Sex And The Clitty – my first lesbian experience


Sex And The Clitty – my first lesbian experienceNicole – My first Lesbian ExperienceI should point out in this story the “fanny” I am referring to is the UK meaning,i.e. poonani, chuff, quim, cunt. April 2002 :When I first started to spend a lot of time in London, I met a new group of people.I was networking, I needed people to spend time with in the week, and bizarrelyI was introduced to a girl called Nicole, by a gynaecologist I visited. Nicole was from Luxembourg via San Francisco , and had been a model, had been a lotof things the truth be told, including an exotic dancer, and a grand-a-night call girl. Nicole co habited, as many Londoners do, with someone else, a man known to many as Svenbut his real name was Thorsten, and he was a porn star. Yes, really. He did some otherstuff, masseur work and the like, and he was actually Nicole’s ex. They’d met fuckingfor the camera. How romantic. I had assumed, therefore, that she was straight. Once I’d met her a few times, I noticed – well you couldn’t fail to notice – that she had a lot of very very (equally) beautiful women friends. None of them looked remotely butch, in fact they were chic and very feminine, but there were no men about, which I thought was odd.So after we’d been out drinking and dancing a few times Nicole asked me round to the flatfor something to eat, and to catch up on Sex And The City, which we both liked to watch,and I’d missed a few eps being away from home. The understanding was that I’d stay the night at Nicole’s so we could both have a drink. I turned up about 7 pm with my overnight bag. Nicole was in, but she wasn’t ready. She answered the door in a silky robe,and told me she’d been stuck on a phone call and was now just about to take a bath. I asked where I should put my bag, and she indicated HER room, this being central London, no spare rooms in these apartments for non paying guests! When I’d done that, she called me from the bathroom and asked me to bring her in a large glass of white wine. Once I’d found the wine and the glasses, I arrived at the bathroom door, and knocked. She told me to come on in. I suppose you could reasonably expect her to be naked, but christ on a bike – what a SIGHT!She was in the bath, lots of bubbles, candles burning everywhere, but apartfrom her huge breasts shining in the candlelight, shimmering with soap, her big nipples were spectacularly erect and the aureolae large and rich coloured. I flushed, even before I’d looked …down. She had both legs hoisted onto the sides of the bath, she had a ladyshave in her handand she was carefully shaving her pussy. Back in 2002 when all this took place I was probably in the majority in having some pubes, I had only ever shaved it once and I wasn’t taken with it. Certain other people were VERY taken with it, however!I had most certainly never seen another woman shaving her pussy in front of me. I put the wineglass down carefully for her, but my hand was shaking rather. “I’ll be done in a minute” purred Nicole “stay and talk to me””Look, I said firmly, I’ve seen fannies before, you know , I’m not COY, but why do you need to do that now, with me here? Are you just trying to shock?” “If I was trying to shock, you’d be SHOCKED, honey!” she assured me She finished and swilled herself with the showerhose, she had a little feel between her legswhich was slightly too long to just check for stubble, and slightly too short to be masturbation. It was a tease, and could have been nothing else. I said I’d leave her to it. “Do you want me to DO YOU while you’re here? ” She giggled , waving the razor “NoooOOO” I screamed and ran out, giggling”You’re such a shy little bunny” she teased when she came out “HArdly” I tutted and stomped off to get my night things on. Now when I’d packed I could not decide what to bring for nightwear, a big t shirt? Pyjamas? Both seemed a bit DOWDY almost. Even though I had had NO conscious thought of sleeping with Nicole, in the sexual sense, I felt that I wanted to look NICE for her. So, what I selectedwas a peach coloured silk – and -lace “chemise” which was opaque but very clingy.I considered wearing a g string underneath it, but decided against it. I re entered the lounge, Nicole was MAGNIFICENTLY naked, but just putting on pale bluesilk pyjamas. Christ what a body, Tits, ASS, all big, beautiful and any man’s dream,and several womens’. I sat on the sofa, and smoothed my chemise down, it was knee length and it exposed a little bit of boob.There isn’t much boob TO expose, but you know, bit of cleavage so to speak. Nicole fired up her Sky box, and selected the first episode we needed to watch, then she disappearedinto her kitchen, returning with bowls of what appeared to be spaghetti bolognese, and then a bottle of bubbly on ice.We sat and ate and drank, and the spaghetti sauce proved to be liberally spiked with red chilli flakes, which in turn led to the bottle of bubbly disappearing VERY quickly, and being replenished by another. By the second episode’s starting titles we were really quite drunk.We finished off the second bottle, and by the third ep we were onto a bottle of Chardonnay. This was the episode where Samantha gets a girlfriend. This