slave of orcs.


slave of orcs.CHAPTER ONEThe wagon wheels churned the dust, saturating the warm spring air. The dust was everywhere. It obscured Gillian’s vision as she watched the last rays of sun peek over the nearest mountain range before they disappeared and cast everything into semi-darkness. During the day, she had welcomed the sight of random patches of yellowed grass because they had broken the monotony of the dust, but the day had been so hot. In the gathering darkness, she relished the soothing sensation provided by the cooled breeze. It was like having an ice cube melt on her skin after incurring a bad burn. Catching a second wind, she picked up her gait to keep pace with the caravan and continued to move steadily onward.She had paid for the privilege to travel with the caravan; however, she had not had much to spare, so she walked alongside the wagons instead of rode in them. It really had not even mattered to Gillian where the caravan was headed. The only thing that mattered was that she had finally made the decision to strike out on her own to escape her previous life. That is, her parents had been swindlers. They had made a living out of ripping people off, pick pocketing, and generally taking whatever they could lay their hands on. Every so often, their deception had been discovered too soon—before they had a chance to skip town—and so they were always just managing to evade arrest. Gillian did not think their luck would last forever and she had wanted out before the law caught up with them and took her down too.Her drunken mother had made it easier for Gillian to leave. If she ever so much as looked at her mother the wrong way, by the end of the night, Gillian would have a swollen cheek, a bloody nose, and a little less self-esteem. But now that she was of age, the last time her mother had struck her had truly been the last. Gillian had put up with her mother’s slurs her entire life. Slurs that pierced deeper than her mother’s fists could ever penetrate. But no more.Before leaving, Gillian had had the presence of mind to grab a few items of clothing and to snatch all the coin her parents had acquired, but had somehow managed not to spend. She knew she had left her parents in a sorry state, but it was gratifying considering all that her parents had put her through. She only wished she had thought to take some food with her. After paying her fare, she had little money left to speak of and she was quickly learning that folk in the caravan did not readily warm to strangers.Gillian’s bitter reminiscence was cut short when the caravan guards gave the order to begin setting camp for the evening. On either side of her, torches were lit, tents began to be unloaded, and canopies were tied to the sides of some of the wagons. Gillian was trying to choose a spot to bed down for the night where she would not be m*****ed when she heard a horn sound in the distance. The sudden blast was repeated and then punctuated by a roar. A second later, several other roars answered the first.Fear snaked through Gillian. It slithered up her spine and out through her fingers. It felt as if her mother had caught up with her and was about to dispense Gillian’s punishment for leaving them. With apprehension, she watched as the guards drew their swords and raised their shields. Then the sound of drums rose from the darkness and added to the cacophony.The first creature ran at one of the guards but was promptly dispatched with a sword through his belly. The gush of blood that spurted from his body looked almost black in the torchlight. Then more figures appeared from the shadows and fell against the guards like ocean waves crashing against cliffs. Every creature that came forth was repelled and stabbed. Arrows punctured their shoulders and shields bashed their skulls. But the brutish creatures remained undaunted and continued their assault on the guards until the dirt was rich with their blood.The caravan did not have a lot of guards hired to protect it, but Gillian could tell that each guard had seen their share of battle. Based on their skill, she guessed it was not the first time they had had to protect a caravan from these creatures.Gillian crouched behind a wagon and peered into the chaos. She could not see clearly as dust had further clouded the air due to kicking feet and newly-made corpses hitting the ground. She now saw that some guards also lay s**ttered and still amongst the bodies of the creatures. They lay twisted and strange, having been cleaved with axes or stuck with spears. But more creatures kept running and leaping from the dust and the darkness.All around, she heard the clangs of axe against shield and sword, and the squishing noise of blunt objects pummeling into flesh. Everywhere bodies were torn and blood-spattered and still there were the roars—the roars that stole bravery only to replace it with a lurching fear of death.The battle continued for what seemed like hours, but in actuality, could not have lasted for longer than twenty minutes. Eventually the roars quieted and new attackers failed to materialize. The pandemonium yielded to the relative silence of wind and dust. But the silence did not bring back the calm.Gillian was still shaken even after the sun had passed four times since the attack. It occurred to her that, before embarking on her journey, she had heard rumors of caravans being attacked by hulking b**st men called Orcs. The rumors spoke of how they would kill every last person and ransack what remained. But such ideas had been frivolous in Gillian’s world. She had been lost in a c***dhood made of her mother’s fists and spite, her father’s disregard. Even had she taken the rumors seriously, Gillian realized she would have made the same decision to leave. The chance to earn a new life had just been too great an opportunity to ignore.As she followed the wagon-worn path, she noticed one of the lookouts near the front signaling the group. Gillian’s eyes squinted against the setting sun in an effort to distinguish what the guard had seen ahead: it appeared there were cliffs in the distance jutting forth from the mountainside. As the caravan grew nearer, she caught sight of a narrow passage that led within the jagged walls of one of the cliffs—a channel that looked just wide enough for the wagons to pass through in single file. She noticed that the passage itself was somewhat hidden and protected. Dead trees stood framing the entrance, evoking large skeleton hands; their white bark looked like weathered bone, picked clean and cracked.Upon further inspection, Gillian noticed that the passage opened into a room of rock. It was as if the room had been scooped from the mountainside with an enormous hand. There was no ceiling, just walls that stretched high toward the darkening sky. From Gillian’s vantage, she imagined that if a bird flying directly toward the cliffs saw the entrance and the room behind it from above, the room would be in the shape of a half circle—like the sun falling behind the horizon. She imagined the room must be large enough to house a small army. The boulders and crags surrounding the entrance would provide much needed shelter. This was where they would make camp for the night.Gillian awoke in a cold sweat, distressed by yet another nightmare. She had seen the wooden paddle in her mother’s fist grow larger in her vision as it slammed into her cheek, only to vanish into nothing but air. The black of night now filled her sight instead, affecting for her a sort of pseudo blindness, while the moisture that hung in the air further dampened and chilled her skin. The camp was quiet as everyone took full advantage of their rest after enduring the previous day’s grueling pace. The guards had pushed everyone hard in an attempt to subvert another attack by reaching the safety of the cavern. Gillian had even discovered through eavesdropping that the rock room had been used by some of the guards while providing protection for other caravans.Sitting in the darkness, Gillian had to remind herself that she felt safe within the rock walls with the wagons circled around. It was the first night within the passage and the first night that Gillian felt relatively secure since the attack. But it seemed even here she could not escape from her mother completely. Even exhaustion was not enough to ward off the nightmares. Rather, it seemed the opposite was true—that being exhausted made her even more susceptible to experiencing the vicious dreams. Reticent to close her eyes and return to her mother, Gillian fought to stay awake and to distract herself with thoughts of the present instead.It was then that she heard rustling in the dry shrubs just outside the entrance. At first Gillian thought the wind had picked up, but then the disturbance was coupled with the sound of crunching grass and the snap of a brittle twig. Some a****l was outside the wall—a boar or a coyote, maybe. A bear? Then the thought of those creatures coming back for them entered her mind. Please let it be a bear. The sound of heavy feet hitting the hard-packed earth outside the passage caused her to nearly stop breathing. But she sighed in relief when she heard the deep pant of what must surely be a bear. She thought the bear must be curious about the new scents in his territory, or perhaps he was just scrounging for berries.Out of nowhere, a pebble fell from above, bounced off the wall, and landed right next to Gillian’s head. Another plopped on the ground near the closest wagon. It was then that Gillian felt the first icy tendrils of doubt and foreboding course through her veins. Pebbles began to slide and to break from the walls all around. They echoed as they bounced off the embankment, falling like rain drops to wedge in the dirt. Then the sound of a fluid being poured on the ground outside the camp further toyed with Gillian’s anxiety. A moment later, an orange glow and a searing heat enveloped the entrance. People startled awake as fingers of flame crept up the walls of the cliff. Even the skeleton trees outside were blazing, like burning hands of a demon.She knew they were trapped, but not everyone else had reached that conclusion yet. Some people ran around in confusion, desperately searching for an escape. Others chose to huddle behind their wagons and in their tents. Gillian saw her own terror mirrored in the face of a man crouching a foot away from her.“They’ve come back for us.” The man looked crazed, his eyes darting around seeing everything and nothing. “We’re all gonna die!”Gillian stared in horror as an arrow tip popped through the man’s chin. It splayed his throat wide and spattered the dirt with his hot blood. Gillian followed the path the arrow had taken and caught sight of a ring of the creatures, braced high above on the ridge, raining arrows and spears down upon the camp. She watched in a daze as the fire caused their shadows to jump and dance like devils against the rock walls behind them. Her body numb, she could not seem to make herself move.CHAPTER TWOGillian took in the scene as she became the center of a macabre masterpiece; the blood of her traveling companions painted the tents, wagons, and rocks all around her. As she surveyed the carnage, it gradually registered in her mind that the arrows were not random as she had first assumed. Instead, from the number of skewered guards, she gathered that the shots were focused and precise.Gillian snapped back to the present and ducked inside the nearest tent. Hearing the guards and the men scream in agony as their bodies were gored intensified her dread as she cowered beneath the thin canvas. Then the roars issued forth, bellowing rich and deep. They filled the cavern and sent chills down Gillian’s spine. She knew the ambush had escalated into a battle when she finally heard the dissonance of weapons clanging against one another. The b**st men gathered and got louder outside the tent. Gillian was surprised there was anyone left to fight them.Then a spear shot through the canvas sheeting of the tent and pierced the ground next to Gillian’s left knee. The spear had sunk in deep, but with some effort, she managed to pry it loose from the dirt. Shaking slightly, she held the pointy end toward the tent flap. Spear in hand, she told herself she was a viper poised to strike its prey dead. Her heart was pounding inside her chest, but she fought to maintain control of her mind. She kept her plan simple: stick anything that comes at you.Gillian’s hands strangled the spear as a shape came hurtling toward the tent—a shape that was far too large to belong to a human. With each step, the footfalls grew heavier as the monster closed in on her. Rage seared through Gillian’s body, heating her blood. She yelled as loud as she could as the b**st tore into the tent. But it stopped dead short as she jabbed forward and stuck the creature in its chest. The spear jutted through its back