School for Sluts, Part 2


After I had cleaned myself up and left Head Master Anderson’s office I saw that beautiful busty brunette looking at a piece of paper. She looks up and smiles. “Why hello, my name is Jinx, I’m here to show you around, come on.” She motions me to follow her and I trail behind checking her out. She has a nice round ass, perfect curves and beautiful long legs. Looking at her was making me feel a little bit horny and I wonder to myself, what the hell is wrong with me? She’s a girl! I’m getting excited at the thought of kissing her, running Kadıköy Escort my hand over her perfect body. I find it odd I just had sex for the first time and now I want it with a girl?! I feel like I am going a bit crazy.I catch up and walk beside her as she tells me where all the classes are. Glancing at my schedule she smiles and says, “Oh, I see you have intro to blow jobs. I have that too I’ll show you the classroom, it’s this way.” She motions me to follow her down a corridor and I follow Kadıköy Escort Bayan her checking her out again before I catch up.”So..Where is this class?” I ask looking around in a semi empty hallway. We move towards a class room and we look in. I see a sexy blond woman showing a group of girls how to swallow a load of cum. Leaning against the door, Jinx presses herself against me lightly touching my ass.”Sexy isn’t it? It makes me so hot watching her swallow cum and suck a dick. But what Escort Kadıköy I love the most,” she says as she slowly leans down and kisses my neck, “is a sexy girl like you. I can tell you’ve never been with a girl before.” She nibbles on my neck and I can feel my pussy get wet as a shiver runs down my spine.”Mmmm.. I want you Kat.” She takes my hand and leads me to an old gray door. Jinx looks around and takes a bobby pin out of her hair and uses it to unlock the door. Inside there’s shelves full of cleaning supplies and in the back is a cot with a white down quilt with matching pillows. She turns around and holds my hand and kisses my softly on the lips. The next kiss is hungrier than the first. As our breath mingles she intertwines her fingers in my hair pulling my down to the cot.As we kiss we are pulling each others clothes off.

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