Sisterly Love

Big Tits

This is my first story so don’t be too harsh any feedback is helpful.It all started a few months ago when I actually started looking at my sister.   That’s when I realized that she was hot!   She wasn’t a D-Cup bombshell with amazing curves but for a sixteen year old she was everything a guy could hope for…and that was exactly the problem.   She played a sport every season so her body was in great shape.   Her abs and legs were toned but perfectly so they weren’t too muscular but just perfectly defined.   She was petite maybe 5’ 4” and small boobs but they were perfectly proportioned.   Once I started noticing all of these things I couldn’t help but get hard.   I hated myself but I jacked off to her frequently.   Then it happened.   She came out of the bathroom one day with just a towel on, it slipped istanbul travesti and I saw one of her tits.   Her areola was probably an inch wide and a lot darker than her natural tan.   She quickly pulled up the towel and looked around to see if anyone was looking.   That’s when our eyes met; she turned her head and walked rapidly into her room.   For the next few weeks we pretended like it never, that is in public.   Privately, I had been pleasuring myself to the image of her in the hallway.   One night when I was wanking myself again she walked in on me.   I threw the blankets over me hoping she didn’t see anything but by the look in her eye I knew she had. “Jeez Kiera ever heard of knocking,” I shouted at her, as I tried to smooth down the crease my rock-solid cock was making. “Sorry,” istanbul travestileri she said with a sly grin.   She plopped down on my bed smoothing out the wrinkle on her miniskirt that only reached up mid-thigh on her. “I’ve never seen a cock before,” she burst out all of a sudden. “Ok, why do I care?” “Oh, come on Eric.   I know what you were doing.” With a wince I said, “What’s it gonna take to keep you quiet.” “Oh, I have something in mind,” she said.   She stroked her hand up my thigh and right across my cock.   I almost burst when she did that. “Well aren’t you a big boy,” she said with a grin, as she walked out of the room.   I sat in my room stunned at what had just happened.   Things went on as normal for awhile until one day my sister said, “It’s time to pay your debt. travesti istanbul   This Saturday when the parents are away wait in your room at 1:00 p.m. for payback.” That Saturday I did what my sister told me.   I sat in my room with jeans and a t-shirt on and I waited.   A few minutes later a girl from my sister’s basketball team named Sarah came in.   She was wearing tight little short shorts and a tank top that barely held in her nice C-cups.   Then Kiera walked in and I almost blew a load in my pants.   She was wearing a red lacy bra with nothing else on but a tiny thong that gave me a perfect view of her cunt.   I tried to keep my cock soft because she was my sister and I knew I shouldn’t be getting hard.   It was too late, though, as my cock burst into a steel rod leaving a noticeable bulge down the side of my jeans.   My sister swung her hips as she walked right over to me and my dick got harder than I thought possible. “So, what do you want me to do?” I asked, trying to sound calm as my heart pounded its way out of my chest.

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