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Rainbow grabbed her bag and stormed off, she had had enough of her fiancé’s stupid accusations. At first, it was cute but now it was just annoying. Abdul, her fiancé, was always teasing her claiming he knew she was one day going to leave him for her good friend, Jamil. He always played it off as a joke but deep down she knew he was serious.Jamil was just a close friend, they had met and had sex twice about three years before she met Abdul and both parties had long decided there was nothing more than friendship between them. She kept explaining that to Abdul but he still decided on teasing her which drove her crazy. Today was Jamil’s birthday and they had both been planning it for a long, long time, he was turning thirty and wanted to throw a party so Rainbow helped him plan it all. Unexpectedly Abdul had announced to her five days to the party that he had gotten them a reservation at a restaurant that Rainbow had been dying to eat at.She was both excited and sad. Sad because she had been talking about going to the restaurant for years but they were always booked solid or she was too busy. Finally she had the chance to finally eat there, and of all the days Abdul could have made the reservation it had to be on Jamil’s birthday. Abdul had feigned innocence and acted like it was a mistake, but she knew it wasn’t. She had spent the last week at his place and had been planning Jamil’s birthday the whole time, even telling him to clear his schedule because she wanted him to come with her.Rainbow now had two choices, go for Jamil’s birthday and miss the opportunity to finally dine at the restaurant or miss her best buds birthday and go to the restaurant. She knew if she chose the former it’ll only make things worse between her and Abdul, she also knew Jamil would forgive her for missing his birthday so in the end it wasn’t a choice at all. She ankara travesti reluctantly told Jamil she wouldn’t be able to make it to his place, he was disappointed but quickly cheered up when she told him she was going to make it up to him.At the restaurant, Abdul had once again implied that she and Jamil would end up together and as always it pissed her off so bad that she grabbed her bag and stormed out. As she regretfully left the delicious half eaten meal the restaurant, she brought out her phone and called a taxi. A quick glance behind showed Abdul running after her so she got into a random taxi and yelled at the driver to drive. After the driver had driven a distance from the restaurant, she gave him Jamil’s house address. Abdul had started to call but she turned off her phone because she didn’t want to speak with him.It was eleven-thirty pm when she got to Jamil’s house, she met him cleaning up. The party was over and everyone had gone home.She spread out her arms and went in for a hug “Happy birthday baby boy,” she said as she hugged him tightly “I am very sorry I missed your party”“It’s ok, Bow. But you should know you owe me big time”“Sure, if your lungs ever fail from all that smoking, I’ll give you mine.” Jamil playfully shoved her and she started to laugh “Why don’t you go and do something else, I’ll finish cleaning up. This would be part of my punishment for not attending your party.”Jamil passed her the bin bag and went outside while she continued to clean up. Midnight passed before she finished cleaning, she could tell by the mess that it was a great party. She put away the trash and went outside to meet Jamil. She saw him smoking and going through his phone, looking at the ashtray she saw that he was on his fifth cigarette.“Looks like you’ll be needing those lungs sooner than later.” He smiled but didn’t travesti ankara say anything. “So how was the party?”“It was great,” he pulled her close and hugged her again “Thanks for planning it Bow, it was a really nice party.” He pulled away and ruffled her hair.“You are welcome Jam. I should really start an event planning business, I think I’ll be good at it.”“You are good at everything you do,”“I know right?” Rainbow teased.They spent hours talking about the party, who did what and who did who. Jamil rolled up a blunt for her because she didn’t like cigarettes and they spent time talking about work, future plans then Jamil’s secret admirer that has been sending him gifts with love notes.“By the way, what are you doing here? I thought you had that once in a lifetime reservation dinner with Abdul,” Jamil asked.She passed him the joint and said “Yes, we did. But while we were waiting for dessert he asked if you finally had someone you are dating and when I said no, he implied that the reason you refuse to date anyone is because you are deeply in love with me. He then added that you are probably secretly praying we break up so you can swoop in and have me. I am seriously sick and tired of this stupid talk of his, I have tried thousands of times to convince him that you are not in love with…” she hadn’t finished her sentence before Jamil’s soft lips landed on hers and started kissing her.She was shocked and confused, it took her a few seconds to realize what was happening and when she did, she pushed him away. “What are you doing?”“I am really sorry Bow, but Abdul is right. I know we have been friends for a while and I know this might sound crazy but I didn’t even know I had feelings for you until I saw you in the arms of another,” Jamil confessed.Rainbow wasn’t sure how to react to this, Abdul had been right all along. ankara travestiler But what was she supposed to do with this information? She was engaged to Abdul and they were getting married in six months. She couldn’t be suddenly developing cold feet could she? She started to question herself, was she really sure she wanted to marry Abdul? Yes, she loved him but she knew he was cheating on her. She had seen condoms in his pocket a lot of times and was constantly seeing payments for gifts that he bought for his side-chick but two wrongs didn’t make a right and she didn’t want to cheat on him just because he was cheating on her, that would be stupid and childish.Looking at Jamil standing there with no shirt on, he looked like he should be on GQ’s cover of the month, The Sexiest Man alive edition. She didn’t know if it was the weed or the fact that Jamil had just confessed his feelings for her, but she wanted to sleep with him badly, feel him inside her again. She had seen Jamil shirtless a couple of times but she had never been as turned on as she was now. She had forgotten what sex with him felt like and she wanted him buried deep inside her. So she stood on her toes and kissing him back.Jamil responded to the kiss immediately, he had thought she was either going to slap him, leave or both but he was glad she had kissed him back instead. The kiss went on for a while, she placed her hands around his neck then jumped and wrapped her legs around his waist. He grabbed her thighs and held it firmly to prevent her from falling then pushed her back against the wall and rubbed his bulge against her crotch, she ran her fingers down his back and he moaned softly.A voice in her head kept screaming ‘this is a bad idea’ but the louder voice in her pussy screamed ‘go for it, babe’! She was wearing a short dress so with her legs wrapped around him he could easily bypass her thong and slide into her. She needed to get this over with before that nagging voice in her head would make her change her mind. It began to drizzle a bit and instead of Jamil carrying her into the house, he went and laid her on the lawn.

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