She made me a slave sissy

She made me a slave sissy
Please check out my profile here on xhamster it is https://xhamster.com/user/lossst. Please read the ENTIRE “About Me” I love to PM back and forth with CDs, Fem Bois, Sissies and Feminine Gay Male EMOs etc. After reading the entire “About Me” I hope that you decide to send and invite and the one line PM I talk about there. Become a friend and I will write a story tailored just for you as this one was done for another friend

Folks As I said in my profile I am straight, but I also said in my profile that I would write whatever a person requests me to, so please bear that in mind, I wrote about being a faggot to keep my word that within certain limitations ( NO c***dren NO a****ls NO shitting nor pissing me doing NO oral) I will write whatever you want me to so here goes , even though I could not do this in real life.

Okay now for the story here goes!

It’s 3 weeks now that I am in London, working for a large bank located in “the city” installing new network servers. It’s about 8pm Monday night and I am walking home to my hotel. I am approached by a very attractive woman in her late 30’s, very well dressed with a gorgeous face and hair and if I may say a very sexy body. She introduces herself as Emma and tells me she is afraid some muzzies are following her. She asks if I would walk her home. I hear the fear in her voice and I respond “absolutely” She lives about 2 miles away and we begin to walk. She asks me what a guy from the states is doing in the city and I tell her. We also start to talk about all the landmarks I want to see before I leave. She is very friendly and she is now holding my arm tightly as we walk arm in arm.

We hear a group of people rowdy and laughing, it was a bunch of folks who just came out of a Gay bar. Emma then asks me how I feel about gay people. I told her I treat gay people as nice or as nasty as they treat me. She says good and compliments me on the fact that I am not insecure. She squeezed my arm tighter and when a gentle breeze blew I smelled her lovely perfume. I now was starting to get turned on and had a huge erection that the darkness hid. Before long we reach Emma’s flat and she invites me up for a glass of wine. I leap at the opportunity and say yes. She had a lovely flat and we sat as she poured a delicious Merlot. We both drank a little more than we should and she asked me a strange question. She asked did I ever act violently when shocked and did I ever hit woman. In a loud voice I responded “Fuck no, and any one who hits a woman is a scumbag”

She then takes my hand , looks right into my eyes and says ” Michael you are old enough to know sometimes things are not what they appear to be not so?” I respond yes but what does that have to do with us. She responded by giving me a very passionate kiss. I love to kiss and cuddle so we spent some time at it. Then she told me she was going to change we both knew we were going to have sex so she just came out and told me to get my clothes off.

When Emma emerged from the bedroom I could not catch my breath. She was wearing black stockings, black suspenders super high heal shoes and a lovely short silk robe which barely was long enough to cover her pubic area. She new I was excited she saw the enormous fat erection I had. I got up to move closer and then her whole demeanor changed. She said in a firm voice, “just stay there!” I want to show you something before you can touch me.

With that she slipped open the robe and I was startled by the sight of this large shaved cock. I went blind for a moment, how could someone so feminine be a man. I was stunned and shocked and could not move least run. She had not a hair on her body her chest was completely hairless and she must have worn a padded bra in public”.
A strange feeling came over me, I still had an enormous erection, I thought wow how can that be? I actually found myself being attracted to the beautiful body and sexy get up she was wearing. She asked “Like what you see, come on I know you do your cock is as big as a house” “You little man do you want to touch me?” I did not answer but I actually did want to touch her beautiful ass and thighs I also wanted to feel that smooth body. I finally said yes. Fine she said “We are going to play a little game, you can touch any part of me as long as you kiss and lick it first” I was so excited so taken by her face, hair, thighs and ass that I lost control. Without a word I got on my knees and liked her thigh, I was besides myself but I had to feel those thighs. More she said, by now I was putty in her hands I licked her thighs with vigor. I went to touch my own cock as a reflex and from out of now where she hits my hand with a riding crop. “I will tell you when you can touch yourself, I will tell you if you may cum I will tell you everything you are going to do tonight” I realized she just was not transgender but that she was into B&D. Okay she said “you may touch my thighs since you licked them proper” I was in heaven touching her skin so smooth and clear. She cracked the crop against the floor and ordered me to stand with my hands behind my back. She then proceeded to tickle the bottom of my cock with the crop, my cock started to quiver and bob, Slap! went her hand across my face “You were going to cum you dirty little boy not so, did you forget already what I told you. She asked if I would like to touch her ass “yes” I said, she responded with well you know the rules. I got on my knees and started to lick and kiss her ass cheeks furiously, as I got near her love hole, I detected the scent of her musk, it made me loose all control” She was so clean and smelled so good that I tongued her love hole and the crack above. “She cooed with delight and called me a good boy. Again she ordered me to stand up.