and out the other side. In shock, the thing released a screeching, guttural howl and Gillian could see jagged teeth and dual tusks protruding past its lower jaw. She watched as drool seeped from its lips and dribbled down onto the spear. Then she noticed a copper smell that swelled and filled the air within the tent.The creature reached for her. Its large hands tried to grab at her and pull her close. Blood squirted from its back and spilled from its chest as it struggled. Through sheer will, the creature managed to slide its body farther down the spear, closer to Gillian. Despite its injury, she knew she would not last if the creature managed to lock her in its grasp. Her eyes searched for anything she could use against her attacker.As she hunted for a make-shift weapon, a guard fell through the wall of the tent. He lay at Gillian’s feet twitching and choking. She noticed an arrow was lodged in his neck and immediately knew that he was not long for life. Then her sight rested on his sword, still grasped in his hand. Bracing the spear with her left arm, she reached for the guard’s sword with her right and pulled it toward herself. Then, with all the force she could muster, Gillian drove the sword into the b**st’s eye, puncturing through to the other side of its skull. Finally spent, the brute’s head and arms went limp and dangled as she shoved its body to the ground with the spear still protruding.Gillian became detached from her surroundings as she gazed at the creature lying before her. Her hands still shaking, she struggled to hold the sword steady as it dripped with the blood of her fallen adversary. She examined the corpse: gray skin, pointed ears, solid muscles; it was larger than any human. It had greasy black hair and dark eyes with pupils like elongated diamonds. She had never seen anything like it. She was captivated by the body she had delivered to death.In spite of herself, her attention was drawn back to the brute’s muscles. She was completely awed by them. Gillian thought they looked as if they could have been hewn from steel. She considered how powerful this creature must have been and decided to count herself blessed that she had been lucky enough to surprise him with her spear.Gillian stood and stepped over the body to lift the flap and peek outside. More b**st men, armed with axes and hammers, were now entering the camp by leaping through the fire at the entrance. One of them stood out amongst the rest because he was so much larger than the others. His roars were deep and they reverberated off of the surrounding rock walls. Gillian saw that he wore no chest or shoulder armor and thought he must be confident in his ability to avoid injury. Either that or he did it to inspire fear in his enemies.She marveled at how his chest bulged with meaty muscle, and at the red and white war paint that covered his flat stomach and traced paths up around his nipples. As he fought, she watched as a thin sheen of sweat polished his skin. Gillian thought he clearly thrived on the frenetic energy of battle as he looked to be entirely within his element. She could not help but notice how a few drops of his sweat slid down his bare chest and wet a curling trail of hair that led down past his heavy belt.Gillian sucked in her breath. She lowered the tent flap and closed her eyes, but she could not seem to shed the arousal she had experienced. Peeking through the flap a second time,she allowed her eyes to explore the b**st man again and her legs quivered in response.His hair was dark and unkempt and it lay wild around his shoulders and fell down his back in a mane. She noticed that his war paint also marked his gray face. It lined his eyes and spattered his squished nose. Then she saw him snarl. Her attention now drawn to his mouth, she saw that the canine teeth in his lower jaw were large enough to graze his upper lip. She absently touched her fingertips to her own lips.Gillian stood transfixed as he gripped the necks of two guards, one in each hand with his arms outstretched and the guards’ feet dangling. Another guard was latched around his neck and thrashing while trying to strangle him. Gillian admired his calm. She could not look away as his biceps tensed and he squeezed the necks of both the guards. The snapping sound that preceded the loll of their heads seemed to echo off the walls and to hang in the air.Without missing a beat, he then threw both bodies to the ground and bucked his head back into the third guard’s face. His slick hair followed the path of his head. Then, in one sweeping movement, he grabbed a fallen axe from the ground, turned and plucked the third guard up by his armor, and brought the axe blade crashing into the guard’s skull. The sudden blow froze the guard’s last expression into one of surprise as his blood spilled unhindered from his head, eyes, and mouth.Her eyes wide, Gillian watched the b**st man dump the guard’s limp body with the previous two, forming a small pile made of the guard and his fallen comrades. Then the b**st raised his fists toward the sky and bellowed, reveling in his victory.Gillian broke from her trance to discover that a garden of corpses now decorated the cavern. Severed limbs like weeds were s**ttered here and there. With the guards and the men mostly slain, she contemplated the odds of escaping, but saw that the flames at the entrance still licked up higher than she stood tall with no end to their fervor. An occasional arrow or spear still rained down from the ridge, but she could tell the deluge was nearly spent.As Gillian scanned the human debris for survivors, a horrifying realization began to dawn on her: the women were still alive. To have survived the onslaught, they would have had to have been deliberately avoided as targets. She saw that women were being herded and bound in a group on the far wall and her fears were confirmed.The din of battle had died down as Gillian hesitantly stepped from the torn tent. It was useless to hide. She could hear the screams of women who were discovered in the tents and wagons and watched as they were d**g away, some by their hair. It seemed the b**st men had little patience for hide and seek. She knew those women were only prolonging the inevitable.Gillian waited to be rounded up with the others. She listened as the last agonizing whimpers of the men were silenced with axes as the creatures walked amongst the dead and dying. Doubt once again gripped her and despair weakened her legs. She remembered that she still clutched the sword in her right hand and so she leaned on it for support. The gravity of the situation was beginning to sink in when she felt something wrench her arm. Instantly fueled by panic, she twisted around and brought her sword, as an extension of her arm, to bear against whatever it was that had grabbed her.A gray hand caught her sword by the blade, causing a trickle of blood to drip down the attached arm. There was anger in the resultant growl and it sent shivers through Gillian’s chest. She watched as the gray-skinned creature jerked the sword out of her grasp and threw it aside. He then latched onto her arm and turned so abruptly to head toward where the other women were being kept that Gillian trailed behind and even tripped over her feet to keep pace with him. Every time she stumbled, he yanked her with increasing irritation and force. Gillian’s breathing quickened with fear at the rough treatment and she worried that this was just a taste of what was to come.Crossing the enclosure, the grayskin pulled Gillian through mud thick with the blood and remains of the fallen guards and men. He did not permit her to slow as they passed the lifeless forms, but she twisted to look despite him. They had all been strangers to her. As Gillian grew closer to the far wall, she could hear that some women were quietly weeping while others were openly wailing, but Gillian’s eyes remained dry. She reminded herself that the men had died trying to protect the caravan and that meant they had also died trying to protect her. She mentally gathered the snatches of faces that she had seen and decided to commit them to memory. It was the least she could do.At the far wall, the grayskin shoved Gillian in with the other women. They were being bound by their hands and gathered into groups of six to eight with a separate length of rope for each group. Then they sat tethered, each woman linked to another in a chain. When Gillian’s turn came, the moment the rope met her skin she knew immediately that the prickly texture would rub her skin raw if she struggled. Her wrists secured, she was then joined to a line of six other women. Sitting in the group, she could feel the lustful eyes of the orcs appreciating her assets and she struggled not to crumble under the weight of the attention.Her thoughts were interrupted when the grayskin from before drew near. Gillian recognized the red and white paint trailing around his pectoral muscles. As he moved through the crowd, his companions gave way. He halted when he stood facing the spoils of the ambush. Unable to take her eyes from him, she watched his lips as a sneer formed when he observed the other women.“Unimpressive. Is this all we got?”As he said it, his eyes locked onto Gillian and never left. Yellow, panther-like eyes pierced into her and held her captive in his gaze. It felt as if he could peer into her soul and see all of her secrets. The quiver in her legs returned, and embarrassed, she dropped her eyes to the ground. When she dared to look back up, she caught him exploring her body all the way down to her ankles, then to her face again. So direct was his gaze that her undergarments became damp. He grunted as if in response and her chest fluttered. Having forgotten to breathe, she inhaled.The painted grayskin kept his eyes on Gillian while another of the b**sts addressed the group of women in a voice that sounded more bear-like than man: “As long as you obey, we will not kill you. If you try to run, you will regret it. Do not become more trouble than you are worth.”Then Gillian saw strips of leather being lowered over the eyes of the other women. She searched frantically for the one who had looked into her but he had disappeared—he was nowhere. The crowd was cheering and their roars clamored against the walls. Then a cover slipped over her eyes and all went black. There was nothing but the din, the discomfort of the rope, and a musky, wild scent of bear or man that combined with the heavy, metallic smell of the wasted caravan.CHAPTER THREEGillian trudged along rugged terrain. The blindfold she wore was so tight it felt as if creases would be left on her cheeks if it ever came off. When it came off. The mask was beginning to feel like a second skin. As she speculated about where the orcs were taking her, she struggled to place her feet carefully one after the other. Occasionally she would trip over the uneven ground or an unexpected boulder. Every time she tripped, the orc that held her lead would pull firmly on the rope and yell at her to pick her feet up. It seemed to Gillian that they had been traveling for miles. Her feet would not stop throbbing and every so often her legs would spasm. Blisters had even formed on her toes and on the soles of her feet; they rubbed painfully with every step she took.Every now and then one of the orcs would get close to Gillian as she walked. The one currently next to her was close enough for her to feel his hot breath on her skin. She heard a sharp intake of air and knew he had found her scent. Then out of nowhere, his hand grabbed her bottom and squeezed. Alarmed, she twisted and squirmed out of his grasp while she struggled not to lose her footing.“Keep moving!” The orc leading Gillian yanked extra hard on the rope and caused the binding around her wrists to tighten and burn. The injustice of it reminded her of her parents and she kicked the ground. She did not want to think of them. Instead, she decided to lose herself in her own footfalls as they beat an uneven rhythm in the dirt.Over time, the parched earth Gillian trampled gave way to dew-covered grass. The soft blades brushed against her skin and tickled her calves. Even the air around her moistened by degrees. It condensed and dampened her blindfold. Little by little, she could feel the cool comfort of this new climate ease away some of her tension. She thought if she could lose herself in her new surroundings, she could almost leave the women, thoughts of her mother, and the b**st men all behind.Then Gillian ran into the woman in front of her and discovered that everyone’s progress had come to a grinding halt. Disquiet settled around her as the tension returned. Have we arrived? She turned her head toward the sound of footsteps as they grew heavier the closer they came. Suddenly her blindfold was removed and a bright light flooded her vision. It burned into her eyes and sent a dull pain chasing around inside her skull. She sealed her eyes shut to block out the pain and shaded them with her hands until her vision could adjust.Finally daring a peek, she began to take in the lushness of her environment. There was nothing but green as far as her eyes could see. No skeleton trees, no dry shrubs. She had never dreamed of such beauty and almost forgot that she was a captive until her guard barked an order.