She Got a Red-Hot In-Room Massage


It was nearly eleven when Em finally decided to get an out call service. She’d been lying in bed, hot between her legs and with aroused nipples, for an hour. She had tried to satisfy herself, since she was on a plane early the next morning, but it just hadn’t worked. Em’s troubles were two-fold. First, she’d had a pussy flutter and flashed eyes with a lovely hot man earlier in the evening, but while the feeling was obviously mutual it was going nowhere, for entirely reasonable reasons. Second, she’d idly switched on the TV in her room when she got back from dinner. Equally idly she had flicked to one of the in house adult movie channels. The fates had rewarded her. She found herself watching a movie in which a woman of around her age was being very hotly stripped naked on the bed in a very plush hotel room by a very handsome out call masseur. She had then been massaged in a way that really turned Em on. The pussy massages (one while the woman was face down on the bed, the other when she was on her back and her legs were wide apart) had been the high point. Then she had been profoundly and very loudly fucked. Evidently this was occurring late at night since she had been wearing a little black dress, a tiny black string, a desirably revealing little black bra, and black stay-ups. Equally evidently, she had thoroughly enjoyed having all these taken off her and especially the hotly sexy way that this was Tunalı escort bayan done. She had spectacularly enjoyed how, after the masseur had removed her tiny string, he had used it to further excite her very wet and open slit. He had done this by running the little thing back and forth through her slit and playing with her neat little bush which came into view every time she writhed on the bed. While this part of the action was proceeding, she was writhing rather a lot. Em had watched the whole movie and had become very hot doing so. She had stripped to just her leopard print thong. Then she had recruited Vic, who had been packed away in his travelling bag, to give her a buzz. He had done this (and very nicely as he always did when his batteries were fully charged) but it had not been enough. Em needed to be naked or nearly so and to have the hot, firm but gentle hands of an attentive masseur caressing all of her body, especially between her legs at the top. Then she needed cock. She picked up the phone by the bed and called concierge. She was staying in a very expensively discreet hotel. She had a brief and satisfactory conversation with the woman on duty at the desk thirty floors below. For a first-class and really hot service the concierge recommended one provider, saying she could recommend them from personal experience and in particular a masseur called Escort ulus Derek. Em warmed to her immediately. This assessment was reinforced when she called back within two minutes to tell Em that Derek would be with her in thirty minutes, would be available for the two hours requested, and was familiar with the big beds in the rooms. It was now eleven thirty. Derek who was familiar with the bed and the unspoken needs of hot clients would be with her by twelve. He would stay until two. She might get to sleep by three and needed to be out of the hotel by eight to catch the plane home. Em thought with a smile that it would be a bleary-eyed arrival on home turf nine hours later, even if she got some sleep on the flight. Ambrose would be collecting her at the airport but he would simply conclude, in his own discreet way, that Em had kept someone up most of the night. As usual, he would be right. Tonight’s playtime needed to be scripted, Em decided. She would play through that movie she had just seen which had so aroused her. She took a quick shower and then dressed in what she had been wearing earlier in the evening. Her ensemble comprised a little leopard print bra and matching thong and a midnight blue tunic dress with three-quarter sleeves and a top-of-the-bust neckline. It ended just above the knee and was delightfully button-through at the front. Sheer charcoal stay-ups yenimahalle escort with black lace tops and black patent leather stiletto heels completed the picture. Em looked at her reflection in the long mirror opposite the bed and thought about being sexily stripped of all of this on the bed. When she thought this she watched her nipples make little bumps in her dress and felt herself get freshly and warmly damp in her panties. The phone rang. It was the concierge desk, someone else this time, a man. “Mr Derek is here to see you, madam,” the man said. It was a business hotel and in this particular town business never closed down. “Ask him to come up,” said Em, her nipples now hot rocks. He arrived at her door. Em did a double take. Derek was the man in the movie. The action had been real; it wasn’t just a porn film script. No wonder the room had looked strangely familiar. No wonder the acting was so good. It wasn’t acting. It was real. Derek said, “Mel, the concierge you spoke to, said she thought you might have watched that in house movie and might want to play through the script.” He looked at her. “You are a very attractive woman and I imagine a very hot one. Would you like it like that?” Em said, “I would love it like that.” She was wearing only her little bra and thong by the time Derek got her to the bed and placed her face-down in the middle of it. She lay on the bed feeling very hot indeed. Her legs were slightly apart. She could hear Derek stripping out of his business suit. Her nipples rose and hardened further. They felt like big pebbles now as they pressed through her bra and into the bed sheet. She felt him pick up and caress her left hand and gently rub her ring finger.

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