Sister-In-Law’s Tune-up

Big Tits

Sister-in-Laws Tune upby ReebThis story is about my very sexy and sultry sister-in-law, Deedee. Let me paint a picture of her beauty in your mind. She is in her early thirties, long beautiful dark black hair, dark complexion, dark brown eyes and a perfect heart shaped ass. Her boobs are a little small but very nicely shaped for a body that went through having two children. In my eyes, she reminds me of an Italian or Greek goddess who exhibits pure sensual sex. If I had to relate her to a sexy porn star, I’d say she reminds me of Angel Dark, except Dee has smaller breasts.A few months ago, her husband just packed up and left her for some blonde bimbo. She was devastated and was really down on herself. She could talk to her family, but she confided in me to reassure herself of her sexuality. We talked a lot and sometimes our conversations really got erotic and sexual. I found out a lot of her sexual preferences and turn-on’s. I told her I fantasized about her in red lingerie and told her I’d buy her some if she’d model them for me. We just laughed and I just thought I was helping her through her separation by making her feel attractive.I’m into cars a lot and have a garage where I do some work on the side. Deedee calls me one day and tells me she’s having some problems with her car as it’s not running right. We agree she was to bring her car to my garage on Friday night and I’d tune it up for her. She was going out with some friends while I worked on her car and would come back for it later. My heart pounded with excitement as several sexual fantasies istanbul travesti raced about through my mind. It always came back to Dee’s fantastic ass bouncing off my thighs as I drove my cock deep inside her from behind. On Thursday night I decided to go out and buy her something to help her get through being without a man. I went down to the local adult store and bought her this pink vibrator about 6 inches in length including the batteries. Friday night arrives and Deedee drops her car off at my garage around 7PM. She was wearing these sexy looking tight stone washed jeans, black blouse and a jean jacket. She really looked hot in this outfit. About 2 hours later, her friend dropped her off to pick up her car and her friend left. She came into the garage and we talked about her car, me describing how her spark plugs were fouled, all the while she was sitting on the edge of the hood of her car, I was picturing her naked as my cock was getting harder by the second. Our conversations always seemed to somehow turn to sex lately so I told her I had a gift for her. I pulled out the package and gave it to her as she was very surprised.She slowly opened the wrapping, laughed and blushed when she realized it was a vibrator. I told her it was something to hold her over until someone came into her life who could appreciate what they had. She just smiled, got up and came over to me and kissed me lightly on the lips. I’m not sure what came over me but I put my arms around her, grabbing her ass and pulled her tight. We just looked into each istanbul travestileri other’s eyes and then kissed as our tongues sensually chased each other. As we kissed, I caressed her ass cheeks and pulled her tight, grinding my hard shaft into her pussy. We again looked lustfully into each other’s eyes and we both knew what we wanted. “Holy fuck Dee, you are so hot!” I moaned out. “Please make love to me. I need to feel a hard cock inside me so bad, please Ron.” She begged softly. “It’s my pleasure gorgeous.” I said as I moved toward her car.I placed a blanket out of her car on the hood and moved her back so her ass sat lightly against the car. I slowly opened her blouse and to my surprise, I found this extremely sexy red-laced bra cupping her 34B tits. My cock was now hard as granite as I knew she purposely wore red lingerie for me. She removed her jean jacket as I unhooked the front of her bra exposing her breasts to my lusting eyes. The sight of her in a black long sleeved blouse, open to her waist with a bright red bra no longer holding her tits was pure beauty. Her nipples were standing out and swollen mounds on her orange sized breasts. I lowered my head and sucked on one nipple then the other, going back and forth. Her nipples were dark and very swollen as I rolled them between my lips. I took one nipple and raked my teeth across it as she shuddered with pleasure.As she leaned against the car, I slid down and undid her belt pulling her zipper down slowly anticipating her red-laced bottoms. I pulled her jeans down travesti and exposed these sheer red lace bikini bottoms, which I could see her black bush through. I slid her jeans down her tanned sexy legs and kissed the entire length of her legs, she slipped off her shoes and then her jeans. There she stood, opened blouse with her bra hanging down, tits exposed, in this sheer red bikini panties leaning on the hood of her car. I stood up, kissed her deeply and slid her up onto the hood of the car. She lay back as I worked on her nipples for a few seconds then moved down to her pussy. I mouthed and sucked her pussy through her bikini bottoms for a few minutes, teasing her. As I grabbed the elastic band of her bottoms, she lifted her ass off the car and I slid off her panties. Her pussy had thick black hair, which was neatly trimmed, but I will never forget the pure smell of sex from her cunt. She was so aroused and wet. I lowered my lips to her wet cunt and softly traced light licks up and down over her juice covered labia. Her hooded clit was swollen and pushing out from under its sheath. As my tongue touched it the first time, she drew in a sharp breath of air and moaned with pleasure. I gradually increased the pressure of my tongue as I licked her wet opening top to bottom. She was moaning out obscenities as I tasted her slick juices, covering my face. “Oh yes baby, that’s it, ummmmm, god yes, lick my pussy………………………” she moaned out loudly as I began to taste her juicy pussy. It drove me wild as I ate her pussy for nearly 10 minutes, bringing her close to orgasm 5 to 6 times. She was begging me to make her cum one minute, then next to never stop licking her. Her ass was bucking around as she threw her head from side to side in extreme pleasure. I then began working on her clit and she screamed.

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