SadaSadaMy company finally transferred me back home from our operation in Thailand. It had been a long two years away from family and friends but I made the best of my time out of country… both in business and in my personal life. The special person I introduced to everyone upon my arrival was my new wife… my beautiful Sada.The k**s in the family instantly fell in love with her. She was so petite that the k**s felt like she was already one of them. Sada was incredibly beautiful. Her smile was like warm sunshine after a summer shower. Her eyes were large and dark. Her skin was creamy tan and her figure was slight but womanly. Her breasts were small like the rest of her but her hard, tiny nipples showed plainly through her silk dress. Her fingers and hands were tiny. Only I knew how strong those little fingers could grip.Her voice was like soft, slow music. She smelled of coconuts and jasmine. Sada was heavenly!The adults in my family lined up to welcome her with hugs and kisses. Everyone went out of their way to express how happy they were to find me married… finally. They had nearly given up their hopes that I would ever find someone that suited me. I had to smile every time I heard this sentiment expressed.My father took me aside and bluntly asked me how could everything work out in the bedroom between Sada and myself. I was six feet three and was still toned and fit as if I was still a college athlete. He was surprised that love-making was even possible but I assured him that everything was fine. Then, I changed the subject.The evening went well but I was happy to see the last of my family leave. We had been traveling home for so long that I had not made love to my wife for several days and I was filled with desire and longing. Seeing her so well accepted by the family had cleared my mind of some lingering doubts I had had. I was happy.My Sada took me by the hand and informed me that she wanted us to take a shower together. How could I refuse! She pulled me through the bedroom to the bath. I sat on the side of the tub and watched her disrobe. It was like always… like a dream. She kept her panties on which surprised me but everything my wife did surprised and pleased me. I stood up and Sada began to remove my clothes. She was not in any hurry so she took her time with every item. Each time some of my skin was exposed, she rubbed and caressed what was uncovered. I felt her soft kisses everywhere her little fingers first touched. I had shown my perfect wife just how I liked to be loved so this was not new. I especially like the sensation of her tiny teeth nibbling on my skin. When she bit a little gaziantep escort bayan too firmly, my body shivered. When her tiny lips brushed against me, I got goosebumps. What a special little imp she was!When I was naked, my sweet panty-clad Sada and I stepped into the shower. I liked her to wash me first so she made her tiny hands soapy and started washing me. After washing me all over, she turned her tiny fingernails into tiny claws and gently scratched everywhere. She continued like this until the only part of me that had not been washed, rubbed, scratched was my cock and balls. I bent down and kissed Sada. Then I whispered into one of perfect ears that it was time. She dropped to her knees and lifted my cock into the air. Her tiny little fingers began a slow movement from the tip of the head to the base. I moaned… Sada was doing everything perfectly. She placed one of her fingers under the bottom of my cock and slowly moved that single finger along with just the fingertip supporting my large cock… her delighted husband’s cock. It pulsed every time her minute fingernail made contact with my cock skin. She curved her thumbs and supported my big cock like a rifle in a gun rack. As much as I wanted to lay my head back and close my eyes to maximize the pleasure I was receiving, I was constantly looking down. My beautiful little Sada was such a treat to watch! Her large beautiful eyes were wide open as she gazed up at my smiling face. Sada leaned forward and put her tiny sweet lips gently against the very tip of my cock. She kissed the hole where her next meal would pour forth. However, that would not be for a while as I wanted to savor this moment as I did every lovely encounter with my love.I took one of her hands in mine and guided her to stand in front of me. I then kneeled. Her small face was just about level with mine. I proceeded to cover her precious body with foam… smearing it with my large fingers… but so gently as not to hurt my pretty baby. Sada shivered. Her eyes were filled with love. This love was like the condensation that formed on the outside of a cold glass on a warm day. It grew larger and heavier and would soon begin its sweet journey to lower places in her body. I could hardly wait…After a few minutes of caressing her, I turned off the shower and dried her. She still wore her tiny panties as she knew that removing them was a special treat that I reserved for myself… to unveil her at just the perfect moment in our lovemaking. I picked her up. She was so tiny that I tucked her into one arm. I opened the door with the other and took her into our bedroom. escort bayan Our bed, our pleasure spot awaited.I stood her on the bed while I remained on the floor. Her little lips sought