Sara’s Revenge Fuck – Part 1


Sara’s Revenge Fuck – Part one

True story. Names, and places, have been changed to protect the guilty,

Right after graduating from high school, Don, Roy, and Ken, all moved to the city, where they shared an apartment. The building had a total of four apartments in it, two upstairs, and two downstairs. One of the lower ones housed the building’s owner.

Roy found the place, which was furnished with a double bed, a hide-a-bed, and a large couch. Coin flips determined who slept where, and the long-time friends agreed to rotate, weekly.

All three young men were in serious relationships, with girls back home, a little more than a hundred miles away. By ‘serious relationship’, I mean they were getting plenty of pussy, when they traveled home each weekend. Occasionally, Roy’s girlfriend, Ila, would drive the other two girls to the city, where the apartment would be full of sex smells, all weekend.

Although no swapping happened, Ila had been Ken’s girlfriend at one time, and there were moments when there was some tension, especially between her and Ken’s girlfriend, Virgie. She knew that Ken had taken Ila’s virginity, and always kept an eye on the two of them.

Ila was crazy about Roy, though, and kept his balls drained. Don’s girlfriend was the newest, to sexual activity, but was as passionate as any of them. Chris was the prettiest of the girls, but had saved herself until just before they graduated. Don fucked her five times the first night, and she was hooked on dick.

Enough about the preliminaries, now to the story…

Lee and Sara lived across the landing, in the other upstairs apartment. Sara was cute, but not beautiful. Lee, on the other hand, was two years younger than her, only nineteen, and looked like a young Elvis.

It didn’t take long for all three of the, young, horny, neighbors to start flirting with Sara. She, however, seemed to be totally in love with her husband, who in turn, seemed to be insanely jealous.

As the boys began to meet more people in the city, they spent less time traveling home on weekends, and started making some local parties.

Eventually, they saw to it that Sara and Lee were invited to some of the parties, too. Again, as a result of Lee’s attitude, he would get upset if anyone wanted to dance with Sara, or just talk with her. They were, usually, the first to leave, and return home.

Sara ran into Don on the landing, one afternoon, while Lee was gone to the barber shop.
“Hey,” she said, “I’ve been wanting to catch one of y’all. Lee’s birthday is coming up, in two weeks. If I set up a party in our apartment, would y’all come, and invite some of your friends, too?”

Not wanting to waste an opportunity, Don reached out, took her hand, and came back with, “Sara, I’d party with you anytime, preferably without Lee.”

Sara gently pulled her hand away, and said, “You better whoa now, big boy. You know I don’t fool around on Lee. I appreciate the offer, though. What do you think, can we make it a good party?”

“Sure,” Don said, looking back at her with the saddest eyes he could muster. Then he grinned and said, “We’ll have our private party some other time.”

A trip to the hometown on the following weekend resulted in disaster. Don had taken Chris to the drive-in, where they parked in the back row. When the concession stand advertisements started, clothes began coming off.

Within minutes, Chris had her mouth over Don’s cock, intending to drain one load, so that when he started fucking her, he’d last longer.

Chris had become a fine cock sucker, and jacked Don’s dick with a little twist, as she licked Escort and sucked. After only the second blowjob she had given him, a few months before, she began swallowing every drop.

Don blew his load, quickly, then began kissing, licking, and fondling Chris’s every opening. Her mouth, ears, nostrils, belly button, pussy and asshole.

The more he fondled, the more his mind wandered to Sara. As soon as his cock was resurrected, he spun Chris around, helped her to her hands and knees, and entered her cunt from behind. At first, Don stroked in and out, slowly.

He imagined Sara’s flimsy summer skirt, flipped up over her slim waist, the flawless skin on her firm ass, with his six inches pumping in and out of her pussy, one which he just knew was still a tight one.

He began jamming his cock harder into Chris, who was responding, enthusiastically, with back pressure on each thrust.

Chris’s first orgasm hit, followed in minutes by another, and another. She had never cum this many, multiple, times. Now the man she loved was planting sperm, after cup full of sperm, into her depths. She had never been in such ecstasy.

Then it happened.

As Don dumped his last couple of spurts into Chris’s guts, he moaned, “My God, Sara, you are so fuckin’ good.” His mind was so mixed with thoughts of his married neighbor, and the fantastic feeling of just emptying a prolonged, massive, load of cum, he never realized he had said Sara’s name.