inevitably led to çanakkale rus escort the ……inevitable conversation about sexuality : Nicole attested the following :”I do NOT believe that you have NEVER seen a woman who you were attracted to. You may think you would like to look like her, copy her make up, you would like to be as attractive to men, as she is. That woman, whoever she may be , you are actually in reality attracted to ” “I don’t agree, oh okay, maybe a little bit. But I don’t want to go and snog her, and I CERTAINLY wouldn’t want to go to bed with her” I protested “Why not? Women are beautiful, they smell nice, they’re clean, and she knows from herself how a woman’s body works” argued Nicole”So, you reckon this – along all the guys I fancy, I should fancy a few women! But – I mean – gay men don’t fancy ANY women , do they|?” I countered”Everyone is a little bit of each, could be 99% straight, 1% gay. One day miss 1% walks past. so you never kissed a girl, not your mum I dont’ mean – a sexy kiss? – apart from the one I stole ” “Yes once” I admitted “What was it like?” she asked “Well……I told people she smelt nice, and she…. was a good kisser” I said”Did you run out, throw up?” she laughed” No” I sighed “SO…Could I… kiss you now, or would that be too .. adventurous for you?” ventured Nicole gently I gulped, then I took a deep breath and a large slug of wine, then I reached and grabbed Nicole’s hair, and planted my lips firmly on hers, Nicole’s mouth opened and her full lips enveloped mine, smiling broadly as they did so . She slipped her luscious juicy tongue into my mouth and mine met it. Suddenly I broke it off, gasping. Nicole smiled serenely at me.She narrowed her eyes “HORNY BABY!!” she teasedMy pussy was powering up, despite my reticence. It was so FUCKING EXCITING not least because it all felt so very wrong. Taboo. Naughty naughty. Nicole, although younger than me, was vastly more experienced.I felt very controlled. I don’t mean I felt under control, far from it. I was BEING controlled I could feel any willpower I might have brought to bear to avoid having sex with her… slipping away. I think it was seepingout of my pussy.Suddenly she was kneeling in between my knees, she leaned in to kiss me, and I kissed her back, not so frantically this time,very sensually kissing her, lips sliding over lips, tongues flirting. Breathing her in, smelling her.She gently slipped the spaghetti straps of the chemise off my shoulders, and she slowly lowered it, exposing my little breasts to her. I thought ‘You CAN’T do that!!’ …. but I just let her..I was scarlet already, but now I was burning up. My heart was absolutely pounding out of my chest She moved in to gently lick then kiss my breasts, looking up at me with those big blue eyes, watching closelyfor my reactions. The nipples were both painfully hard, and when she took one into her sensuous mouth, I very nearly came there and then.I felt my womb contract hard.I went to push her head away, but by the time my hand reached her head, I just stroked her blonde hairout of the way so I could watch. Slut. She stopped for a moment”Is that nice?” she grinned wickedly I gulped and nodded, but indicated I was feeling quite panicky, really. She moved back up, kissed me on the lips and cuddled me. It didn’t help really, it just got me more excited. She moved back to where she’d been kneeling, between my knees, and back to my breasts, this time starting on the left one, my left, which is markedly more sensitive than the other one, though they’re both pretty damnedreactive. I gasped as her sticky lipsticked lips took the nipple and very gently chewed on it. I had to concentrate hard not to come there and then.My chest was heaving. Surreptitously Nicole raised the hem of my chemise, I didn’t even notice really until it got to my waist! I don’t know if she’d sussed I didn’t have any knickers on, I guess she must have…. My legs were already quite open as she was kneeling in between them, but then she spread them further, and letloose the nipple. She looked down at my pussy, and I looked at her, looking at it, and our eyes met. She grinned wickedlyShe licked her lips”I think you’ve opened Pandora’s box here ! ” I gasped “I’m going to fucking open YOUR box, now, honey!!” giggled NicoleShe was so laissez faire about it all, whereas I really felt like I was going to pass out any minute. True to her word, she gently spread my pussy lips, and slipped a finger inside”Fucking hell, that’s a tight little pussy!” she remarked “How do you get all those BIG COCKS in there?”I kind of smiled and shrugged “They usually grit their teeth and push” I giggledMy pussy muscles were trying to push her out I think”you’re SOAKING WET, angel” she grinned “..and Incredibly horny, I can feel !!” I just gasped as she fingered meShe withdrew her fingers and sucked them in front of me, smacking her lips”Sweet like honey !” she announced She gently lifted my hips and pulled the garment down, over my bum, down my legs, and off .YES…. and I just let her SlagShe grinned a serene smile up at me as she licked my navel, and then drew a line with the pointof çanakkale rus escort bayan her wet tongue straight down to the top of my bush. I was expecting her to start at my feet or something and tease tease