism. This part is erotic coupling and a little group sex. Part 3 is erotic coupling and a little romance. Part 4 is a lot of group sex. I’m thinking about other parts with other categories. Everyone in this story is over 18.

In Part 1, we met Stephen Thorne, an 18 freshman student in Advanced and Theoretical Magic (ATM) at the university. Stephen found the Room of Response, and a Book of Sexual Magic Spells. First, he learned about the Pornseive. Then he learned about the Voyeur’s Map, which helps him move around the campus and observe people. He also learned about ExposurOptics, which are X-Ray glasses. We met a few other students also over age 18 in ATM, including Rowena and Olympe from Sigma Sorority House. We also met Stella Starwell, a recent graduate of ATM who is now a student teacher in Transfigurations.

In Part 2A, Stephen watched Stella and her boyfriend Robbie on a magical date. In Part 2B Stephen and Lisa had their own magical date in the Room of Response.

A Date with Rowena and Olympe

The next day Saturday, Stephen had homework to do at the ATM Castle on campus. On his way down to the castle on campus, Stephen was thinking about the Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 spells, and what they might be, when two Sigma girls came up behind him on either side. It was Rowena and Olympe.

Olympe said to him, “Stephen, our friend Lisa hinted to us this morning that you are the Perfect Date! I have to admit, I was a bit shocked! You never really seemed like Date material before. But Lisa assured us that a Date with you to the 7th Floor was unforgettable.”

Stephen looked at both of them. Olympe was tall, with olive skin, and an amazing body. Rowena was shorter with dark hair, and a very flat chest. He had watched them in the shower the first time he learned about the Voyeur’s Map.

Rowena said kind of meekly, “Yeah, she says you know someplace to have a nice date, and that it’s perfect. We want you to show us.”

Olympe looked at her friend, then back at Stephen. “Tomorrow afternoon, Stephen. And don’t disappoint me! I mean us. Where should we meet you?”

“Um, how about just outside the Dark Arts Defense Classroom in the ATM castle, at about 3:00 tomorrow afternoon?” Stephen said somewhat timidly. Then something changed in him, he felt more confident, and added “And be prepared for an amazing afternoon like you have never had before!”

“OOOH…, I’m impressed already,” said Olympe. Meanwhile, Rowena looked up at her taller friend, a little surprised and looking a little nervous. The two girls walked on ahead of him towards campus

Sunday after Lunch, Stephen saw Lisa in the quad on campus. She winked at him as she blew him a kiss. He walked over to her to ask “Hey, can we talk for a second?”

“Sure, ” Lisa said. Then Lisa asked “What’s up? I had a great time Friday, thank you again.”

“What did you tell Olympe and Rowena? They want… ok Olympe demanded… a date as well!”

“Oh, that Olympe!!” Lisa fumed. “She is a piece of work! She noticed me smiling a bit to myself after our date and asked what was up. I just told her you had taken me on a perfect date, for Freshmen at ATM.”

“Well, she wants a date as well….” Stephen said… “And with Rowena along as well.”

“Hey, that is NOT a date!” Lisa declared. “You are my Date. But hey, take those two and give Olympe what she deserves. Show her a good time, BUT, Dates are reserved for me!”

“Yeah, I think Olympe takes what she wants, regardless….” Stephen said as he walked away.

A few hours later, Stephen met Olympe and Rowena outside the classroom, and they headed upstairs to the 7th floor. He had been thinking a bit about what to ask the Room. ‘I need a place to show these girls a good time’ he thought to himself three times. The wall shifted around and Side Escort a large double door appeared, with palm trees on the panels. Stephen opened the doors, waved Rowena and Olympe into the room, and closed the doors behind him.

The Room was larger now than previous visits, and in the center was a large hot tub, set deeply into the floor. The room was pleasantly warm, but a bit humid from the hot tub. The jets were on in the hot tub, so that it bubbled and churned away.

“Oh, Very Impressive!!”, said Olympe as she dipped her fingers in the hot tub. “BUT, you didn’t tell us to bring swimwear!”

He pointed to the corner of the room, where there was a changing area with a Sigma snake across the folding partitions. “Over there you will find everything you need”, Stephen said confidently. The girls headed over. Stephen turned to the opposite corner with an Eta changing area.

A minute or so later, he was in a pair of surfer swim trunks and slowly stepping into the hot tub. Olympe came out from around the left side of the Sigma changing area. She was wearing a medium coverage bikini, green with gold trim. It had golden rope ties on the bikini top, and on the hips of the bikini bottom. Olympe’s large breasts filled the cups, showing quite a bit of cleavage between the triangles of the bikini top. She walked over to the hot tub and slid in.

“AHHH,” she said as she leaned back against the edge of the hot tub.

