She Is Real Fun!


“Leita.” I turn and smile at her, I love the sound of her voice, it makes me feel like the sun is shining brighter, like all the warmth is meant just for me, like I was meant to always be smiling, like I could always be happy so long as she keeps on calling my name. “Hey you.” I stand and give her a quick hug then pull her to sit down on the grass beside me. I’m starting to wonder if she actually can suspect how much I like her, I think lately it has become almost impossible for me to be around her without touching her, at almost every little chance I get. She sits and turns to look at me; I almost shut my eyes as am beyond embarrassed. I actually had leaned dangerously close to her and only realized that I was going to kiss her, when she giggled nervously. Of course it would have been a huge scandal, this is Kenya, women do not kiss other women unless it’s the usual peck on their cheek, and only meant as greetings or while saying goodbye, but that was not what I was going for. I try to cover it but I can’t, I lick my lips and try to look the other way, but I can’t do that either. “So, how have you been?” she asks me. I know she is only trying to make the moment lighter, I inwardly thank my stars, I would hate it if people got to know that I like girls, am a married woman, I have children, but that does not mean I can’t lust after other women too, though it is rare for me to notice any particular one. When I first noticed Noni, I thought it was temporary, that it would just pass quickly, but no, I had to go and like her this much, so much that, though her husband works in the same company and is tall and handsome, am still awed by his wife, I think I’ll have to start avoiding her, but how I do not know as I have already tried that too, but it failed because she somehow seeks me out. “Am okay, just the usual, work’s a bit of …you know…work, boss girl’s been complaining of petal damages..Again!” I say and sigh tiredly, she looks at me and runs her fingers soothingly Karşıyaka escort up and down my back, I lean to her touch and smile at her. “Um, Leita? When’s your day off?” Noni asks me. “Mondays. ..Why do you ask?” I ask her absently, still thinking of the roses and wondering how I am going to manage the damages, the variety that I deal with is the most delicate one in the whole farm and most supervisors actually hate it when I am off duty as no one likes standing in for me. “Oh, nothing, just wondered,” Noni, says and smiles at me. “Lunch time’s up, see you later on our way home, but if you are done before me after time, you just go ahead as I don’t know what time we’ll be done, we got such a high production, I wish it would just get low again, am tired of getting home late every other day.” She complains as she gives me a quick peck and heads off to her work station. My cell phone rings and I curse, pulling the comforter over my head and trying to block the irritating tune off, of course it does not work I almost laugh as I murmur to myself how I hate the ring tone, “Liar,” I say to myself as I actually love the song I use as the ring tone. I give up when I realize that whoever is calling is going to keep at it until I answer. “Hello,” I say as I sit on the bed, trying not to sound as if I was just woken. ”You home?” I hear a warm voice coo down the line, I almost clap at the joy that envelops me, sleep all forgotten. “Yes, am home Noni, you at work?” I ask, smiling, not even realizing that she can’t see my smile. “Nope, am outside your gate, would you be a darling and come open it for me? And why do you even have to lock the place up during the day?” “I don’t know, I think its just out of habit,” I say, still sitting on my bed, and holding the phone tightly to my ear. “Well, are you going to open the gate or what?” That sets me into frantic motion, I jump out of bed, and giggle at how ungraceful I am, I run to the door and open bornova escort bayan it before I even remember that am in this so tiny nightie and bare footed, just as I step out the door, I realize that I do not have the key to the gate, I turn, pick them from their place by the TV and head out to open the gate. The sight that greets me makes me lick my lips; I think I have never seen her look this delicious, is she knowingly seducing me or what? I rub my eyes with the backs of my fingers, gently. “What are you doing sleeping until this time? It’s past noon for heaven’s sake Leita,” Noni says and winks at me. “ I was up earlier, woke up at five and got the children ready for school and hubby for work, did some cleaning up until around ten then went back to bed after a quick shower, was planning to stay in bed till later,” I say and lean to give her a hug then pull her inside and lock the gate, before holding her hand and walking back to the house. I shut the door behind us. “Come with me to the kitchen, am gonna make you a cup of tea,” I say as I drop the keys on the coffee table and head to the kitchen, she follows me in but says she is only going to have a glass of water. I hand her the water and we stand there, looking at each other and for the first time ever, not knowing what to say to each other. ”You look sexy,” she says, purely from nowhere and I instinctively try to pull the nightie down, but its futile since its just not complying, ‘am not sure it ever will’, I think wryly and smile nervously at her. “Wait here, am gonna go get dressed and I will be back in a mo’,” I say and walk fast to my bedroom, but I almost jump in fright as Noni enters silently and wraps her hands round my waist. I settle for a soft moan as I turn in her arms and face her, chewing on my lower lip and trying hard not to swallow as I know it will sound loud in the room since I exactly have nothing to swallow but my nervousness. I suddenly find Escort üçyol myself in the deepest and most sensual kiss ever, am trembling as I try and remember if actually Noni has always been this tall, I know and am sure that she has always been at least more than a couple inches shorter than me, she has also been always shy than this, the question about her height is solved when she kicks off her shoes and I make a mental note to check how high her heels are. The kiss is making me lose my thinking capacity, am not able to make coherent thoughts, and her lips moving from mine to licking my ear are making it even harder to think straight. Her fingers are slipping my nightie off my shoulders and everything, and I mean everything including my body seems to be responding to her every want. Someone’s moaning, no, it sounds more like whimpering, I try to move my hands to run my fingers up and down her sides, but I don’t think am doing very well since what I seem to be achieving is only holding her closer to me. She laughs, a low sexy laugh, and plays with both my nipples, I know I want to touch her, but I can’t, I can’t because am trying to stay on my feet and am being gently pushed backwards, I suddenly sit on my bed, and stare as Noni lets me go completely, I shiver, not wanting to not hold her. She smiles and winks at me, her clothes seem to disappear before my eyes, but she stops when she gets to her bra and panties, I lick my lips, it does not help as my tongue is dry and so my lips stay dry, Noni giggles softly and runs her middle finger over her clit, I moan and lean forward. ‘Where is the sweet innocent looking Noni?’ I ask myself, am convinced that the woman in my bedroom cannot be my Noni, no, if she were, she won’t be all this confident; she would never tease me like this. She smiles as if reading my mind and touches my thigh, still teasing her clit with the fingers of her right hand, I shiver and look down at my naked body, I think how unfair this is, and why won’t the woman let me see her small sexy boobs? She leans forward even more and lightly licks my nipple and I try to move forward, she smiles and pushes me backwards, am now lying on my back, my hands behind my head and I watch as she continues playing with her clit, she still won’t take off her panties.

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