Rori and the Bet


Rori and the BetVictorious – Rori and the BetRobbie was looking at his cards he was screwed. He had 2 pair but they were extremely low and Tori had only drawn one card. The others left a while ago especially after the break-up.Tori looked across the table and saw Robbie only had 1 blue chip left. “Robbie let’s make this interesting. If you win you will get a rule free request and if I win I get one,” she could feel her cheeks get hot but hoped it was dark enough so he didn’t notice.Robbie was glad he put Rex down or else he would have made a sex joke. “Um okay,” It couldn’t be that bad.Tori smiled, “Show ‘em.”Robbie laid down his cards pair of twos and fives.Tori laughed, “Gotcha.”She showed her hand a straight.Robbie bowed his head in defeat, “You got me so what do you want my car, Rex or for me to clean your house.”Tori smirked feeling her naughty side coming out. “I want to watch you fuck yourself,” she whispered it and made him lean closer.Robbie was confused, “Is that an insult or a… invitation?”Tori licked her lips, “Invitation. I haven’t had a boyfriend in a long time and never had sex, but thanks to Trina’s massive sex toy collection I don’t feel any pain.”Robbie’s brain was short circuiting at all of this new sexy information. Trina’s sex you collection, Tori using them and whacking it in front of her. “Right now?”Tori motioned upstairs and they were off both equally excited about the new sexual adventure.As soon as they got to the room Tori pushed him on the bed. “Do it,” she then walked over to her couch and watched him unbutton his pants.Robbie was the most nervous he’d ever been. “I… I am having second thoughts Tori.”Tori interrupted, “Shut up and do it… I’ll even make it even.”She then took off her shirt and unclasped her bra.Robbie was kind of scared if he couldn’t get a boner but samsun rus escort with Tori’s tits out he couldn’t help it. He freed his cock from its prison and stared at Tori as he started to stroke.Tori was amazed at how hard and long he got. He was even bigger than 90% of Trina’s collection and the left over 10% would rip her tiny body in two.Robbie saw Tori starting to touch her own breasts and even squeezing her nipples. “God Tori you look so hot.””Ah Robbie you too. I never knew how hot this could be.”After a few more minutes Robbie came and it landed all over her bed, “Sorry Tori.”Tori was nearly climaxing herself just from watching the way his cock pulsed, cute pants and the way he said her name. “Don’t worry about it,” she then went over to the bed and dipped her head down and licked the cum off her bed sheets. “Ooooh, Robbie, you taste so good”.Robbie was hard again just her saying that and watching as she ate his baby batter was hotter than anything. “God, Tori.””Lay back!”Robbie did as he was told and watched in silence as Tori hiked up her skirt and moved her panties to the side. She hovered over his cock. He could see her own juices dripping all over his cock.”Ah, Tori… Your juices are so hot.”Tori smirked as she dropped her hips. She screamed as she felt his large cock invade her pussy so deep she could swear he entered her stomach. “AAAHHH! YOU’RE SOOO BIG!”Robbie thrust up rapidly but with very shallow thrusts. Tori was shaking around his cock in pleasure.Tori looked down at Robbie, “HARDER! FUCK!”Robbie placed his hands on her ass and kneaded her tight ass muscles. He then lifted her up and dropped her down. Each time his cock penetrated her womb and filled it with pre cum.Tori had never been so happy it was so much different than a vibrator. samsun rus escort bayan It was pulsing and alive. She could feel the heat radiating off of it absorbing into her pussy. She was so close to her first climax that one more thrust would do it.Robbie moved one hand from her ass to her tits and squeezed. “Robbie… I’m CUMMING!”Robbie felt her pussy clamp down so hard he had no choice but to cum. He only groaned as he filled her up. “Oh Tori! I hope I just fucked a baby into you.”Tori was taken back, “Ah, just keep fucking me.”Robbie just smiled, “Okay.”Robbie then flipped the youngest Vega over and shoved his hot wet dick in her ass in one deep thrust.”AHH, Robbie, you’re so fucking big in me,” moaned Tori as she felt the thickness of Robbie’s cock up her ass, she started wiggling it to add him the pleasure but Robbie grabbed her by the waist and started ramming in her hard and fast.Tori bounced back and forth along with her tits and her tight belly. Robbie saw Tori’s breasts bounce that he placed one hand on them and start groping them. Tori moaned louder, and then her moans turn into lustful screams.”AAHHH! ROBBIE PINCH THE NIPPLES!”Robbie did as he was told and was rewarded with louder moans.Robbie loved the beautiful sounds of Tori’s screams filled with lust; he wanted to hear them again.”Scream for me, Tori,” said Robbie huskily as he then rammed so deep and hard spanking her. “Scream if you love my cock.””AHHH!” she screamed.”Again baby,” Robbie said in her ear.”AHHH!” Tori screamed louder.”Again, scream like you love me,” said Robbie as he then thrust rapidly as his lust for her young body was increasing. “What are you?””Yours!” moaned Tori.”Did you say ‘mine’?” said Robbie as he then changed position as he leaned his back on the rus samsun escort backboard and has Tori on his lap with his cock still up her ass.”Yours,” moaned Tori.”What, I can’t hear you,” said Robbie as he then spanked Tori’s ass, which only made her scream lustfully.”I’M YOUR’S ROBBIE, YOUR HORNY SLUT! I’M YOURS TO FUCK; I’M YOUR SEXY SLUT!” Tori screamed in pure ecstasy as she just came.The pleasure was too much that she spilled her juices and her nipples had gone hard. Then Robbie begins ejaculating in her ass and he did not want to take himself out of Tori until he finished.He finished his load and still his cock remained hard and begging for a fuck. “God, I filled your ass up. Can you feel it Tori?”She nodded. He then placed Tori on the bed with her leg spread to reveal her wet dripping pussy that was begging to be fucked. Robbie saw her cum dripping and she got embarrassed and tried to wipe it off.”Don’t hide your pussy, Tori,” said Robbie as he removed her hands away from, her pussy and started kissing it. “You are perfect.”Tori blushed at that and giggled as Robbie’s kisses and licking on up her belly tickled her, Robbie trailed his kisses up to her breasts, then to her neck and finally to her mouth.Tori moaned as she shared in with the kiss, and accepted his tongue to enter her mouth.When they broke a part they were both sweaty and reeked of sex. They wanted to go on but their bodies wouldn’t let them.The both said, “Tomorrow.”They both fell asleep and Tori cuddled up in his arms.* * *Trina was still in the house while this was going on and she checked it out she had never been so hot. Her sister was such a slut… but she wasn’t one to talk. While watching she had a bullet vibrator on her clit and a 10″ dildo shoved as far as it would go in her pussy.Trina loved being a voyeur she even caught Jade and Beck at school. This, though, beat that. She could hear every sound from Tori. Every moan and squelch from her wet pussy.She came several times while watching them and wanted to join but went back to her room.”I wonder if she’d share?” she asked herself as she joined Cat on her bed and started kissing her.

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