A minute or so later, Rowena came out from the right side of the changing area. She was wearing a full coverage one piece swimming suit that covered her nearly everywhere. She held her arms against her flat chest that barely stretched the suit fabric at all. She looked very self conscious.

Stephen got up from the hot tub, wrapped a towel around him to dry off a little as he walked over to her. “Are you ok?” he asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” she muttered, shifting around her arms to try to cover her tiny breasts.

“Hey, I have an idea.” Stephen said, as he looked around. YEP, there it was. There was a bookshelf on one wall, with several books and magazines, including the Book of Sexual Spells that he was looking for. He took her hand, as he walked her over to the book shelf.

He opened Chapter 3, and as he expected, the section on “Female Basic Transformations” now had a few spells. He found the one he was fully expecting to be there.

Breast Size adjustment spells are a standard introductory sexual spell. “Mammary Modificitus” is the basic spell. The spell casting wizard or witch controls the amount of breast size adjustment with qualifier words such as “Moderarto” or “Reducto” or “Extremo”, Stephen read out loud to Rowena.

“OH, is it safe?”, asked Rowena “I mean, can I get hurt? Can I change back?”

Suddenly, more text appeared in the book

The transformation is generally painless, and most women describe it as actually pleasant. All adjustments are completely reversible. With practice, this spell can be used by skillful witches for everyday adjustments or for special occasions.

“That is an amazing book… “, said Rowena. “Ok, sure, let’s give it a try.”

Stephen picked up his wand to start the spell… “Um Rowena… you probably need to move your arms away from covering your breasts.” Stephen said and she reluctantly dropped her arms. “Mammary Modificitus Moderato” commanded Stephen. Two faint streams of sparkles came out of his wand and settled on Rowena’s breasts, which then grew immediately, stretching the swimsuit.

Rowena grasped her new breasts, giving them a slight squeeze. “OH, they feel nice. It was kind of warm and tingly as you cast the spell. Oh, thank you”. She reached inside her suit and touched her breasts with a satisfied look on her face. “I’ll be right back” she squealed as she positively RAN back to the changing area. Moments later, she came out in a tiny bikini of green with white polka dots. She ran back over to Stephen, smiled at him, and spun around in a little circle. “What do you think!?”

“You Side Escort Bayan look great Rowena! That bikini is very cute on you!”

She blushed a little then stood on her tiptoes to give Stephen a kiss on the check. “Thank you!” she said, ran over to the hot tub and slid in next to Olympe. Olympe looked at her friend, and especially at her friend’s new breasts.

Stephen slipped back into the hot tub opposite the two bikini clad Sigmas. The water was warm and the jets were churning up the water nicely. Rowena leaned back, and water splashed around in her new found cleavage. She squeezed them together with her arms and smiled.

“Stephen… can you put them back please.. just for a minute… I need to know that you can put them back”

“Mammary Modifictus Returno” commanded Stephen, and sparkles came from her breasts back into Stephen’s wand. Her bikini deflated to sag on her flat chest.

“OK… Ok… so this is completely controllable.” She said, with some confidence now. “GREAT… ok, make them HUGE!!!”

“REALLY?” said Olympe and Stephen at the same time.

“YEP, HUGE!” Rowena requested.

“Mammary Modificitus Moderato” said Stephen, shooting sparkles at Rowena’s breasts which grew to fill her bikini top again.

“More! Bigger!” requested Rowena.

“Mammary Modificitus Voluptuouso” said Stephen, sending a large number of sparkles flying to Rowena’s breasts, which grew to stretch and strain Rowena’s bikini top.

“MORE! Bigger still!” squealled Rowena.

“Mammary Modificitus Extremo”, said Stephen, and a tremendous number of sparkles flew to Rowena’s breast, which grew and grew. POP! The fabric of the bikini ripped and Rowena’s breast exploded out of the tattered top.

“YES!!” cried Rowena, “Ah, YES… Oh this is great!”

Rowena removed what was left of the bikini top and threw it across the room. She swung her breasts back and forth, splashing in the water. She stood up and bounced them up and down. She took her left breast in her hand, but her hand barely covered anything. She grabbed her right breast with both hands, and squeezed. She wrapped her arms around her new breasts, hugging herself, as she laughed and giggled.

Stephen looked at her, and was definitely starting to stretch his own suit, as his dick started to firm up.

As Olympe looked at her friend, she commented “WOW, I mean, WOW… those are HUGE, Rowena!!!”

Rowena replied “Yeah, I mean, can you imagine how the boys would check me out with THESE breasts!! They could never take their eyes off me.”

Olympe looked at Stephen, chuckled, and said “Yeah, check him out. I don’t think his eyes are going anywhere!”

Stephen sputtered a little, looked over at Olympe and said “Ah, yeah, um…” and then quickly looked back at Rowena’s giant tits.