tease – to toy with me , as a first timer,to play with me until I begged for com-fort. But no, tongue straight up my cunt. Right up. Right up the hole,no messing, reaching for my cervix. I grabbed my little tits and squeezed them”My clit , do my clit” I squealedShe withdrew her long tongue”I KNOW what I’m doing, babe. I’ve eaten more pussies than you’ve had …hot dinners or whatever!””Really? “”REALLY. Loads, I like guys, but I’ve been with a lot of women””But I’m straight””So were most of THEM” she bragged , giggling “Let’s calm down a minute and have a glass of wine, shall we? Let you have a think about what you’re getting into here!””Not a bad idea” I admitted Nicole recharged our huge wineglasses with freezing Chardonnay I glugged We were really very drunk, and getting drunker, fast! “Do you want me to undress?” asked Nicole, matter of factly. She still had her powder blue satin pyjamas onI shrugged , then nodded..She unbuttoned the top and her REALLY FUCKING MASSIVE TITS came out. The nipples were huge and SO erect.The bottoms showed darker patches round her crotch, the dirty bitch was creaming herself while tongueing myuterus. Slut.She stood proudly with her hands on her hips, massive tits, enviably firm and high, nice little waist, flat belly,wide hips and a perfectly shaved pussy, with rather prominent …labia. Hanging. Moist. Wanting. “Do you FANCY me?” she asked, looking like she might be offended and run off crying if I said no. (She was playing it up)I nodded, and smiled, and blushed lividly. “Come to bed with me, then” she held her hand out, invitingly “IF you come to my bed, I AM going to FUCK you,and I will want YOu to go down on ME, the lot. Lots of sticky juicy, all-girl orgasms. If you come to my bed.”I almost asked what ‘fucking me’ consisted ofI figured if I took her hand, she’d soon show meI took her handWell, you’d be terribly disappointed if I’d called a cab and gone home, wouldn’t you? So she took my hand and led me into her room. Scented candles flickered. She tapped a Bose wave system into life, some seamy jazz emitted. The saxophone seemed ..rendolent of THOSE movies, you know. All big hair and blue eye shadow. Traci Lords.Her bed was large and black and silky bedding and a real seductresses palace, as you would have thought it might be.The spectacularly naked Nicole jumped on her bed. “Here, now!” she clicked her fingers at me … like I was a dog or something. Oh it was DOING it for me, lets be clear. Anything taboo and anything to do with the ordering of me about, I’m your girl. I jumped. We were both kneeling, upright if that makes sense, as if standing, but both on our knees,facing, looking at each other, weighing each other up. Who would make the first move? Hmm.. me as it happens, again. I was fixated on her big boobs”ARE they real? Natural ones?”She lifted each one up to show me “YES – No scars, see, no implants, all flesh, all woman – you feel” When Nicole gets very excited she goes all foreign sounding, her ‘electrocution lessons’ desert her,I’ve noticedShe took my hands and placed her breasts in them, they seemed so heavy, I found it amazing that they could stay so high up on her body. The nipples were like stones, so hard. I massaged the big titstogether, I was jealous of them, I wanted them, but next best thing was to SUCK them, so I took the first big nipple into my mouth and sucked hard on it”CHRIST I FUCKING LOVE YOUR TITS!” I moaned and she moaned as I lovingly nibbled her teat. Her hand came into my hair and stroked my neck as I suckled her, sending shivers cantering down my spine”Fucking hell, that’s WONDERFUL ” she moaned and her hand trailed oh so slowly down my back, then between my buttocks,and she slipped a finger into my willing wet cunt from behind, making me groan into her full breasts,as her finger probed my tight, ridged and wet insides.”MMf” I moaned into the big pillow of her tittie”Kiss me” she demanded I raised my head and our hungry mouths clashed again, our lovingly applied lipsticks merged and smeared, our tongues battling one another where our lips joined. Her wet and shaved mound was pushing into my (hairy) groin. Bumping. Oof. Grinding.. OH! “lie down” she said quietlyI lay, nude, prone. Open legged, as she climbed on top of me, her great breasts hanging in my face.I moved my head to suck each one, but she was busy .. mounting me, placing her “mons veneris”right onto mine. And when she said she was going to fuck me, she wasn’t joking, her bum was going ten to the dozenas she humped me. I wouldn’t say it left me cold, it was very exciting, actually. In all honestlyI am trembling now, thinking about it, 13 years later. Intense, yes. Erotic, certainly. But…….. it didn’t make me come. It didn’t stimulate the right bits in the right way, but Nicole, jesus, she screamed as she came, rubbingher shaved cunt against mine. She collapsed off me in a heap, pantingI lay there on my side, cool as a (well refigerated) rus escort çanakkale cucumber. A cucumber could have been useful at this juncture. “Wow” I said, rather sarcastically She looked at me and I at her and she knew there was no offence, and she collapsed into fits of giggles,closely followed by me. There are what their network cancellation of