“We eat then we press on!”Although still linked with the rest of her group, when given the opportunity to sit, Gillian welcomed it and settled onto a carpet of soft moss. From there, she openly observed the grayskins. When she saw them removing large bird carcasses from woven sacks, she realized they must have been hunting as they traveled. She watched as some of the b**st men separated themselves into work details.To her surprise, Gillian found that she was impressed by the level of cooperation she saw between the gray-skinned orcs. Some orcs felled trees and chopped the wood into kindling, while others made the pits and got the fires started. Still others loaded the meat onto skewers and began to roast it over the fires, turning the meat at regular intervals. It seemed all of them had a role and performed it without question.In no time, the orcs had several fires smoking pounds of meat and they made it look seamless. Once cooked, the meat was divvied and distributed first amongst the orcs (and more to some than others from the looks of it). Gillian watched as every leg, wing, and breast claimed was ripped and shredded by jagged teeth and large tusks. The grayskins ate like starving wolves biting into their first catch after suffering a hard winter.A smaller orc caught Gillian’s attention. He had snatched some extra meat even though he already had plenty. Then a larger b**st snagged it from him with a heavy back-handed blow to the smaller orc’s face. The smaller orc was thrown back a good two feet and decided not to push his luck. He backed away from the larger orc and went to sit by himself near a tree stump. So the bigger ones get more privileges. It occurred to Gillian that the information might later prove useful. She stored it away in her memory before turning her attention toward the women surrounding her.Some of the women were still crying and others were scowling, but many just looked dazed with their heads bowed and their stares fixed on the grass. Without exception, they looked exhausted and were covered in dirt. No one smiled. Gillian did not need a mirror to know that she fit right in with them. She told herself that the sooner she accepted this was her life, the sooner she could find a way to improve it.“Does anyone know where they’re taking us?”The question had been whispered by a girl that looked similar in age to Gillian. She looked as if she was fresh out of her family’s home, like Gillian, but she seemed more innocent for having lived the same eighteen years or so.“Anyone?”Reluctantly, Gillian answered. “No.”Still tethered to the line, the girl did her best to scoot closer so she could sit near Gillian. Gillian’s eyebrows lifted. She immediately regretted having spoken to the girl and told herself that she probably would have sat next to anyone who had responded.“Do you think anyone will come for us?”Gillian sighed. “I hope so.”“What are they going to do to us? Why keep us alive like this?”Gillian’s mind responded but nothing crossed her lips. Her voice had been silenced by her fear. She thought the manner in which the b**sts had handled her was evidence enough of what to expect from them, but she was not about to share her suspicions with this girl. Maybe she hasn’t been touched yet.“I don’t know what to do.”Gillian shook her head. “Try not to think about it.”The girl seemed to pick up on the finality in Gillian’s tone and she remained quiet for a while. Then, seeing that no one else wanted to talk, she tried again. “My name’s Trish. What’s yours?”Gillian took a deep breath and looked into the girls face a second time. Other than her small frame, she was Gillian’s opposite through and through. She had a light dusting of freckles across her nose, sun-kissed blonde hair, and the widest blue eyes Gillian had ever seen. Gillian knew the girl would have a load of trouble in store for her, yet she seemed so hopeful in spite of her predicament. She decided to take pity on her. “It’s Gillian.”Trish smiled. Apparently comforted to have made a friend, she sat quietly next to Gillian and they shared a silence with one another like a secret all their own.Not much later, one of the grayskins approached holding a burlap sack. When he stood near, he dropped the sack at Gillian’s feet. The savory smell of roasted bird tugged at her senses. Feeling Escort her stomach rumble, she realized she had not eaten since yesterday’s dinner in the camp.“Eat.”The women eyed the orc as he made his retreat. Once he was far enough away that he could not snatch the offering back, a number of women dug into the sack and wrenched out pieces of the meat. With furtive glances toward the orcs, they consumed the food with more civility than the b**sts around them.“At least it’s cooked.”Gillian was beginning to appreciate Trish’s optimism. Such things did not come easily to Gillian. Her previous life had taught her that optimism just left room for disappointment.She turned her attention back to the food. Despite her hunger, Gillian could not bring herself to eat. Her stomach wrestled with her head. Some nights, after her mother had knocked her around maybe a little more than usual, she did not eat for the desire would depart her. Only days later, when the need finally overtook her lack of interest for the food, would she force some cold porridge down her throat. She was still struggling with her decision when she noticed that Trish had stopped eating and was sitting watching her.“You should eat. Who knows when we’ll stop again or how much longer we’ll be walking.”Gillian gave Trish a sort of half smile and rummaged around in the sack. It was not as if she could just recapture her desire for food and force it back into her body. She knew from experience that it was a process for her to reclaim some modicum of emotional balance and it usually took time. Worrying her fingers at the frayed edges of the burlap sack, she looked around for a distraction.It was then that Gillian noticed one of the grayskins was staring at her as he ate. She could not help but wonder how long he had been studying her. She returned his gaze as he chewed his meat, his eyes never leaving hers. As he took another chunk of his meal, he tore into it like a predator savoring the spoils of a fresh kill. Unease crept through her once more. She watched as he rose, with the meat still clasped firmly in his hand, and approached her with determination. As he closed the gap between them, she recognized the red war paint on his face and chest, the hard muscles that seemed to flex as he grew near. His distinctive yellow eyes with their diamond-shaped pupils were unmistakable.Gillian’s unease faded and was replaced with curiosity. When the grayskin was standing right in front of her, he stepped over the other women, kneeled at her side, and stared into her with his penetrating eyes. She was not sure if it was anger she saw in them or craving. The thought sent tremors through her chest and shoulders. He chomped another bite out of his food while eyeing her over. Then he raised the drumstick and held it a few inches in front of her lips in offering. She knew that with each bite he had marked the meat with his saliva, but her hunger had suddenly become so heavy that it did not matter.Gillian’s mouth watered. She could see that the meat dripped with juice and she yearned to taste all of it. Her hands still bound, her fingernails raked her left thigh; all of a sudden she could barely hold herself back. She stared at the temptation held in the grayskin’s fist, then looked up into his wolfish eyes. He still wore the same look and she realized he was daring her to take a bite. He wanted her to partake of a meal that was rightfully his—a meal that he had the power to give or take from her as he saw fit.Her eyes on his, she accepted his challenge. She pulled her lips back and sank her teeth into the offering, letting the juice from the roast run down her chin. Breathing hard, her eyes closed and her head fell back as she chewed the meat. She felt an almost immediate alleviation of the ache that her hunger had left within her.Pleased, the grayskin turned the drumstick to offer Gillian access to more. With each bite she took, she knew she was trading something to him in return—a promise perhaps—but she did not care. She was consumed by hunger and felt as if she could not get enough. She wildly bit down again and again until only scraps of meat hung from the bone.A little while later Gillian realized that, in her zeal, she had finished the offering too soon. She sat back on her heels in disappointment. Then, looking around her, she felt a sudden twinge of embarrassment when she realized that she had eaten with such abandon in front of so many strangers.Appraising Gillian with a look of satisfaction, the grayskin stood and walked back to where he had been sitting.Without taking his eyes from her, he reclined and proceeded to finish the rest of his feast.Gillian looked at her hands. Hunger had unexpectedly scorched her insides like fire burns through paper. She reached for the burlap sack and lay claim to a remaining breast and wing. This time she ate her food with awkward, measured bites. But as she ate, she discovered that these pieces did not satisfy her in the same way that eating the grayskin’s meal had. She closed her eyes as she ate and imagined that he was still kneeling next to her, that he was still feeding her.In no time Gillian’s hunger was satiated. She looked down at the wing she still held and grudgingly returned it to the sack. In consolation, she sat licking the juice from her fingers and turned her focus once more toward the painted grayskin.She found that his stare lingered while his meal did not. Gillian averted her eyes but discovered that, even while looking away, she could feel the weight of his gaze upon her. Somehow his attention was becoming comfortable, like a shield. Everything was going to be ok. She had told herself that when she had first left her parents, but this was the first time she began to believe it.Despite that Gillian was still bound and linked, she felt a little less afraid when the orc holding her lead urged her to stand. All around, she could see the orcs were breaking their temporary camp and readying the group to move on. Using their weapons, they spread dirt across the fires and killed the flames. She watched the uneaten meat get discarded into the grass, but she already knew it would not go to waste. In roughly ten minutes, the party was set to leave.The orcs holding the ropes approached the women and began to cover their eyes with the leather. Soon, a grayskin approached Gillian and a blindfold again switched the daylight to an artificial night. The smell of the pigskin returned and the knot was secure against her hair when she felt a tug and was compelled forward by her wrists. As she again placed one foot in front of the other, it occurred to her that this time it would be easier to trip over grass rather than rocks and twigs.CHAPTER FOURGillian could smell smoke on the wind as it mussed her hair and caressed her cheeks. The moisture in the air had not changed, but the temperature had dropped. She thought either the weather had gotten a little worse or the sun was descending. Either way, she realized her mind had escaped in pockets of time so that she had not felt the full impact of walking the entire day. But now she noticed the feeling of wet grass against her calves had vanished, and she seemed to be heading toward a deep rumbling noise that grew louder the closer she came. With each step, she felt her chest grow tense with apprehension.Finally Gillian felt the lead go slack and she came to a halt in what she assumed was a clearing. From above, she heard another horn blast and an orc’s gruff voice shout, “Open the gates!”Gillian heard metal hinges creak and felt a gust of heated air blow into her face as heavy wooden doors swung open before her. She was again tugged forward. The smell of burning wood was stronger here and it mingled with the scent of sweat. She could feel a tide of muscled bodies jostling around her and knew she was surrounded by grayskins. A mixture of cackles, grunts, cheers, and heavy breathing engulfed her. Large hands grabbed at her limbs and torso. Different faces—some pointed, others stubby—pressed against her neck and her hair as she felt these strangers take in her scent.Her body seemed to betray her then as adrenaline began to course through her veins. It caused her to tremble uncontrollably. For a moment, she considered the possibility that she might be the only woman in a sea of orcs. The thought terrified her. She knew what was about to happen and wanted as little attention on her as possible. Then she heard the crowd hush as the massive voice of an orc to her right rose above the din.