Sarah’s First Adventure


Sarah woke up wet and horny that morning. She had had the dream again. She had been up on the stage naked, surrounded by strangers. They had stared at her nakedness, cheered her, complimented her. They had liked what they saw. It had excited them. It had excited Sarah. As the excitement had grown, her hand slipped down to the wetness between her legs. She had begun rubbing herself to the wild encouragement of her audience. Her hand had slipped deep within her pussy. At least, maybe it was her hand or maybe it was someone else’s hand. It didn’t matter. Fingers plunged within her, faster, harder, deeper. She exploded in orgasm.Sarah was suddenly awake, her body still shuddering with pleasure. After a while she threw off the sheet. She was alone in the house, her husband on the road for two more days and Çekmeköy escort bayan her daughter half a continent away at school. She had recently taken to sleeping nude when alone, not sure that her husband would understand. She had taken to spending a lot of time naked in the house. It felt good.She plodded to the kitchen, made coffee and toast and sat naked at the kitchen table facing the back door. As she sat, she wondered what she would do if someone looked in. She found herself wishing someone would look in, would really see her naked. Would she run if a meter reader or delivery man suddenly appeared at the back door? She suspected she would, but didn’t really know. She knew that she wanted something like that to happen. She wanted to know what it would Escort Gebze be like to stand naked in front of a stranger, if the excitement would equal the dream. But it wouldn’t happen. She never received deliveries, had never even seen a meter reader and the neighbors never came over unannounced.Sarah had married her high school sweet heart at seventeen. He had been the first man to ever touch her, the first man she had ever touched. Now, twenty years later, he was still the only man, the only person. Her mind wandered to Katie, her friend from the library, sweet perky Katie with the dirty jokes, the dirty mind and the suggestive comments. What would happen if Katie was to show up suddenly and find her naked? What would she say? What would she do? Sarah stood. She couldn’t Şerifali escort do this. She had to get dressed. She had to go out. Otherwise she would spend the day naked and fantasizing and masturbating. She couldn’t do that, not again.Her shower was quick, denying herself the recently discovered pleasures of the handheld shower nozzle. She walked back to her room, pulled open the closet doors and stood staring at her clothes. They were nice clothes, a little on the expensive side. They were respectable clothes for a respectable middle class wife and mother. She wanted to cry. She closed the closet doors and walked down to hall to her daughter’s room. There were clothes there, sexy clothes for a sexy young woman, clothes that others would notice.Her fingers drifted from outfit to outfit while she imagined herself in each. She pulled a white sundress from the hanger and slipped it over her head. She walked to the mirror to check the results. It was short, much shorter that anything that she had ever worn. It came no lower than a few inches below her hips, showing off her tanned and sleek legs.

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