Roommate 2


Roommate 2I heard Dan getting up for work and the shower turned on. It’s about six thirty am and I was laying there thinking about what had transpired a few days before. As I lay there I could not help thinking about him naked in the shower. My cock was already hard just thinking about him. I was dying to get that beautiful dick in my mouth. I got up, undressed and found the bathroom door unlocked. I went in and pulled the shower curtain back then climbed in with him. I looked up at Dan and he gazed into my eyes. The water was pouring over him highlighting his abs … and that cock…that beautiful dick. I grabbed his thick cock and gently began to stroke it. It was starting to get hard. I slowly knelt down to my knees and heard Dan moan as placed the head of of his gorgeous member between my lips. I slowly started to stroke him with my mouth. Dan leaned back against the shower wall and hot water was running over the two of us. I slowly started bobbing my head back and forth and his cock was getting really hard. I was stroking my own dick by now and could feel the cum building up but I wanted to wait and cum when Dan did. He grabbed the back of my neck and I let the muscles go in my throat and was taking all of him down. I could feel him hitting the back of my throat. He slowly began to pump his thick dick in and out of my eager mouth. I could hear him start to groan and I knew it wouldn’t be much longer now. He started pumping faster and groaning a little louder. He was fucking my mouth and I was ready to explode any minute. With a couple of loud grunts and a quick shout Dan began pumping load after load of his hot man juice down the back of my throat. He tasted oh so sweet and then my load began exploding like I türbanlı hakkari escort have never cum before sending my semen down the drain with the hot shower water. I savored every last drop of his sweet seed and did not waste one drop.Gulp after gulp I swallowed all of his cum right down not wasting any. I sucked that dick for all that it was worth and then some. He finally settled back and I released his cock from my mouth, got up, smiled and left the shower for him to finish getting ready for work. We never said a word to each other. I went back in my bed satisfied and lay there thinking about that massive load I just gobbled up and then drifted off to sleep.Work went ok but I was glad to be back home. I had been thinking all day about our shower escapade this morning and was getting rather hot again. It was about ten pm and Dan wasn’t home yet. Not really a surprise. He must’ve gone out after work to grab a drink or bite to eat. The video games just weren’t getting it and I was tired from getting up so early this morning so I decided to hit the sack.It felt like I was only asleep a couple hours when all of a sudden I felt someone sitting on my chest pinning me to my bed. This guy was on top of me trying to push his penis between my lips. His dick was huge. Must have been ten inches and almost as thick as my wrist. He was pushing his huge head right against my lips. I couldn’t move as he had me pinned to the bed but when I looked over I saw Dan standing there with a big smile on his face. I parted my lips and started to let this monster cock enter my mouth. By this time he was very hard and was stretching my lips to their limit.He began to pump that massive member türbanlı hakkari escort bayan in and out of my mouth slowly, and to tell you the truth, I was loving every minute of it. After about 5 minutes of him fucking my mouth Dan began to strip off his clothes then bent down and started to suck my cock. I was in heavenly bliss at this moment. After about five more minutes of this they rolled me on my side and Dan stripped my boxer shorts all the way off me. The guy whom I found out later named John, continued to fuk my face while I lay on my side then Dan layed down behind me. I knew what was coming next but figured I’d go with it.Dan put something on my asshole that felt like vaseline then started rubbing his greased cock up and down the crack of my ass. He felt so thick I was hoping this wasn’t going to hurt. Dan found my bung hole and started to push his dick in and to my surprise I just relaxed and soon his cock was buried to the hilt in my ass. I felt very little to no pain at all. It felt like I was full to the limit. My head stared spinning as I had never felt pleasure like this before. I was getting fucked in the face by a massive dick, fucked in the ass by my best friend and jacking myself off all at the same time. We got this rhythm going where Dan would push in my ass and John would pull from my mouth…in and out…back and forth. i could feel everyone starting to get really hot and my own cum felt like it wanted to erupt.After about 10 minutes of fucking me in both holes I could hear them start to moan. We were all breathing really hard and small groans were beginning to form.They were fucking me into oblivion. John’s dick was so far down türbanlı escort hakkari my throat I don’t know how i handled it all without gagging and Dan’s dick was pumping in and out my ass . I could feel his balls slapping my cheeks with every thrust. I could tell we were about ready to explode. Dan grabbed my head and was fucking my face when I heard him say he was getting ready to cum. Dan was moaning loudly also. Their cocks got really hard, then with my head spinning they both started to unload their massive orgasms deep in me. John’s semen was very thick and sticky and I tried to swallow every last bit but he was cumming gallons so a little dribbled out the side of my mouth. I could feel Dan’s cum explode in my ass as he furiously pumped in and out. My own cum started erupting like a volcano and we were all cumming at the same time. Squirt after squirt of John’s massive dick went right down my throat. i didn’t think he would stop cumming and Dan was pumping every last drop into my slippery asshole. After what seemed like 3 minutes of hard cumming we all finally started to breath and come to a stop. John’s dick was going down and Dan was pulling out of my ass. I released John’s cock from my mouth and I could feel Dan’s cum start to leak from my ass. We all just lay there looking at each other then we laughed. John introduced himself as Dan’s co worker and they told me they waited until I was asleep to hatch their little plan of seducing me. They had planned this all day at work. I loved it and loved being the center of their attention. I was flattered. I told them I was geting in the shower to get cleaned up from this mess we had made so I went in the bathroom and started the shower. Never had I ever cum like that before. My cock felt like it had exploded and having two dicks in me at the same time was totally amazing. I could hear them talking in the other room but couldn’t quite make out what they were saying over the sound of the water but I knew they were planning another cum party with me as the center piece. I couldn’t wait to see what they had in store for me next.

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