Sister-in-law and Niece visit pt.VIII


Sister-in-law and Niece visit pt.VIIII know, I know. Its been a while.A lot of things were certain to me by know. First, and foremost, my cock had never been harder nor needed release more than it did at that moment. Second, I could absolutely be drunker! Thus, thirdly, my cock was going to have to wait.”I dare you to help me put your mom to bed”, I said, standing up slowly, stretching, giving this snowbird an unhindered, close-up view of my full-on fire hydrant.”What?” was all she managed for a reply, hints of sadness, regret, and perhaps even a twinge of relief seeped through her quietly screeched word. Up to this point she’d held herself together, but as I stood to the side of the tub, her gaze again locked on my dick as I put my shorts back on. In that one word I’d also heard the effects of grain spirits that we had been enjoying.This was fun, Shelley had been wasted for a while, and I was at the point where I knew I couldn’t drive, but could still function, still wanted to fuck, wasn’t slurring my words, etc. This girl, though, only know was showing the effects of alcohol. With that one word.”What?””She’s done” I noted to DanyAnne, pointing at her mother to her left, adrift, mumbling, close cropped but WIDE beaver in full display, floating proudly above her fat pussy. I called her softball türbanlı gümüşhane escort player hot, and she is, but that was a wide gap! “Come On” I said, walking around DanyAnne’s back, sitting on the side of the tub on Shelley’s right, my back up against the rough cedar wall, below the windows. I grabbed Shelleyss left arm and motioned to DanyAnne to do the same with her right. Together, with a little struggle, we managed to get her up and dried, wrapped up in clean sweats, and laid to bed on the long side of my sectional couch.I spoke of certainty, an assurance one has with oneself. There is no devil on one shoulder, angel on the other. Only the for sure, unequivocal knowledge that there will be a consequence, and I will damn my future self for the glory of this moment. Hallellujah. Sermon’s over.”Lets freshen our drinks and finish playing” I said. My timing was so perfect, she had just mentally committed to planting herself, baggy, wet, no longer so transparent clothing and all, on the short side of my sectional. It was the moment where she just started to lean that way when I spoke.she wavered! swooned once toward the couch, once back upright, almost faded back to the couch, then straightened up.She alarmed me with her smile. She let me türbanlı gümüşhane escort bayan know that she had weapons that complemented her naievity.All of the sudden, I am in the hall, at the door to the sunroom, facing DanyAnne in the living room, and she raise her hands to the roof, starts jumping just high enough and fast enough to make her little alpha cones jiggle rapidly, and dances into the kitchen, thumping reggae playing in the background now, and start rapping “Scotch and Bonghits they be bouncin my tits”.it was the hottest, cutest, most spontaneous thing I’d seen in forever. But it served in remind me that, besider her tits, Scotch and Bong hits. Yes.I joined her in the kitchen after retrieving my monster glass apparatus, the spartacus of lick-a-puss, the golden-glowing vase of a melted rainbow. My bong. And I had loaded it too. She was facing the counter, and turned to greet me with our drinks in her hand. Her smile, lips, blue eyes, and youth were bringing my cock back to life, but first things first, i told myself. I led her back into the sun-room, by now my shuffle had reached motown, and we sat on the wall-bench. I greedily drank my three fingers, with ice, and half of hers, as she leaned forward and I lit the bong türbanlı escort gümüşhane for her. Her method was traditional, yet experienced. She waved me off the flame far deeper into the hit than I could’ve, cleared all three feet of it, leaned back and held it. I drank the rest of her scotch and headed out of the room to refill them. I could hear her coughing all the way in the kitchen, where I filled up larger glasses, less ice for hers and none for mine, with the rest of the bottle.She was swaying, pie eyed for sure, when I got back. Resilient, Ill giver her that, too. When I entered she snapped back to sober-eyes glazed, grinning, but by no means was she fubared (where I assumed I would be in 35 to 45 minutes). I handed her the drink. “I’m not getting back in” I told her, grabbing the glass from between her legs and smoking the remaining bulk of the green bud in three deep, flame sparked hazy motions.She took a sip of her drink, then drank more. Then she drank quite a bit. after a minute, sort of gathering herself, “Let’s go play with my mom” she said, and I spit the last of my scotch, smokey, oaky, EXPENSIVE scotch, out onto the rippling surface of my hot tub.”No”, I said, lying to myself about what I would really like to do, but questioning how many felonies a single guy, tucked into the woods, really aughta commit in one sitting. The answer is obviously “As many you must” and I quickly forged a compromise in mind.”We can do that, but first we’re gonna dry each other off” I placed my bong against the wall, hopefully safe for the rest of the evening/morning. “And I have I Friend named Juan Valdez I want you to meet.My Friends, sorry for the wait, next chapter soon.

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