Sandras Family.


On a cold wet day, rain pouring, Sandra came running into the house. Just before entering she took down her damp umbrella. Sandra was 22 but visiting her parents for the week. She was about 5’6 and had small 32A breasts but boy did she know how to use them.It was Monday and the weekend had been wet. Sandra had just came home from the shops to see her parents sitting, watching t.v. “Hey Sandra.” “Hey dad, mom.” “Hi darling.” said her mom. Sandra clothes were wet. She was only wearing a white top and some jeans, the top had gone see-through by now but luckily she was wearing a bra. Sandra noticed her dad looking at her breasts, because they were small she didn’t think anyone wanted to look at them let alone her dad. She put it to the back of her mind and went and changed. When she came back down istanbul travesti it was dinner time, so her and her parents went and sat at the table. “Your looking good tonight.” said her dad. “Do you like what i’m wearing?” She was wearing a low cut summery dress. That gave away a lot of what breasts she had. Her black hair was just let loose coming down to below her shoulders in a wavey pattern. Sandra noticed her dads eyes were once again looking at her breasts, and he didn’t take his eyes off until Sandras mom replied, “Yes darling you look lovely.” Throughout dinner Sandras dad kept looking at her curvy body, scanning all of it, hoping nobody noticed. Sandras mom didn’t, but Sandra did. He was starting to get erect and as Sandras mom was going to get dessert Sandra istanbul travestileri saw the outline of his thick penis. It looked bigger then it used to, as they occasionally bumped into each other naked. But this time she felt different, kind of… excited. At the end of the meal they all went their separate ways, mom to wash the dishes, dad to watch the football and Sandra to the bathroom. She didn’t realise how turned on she was until she got to the bathroom. She locked the door, and realised her black thong with pink ribbon was slightly damp, but she thought nothing of it and went up to her room. Once she got there she found out that one of her bras had been taken ‘it’s clean why has it gone’ she thought, as it turned out she found it in the washing basket with travesti istanbul still moist cum on it. She knew it had to be her dad. The next day her parents had both gone out for a round of golf, so she slowly got dressed into a sleeveless, tight fitting, black top and a short black skirt and didn’t put any underwear on as no one else was in. She went down stairs got herself some food and watched the box. She still couldn’t get the vision of her dads erect penis out of her head. This annoyed but aroused her. Sandras dad came home at about 4pm. “Where’s mum?” Sandra asked. “Her boss was there, so now shes having a round of golf with her.” “Ohh. Okay. I’m just gonna get the washing out” “I’ll help” said her dad. As Sandra walked across the room her dad couldn’t stop looking at her ass. He knew it was wrong but just couldn’t help himself. She had forgot she had no underwear on and bent over to unload the clothes. Then her dad walked up behind her. His eyes were locked on to her pussy. It looked unshaven from behind, but he couldn’t tell, instantly he had an erection.

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