mine. She knew exactly how to excite me with her tiny mouth. Her kisses traveled from my mouth to my neck to my ears. Her tiny tongue followed the whorls in each ear to enter deeply in each one. I nearly cried out in pleasure. Sada was such a loving and special girl. I thanked the heavens she was mine… and that I was hers.While kissing, I caressed her. I circled her small ankles with my fingers and slowly moved my hands upward. I cupped her panty-clad bottom but otherwise skipped the panty area. The unveiling of that special place was reserved for a time when my eyes could observe every detail. My mouth started to water. Small drops of pre-cum started to appear at my cock love hole. I had so much cream to share with my sweet Sada. My balls felt heavy and full. I was going to spray her inside and out.I lay her down and sat beside her. I looked into her smiling face. She took one of my hands and brought my fingers to her mouth. While looking into my eyes, she placed one of my fingertips into her mouth and began to suck. She took more and more of my finger into her warm loving wet beautiful opening. Her little tongue circled my finger tip. Her teeth slowly and gently nipped my finger. My cock leaked more and more. I looked upon her with such devotion. Sada was truly all I could ever hope to have in my life and in my bed.I rubbed my hands across her hard nipples and firm breasts. She was exquisite, tiny, and so perfect.Now was the time I awaited with special pleasure… the unveiling of my sweet angel. First I just gazed upon the front of her panties. There was a small mound, so tiny it was not even noticed when she wore regular clothes. The little mound pulsed in anticipation. My heart beat in sync with her throbbing. I touched her tiny mound. It was so soft. She moaned and squirmed. What a beautiful little babe. I lowered her panties and saw the most special part of my girl… her tiny perfect sissy penis. It was so very small, only rarely did it erect, and even then it was only as big as her little finger. Right then, it was soft and so sweet looking. Sada’s balls were almost but not quite missing, they were so tiny about the size of small marbles. Her ball sack wrapped her balls tightly. There was no hair except for a tiny tuff just above her little love worm. What a special joy to look at her!No wonder it took me so long to find someone so special to love. How many more little angels like Sada could there be?I brushed my fingertips across Sada’s body. She jerked!I leaned forward and took her penis and balls into my mouth at the same time. Her love parts were so small everything fit in my mouth with room to spare. Her flavor was wonderful! I had already discovered that she rarely climaxed. When she did, only a few drops of love emerged. It was delicious, so different, so wonderful and sweet. Everything about her was a joy.I released her saliva covered love toy from my warm mouth. With my hands, I guided her onto her little belly. Sada automatically spread her legs. She reached to her tiny butt cheeks but I stopped her. I wanted to gaze upon that perfect behind before watching it open for me. After a few minutes I asked Sada to continue. Her firm little cheeks spread. Her special love hole was incredible… a perfect little pink dimple. We had spent much of the last four months teaching it to open. When we started, only the first joint of my little finger and the very tip of my tongue were able to reach inside. Now, Sada could take nearly three inches of my cock inside her love hole. I took the tip of my largest finger and tickled back and forth across her dimple. It slowly opened and I gently inserted my finger. The first inch entered… the second inch… all the way until my whole finger disappeared. I fingered her pretty love hole until she was very relaxed. I removed my finger and licked her dimple. My tongue slowly slid inside. A delicious little asshole!She squirmed and wiggled just a tiny bit. I started to tongue-love my baby girl. She started to pant quietly. She shuddered as if having a mini-climax but she was not even hard, much less spraying.I arose and reached to the nightstand for the baby oil. I lubed her sexy love hole and then applied some of the oil to my rampant cock. I took my cock in my hand for the next stage. I could feel surges pulsing along the shaft. I was so ready for Sada.I rubbed my cock head across her little dimple. It slowly, very slowly, relaxed and spread. I entered in small stages. After five minutes or so, I began to make love. Before I climaxed, I told Sada I was ready to continue her training. Was she?Yes, she whimpered. After a few moments, Sada started to gasp softly. She turned her head and I could see tiny little tears running down her cheeks. This sweet, silent suffering was the only method we had discovered of opening her for love. I was just too big for her tight perfect love hole, at least for the moment. I watched her tears fall for a bit and then relaxed the pressure of my stiff cock. I moved it back about an inch and convulsed. Cream squirted strongly into her wonderful little girl ass. I crawled up beside her and we both panted until we drifted off to sleep. I dreamed of Sada but then… my whole life was a dream of Sada. I was so lucky.

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