Rounds – The Stairwell


College. The best time of our lives is here and now. I am an RA which stands for Resident Assistant. I am just supposed to guide students, keep them involved in school activities, and be there if I am needed. Also, I have one more responsibility, I have to do rounds. Basically, I walk around the building and report anything suspicious or even maintenance issues on my rounds sheet. This is tedious work and I absolutely cannot stand it, no RA likes the chore. So, I usually do it quickly and rather sloppily. Hey, I get paid regardless. Well, I was doing rounds Acıbadem Escort one day through Conner’s Hall. It sucks because it is six floors and the hall ways are way too long for my liking. But, by far, the worst thing about this building is the “Underground Railroad.” It is what we RAs call the North side of the building: farthest from the entrance, lights are never all working at once, and people rarely use it because it is, frankly, scary as shit. As a member of Residence Life, I am obligated to check it on my rounds. Acıbadem Escort Bayan Every now and then I smell questionable things like Mary Jane or that tell-tale stench of Tequila, but I just keep walking. Let them have some fun. My freshman year I did some of the same things. Now that I am a senior I go to bars to drink like a grown-up. Anyway, on this particular night, I decided to actually investigate The Underground Railroad. It was a slow night and I had nothing waiting for me except Netflix and my softest Escort Acıbadem blanket. After pulling the door open to the stairwell, I let it slam behind me. I heard faint voices. “Mmmm, you taste so good…” a male voice echoed through the stairs. I stopped dead in my tracks… What was that? “Shhhh… I think I heard a door close. We should go back to your room,” a girl said, slightly anxious. “No, baby, aren’t you turned on? We are slightly in the open… exposed, able to be caught at any time,” he replied and she cried out with pleasure. Call me crazy, but I got very turned on just listening to them. I wanted a peek. Climbing very lightly, I stole a glance around the corner. The two of them were half-clothed. The girl wore a short skirt and just a bra, her shirt lying on the steps. The guy was in jeans and no shirt, his finely sculpted body covering hers fully.

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