“My brothers! I, Gomdrok Thundereye, and my raiding party have returned with women!”Roars and cheers erupted everywhere at once and Gillian was shoved back to make room for Gomdrok as he swept through to the center of the crowd. There, he continued.“It has been long since clan Deathfang took our females and murdered them: the coward’s way to wipe out any rival clan. They thought they could destroy us by ensuring we have no offspring. They thought we would grow old and our clan—our future—would die with us. But today, we spit on their graves. We will cheat death with this prize!”Gillian tried to slow the pounding of her heart as more cheers radiated through the gathering and crashed against the walls of the enclosure. Gomdrok was building the orcs to a frenzy. She could hear him beat his fists on his chest plate as he bellowed above the crowd.“Now brothers! Let us partake in the spoils of our raid!”The volume of the crowd swelled and surged forth to break against all reason. Any creature for miles would flee from the cries of these b**sts, yet Gillian could not. With the leather still covering her eyes, all she had was the sound. The roars resonated throughout her perception and deafened everything until she could barely think. Unable to cover her ears with her hands, still bound and sore from the ropes, she tucked one of her ears down to her shoulder in an effort to shelter it.But she could not hide from the sounds of her companions. Their cries and whimpers found her ears through the flood of orc voices and reminded her that she was not alone. But no sooner had Gillian begun to feel tied to these women through their shared experience, but they were taken from her. As each was claimed, it was as if they were being whisked away by giant birds in every direction, their cries growing distant as they disappeared. Others remained and she heard their garments being wrenched and torn from their bodies and imagined giant talons shredding their clothing as easily as a knife slices through butter.It’s happening.With her eyes still covered by the blindfold, Gillian could almost imagine she was invisible. She huddled close to the ground and listened to the deep inhales and vigorous exhales of the women. It occurred to her that she could not tell if these were sounds of fear, weeping…or pleasure. The strangeness of the thought captured her attention and then overpowered her to the point of obsession. She had to see what was going on around her.In an attempt to loosen her blindfold, she shook her head. In the process she also managed to shake her torso—a feat she would have been unable to accomplish if the rope was still secured as tightly as it had been before. She tugged at her binding and discovered little resistance.Hope replaced her fear as she lifted her bound wrists to her face. She inched a finger under her blindfold and scooted the leather strip upward. It clung to the imprint it had made on her face from wearing it for most of the day, but she managed to free one eye from the cover and expose it to the light of the fires.In the glow, she could barely make out the pale skin of one of the women. She was on her hands and knees in the dirt of the clearing and her clothing hung from her shoulders and hips in long, tattered strips. Gillian saw that the woman’s eyes were scrunched tightly closed and her teeth were bared as a hefty orc gripped her by the hips and thrust his pelvis into her from behind.Out of nowhere, hands grabbed Gillian by the nape of her neck and forced her body to the ground. She struggled to sit, but the force of the impact knocked the air from her lungs and she lay gasping for air instead. Just as she caught her breath, pain lanced through her head and she was pulled from the ground by her hair. Then she was led like a dog as the orc in front of her walked, pulling her hair like a leash. Despite herself, her body had no choice but to obey as the sensation of needles boring into her scalp was unendurable otherwise. She heard herself scream before she was thrown against the clay wall of one of their structures. There she was turned and held.Gillian struggled to see what held her with the one eye she had managed to partially uncover. She strained her head to the side to get a better view and saw that the thing had fierce orange eyes with no hint of the diamond pupils she had found safety in earlier. Instead, with just a glance from this creature’s cold, vicious eyes, she could feel his disdain and knew he wished to degrade her.“My kind will hunt you down for what you did. You won’t get away with this.”Gillian fought back her rising panic. She knew this monster was an orc but he seemed different than the rest. His skin was gray but there was a green hue to it and he had a bald head and pointed ears. His ears stood out from the side of his skull like bat wings. His nose extended from his face and the point of it stretched his nostrils open as if the tip of his nose was repulsed by the face it was attached to. When he sneered, she saw rotting teeth that, when paired with his distinctive pointed chin, gave the impression of a jackal. He was small in stature, smaller than her even, and he was hunched like a poor, old crone. In fact, everything about this angular creature proclaimed him to be closer to a goblin than an orc, with the exception of his strength.His clawed hands gripped Gillian’s throat like a vice. He did not tighten his grip, but maintained it so that she would know he was the one in control. He tore the blindfold the rest of the way off her head, then leaned in close and smelled her cheek. His black tongue darted out and slipped across the side of her face. It felt like a slug making a slime trail, while the stench of his breath reminded her of a dead possum. The repulsive tongue then slid higher to encircle her ear as his claws gripped her dress at the collar.“What is one caravan? No one is coming for you, sweetling.”He anchored her dress at the top with one hand while he snagged the thin fabric and tugged with the other. Gillian could tell that the creature enjoyed her trepidation as the stitches began to pop. As easily as tearing through paper, he pulled at her coarse brown dress until it gave way. Listening to her dress rip, she remembered taking it from her mother before fleeing and she thought of the flogging she would receive if her mother could see the dress in its current state.But that thought was ridiculous for it was not her mother that Gillian feared most now. What she feared was transpiring right in front of her and it seemed to only get worse. Another orc approached with a round face with stubs for ears and fuzz where his hair should be. This one had light gray skin, a stubby nose, and rotting yellow teeth that matched the color of its eyes. Its fetid lips pulled back in a grin and it snickered. The bottom of her dress was in rags. Both creatures proceeded to lick up and down her neck.A third orc got close to her and tugged her head back by her hair. He squeezed her breast through the thin cotton of her undershirt. It was the only barrier that remained between their grubby hands and her nakedness. The three of them snarled and pressed themselves onto her, like vultures pushing their heads into carrion.Gillian was lost. Her head was foggy. In her mind, she transported herself back to the caravan and the guards she had traveled with along the road. At least there, surrounded by humans, she had thought she was safe. But she remembered that she was still alive and those guards were cold and dead. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath to settle her nerves. She knew she could get through this if she could just be anywhere in her mind but here.CHAPTER FIVEGillian was still trying to mentally escape her predicament when she perceived an enormous humanoid shape growing larger as the three scavengers set to work tearing apart her clothing piece-by-piece. In a daze, she watched as the hulking shape snatched the orange-eyed goblin and launched him backward through the air only to knock into a weapon stand twenty feet away. The second orc took a punch to his stubby face and was kicked in the belly. He doubled over and crashed into a banner before he fell against the wooden structure of a nearby observation tower. Then only the third orc remained, and seeing the battle was already decided, he backed away, his hands held in surrender.The b**st turned to face Gillian. Immediately she recognized the red and white paint that encircled his nipples and felt a twinge of relief. Her sight traveled up to take in his tangled black mane, his sharp canines and squashed nose, his diamond-shaped pupils. She looked down at herself. Her clothes were ragged like those of a beggar. Her intimate parts remained hidden, but she still felt the need to cover more. She crossed her arms to her shoulders and let her head sink to her chest. She did not want him to see her this way.His growl broke Gillian’s concentration as did his grasp on her arm. He pulled her away from the clay wall and toward a fire pit. There, he shoved her to the ground with enough force to communicate his intent, but not so much as to hurt her. She gasped as her breathing quickened. Fear came back and made her body unstable.With one tug of his huge hand, he ripped the rest of her ruined dress and her cotton undershirt away. At once, her voluptuous breasts were released, each slipping from the fabric in turn. It happened so fast, she seemed almost unable to comprehend what he was doing to her. But she knew there was no stopping him.Gillian was at his mercy. Considering how he had handled the caravan guards back at the camp and then the three orc brutes just now, she knew she could not overpower him. But the way in which he exerted his claim over her made her feel desirable as well. As she sat anticipating his next move, the unknown gaped before her and she balanced on the precipice.The orc stepped toward Gillian. His eyes narrowed and he pinched her panties at her hip and ripped them off too. Her bare ass and pussy were exposed for all to see. She was in conflict still. Confusion dominated her feelings as well as embarrassment, but then she felt something new: a craving—a pulsating hunger from within. His enormous handspropped her legs up over his shoulders without effort. As she watched him stare at her pussy, she thought the yearning in his eyes was almost tangible.Gillian had no time to think before the orc shoved his face in close against her pussy. She tried to block his advance with her hands but he pushed them away.“No.”His voice asserted his claim over her, as if there had been any doubt left in Gillian’s mind. Then he clasped one hand over both her wrists and pinned them above her head. With her body restrained, he pressed his wet tongue into her folds. He caressed the nub of her clitoris and encircled it, teasing it before lapping it up. A moan escaped past her lips as she exhaled. The softness of his velvet tongue was not what she had expected.His warm tongue made her body tremble. He released her wrists and cupped her ass with both of his strong hands and pulled her bottom off the ground and up to his face. His grip impossible to escape, he gave her no choice but to bear his lust. Despite that her hands were now free, she could not break away from him. She did not want to. With that realization, she made a choice. She decided she would not be a victim to him but would instead take pleasure in her circumstance. She would allow him to explore every part of what she had to offer. She would be coveted and enjoyed. Her fear and anxiety melted away as fervor took their place.Gillian pushed away from the ground to get closer to the orc’s mouth. She spread her legs wider and encouraged his exploration of her vulva, now very much wet from him as well as her. He licked at the moisture and groaned as he did, letting Gillian know that he appreciated her response. She wondered how she tasted to him. Looking down, she saw him staring back at her. His eyes locked with hers, he stretched his black tongue long and began to trace her clit again. Her body writhed and her hips lifted to meet his tongue. She had never felt such ecstasy before. Wrapping his forearm around her waist, he reached up with his free hand to rub one of her breasts.As Gillian reveled in the new freedom gained from releasing all responsibility and control of her situation, she looked around and saw familiar faces being fucked by other orcs. One woman was held above one of the orcs and he was lifting her up and down on his cock with enough impact to make her tits bounce. At the