I was raised in a strict household on the East Coast of the UK. I had 2 sisters a lot older than me however my 3rd sister was just 18 months older. The 2 older sisters had left home by the time my story started in the early to mid 60’s. Some say the swinging 60’s in Britain.I was just 16 when this all started and my sister still at home was almost 18.Being the only male in the house, as a little kid I was used to seeing my sisters walk around the house in various states of undress as they prepared to dress for work, go out with friends etc. going to and from the bathroom and bedroom. Being a little kid I guess they saw nothing strange in it and to be honest I just thought they looked funny in what I know now as suspender belts, stockings, bras, panties, putting on makeup etc. It all made me laugh but my how that was to change.At 16 I was developing my sexual ‘awareness’. I remember shoplifting girlie mags with their black her skirt and black lacey slip were almost at her waist and I had full view of her gorgeous red panties with the black heart on the crotch. Now I was getting roused. My God.. unnatural feelings for my sister but she just lay there almost purring like a cat.After a few minutes she told me she had seen my secret stash of shoplifted girlie mags. Oh no! I thought. She’ll tell my parents or friends … oh no! She just gave a little laugh and asked me why I needed magazines when she was around. I blushed asking what she meant at which she slowly stood up with her skirt high around her waist showing these gorgeous legs. She did a little twirl around so I could see her istanbul travesti sexy undies across her shapely bottom and then just stood in front of me her sexy crotch just 18ins. from my face. ‘Well .. what do you think?’ she said quietly. ‘You can say what you want, I won’t tell…’. Am I as sexy as the girls in the magazine?’ I was trembling and she knew it and clearly enjoyed the effect it was having on me.She sat down beside me again and started stroking my thigh very gently but ending very close to my very hard cock. She remarked that a lot of her friends thought I was becoming quite attractive and said she agreed I was quite good looking. She extended the thigh stroking to just start touching my hard cock but she said nothing. She asked me if I was a very good kisser to which I just gave a nervous giggle. She the said,’let’s see shall we’ and gently pulled my face towards her and with her mouth full open gave me a mind blowing kiss. Jeez! .. incredible. She pulled back briefly then started a full on kissing session with me, massaging my thigh and gently squeezing the cock beneath my trousers. I put my arms over to her and she responded by taking my right hand and placing it on her breasts. I was beside myself, it fealt incredible, I fealt like I was drunk and she just gently continued taking this lead. Needless to say it was all too much and within a minute or two I groaned and came in my trousers with a dark wet stain developing very quickly at my crotch. This time she giggled and said,’What a shame .. you’d better go and clean up’ Which is precisely istanbul travestileri what I did with my mind whirling. What had just happened???Similar episodes weren’t repeated however but in the following days my sister did not seem to care so much when getting ready to go out. By that I mean she was not so concerned about covering up in front of me; she just carried on as ‘though it were natural and often asked me to unzip the back of her skirt or buttons at the back of her blouse when getting undressed. Before going out she would ask me how she looked and for her birthday she asked me to give her the money for a low cut bra. When she bought the bra she took great delight in modelling it for me and her milky white breasts did look good. Even when I was alone watching TV she would come into the room to watch something like a rock band or some kind of news item; sometimes fully dressed but often in her undies. On these occasions my eyes were all over her and often she caught me and just giggled saying she knew what I was looking at… I just blushed.One particular Saturday she came home from work and after lunch said she was meeting friends in town. My parents were away for the weekend so it was just me and her in the house. She went to the bathroom to wash, make-up, change etc. After a while she called out for me to go upstairs to the bathroom which I duly did. There she was putting on her make-up but dressed in her short black lacey slip which just revealed the stocking tops of her American tan stockings. She was wearing black very high travesti stiletto heeled shoes and the low cut bra I had paid for. Her hair was done… all back combed high and her make up on .. lots of dark eye shadow and mascara as girls wore in the 60’s. She was looking in the mirror putting on a pearly pink lipstick and turning to me told me she had a date that afternoon and that she was using a new lipstick; she said that she wanted to test how well it stayed on. Because of that previous kissing session she said she wanted me to kiss her to see how well it stayed on. Nervously I agreed.She slowly walked towards me and gently holding either side of my neck she kissed me deeply after which she looked in the mirror at herself. She thought the lipstick seemed OK but then kissed me deeply again pushing herself into me. My hands slipped to her waist and then lower to her thighs. I could feel her through her slip, her stocking tops and panties. I started to respond with the kissing and before long we were exchanging passionate kisses with her rubbing herself into me and what was now my very hard cock. After several minutes of this she pulled back and said she thought the lipstick was fine and needed to continue getting ready. What happened next I can’t explain…Call it bravado, call it impulse, ravenous desire or possibly just confidence but in an instant I said to her, ‘Oh no you don’t!’ With that I took her by the hand and into my bedroom. She giggled asking what I was up to and with that I gently pushed her onto her back on my bed. As she lay there her slip raised I could see the crotch of her panties fully exposed, her stockings on her shapely legs, her stiletto heels and white breasts struggling to escape her bra. I was beside myself and lowered myself on top of her. She giggled but now a little nervously. I told her she was gorgeous even ‘though she was my sister.

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