But Chris knew what she’d just heard.

She pushed Don off her back, turned in the seat, and asked, “Just who in the fuck is Sara?”

Don was still catching his breath, when it dawned on him what he’d said. “Shit,” he thought, “what was I thinking about Sara for? My God, Chris is prettier and the best fuck I’ve ever had. I’ve fucked up, now. How am I gonna get out of this?”

“Sara?” Don tried his best to look confused, “I didn’t say Sara. Oh, I bet it was when I said ‘sugar’, you thought I said ‘Sara’.”

Chris was fumbling with her clothes, trying to get dressed in the confines of the car. “How fucking stupid do you think I am, Don? You Godamn sure said Sara, and you fucking know it. Is she some fucking whore in the city, someone you’ve been fucking, when I’m not around?” she slapped Don and finished, “You son-of-a-bitch, you take me home. Don’t speak a fucking word to me, just take me home.”

Although Chris was an vocal sex partner, she had just cussed more in the last ten seconds, than Don had ever heard her say.

Don drove back to the city the next day. Ordinarily, he would have stayed long enough to sink his dick into his sweetheart on Sunday evening, then drive back after dark. But this afternoon, he knew he’d never fuck Chris again.

He picked up a eigteen year-old girl on Tuesday. She spent the night with Don, and stayed in the apartment all day Wednesday. When Don got home from work, Sara met him on the landing.

“Who’s been making all the noise, today?” she questioned, “I’ve never heard the vacuum cleaner, since y’all moved in, but it’s been running several times today.”

Don shrugged his shoulders, and said, “If it’s that noisy, maybe I better come over to your place,” he reached out, and gave the hem of her dress a flip, “we could think of something to do for a while, until Lee gets home.”

“Yeah, you wish,” Sara pushed his hand back, “But you know better. It ain’t gonna happen. But the kid in there,” she pointed at Don’s door, “she might be able to help you out. I talked to her for a few minutes, when she took out some trash. She told me you brought her home.” Sara bent a little closer and whispered, Escort Bayan “She thinks Roy wants what you got last night. She’ll let him have it, too. Bye now.”

Sara disappeared into her own place. Don opened his door, and saw the girl, dressed in one of his t-shirts…only. He took her hand, led her straight to the hide-a-bed, where he was sleeping this week, and fucked her, soundly.

After finishing, the girl, whose name he still didn’t know, asked, “Uh, can I live here, with you guys? I can’t go home. My brother brings his doped-up friends over. They have more fun beating the shit out of me, than fucking me. It’s some kind of sick show they have to put on, for each other.”

The girl had some decent pussy, but Don still had his designs on the ‘girl next door’. “I’ll have to run it by Roy and Ken, they’ll be home in a few minutes.”

While the girl opened three cans of chicken noodle soup, the three boys talked about her. “Hell, Ila and Virgie are coming down this weekend, we can’t have her here, unless you want to claim all that pussy for yourself.” Roy told Don. “But if we’re not gonna keep her, I want to blow a load in her before we send her ass home.”

Ken voiced the same opinion. After the soup and crackers was decimated, Ken led the willing and obedient girl to the bedroom. In a few minutes, he called Roy’s name. Roy took his turn, and called Don. Don entered the room, to find the girl crying.

“You’re not gonna let me stay, are you? You all just wanna fuck me, than send me back out on the street.” she laid back, spread her legs, and said, “Just do it, then. Get it over with.”

She cried while Don emptied his balls, again. He told her to get dressed, then they would take her home.

“Oh, no!”, the girl cried out, as they drove the old Ford up in front of her house, “they’re here. My brother and his friends. Oh, God, please take me back to your place. They’ll beat me, because I wasn’t here last night. Poor mom, they must have all fucked her. I hope they didn’t hurt her, like they do me. Please don’t make me stay.”

Ken was the first to make the gesture. It was the same thing Don and Roy had been thinking. “I’ve been gettin’ a little soft, since I quit haulin’ hay. I think I could use a little exercise.”

Don had gone to work in a warehouse, loading and unloading five gallon cans of oil. He pulled off his uniform shirt, and told Ken he was ready.