same time, another orc was making her suck him as he held her hair and pushed his cock back and forth into her mouth. Gillian watched the others as she felt her painted orc’s tongue upon her pussy. He grunted as he licked as if his appetite was insatiable. He made Gillian want more.He stood and undid the belt around his waist, causing his leather and fur to drop to the ground. Immediately his engorged cock was released from the discarded covering and it thrust sharply toward Gillian. She could see that the tip was already wet because it glistened in the firelight. He fell upon her then with the force of a boulder descending in a landslide. Both of his knees rested on either side of her shoulders and his monstrous calves pinned her body to the ground.His hulking cock, as gray as the rest of him, slapped onto Gillian’s face. She inhaled as she felt it slide down past her nose and across her cheek. The heady scent of his groin excited her. Once again he brought his cock up and let it smack down on her other cheek. She yearned to stretch her lips around his cock and to explore him with her tongue. She desperately wanted to find out if he tasted as good as he smelled. As his cock slid across her face, she turned and kissed the side of it. Her lips grazed against the head as it progressed out of her reach. Having caught her attention, the orc raised it away.Gillian could not wait for his cock to come down and smack her face again. Just the thought of feeling that warm cock on her face dampened her pussy. She could feel her excitement flow from her and slick the top of her thighs. As if he could hear her thoughts, he released his cock and let it smack right in the middle of her face where it rested against her nose and lips. Then he slid it slowly down her face across her open mouth.She ached to taste him. Her tongue came out and licked at his hardness and warmth. The spicy scent of his maleness permeated her nose. As she lapped at his cock, he let out a rapacious growl which urged her own lust on as a thrill shivered and spread from the base of her spine up through her neck.He reached out and cupped Gillian’s head in his hand and then pulled it fully onto his cock. He stopped only when his cockhead and the top of his shaft were inside her mouth. She realized his cock was indeed immense. There would be no way for her to fit the full length of him down her throat without pressing beyond her limit. Since he stopped, she guessed that he knew. Breathing heavily, he kneaded her scalp with his fingers and waited for her to continue her ministrations. His patience was not lost on her. To reward him, she decided she would suck him until either he found satisfaction or until he could take no more.Gillian enjoyed the way he guided her head slowly back and forth on his cock; she could tell he was holding himself back in an effort to avoid hurting her. Suddenly she wanted to suck every last drop of come from his cock. She wrapped her tongue around his head and slid it down his shaft. She just could not get enough, especially with his hands gripping her hair. The scent of his groin made what she tasted all the sweeter. She muffled a moan against him and it caused her mouth to vibrate around his dick.As Gillian sucked, she looked up into the orc’s face. She saw a wild barbarity in his yellow eyes as he glared at her with his teeth bared. She thought the sight of her mouth around his cock must bring out some primal instinct in him that complemented her own. He threw his head back and released a roar. His body began to spasm as she felt his come spurt in hot jets onto her tongue and then slide down her throat. It tasted sweet and tangy and she did not want to waste any of it. She continued to lick and suck him until he stopped her.He took his cock from her and stood, then lifted her to her feet and turned her to face away from him. He pushed Gillian to her knees and bent her down so that her hands rested in the grass. In this position, she could take in the orgy happening around her and knew she was equally on display. The knowledge made her pussy ache even more. She wanted desperately to be filled. It was the only thought in her head as she tipped her hips up to open herself and to provide her orc better access. She could feel her arousal slick on her legs as she waited to be taken.Gillian felt the orc’s callused hand on her ass and the thrill as his grip tightened and he squeezed. She felt the sting of his other hand as he slapped and pinched her other cheek. As he spanked her, she thought of how much she wanted hiscock. She needed to be his. While spanking her, he stroked himself until his cock was ready once more. He squeezed her and growled, then rested his giant cock against her opening.Gillian considered how enticing the feel of her wet mound against the throbbing head of his dick must be for him. With measured restraint, he gripped her hips for leverage and squeezed the head of his cock past her lips and into her tight pussy. He stopped when she could take no more of him, but the thrill of his cock was heightened by the sensation of his firm abs and pelvis plastered against her back and bottom. She could feel the coarse hair of his belly as it rubbed against her ass every time he rammed his powerful dick into her. Everything he did to her seemed to arouse new sensations in her body. In her blissful haze, she thought being claimed and fucked by this orc was better than anything she had yet experienced.A moan built from deep within her belly as she rocked against the hardness of the orc’s cock. Her pleasure felt sinful but she never wanted it to stop. She met the orc’s every thrust. All of her nerve endings were alive. Her mouth open, her head thrown back, she closed her eyes to more fully experience the myriad sensations.But with her eyes closed, Gillian found she could more easily focus on the sounds issuing from the other women. She opened her eyes to find that many of the women around her were being handled by these grayskins. Most of them had several partners even—a fate Gillian herself had only narrowly escaped.Despite the horror she still felt at the thought of being shared, Gillian found she could not look away. Across the clearing, she caught sight of one of the women clutched by a tall orc who stood leaning against one of the walls. She watched as the woman clung to the orc’s shoulders as he thrust inside of her, her legs wrapping around his torso. As he bounced her on his dick, two other orcs stood near pleasuring her. One licked at her nipples while he fondled her breasts. The other stuck his thick fingers into her mouth and let her suck them while he stroked himself. Every so often, the second orc would whip his cock against the woman’s ass. As she began to moan, it became obvious that the orc was no longer satisfied by his hand alone. Gillian’s eyes grew wide as she watched him take hold of his thick cock and position it at the tiny pucker of the woman’s asshole. He grabbed the woman’s hip and stilled her movement, while grunting at the tall orc holding her to slow down. The first orc paused his thrusts long enough to allow the second orc a moment to maneuver his cock into her ass. Then both orcs settled into a rhythm together as they proceeded to share the woman between them.Gillian had no idea whether the women were enjoying their treatment or not, but she spared little concern over the issue because there was nothing she could do for them. And, if she was honest with herself, she was deriving her own satisfaction from watching.Gillian twisted her body slightly to her left to take in another sight. There she saw a heavily endowed woman sitting on an orc’s lap. She saw that the orc grinned widely while he grasped at the woman’s girth. His hands were so large, they spanned all the way around her. In fact, the orc’s body dwarfed the woman’s to the point that, by comparison, the woman looked almost delicate, like a doll. Gillian watched how easily the orc moved the woman up and down on his cock while another orc touched the woman’s pussy and pinched her nipples. The woman closed her eyes and smiled.Gillian smiled too. She had never considered how beautiful a voluptuous woman in the throes of passion could be. She returned her attention to her own orc lover. What she had captured with her eyes as she felt him move inside of her only served to intensify her passion. It was not long until others started to gather around the two of them. She saw groups of orcs just standing around staring as her painted orc possessed her body. When she looked back at him, he looked so much larger than any of the other orcs that encircled them. And when she twisted to look back at his cock as it reappeared from her pussy between thrusts, she imagined the same could be said of that wonderful part of his anatomy as well.Gillian could not take her eyes from his beautiful gray cock as it appeared and disappeared behind her. As she continued to meet his thrusts, sensation rippled through her body. She was surprised when she finally glanced up to discover that even more orcs had gathered around her. The look in their eyes held her as if they were waiting to lay claim to her body and could not contain themselves. She watched them drool and they growled in a way that seemed to convey their expectancy.One orc ran up and grabbed her full tits and bounced them in his hands. Then Escort Bayan he slapped them and watched as they jiggled. But Gillian had no time to be offended because her partner grabbed the orc by his dreadlocked ponytail and flung him against a building far to the side of the stronghold. Then two more orcs jumped into the fray. With his cock still dominating her, her orc grabbed them both, and using their own momentum, he slammed their heads into each other and tossed the orcs aside.Seeing this, a larger orc stepped in, and holding his cock in one hand, he forced Gillian’s mouth open. She could tell that this orc actually was larger in size than her painted orc, but her orc reached over her body and punched the intruder before he could bring his cock any closer to her face. Then he grabbed the larger orc by his leather shoulder straps, and with both hands, he head butted him and sent him crashing toward the ground where he fell a few feet away. There, the large orc lay still before rising slowly and departing.Gillian’s orc snarled and swung his fists through the air in a show to announce his claim over her as more orcs tried to get close enough to touch her. Then he pounded his fists into the ground on either side of Gillian’s hands. The impact sprayed some dirt across her breasts and sent shivers through her shoulders and down her spine.“Mine!”The wind carried his claim to the edge of the stronghold. It startled the group around them and gave pause to others who had initially paid them no mind. Gillian felt the ferocity of her orc’s dominance in his growl. The sound of it caused her to tremble and she moaned even louder as a result. She opened her mouth wider as she felt the tension open her body. Then the beginning of her orgasm rose from her pelvis and spread out to her edges. Even her mind felt opened as she shuddered and came on his cock.Warmth spread outward toward Gillian’s fingers and toes and provoked an instability in her limbs. She would have collapsed if her orc had not kept her propped on her knees. As she rode out the waves of her climax, the walls of her vagina clenched his cock and milked him as he continued to pummel into her pussy. He was not finished and neither were her fans.The painted orc again threaded his fingers through Gillian’s hair and pulled gently to keep her head up. Every one of the orcs around her was stroking themselves, eager to reach their own climaxes after seeing hers. Her orc growled; he seemed to appreciate their audience. His enthusiasm caused her arousal to build and rekindle after but a moment.Hearing the orcs’ heavy breathing and grunting spurred Gillian’s excitement and made her body ache again. She knew how much they wanted to touch her and the knowledge revived her energy. She reared back on her knees and leaned her torso into her orc’s solid chest. In this position, her breasts were more fully on display and she began to knead and pinch them herself. She was instantly rewarded with shouts of encouragement.Gillian’s orc appreciated her initiative as well. He snarled and raised his hands to rest lightly on hers as he massaged her breasts along with her. In this way, she guided his hands, his long fingers extending past hers. She imagined he felt how silky her skin was against his when she heard him grit his teeth above her. As his thrusts intensified, his hands rushed back and forth between slapping her ass and jostling her tits, as if he could not make up his mind which he liked best about her. It made her smile; she loved the effect she had on him.As Gillian reveled in her new power, she