the 8.9 per cent in your ordinary aureolae still in a the engineers by the She came in and we had acuddle. “I like cuddling you, by the way!” I confided “Will you cuddle me all night? ” She asked “Sure” I smiled Then she stopped kissing me, well my mouth anyway”I’m going to go down on you now” she whispered And with that she slid down my body again, stopping off to pleasure my nipples, again I nearly camefrom the nipple-play, so sensitive are they..She scooped her tongue into my navel, every nerve ending was strained to breaking point, so I gasped.I held on to my little breasts as if to protect them from this rampant cougar who any minutewas going to be eating my pussy. She scooped her tongue in between the top of my pussy lips, I gasped loudly as she lapped at my clit.It was almost a sob She slurped up some juices and went in, she peeled my labia apart with moistened fingers, exposing my mostsensitive flesh. Her hugely skilled tongue propelled me halfway to paradise in one minute flat, my hipsbucked on the bed, but she held me down. “You have the most GORGEOUS pussy!” she slurped “Thankyou” I smiled, shyly, whilst playing with my tits.She slipped a thumb into my cunt, and squeezed a finger into my ass. Her tongue returned to my clitoris,ans she lapped and lapped and lapped, until I writhed and screamed and swore as I came and came all overher face.Finally I collapsed onto the bed, my stomach muscles were aching from coming so much. I reached down to feel my pussy, how wet I was, Nix was lying gasping on the bed with a big silly grin on herbeautiful face. “How WAS I ?” she asked at last “Fantastic” I admitted “the …sex was sensational” She slid up the bed to kiss me, her face was shining with my pussy juices. I licked around her mouth.”I taste really good” I chuckled When we’d recovered a little and had YET more wine, she broached the subject: “I need to COME” she admitted “I’m going to have a wank, I want you to get in close and watch me, if you’re feelingreally brave, perhaps you ..could… help me out” “Oh lord” I giggledShe lay back and began fingering herself in a most unihibited way, looking at me as I watched her”You’ve got a huge clitoris” I commented, “Mine’s tiny” “I know – I’ve just been licking it ” she giggled “Talking of which….. didn’t you enter into an agreement,before I took you to my bed?”My stomach kind of sank, you know the kind of thing, SEVERE nerves. I leant in closer, I could smell her, not unpleasant, very clean smelling, but strong – musky – the smell ofa very VERY aroused vagina. Her pussy lips were very different to my neat tidy (usually) little slot, a tangle of folds all stuck togetherand spotted with foam. She hooked a leg round my neck and pulled me in “Take a deep breath” she advised, “get down there and EAT me, don’t be shy!!”SHY, she says ! I felt her shiver with excitement as I tentatively kissed her pussy lips, I didn’t really know what to do,but I was trying to reverse engineer from the best platings I’d ever had * you know who you are, boys… girls *I slipped my little tongue under her hood, her fingers came in to open it all up for me. How kind.Her clitoris was huge and meaty, and tasted like a nice fresh oyster, sort of thing. A little garlic? She was oozing white wine. “UMFFF” she moaned “Oh christ that’s horny. Fuck me with your tongue” I did tryI only have a very small tongue, and I stretched it to it’s limit, pushing it into her foaming holeThere were huge amounts of cream coming out of her, which I was doing my best to swallow. I reached up to squeeze her immense breasts. She was casually sucking her own nippleGOD I wish I could do thatI finally settled on her clitoris, lapping at it like a kittenShe positively howled as it took her less than a minute to come, quite spectacularly, and extremelywetly all over my face. I was dripping as she swoooped in for kisses. “Beautiful” she told me, “you make me SO horny” We collapsed into a naked sweaty heap together, and quite soon we were both asleepI lay facing the wall, and Nix snuigled in behind me, her tits warm against my back, and we stayed like this for some hours.I woke somwhere in the wee small hours, and stirred.Nicole’s arm came round me and she cupped my breast, her nipples were raging- hard against my back and I couldfeel her hot shaved pussy-mound against my bum. Her fingertips trailed down my belly, incredibly slowly, and when they finally reached my pubes I opened my legs for her.”Tart” she giggled in my earHer soft clever finger siezed on my clit, and wanked me, soon I was oozing juice as she fingered me. She licked and nibbled her way across my shoulder blades, reducing me to a shivering mess, as she nuzzled my neck,she took me to the brink of orgasm three times, each time backing off, and returning to hold my breasts and gentlysqueeze them as my orgasm abated for a moment. The fourth time there was no “tease” she went for it, and I groaned and spasmed in the throes of my ecstasy. I have had more wanks about that wank than anything else ever.This was the beginning of my first girl/girl affair, which has lasted, so far, thirteen years. I don’t see Nixas much as I did, but I love her, and who wouldn’t ?

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