Roy was the biggest of the three. He also had a set of brass knuckles, since he worked in the worst part of town. “How many are in there?” he asked the girl. She told him that her brother had four friends, who freeloaded off her family.

Her dad was nowhere around, so her brother had taken complete charge of everything, including her, and her mother.

The girl opened the door. When the first boy started to yell at Roy, the brass knucks flashed. The others began trying to rush him, but some were too high to walk straight, much less fight.

Don caught the closest one by the hair, and jerked his head down, where it met his knee, on its’ way up. Don felt the boy’s nose break, but slammed his limp body to the floor, where it laid still.

Big Roy had taken another one out of the fight, with a hard right to a left jaw. The boy would need reconstructive surgery.

A scream caught the attention of them, all. The girl’s brother was running toward Roy, with a butcher knife. Ken kicked the bastard in the nuts, as he ran by. When he hit the floor, doubled up in a fetal position, Ken picked up the knife.

The brother was wearing undershorts, for some reason. The others were all naked, as was the girl’s Bayan Escort mother. Ken worked for a local restaurant, in the prep kitchen. He knew how to handle a knife…..

The brother tried swatting at the blade, while Ken sliced through the shorts. Each time he swung, Ken would slice a cut in the boy’s palm.

The fifth boy was in a drug induced trance, but popped his head up, when the brother screamed. Roy had picked him up by his cock and balls, and Ken was making gestures toward castration, with the knife.

When the mother started pleading, Ken told Roy to drop him, but as soon as the boy hit the floor, Ken stuck the tip of the knife to his chin. “Don’t you move, you mother-fucker,” Ken was enjoying the fear in the boy’s eyes.

With his left hand, Ken grabbed the terrified youngster’s cock, “I’m gonna give you something to remember me by. Then you, and your fuckin’ friends, are going to get the hell out of here. “If I find out that any of you punk, cock-suckers ever hurt another girl, I’ll find your sorry asses, and kill you, UNDERSTAND?”

The brother was bawling his eyes out, and didn’t see the knife flash toward his dick. Suddenly there was a burning feeling. Ken had cut a large ‘X’ across his cock head. He’d see the scar, and remember, every time he pissed, or jacked off.

Don, and the girl, were picking up clothes and throwing them out the front door. Big Roy was throwing boys out the door. The brother was the last to go, and Roy made a point to bang his head into the door facing, “My friend meant what he said, you bastard. It would be best if all five of you left this city.”

One of the others started to yell something at Roy, but his expletive was cut short, when the brother’s flailing body landed on top of him.

They all piled into their two cars, and left.

The girl and the mother, who had found a wrap around dress to put on, hugged each other, as the three friends began straightening tables, lamps, etc. The mother spoke up, through her tears, “Thank you for not killing my son. And thanks for throwing them all out. And, most of all, thanks for protecting Tina.”

That was the first time any of them had heard the girl’s name.

The mother released Tina, and kissed Don and Ken on their cheeks. When she got to Roy, she parted her lips, and kissed his, working her tongue into his mouth. “I don’t have any money, but thank you for helping me, and especially Tina. I was glad she ran away from that pack of assholes, but I was afraid I would never see her, again.”

She stepped back, dropped her wrap, and said, “You boys might not be interested in this beat up, fucked down, body, but it’s here anytime you want it.”

The ‘pack of assholes’ had beaten the poor woman, bad. Her bruises were large and deep. There were cuts, old and new, on her belly and ass. After closer examination, Roy decided it was a really nice ass, for a thirty-seven year old woman. He told Ken and Don to go on home, he’d stay the night, just in case the pack came back.

Tina and the mother, who’s named turned out to be Claudia, kept Roy’s cock up, and his balls drained, all night. The next morning, she got a call from the county hospital. The pack was being treated, and questioned by police.

Claudia denied knowing them, or what they were talking about. When they took Roy to work, Claudia told him that, by mid-afternoon, she and Tina would be moved out of town. Her son would not find them, again.

Author’s note … The main text of this story is true, except for the big fight, with the ‘pack of assholes’. Tina’s and Claudia’s parts are true, but slightly embellished. However, all three friends did fuck, suck, and get blown by both, the eighteen year old girl, and her mother.

Back to Sara, and her revenge, in part two…..

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