saw the pale skin of a woman approaching through the wall of orc bodies surrounding her. Another large orc, about the size of her partner, led this woman to stand just in front of Gillian. The woman’s hair was red, wavy, and it fell loose down the length of her back. Her hardened nipples poked from her proportioned, but noticeable breasts. Gillian watched as the orc pushed the woman halfway to the ground and raised her leg to wrap behind her around his belly. He spread her wide. Then the orc teased the woman’s pussy with his fingers while his cock grew and hardened. Gillian was so close to the couple, she could see the pulsing veins in the orc’s dick.After a short time, Gillian watched as the orc grasped his cock in one hand and guided it into the woman. He held her raised leg and her opposite hip as he rammed her while she stood with one leg and one hand on the grass. The position looked a bit awkward to Gillian but the large orc seemed to make it work. She watched the woman’s breasts bounce while the orc fucked her and she hoped the woman was receiving as much pleasure from watching her as well. But what really turned Gillian on was when she realized the large orc was also watching her as he fucked the red-headed woman.As her orc’s thighs slapped against hers, she felt the tension in them and knew he was about to come. His grunts got louder and more brutish and his body went rigid. He let out a roar as his cock jerked and his stomach muscles tightened. He shot his come straight into her pussy and she took every bit of it. Feeling him orgasm, she came even harder than before. She oozed onto his cock, now fully warm and wet with her and him. Her body tensed and relaxed in quick, repetitive succession. As her eyes began to grow heavy, the growls of the orcs surrounding her rumbled together as each of them attained climax and spent themselves on the ground at their feet. She smiled and relaxed into the pleasure of knowing that she had been their fantasy.Her own body spent, Gillian slumped down to rest in the grass. The lush green slivers, cool against her flushed skin, were more soothing than the evening wind. The soft blades, brushed by the breeze, tickled her overly sensitive nipples. As she lay in the grass, her orc lowered his warm body over the length of hers. Feeling his warmth and then finding the rhythm of his strong heartbeat, she allowed herself to slip out of consciousness for a time, though her eyes never quite shut.CHAPTER SIXGillian awoke in a dim room bathed only by natural light—morning light. She realized she must have been exhausted to have slept the entire night without waking to nightmares. She stretched her body as she waited for the haze in her head to clear. Then, rubbing her eyes, she took in her surroundings. She was lying on what appeared to be a wide bed, d****d in a****l furs and leather, big enough to hold at least two sprawling grayskins. The bed frame itself was solid wood. The furs and leather rested on top of a down mattress large enough to fill the frame. The ensemble provided a rather comfortable sleeping space. With a start, she realized she must be in someone’s personal quarters.Fully alert, Gillian dove off the edge of the bed. Peeking over the side, she searched for the room’s owner. The shadows were silent and nothing shifted among them. Everything was still, except for small hollow bones hanging above her head that clattered against pieces of dull wood. She looked toward the ceiling and saw the wood and bones, and even small skulls, tied together and strung from the wooden support beams. They swayed with the breeze coming in through the window as if the bones were deliberately trying to unsettle her. She expected a presence—something—to move in the shadows of the room. Her body tense, she waited in expectation for anything that might shatter the stillness.When nothing displaced the quiet, Gillian’s shoulders relaxed and her breathing slowed. Realizing she was still naked, she slid back under the furs. The room was larger than she had expected. She had assumed the orcs slept under small tents of crude design, made of a****l skins. But this place was a home. Either she was in the quarters of someoneimportant, or her judgments—based on rumors of savagery which would seem to indicate hard living—grossly underestimated the orcs.A black banner stretched wide across the wall opposite the bed. Directly in the center of the banner was a gray, double-bladed battle axe engulfed in red and orange flames—a fire-axe. The banner was displayed so prominently, Gillian gathered its importance. Clearly, the clan was a priority for whoever dwelled here. The clan would come first. She imagined that for this orc, his sense of duty to the clan would have played a role in shaping his identity. He would likely value honor. She found some comfort in the thought.Next to the bed were two weapon racks with various axes, hammers, maces, and spears positioned horizontally against the wall. From her position, Gillian could see that each of the blades had a polished sheen and the leather on the handles was in good repair. The weapons were supported by the racks but not secured to them. She could tell combat played an important role in this grayskin’s life to have all manner of weapons displayed so close to his bed. But most of these weapons seemed far too heavy for Gillian to carry, let alone swing, if the moment presented itself. She decided that this orc must be confident in her inability to use the weapons for him to display them so openly. How little he must think of her as a threat. To be honest, she wondered if he was right.With a sigh, Gillian tried to recall how she had ended up in this dwelling. She grasped at the memory of being carried after her partner had had his way with her. His burly arms had enfolded her as he had conveyed her to this room—his room; it must be. He had released her from his solid embrace only to deliver her into the lavish comfort of the furs she now sat clutching to her breast. She was in his bed. She ran herfingers through the soft pile of the covering and felt content. It was an odd sensation. To be cared for felt more dream-like than real, considering her circumstance.The thought occurred to Gillian that her partner may have arranged for something for her to wear as he had been the one to render her clothing useless the previous evening. She gave a cursory glance around the room but did not really expect to find anything. She suspected that he preferred her naked anyway. But she still needed something to cover herself with.Gillian slid from the bed, and checking to see that no one was about to enter the room, she slipped a huge knife from one of the weapon stands and started to hack at a thin cloth covering the bed. It did not matter what her garment would look like as long as it did its job. Having managed to separate a length of the fabric, she wrapped it around her chest and carefully cut a sliver down the side so she could tie it over one of her shoulders. Encouraged by her resourcefulness, she looked for more material for her bottom half.Gillian scanned the room, but when she heard commotion outside, she walked toward the window to investigate. Plastering the length of her body against the wall, she peeked around the edge of the frame to spy the activity taking place within the orc stronghold. The grayskins were going about their routines. From the look of it, everyone was busy. Some of them were forging weapons, while others were skinning a****l kills, chopping wood, and sparring with one another. Fires burned to cook game meat. Some of the orcs just sat on wooden stools sharpening their weapons in their doorways. It all struck her as mundane after what she had experienced the previous night.Even the buildings looked less intimidating in daylight. Gillian remembered ominous, spiked structures from the night before—structures in which the monsters she had feared as a c***d would live. Looking at them now, those same buildings were carved with simple designs and constructed in earthy, neutral tones. It would seem the stronghold held an unexpected charm.Nevertheless, as Gillian took in the activity outside, she began to weigh her odds of finding an escape route through the bustling settlement. As she searched, she noticed an orc on his knees with both arms outstretched and held by grayskins. Even from her vantage, Gillian could see that blood dripped from the orc’s back as a third grayskin gripped a metal flail—spikes and pins jutting from the ball at the end of the chain—and brought it down upon him. She watched as each lash of the flail cut deeper into the orc’s gray flesh than the one before. She could not look away.Gillian wondered why the orcs would do this to one of their own. She had already gathered that every individual within the community seemed to live cooperatively by following specific rules: rules of combat, work, and life in the village. Perhaps this was the punishment for breaking those rules. This would mean that if a grayskin was wronged by another in this society, they must be allowed to take the price from the offending party in whatever form repaid the debt—blood, in this case. Gillian felt a new urgency to clothe herself and find a way to leave. It was all just too much and her position here too precarious.Gillian resumed her search for material and, finally looking up, she found a rolled leather curtain of sorts tied above the window. She could make more clothing as well as a pouch and straps to hide smaller weapons from this. As soon as she was clothed, she knew she could find a way to slip out undetected. As long as I’m careful… The stronghold was full of these creatures, but she knew the risk was worth it just as it had been when she left her parents.Knife in hand, Gillian was about to reach for the curtain when the sound of moaning reached her ears. It was close. She looked out past the window and saw one of the women she had been tied with being mounted from behind. The orc clutched the woman’s shoulders and bared his teeth as he ground his hips against her ass and pushed her to the grass. His cock hammered into the woman with his every thrust. Then Gillian noticed that two more orcs sat to the side watching and they chuckled as they popped g****s into their mouths. Somehow, witnessing this scene in daylight was different than it had been the night before.Gillian picked up the velvet sound of another moan, but this time it struck her as familiar. She turned her eyes to look straight across the square where she found Trish being held above a grayskin as he bounced her on his cock near a fire. Gillian thought Trish actually looked as if she might be enjoying herself when another grayskin walked up to her. With his chest puffed out, he dropped his loin cloth, grabbed her chin roughly in one hand, and popped her mouth open. Then he shoved the head of his cock inside. He jerked his cock back and forth into her mouth with her lips wrapped tightly around his shaft, and she sucked him. He kept his thumb on her chin so she could not close her mouth. Gillian watched as the two of them slaked their lust with Trish.She felt a mix of exhilaration as well as uneasiness. She was in conflict and she could feel her resolve waver. Gillian tried to remain focused on what she needed to do. Still pressed against the wall, she made sure to avoid the attention of the grayskins outside as she reached up with both hands and undid the leather straps that kept the cover rolled up. The cover itself appeared to be made from the same material as the strap. She unrolled the cover and hacked half of it off with the knife. As she was cutting, she glanced out every few moments to see if any of the orcs noticed. There were so many walking around. When no one made a move to stop her, she figured either they were so busy that they really did not see her cut half the curtain down, or they just did not pay her any mind because she posed no threat to them. In either case, Gillian remained unm*****ed.After re-rolling the curtain to hide the evidence of her vandalism, she carried the leather back to the bed and began cutting a wide length to wrap around her waist and cover her bottom. As she shaped the material, she thought about the women outside. It was Trish that occupied her thoughts the most. She was naïve, young, sheltered. Gillian wondered if Trish was having a hard time finding the silver lining here and if she would still be herself in spite of everything. As far as she knew, Trish had been innocent before all this and had been headed for a bright, shiny future. For Gillian, thoughts of the future were foreign. She had learned to live in the here and now. Still, she could not help but feel wretched for Trish. How robbed she must feel to have two of her holes violated by these creatures.As Gillian continued to tie her skirt together with the leather straps, the enormity