Ruth Part three

Ruth Part three
So here we both where, two hours into our four hour hire, we both explored the various playrooms, it was almost to much to take in, there being so much gear, so with time pressing i told her to put both her wrists out in front of her, i then handcuffed them together tightly and with her facing me proceeded to hook her up to a large hook above and behind her head, she had to stretch a bit and it was not the most comfortable position for her, but did i give a fuck ? of course not, she called me a cunt, which in turn earned her several hard slaps across the face, ” who’s a cunt i asked her ” she said she was , i told her don’t fucking forget it, i continued to slap her and added several across her tit;s she moaned with the pain i was dishing out but i did not give a fuck, i knew as well as she did, she got off on this, it was like a d**g to her, she needed her ” fix ” of pain etc, i snarled at her to open her fucking legs wider, she did not open them as fast as i wanted so i grabbed her cunt and roughly tugged on her clit until she did as she was told, yes i could have tied her ankles apart without giving her the choice, but i wanted her to play her part and submit herself to me, it goes without saying i was sporting a hard on which i put against her exposed cunt, she was trembling by now, a heady mixture of lust,pain,fear,excitement all rolled into one, she pleaded to be fucked, but i said nothing, i wanted to savour this moment,enjoy playing with her, seeing what tormented her more, ” fuck me please came her desperate plea,” when i’am ready ” it would’ve been all to easy to fuck her where she stood, but not yet, i picked up a short leather whip with knotted tails, having used this on subs before i knew that i stung like crazy and marked them accordingly, so i traced her front with it, her eyes were very focussed on it, then i stood back and brought it down on her chest, taking turns in lashing one breast , then the other , at first the look on her face was angry, but as i continued to whip her she seemed resigned to her fate, i kept up a steady stream of blows but also adding in an occasional harder one for good measure, but now her tits where red and a roughly played with her nipples, yes i could have clamped them etc, but like i’ve already said in another post, i like being tactile with a sub, be it girl or boy, she herself was bisexual, we had discussed bringing a another sub woman in but it failed to happen, besides i was having to much fun with her without wanting another sub present, i then focussed my attention to her cunt, i changed from the whip to a selection of crops that happened to be within arms reach, the look of fear on her face was a sight to behold,but she was over due for some punishment in that area, she did try to close her legs but i used a leg spreader on her, i swished the crop in front of her, the sound it made going through the air must have seemed scary for her, but again did i think about that, of course not, she always had her safe word to fall back on, but she never used it, looking back she took pride in what she could & dare i say loved what she could endure, the chemistry was good between us, she cried out loud as my taps on her cunt and her thighs became harder, i wanted to mark her so that in the following days she could still see what she had taken and be reminded of how i got them, i seldom ever give a sub a number of stokes to count etc, i tell them this and tell them also that they will just have to endured the punishment being given, i like to mess with they heads as well as they body’s, once i felt that she had taken enough punishment between her legs , i quickly released her from the hook and put her into a folding wooden stocks that was in the same room, once she was at the correct position for me, this contraption was fully adjustable and could be fixed in position into the floor, without any further delay i began to fuck her from behind – my favorite position, she was moaning & whimpering which was music to my ears, i brutally fucked her, such was the devil in me, once i’d come inside her , i release her from the stocks , she fell to the floor and i told her to wank herself off, she did so with the aid of large vibrating wand and came off like an express train, we both were shattered in different ways , but after all that we kissed and cuddled as two normal people, we duly left the place and spoke to the dungeon keeper thanking him for the wonderful experience and that we would return soon.

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