Seduction Two – Lascivious Lanya


Sasha’s vibrant grey eyes intently follow the couple as they are led to a nearby table.  She is petite and cute; he is muscular and gorgeous.  They are being seated as Sasha has directed, allowing Her an unobstructed view of the male.  His name, Sasha knows, is James Evans.  He’s a prize recruit being courted by Her husband’s start-up company, SYNN.  The female companion is insignificant. James is here, at this elegant, upscale restaurant, on a no-limit reservation compliments of SYNN.   Sasha is here to ensure that he becomes Her husband’s employee. It’s only a matter of time, as She always gets what She wants.  As Sasha inspects his physique, especially his abundant loin, She smiles slyly.  ‘This one,’ She tells herself, ‘May be quite enjoyable.’Sasha turns to her male houseboy, Rod, seated across from Her.  She’s brought him along tonight as a play object.  She raises and places one of her boots directly onto his swollen package.  He whimpers through clenched teeth, “Thank you, Mistress.”  She’s had him at the edge for some time and now he is to become part of Her seduction scene.  Her gaze now focuses on the prey, James.James casually glances around the lavish room and inevitably over at Sasha’s personal, elevated dining alcove.  The initial shock of seeing one of SoCal’s most erotic Beşevler Escort beauties simply petrifies him.  He can’t breathe, he can’t even think, as all his blood is racing to his genitals.  He stares dumbstruck as Her glistening black crotch-high slithers across an enormous bulge in Her male companion’s slacks.  Slowly the studded back and soaring stiletto of the boot move brazenly up and down, and up and down.Sasha watches the blank stare on the face of James.  It’s taken scarcely a minute to captivate him.  She settles back in her seat not wanting to make this too quick or too easy.  Re-crossing her extremely long, leather-clad legs diverts his eyes to Sasha’s colossal body.  Coated in a second skin of iridescent silver mesh, her hourglass figure oozes sex.  Massive breasts are thrust outward from a svelte figure framed by flowing scarlet tresses.  No male can deny Sasha’s overwhelming allure.James tries to converse with his date, but his attention is uncontrollably drawn back time and time again to Sasha.  He orders and mindlessly proceeds to consume appetizers, then currently the entrees.  Through the ensuing hour, Her lush flirting has morphed into intense, torturous teasing.  James has been reduced to a horny adolescent voyeur. The girl across from Escort Beşevler him has observed his distraction.  Ultimately she decides to turn and see the source when he abruptly grabs the tabletop and moans softly. She touches his cheek gently but seemingly he’s not there.What has caused his pathetic behavior is, of course, Sasha.  She had begun using the soles of both boots to stroke Rod’s encased erection through his thin pants.  The abused guy suddenly shudders and clearly begins pumping his load out.  James cannot believe this is happening in public.  Yet he finds himself unable to look away.  He sees Sasha glaring enticingly at him, even as his date tries to calm him with a caress.Thoroughly embarrassed, James forces himself to relax and tries to quietly assure his date that he’s O.K.  They cautiously return to the meal only to have his text chime sound.  He glances at the message which reads, “I’m done with this one. Are you next?”  James’ pulse races, knowing exactly who it is, but astonished that she has his number.  ‘Who is this she-devil?’ he feverishly asks himself.  After nearly a minute of resistance, he can no longer wait and looks over.The guy has left.  Sasha has pivoted in her chair and now directly faces James.  Her magnificent, booted legs Beşevler Escort Bayan are crossed and a seductive grin glorifies her glamorous face.  She vainly flips back one side and then the other of her flaming red mane, causing her immense tits to jiggle in unison.  James is consumed with raging lust, witnessing Her wicked and wanton display.  He babbles incoherently to his now disgusted date while the dessert is being served.His date has gained a glimpse of Sasha and with irritation in her voice asks who She is.  James hesitates before glancing up, “I, I, da…” is all he manages before seeing the beguiling bombshell approaching.  Her gait is provocatively exaggerated.  Her undulating curves are mesmerizing.  Her arm is extended out with a bracelet dangling between her fingers.  The piece of silver jewelry is intentionally dropped to the floor right beside the couple’s table. “Ohhh,” Sasha feigns softly.  Instinctively James slides from his chair to the carpet to retrieve it.  The toe of a boot nudges the bangle which sails on the fly right between his legs.  It’s then, upon looking down to find it, that James sees how he’s leaked a huge wet puddle in his slacks.  He stands, quickly turning his back to his date attempting to conceal his bulge.“You, ah, ah dropped th, this,” James stammers. Sasha reaches to take it from his trembling hand, “I did, and you were so sweet to retrieve it.”  Their eyes met and in his, She sees unconditional surrender.  “Your husband is quite a gentleman,” she states, directing the comment over his shoulder and to his date.

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