of her situation began to sink in. We are their women now. Their females were gone and they needed women to bear their c***dren. The long-term survival of the clan depended on it. Her nerves had been so taut the previous night that she had not fully realized the meaningbehind the orc’s speech. Now she understood that without the women—without her—their clan would grow weak; this generation of grayskins would be their last. They need us.Keeping in mind what had transpired upon her arrival to the village—how the orcs had set upon her and the others like starving leeches on a pound of flesh, Gillian realized that having a purpose within the clan did not equate having respect. They had all ogled her and had stood rubbing their cocks while they watched her partner fuck her. She surmised this clan must not have had any sexual gratification for some time. But why had they not just found other orc females? They could have targeted a smaller clan. Perplexed by this notion, Gillian pondered as she cut more straps from the window cover.Suddenly a definitive answer unfolded within her. Human caravans probably made their way closer to this clan more often than other orc clans. Even if other clans came into contact with this one, human women were probably much easier to manage compared with orc females, and came with fewer repercussions. A human caravan could be wiped out while an entire clan of these creatures would put up more of a challenge. Without a doubt, more grayskins would have lost their lives if they had chosen to fight another clan. She thought it unlikely that a hired human guard would have the same drive to protect a caravan of strangers as an orc protecting his or her home and people.Gillian finished her skirt and continued working on several leather straps to help hold her clothing in place. She also began to make pouches. While she worked, her thoughts returned to Trish. At once, she pitied Trish but was also grateful that it was Trish outside rather than her. She could not even imagine being the one trapped out there with them.She just could not be in that position—to be caught unaware by multiple partners and be made to pleasure each one of them.The knife slipped and nicked the tip of her left index finger. As she sucked her wound, she could feel the guilt eat at her. She had this bedroom to shield her from the orcs while Trish did not. Still, Gillian knew she would not choose to take Trish’s place even had she the option. As long as the orcs were distracted with the women outside and she remained out of sight, she figured she had a chance. It was a bittersweet conclusion.Gillian finished the straps. One she used to better secure her top around her other shoulder. Another she used to strap a pouch to her waist. The others were used as wrist and arm bands for the purpose of securing weapons. She fashioned calf wraps for added warmth from pieces of a****l pelts she found stitched on the blanket.Sitting back on her heels, Gillian knew she was fooling herself. She reasoned that if she had tried to sneak away after she had first considered the option, assuming she had already been clothed, she could have been Trish. Remembering the way the orcs had gathered and pleasured themselves around her the night before caused her to pause. She slumped to her bottom on the wood floor with her back against the frame of the bed. Pulling her legs tight to her chest, she wrapped her arms around them and squeezed. If she were caught, she would draw attention and her punishment might even be worse than what Trish was subjected to.Reluctantly, Gillian decided that it was in her best interest if she remained inside. She would not try to escape, at least not yet. Besides, her partner had not hurt her, nor had he let her come to harm at the hands of others. Indeed, for him to lodge her in his room seemed to imply that he had a plan for her. She thought of the carnal look he had given her as she had sucked him. The memory made her wet, as if she were there tasting him still. She felt safest with him as opposed to anyone else, even within the caravan. It brought some relief to think she was relatively safe if she stayed where she was.She finished cutting the pelts for her calves and stitched them together around the back of her legs with thin straps from the curtain. She used some of the extra, smaller leather straps she had cut to further secure the shoulder covering she had pieced together from the fur blanket. Once she was done, she slipped on the skirt and fastened the ties around her waist. When she looked down at herself and turned to inspect her work, she was proud. She had always been resourceful as a c***d, but now she saw that her current predicament had forced her to attain a new level of skill. She imagined herself a true barbarian woman—she had to admit, she certainly looked the part.Now that she was dressed, Gillian slid the knife she had been using into a strap that wrapped around her waist. She made sure the knife was covered by her pouch so no one would notice the deadly surprise she toted. Next, she chose a dagger from one of the stands, around the same size as the knife, and added it beneath her pouch. Now adequately armed, she felt more secure. She then turned herself around the room and realized there was nothing left for her to do.Looking once more toward the bed, Gillian ached to acquire more rest. She lay down without bothering to cover herself. Now that she was clothed, she felt less vulnerable and found that she could relax. With her eyes closed, she was more easily able to pick out the scent of smoke from thecooking pits outside and the cedar smell of the bed frame. Now she understood why her orc had smelled so enticing, living in these surroundings. A slight breeze entered through the open window and played against her skin. Before she drifted back to what she hoped would be a dreamless sleep, she wondered how a human should go about earning respect amongst orcs.CHAPTER SEVENA smooth caress played against Gillian’s shin, and fingertips danced and tickled the sensitive contour of her kneecap before traveling higher up the path of her thigh. The unexpected contact tugged at the edge of her awareness and she shifted her body on the bed. A warm, tingling sensation spread through her and lifted her from sleep. She released a low whimper as her mouth opened into a smile. Her grayskin had returned.Gillian screamed and came instantly awake to the stinging pain of claws piercing the tender part of her upper thigh as a hand gripped and squeezed her flesh. From the five small punctures in her skin, she could see that blood began to well. The light in the room shifted to reveal her attacker’s face and her breath caught when she recognized his bald head and his pinched bat ears. The sight of his sneering mouth with its jagged teeth, his angular face and orange eyes gave her a visceral reaction. She had hoped never to face those eyes again.“Hello, sweetling.”The orc clutched for Gillian’s waist and every instinct told her she needed to find a way to put distance between herself and this creature. She responded with a kick to his ugly face. When he released his searing grip on her thigh to reach for her opposite leg, she flailed her limbs. In order to subdue her thrashing, the orc caught her ankles, bound them together in both hands, and held her legs flush with the bed. Despite his comparative size, her will was no match for his muscle. He vaulted over the bed frame and brought his thighs down on top of her. When she lashed out and tried to punch him, he dodged her hit. He jerked away, rebounded, and shoved his face in close to hers.Again, Gillian hauled her fist back, but this time when she thrust it forward, she struck him hard in the ear. Her offense was rewarded by the sound of his shrieking, but her success was short-lived. He retaliated by slapping her across the face. It was not the first time she had sustained an attack to her head, but it exploded against her cheek and sent fireworks sparking into her vision all the same.The taste of copper coated her tongue as blood seeped from the corner of her lip, but the orc persisted. She felt the vile touch of his fingers through the fabric of her garment as he cupped her breast. He pressed it with his palm then kneaded it painfully. She balled her hand until it shook. Then she growled and thrust her fist straight for the orc’s misshapen nose. This time he caught both her hands and pinned them against the bed. Then he pushed his face against her neck. In such close proximity, she was exposed to the nauseating staleness of his breath and the slimy wet texture of his tongue. Her stomach queasy, she turned her face away but still heard the lapping against her skin.As the orc m*****ed Gillian’s breasts, licking and nipping at her nipples through the thin fabric, one of his bat ears brushed against her lips. Seeing an opportunity, she bit down hard and a piece of his ear came away in her mouth. The vicious orc reared back screeching and rocked himself while cupping his ear as the blood streamed through his fingers. Without pausing to think, she lifted her head and spat his ear into his face.In an attempt to knock the goblin off of her, Gillian kicked at his back with her knees and pushed against his stomach with every ounce of strength she had. He snarled and snatched both of her arms then spread them toward the corners of the mattress. She still tasted blood in her mouth soshe spat a second time. The wad smacked him beneath his left eye and he squinted from the impact. Then he slurped at her spit, dragging it into his mouth with his putrid tongue. He smirked at her.Seeing the smug grin on the orc’s face, Gillian realized that her struggle only served to excite him more. She forced herself to lie unresponsive to see if he would lose interest and leave. Instead, he shifted her wrists so that he could keep them gripped in one hand, and with his other, he undid the laces of his pants. His fingers manipulated the wrappings of his trousers with nimble efficiency so that his cock almost immediately sprung free. Then he was on her again, his body hovering above hers.Terror ran rampant through every inch of Gillian’s body. She shook violently with a combination of adrenaline and panic. Then she remembered she still had the two knives strapped to her hip. As the orc fumbled to position his cock, she bumped her hip into him in a half roll so that the tension of his hold on her wrists loosened for a brief second. Darting one hand down to her waist, Gillian slipped her hand around the hilt of her knife. Before he could regain his balance, she thrust the blade between his ribs. Unrelenting, she pulled the knife out and drove it back in. The orc screeched in agony. She released the knife and left it protruding from his torso.Reaching for her second blade, Gillian yanked it from the strap and shoved it into the orc’s knee. His shrieks deafened the room but it was not enough. Wanting to leave an impression, she pushed down on the knife. She wanted to pry his kneecap off. Then she brought her knees against his back with full force. He began to topple toward her, but using his momentum, she was able to divert his fall to the floor. He lay on his back holding his leg. She jumped from the bed, squatted near him, and screamed into his face.“Have you had enough?”Astonished, Gillian watched as the orc rolled to his uninjured knee and then stood. Taking a deep breath each time, he removed the knives in turn. Then he leered and pointed the bloody knives in her direction.