School projects can be fun! (18+)


School projects can be fun! (18+)This is a true story.I was finishing up high school. Up to that point I had fooled around with a a few girls and watched porn with friends, but never did anything with another guy. I was however, very open-minded to new experiences. But, I had no idea that such a great experience would come from the start of a rather banal school project. I was partnered with two classmates who I got along with well enough. One is of little importance to this story; the other, we’ll call him Adam, is the crux of it. He was a slender, effete, Asian boy with glasses. I was tall, average build, and White. We worked on our project in several classes, but eventually had to meet outside of school to progress further. We met at my place as it was the midpoint for the other two. We worked together on a number of occasions with little incidence. But then one meeting something entirely different occurred.My parents often went to Vegas, leaving me a few days to my own devices…which often meant furious amounts of masturbation. But this time I had to work on the group project so I was bummed. We worked through the afternoon into the evening. Finally, we called it a day. The other fellow left, so it was just Adam and me with no one else to interrupt. In my room we settled down to watch some TV while we waited for his folks to get off work. He sat on the couch behind me, I was sitting in a fold-out chair we had been using. I was staring intently at the TV leaning forward and, without knowing it, exposing the small of my back to him. I started to feel this türbanlı escort odd sensation, a sort of tickling/scratching sensation on the small of my back. I soon realized it was his finger tracing back and forth slowly on my back. I froze, my breath caught in my throat but I said nothing. Perhaps realizing that I had noticed, but not stopped him, he started using more fingers until his whole hand was rubbing my back and the top of my ass. I shivered with excitement but still said nothing. He sat on his knees right behind my chair. He slowly moved his hands around my back, under my shirt, to my stomach where he gently rubbed my belly and played with my belly button. He then, still under my shirt, moved his hands up to my nipples. His hands were cold as ice and exhilarating to the touch, my breathe was short and rapid as my nipples hardened. He started to pull away, I thought maybe because he didn’t know if I’d let him go further. So I quickly grabbed his hands and said “Wait!” I then slowly moved them down my chest, down my stomach, to my pants. He moved in closer now, like he was hugging the chair, his head was by my right hip. His fingers quickly moved to my zipper, but I grabbed his hands, looked down into his eyes and said “We can’t tell anyone” he nodded. I let him back to work. He deftly unzipped my fly and reached in and grabbed my penis with his cold, slender hand. I was as hard as I had ever been and shaking with excitement. He pulled out my cock and looked up at me and smiled. He started to stroke me. It was incredible! türbanlı escort bayan His cold hands on my hard, warm cock, knowing that he had pursued me was electrifying. He slid his hand up and down my shaft, staring at me with glee as a shivered and quaked. Then he asked ” can I suck your dick”, I could barely contain myself as I said “yes.” I quickly moved to the couch behind me and took off my clothes as my cock pulsed with anticipation. As a sat he crawled over to me and practically slithered up my body, his mouth found my nipples and sucked on them. He then kissed his way down my chest, my stomach to my hard throbbing cock. He licked it and kissed it as he looked up at me smiling. Then he took me into his mouth. The feeling was amazing! His warm, wet mouth was such a difference from his cold hands. He made my entire shaft wet with his saliva as he slid his mouth back and forth over my cock. He was gentle at first, getting everything wet, but then he started to suck on my head. Such a wonderful mixture of pain and pleasure as his tongue caressed my head. I had my hands on the side of his head and often looked into his eyes as he had my cock in his mouth. This went on for what seemed like glorious hours but of course was just a few minutes, then we shifted around so that he could easily bob up and down my cock. He was able to take all of me in as I guided his head up and down with my hands. I could feel ejaculation coming as his hot, wet mouth bounced up and down my cock. Finally, I could hold no longer escort türbanlı against the onslaught of his mouth. I grunted and thrust my cock forward as our hands were clasped together and came into his waiting mouth. His mouth now had my cum spilling around in it. Every sensation was heightened, pleasure from his tongue lapping around my cock and my cum, pain from his teeth scrapping against me. I pulled out, feeling both elated from ejaculation, but also odd that it was a dude doing it to me! He looked at me, swallowed and said “yummy” much to my amazement as my ex-gf had always spit. He leaned forward and started cleaning my sensitive cock with his tongue. I wasn’t sure if I should do something for him then or not, but he just said ” my dad will be here soon” as he rounded up loose cum on his lips with his finger and pushed it into his mouth. Uncertain what to do – after all this had been so sudden, a few minutes prior I had never thought much about another guy and now I had just been blown by one – I did what I normally did after cumming, I took a quick shower. Though this shower was much better then any before because I knew that my cum was not going down the drain, but was in someone’s stomach, which was a cool thought to my young mind! I finished up and walked out with just a towel around my waist, not for decency I just wasn’t completely dry yet, and sat next to Adam. He smiled at me and moved his hand to my towel, opened it and leaned over and took my cock in his mouth and sucked off the water. He sat back up and I said “isn’t your dad coming?” and he said “yeah, can I suck you until he gets here?” I could find absolutely nothing wrong with that. So he kept licking and stroking my cock until his dad honked outside and he went home. That was my first sexual experience with another guy and, honestly, I’m still mystified that it happened, but thankful that it did.

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