Olympe called out “Oh Stephen…” reaching up behind her neck, “Since Rowena has already established this is TOPLESS hot tub….” She untied the ropes of her bikini top and dropped it into the water.

Olympe’s breasts were amazing. Firm and full. Her nipples were erect and hard. She leaned back against the wall of the hot tub and arched her back, making her breasts extend out of the water. They were shimmering as the water splashed up and then ran off her large breasts.

Stephen’s dick was getting really hard and he shifted a bit to adjust himself. Rowena noticed the movement.

“Come on over here”, she commanded. “With THESE breasts there is something I have ALWAYS wanted to try! Sit here on the edge of the hot tub.”

Stephen came over to right beside her and started to step out of the water, when Rowena grabbed his swim shorts and pulled them down. His dick bounced a bit up and down as it sprang loose from the suit. She looked at his dick as she declared “YEAH, that will do nicely!” “Sit right here!” she said, patting the deck of the hot tub.

Stephen did as he was told. Rowena spread his legs apart, sliding in between them until her breasts touched his extended member. As they did, Rowena Escort Side sighed “Oh, yes!”

She pushed herself tight into Stephen, so that her breasts wrapped around his dick. Using her arms, she squeezed her breasts tight around his stiff cock. Stephen looked down at the head of his dick just poking up out of the cleavage between her tremendous breasts. She started bouncing up and down, up and down.

Her wet breasts slid smoothly around his dick. Each cycle buried his dick between her breasts, and then it would burst forth. The sensation of poking out, then sliding back down and being completely buried again was amazing. His dick got harder and harder. Each loop the head of his dick got a little darker and swollen.

“OH, Rowena… I’m going to cum!” Stephen moaned.

“Oh Yes you are… You are going to cum all over these Tits. You are going to make so much cum, you can cover these HUGE tits with all your cum. Come on Stephen… I want ALL your cum all over these fantastic tits!”

That was it… that pushed him over, and out shot streams of white cum. The first shot hit her chin, while the later shots covered her breasts. With each squirt, Rowena squealed with joy.

Stephen collapsed backwards on the deck, and as he did so, his dick popped out from between her breasts. He lifted his head, to observe his work on her chest. There was A LOT of cum all over her, but those breasts were huge, so not completely covered. Rowena started to spread the cum around on her breasts, and giggled as she did so.

“STEPHEN, THANK YOU. I have always fantasized about wrapping my breasts around a dick, but I was always too small to make it work.” Rowena declared. Stephen grunted.

Rowena lowered herself into the hot tub to wash off the cum. It floated away and disappeared. Rowena got out of the hot tub, walked over to the book shelf, and grabbed the Book of Sexual Spells. She read the section on Breast Adjustment again and said “”Mammary Modificitus Returno”. The sparkles flew out of her breasts back to Stephen’s wand and her boobs returned to essentially a flat chest.

She took her own wand, pointed to her breasts and commanded “Mammary Modificitus Petito”. Sparkles caressed her breasts as they grew to small but very firm tits. She looked at her friend Olympe and laughed “Can’t just show up one day with THOSE breasts all of sudden!”

She flipped through the book a few pages, gasped and said “Oh, Olympe… I want you to try something” Olympe looked over at her with a quizzical look.

Stephen raised his head from the deck to look at her too. His dick, now empty of everything, was lying limply on his stomach.

Rowena said “Olympe… Repeat after me… Penis Extendo Extremo”

Stephen started to scramble up, but Olympe was faster, and sparks flew from her wand to his dick, which grew and grew and grew. As he got to his feet, his dick was now hanging down past his knees!!

Olympe got out of the hot tub, and stood beside him, looking down at two feet or more of dick. She reached down, grabbed it and said “OH MAN… THAT could be fun! Can you imagine Rowena?”

Rowena waved her wand, said “Accio clothes” and her clothes flew to her from the changing room. Olympe did the same, and they both got dressed. Stephen strode over to Rowena with his giant dick swinging back and forth between his knees with each step, glaring at her. He took the book, flipped to the “Basic Male Transformations” section and started reading.

Rowena stood on her tip toes again, and kissed him on the cheek. “Sorry, I had to try… BUT that spell is completely reversible as well… I checked.”

Olympe came up to her friend and turned to Stephen. “Lisa was right. THIS is the perfect place for a date. YOU will have to host a party for all the new Freshmen in ATM. This is what ALL of us are looking for.”

Rowena said to Olympe “We need to go Bra Shopping!” and they turned to leave the Room of Requirements.

Stephen found the section he needed, pointed his wand at his dick, and said “Penis Extendo Normalo” Sparks flew out of his dick and raced toward the door, hitting Olympe’s wand. “OH, ” she said “He found the reset spell!”

Rowena turned back one last time, winked, and said “Thank you again. You are an amazing Wizard!!”

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