Then it got crazy, she asked me if I were ever fucked in the ass I said no of course. She pulled me down by my hair and had me lick her stockings on her thighs again, this time in front near her cock. She then said, “If you want to cum tonight you will let me fuck you” With that she rubbed her cock all around my face. She ordered me to caress her cock, by now I was gone, I knew I was turned into a bi-sexual in one brief night. I wrapped my hand around her cock and it felt like a steel rod sheathed in velvet and silk. I actually liked it. Then I knew what was coming next, she ordered me to suck it. I refused and got up that’s when she shoved me back off my feet and on to her bed. She ordered me to turn my back toward her. She began to spank me with the riding crop. Not enough to cause bleeding or injury but enough to hurt. I actually started to enjoy it. She asked me if I would suck her cock now and I said yes. I got on my knees and she placed her cock in my mouth. The head of her cock was enormously fat and I felt it as it glided back and forth on my tongue. Surprisingly she did not cum. Instead she told me to get ready to have her cock in my ass. She made me get on all fours near the edge of the bed.

Next I feel her finger inside me applying some sort of oil. She enjoyed fingering my ass.
Next she grabbed my hips and penetrated me, I screamed with pain but she continued to penetrate. She started with slow strokes but long ones every time her huge cockhead passed my prostate I whimpered in delight. Soon her strokes became harder and stronger, I actually felt her cock grow bigger inside me. She screamed in pleasure and began to cum. It seemed like an eternity but she just kept shooting cum into me. I actually felt the girth of her cock expand and contract with each squirt of cum. My cock was aching, I became a faggot that night, I actually enjoyed the feeling of her spasms and felt the warm cum fill me inside. Eventually her cum seeped out of my ass and down the back of my thighs and ball sack. I actually knew now what a CD or TG feels when fucked.

She removed her cock and came around front. She proceeded to wipe her cock on my face, again I smelled her musk mingled with the smell of cum and I liked it.
She said the time had cum for my reward, I may cum anyway I desire. I actually chose to be wanked off by her. I loved her face so much I wanted to look into her eyes when I came. She left for a few seconds and came back wearing swayed gloves that went up to her elbow. I told her my wish to see her face and she was actually flattered. Emma had one of the most beautiful faces I have ever seen. She made me sit in her leather chair and ordered me to dangle each leg over the arms of the chair. Then while looking into my eyes she started to wank me. I kept telling Emma that I loved her and she would laugh and call me a filthy little faggot slut but I did not care. Her hands were so expert, she gently caressed my balls while wanking with the other hand. It was all to much, my ass was still leaking cum onto the leather and I felt it as I squirmed. The feel of the glove her beautiful face I exploded, my squirts of come shot out into violent hard blasts that were so powerful they landed 8 feet a way, 4,5,6, powerful spurts I was screaming in ecstasy.

When I was spent , Emma and I showered together. She held me tight on the couch and explained I should not be ashamed. She had broken dozens of straight men. She complimented me and then began to kiss and hold me. I felt like a young teenager.

I said my good byes and left Emma a changed man

If you liked this then remember check out https://xhamster.com/user/lossst NO STRAIGHT MEN please

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