“That was good little minx, but playtime’s over. You’re gonna wish you had been nicer to me.” He spat, and dragging his injured leg, continued his advance.Gillian took a few steps away from the orc but stopped when there was nowhere left for her to go. She was considering whether he would be able to catch her if she fled past him when she felt the hooks of one of the weapon racks pressing into her back. Tentatively, she reached behind her and wrapped her hand around the first weapon her fingers came into contact with. It felt to be a club. Not a moment later, the orc lunged, knives in hand and hobbling, as he ran toward her. Her pulse hammered and sweat wet her forehead as she planted her feet and waited for him to careen into her. Using both arms, she lifted the heavy weapon above her head and swung.Gillian crashed the club into the orc’s left arm and caused one of the knives to drop from his hand and stab to the floor. Some wood chipped up from the impact. Then the creature leaned into the side of the bed and instinctively pushed himself to his feet again. Gillian did not let up. She slammed the club down on his shoulder, then his head. Gillian’s mind no longer held sway over her arms and hands; they were possessed by adrenaline. Without thinking, she smashed the club down over and over, grunting with every collision. The clubsplintered then cracked as she smashed it into the b**st a final time.Gillian frantically grabbed the next weapon from the stand—a double-bladed axe like the one on the banner. She never would have thought she could even lift it, but her terror gave her strength. She swung it down upon the orange-eyed monster with the intention of ending his life, but the weapon’s path came to an abrupt halt in midair and then was wrested from her grasp. Confused, she turned to face her next would-be attacker.A large, gray hand gripped the axe Gillian had brandished. She backed into the wall, still poised defensively but fearful that this massive orc would overtake her. She realized that she now stood unarmed and vulnerable against this new adversary. But when he stepped toward her, the fading light coming in from the window revealed more of him than had the shade at the entrance and her attention was drawn to how the light reflected in his diamond pupils. His eyes, now so familiar to her, relaxed the tension that had held her suspended in fear. Her breathing slowed, but remained uneven. She had almost failed to recognize Bayan Escort her partner without his war paint.Gillian stood aside as her orc strode to the smaller one sitting crumpled in a heap on the floor. Rising, the goblin stumbled over himself as he toiled to stand. The floor now slick with his blood, the creature wrapped one arm around the closest bed post in an effort to pull himself up and to aid in his attempt to regain his lost dignity. She listened as he struggled just to breathe. He made wheezing, raspy sounds and she wondered if she had injured one of his lungs. He refused to meet her gaze. Her grayskin then lowered his head until he was level with the smaller orc so he could stare directly into the little one’s mean face.“I said she was mine. Get. Out!”The goblin begrudgingly accepted her grayskin’s command, but he sneered at him just to spite. His bitterness toward Gillian became more apparent with his departure: he clenched his fists, bared his teeth, and grunted with such vehemence as to raise the hairs on her forearms before he turned and shuffled out of the room. He left a trail of blood in his wake.Gillian watched the doorway. Despite that the small orc was gone, the memory of his presence still hung in the room. She wondered if she would have finished him had her partner not intervened. Strangely, she was still terrified that any second that lanky monster would come back and try to hurt her again.Still trembling, Gillian turned toward the large orc behind her. As he took in the sight of her smeared in blood, disheveled, and wearing the fur and leather garment she had pieced together, she thought his eyes were different somehow; they were more open than they had been before. They still held the same look of hunger and lust as they had the previous night, but now she thought she discerned a hint of admiration in them. She had his attention.CHAPTER EIGHTGillian watched as her partner moved to a small table in the corner and came back with a bowl of water along with a cloth. He gave her a look as if to verify she would not flinch away, then cautiously, he stepped forward into her space. Gillian held her breath as he inspected the damage done to her cheek. His fingers grazed over the red swollen part as if he would heal her injury with his touch alone. Then he raised the damp cloth to her skin and began to dab away the blood.At first she wanted nothing but to collapse into the safety of his arms, but as he proceeded to attend her, it became impossible for Gillian to think of anything other than his proximity. With him standing so close, she could smell the sweat on him—as if he had just come from the training field. It was not overpowering like she would have imagined. Rather, it was heady, masculine. She could not help but notice the quiet strength of his physique. The urge struck her to reach her hand out and lay it upon his chest. Normally, she would ignore such a bold impulse, but her still racing heartbeat told her today was different.When Gillian’s cool palm made contact with her partner’s heated skin, she knew her decision was made. The shock of her initiative caused him to pause, but he did not move away. Encouraged, Gillian began to caress her hand over his pectoral muscles. Enjoying the firmness of his chest against her palm, she grew bolder and slid her fingers up to the leather strap and buckle that held his shoulder armor in place. Deftly, she unhooked the clasp and his heavy armor fell away to hit the floorboards with a hollow clunk. She closed what little space remained between their bodies and stretched her arms up to massage her hands over the immensity of his bare shoulders. Shutting her eyes, she let her head fall back as she savored the clean, woodsy scent of him.Gillian felt the gentle caress of her partner’s touch as it came faintly upon the side of her face. She turned her head and leaned into his palm as he trailed his hand down the fabric of her cheek. When his fingertips brushed against her lips, she felt the first twinge of arousal and softly parted them as if in invitation. Without thinking, she touched the tip of her tongue to his finger and opened her eyes to find his gaze on her mouth. She watched him as his eyes moved leisurely from her lips to take in the rest of her. Then his fingers followed the path his eyes had taken and traced down her neck and along the plump swell of her breast.Gillian felt herself being lifted inside. She pressed her chest into his palm. The thrill of his touch, coupled with his intense concentration on her, filled Gillian with daring. Thisnew sensation harmonized with the adrenaline already coursing within her to give her a sense of competence. She felt renewed and intoxicated with her own potential. If she could take on one orc, she could take on another, even the massive one standing before her. She would teach him who the captive was. The wind changed in that instant. Even his strength would not be enough to overpower her will.Gillian shivered as her grayskin’s fingertips pushed below the leather wrap covering her breasts and found the sensitive bud of one of her nipples. With a quick, unyielding vigor, she grasped his wrist and removed his hand from her clothing. His mystified expression—like that of a lost traveler who had been so sure he had known the way—amused her. She narrowed her eyes and grinned at him, excited to have him at her mercy this time. She was hungry for the pleasure he could give her and was prepared to take it from him—but on her terms.Relishing her grayskin’s surprise, Gillian reached up and threaded her fingers through his thick mane. She made a fist in his hair, and then raising herself on tiptoe, she guided his head down to meet hers. Just before their lips would have made contact, she paused, a breath away. Every nerve in her body was alert and she could feel the impatience in his—how he struggled, his muscles tense, his breathing held. Pleased, she finished her trajectory and allowed her lips to collide with his. Seizing his mouth, she sealed her claim.At first Gillian merely pressed her lips to his, unaccustomed to taking the lead. She enjoyed the firmness of his mouth as it moved against hers, but it was not enough. She pulled back far enough to experiment with her tongue by grazing it along his lip. His jagged teeth gave way, parted,and she accepted his invitation. Her tongue slipped past his lips, searching. She moaned as she felt the moist warmth of his tongue entwine with hers. The forbidden intimacy of it sent fire shooting through her and made her ache with need.Gillian wanted her partner to experience the same overwhelming need before she would give him release. She pulled away from his mouth and moved on to his neck. Her lips and tongue made contact with his warm skin and worked their way down to his collarbone and then to his chest. As she explored him, she raked her fingertips down the hard muscles of his back. She halted when she came to one of his nipples to let her tongue encircle and tease it. Then she closed her mouth around the tight little nub and sucked, causing his chest to tense. He growled, but she was not done.At her leisure, Gillian etched her fingers down over the sculpted muscles of her grayskin’s abdomen. She stopped her progress to tickle and play with the coarse hair on his stomach, stalling just enough to heighten his anticipation before her hands came to rest on the thick leather belt spanning his hips. The near two feet of height difference between them brought his groin level with her chest and it gave her an idea. Smiling, she realized she almost did not recognize this new version of herself, but she had to admit—she liked calling the shots for a change.Biting her bottom lip, Gillian made short work of the buckle holding her partner’s belt in place. Her fingers slipped the placement pin away and it hit the metal rectangle to make a clinking sound. Hearing the buckle come apart in her hands sent a fresh thrill surging through her. Once his belt was loosened, the furs and leather hanging at his waist were released and they dropped to the floor, exposing his sturdy legs. His large gray cock sprung free from his garment, hard and straight. She wanted to feel the smoothness of it on her tongue—but not yet. She would taste it soon. First, she would make him wait a little longer.Gillian reached up and released the thin leather strap over her left shoulder. The tie slipped from its knot and fell to her breast. As she slunk the fur pelt from her other shoulder, her tongue crept from behind her mischievous grin to touch her upper lip. Grabbing the edge of her handmade top, she pushed it down, bit by bit, to reveal each of her full breasts as they slipped from the confines of her shirt. She shoved the leather covering below her waist with little effort. Then she brought her hands back up the length of her short torso to knead and caress her breasts—her flesh spilling past her cupped palms, her fingers rubbing over each nipple. She sighed with closed eyes and an open mouth at the pleasure it gave her.Her partner again reached for her breasts, but before making contact with them, Gillian intercepted his hands. When he tried again with a little more insistence, she threaded her fingers through his and gritted her teeth. She held his hands for a moment to ensure he understood, and then satisfied, she placed them to his sides.“No.”Her voice commanded the same obedience from him that she had given the night before. Having settled the matter, she stepped toward her partner and wrapped one of her small hands around his thick cock. Tugging gently, she led him toward the luxury of the bed. With his cock stiff in her grip, she pressed her other hand against his thigh and forced him backward onto the covers. Placing her knees on the floorboards between his legs, she leaned toward him and positioned his warm cock between her bare breasts. The hair on his thighs rubbed against her tender skin as she cupped her breasts together and began to slide them up and down the length of his shaft. He groaned as she stroked him.Enthralled by her partner’s raw need, Gillian looked down at his strong cock jutting within inches of her face with each stroke. Wondering how far she could push him, she smiled as the head of his cock squeezed through her cleavage and rose up toward her lips. Stretching her tongue out to meet it, she caught a small drop of his pre-come on the tip. She barely had time to savor the taste as his cock rose again to meet her mouth. This time, she let his mushroom-shaped head slide up higher to push against the flat of her wet tongue. With each stroke, he began to lift his hips from the bed to help urge his cock into her mouth, and while his enthusiasm made her yearn to close her lips fully around him, she had yet to test him.Up until this point her grayskin had proven compliant, so Gillian decided to grant him a little freedom. When he captured her nipples between his fingers and pinched, she chose not to stop him. Instead, she let a moan escape her open mouth, his cock temporarily forgotten. The unexpected thrill sent a fresh wave of heat spreading through her and brought her attention to how wet she had become. She decided that if his touch felt this good, she could afford to be lenient with him. But just as she finished her thought, he took advantage of her indulgence and slipped his finger into her mouth, urging her back to his cock. While his advance excited her, she was not ready for him to take the lead. She clamped her teeth down on his finger with enough pressure to communicate a warning.Gillian was unsure how she had expected her partner to respond, but from the tensing of his muscles and his quickintake of breath, it appeared that her act of dominance only served to heighten his interest. She guided his hand back down to her abandoned breast and rubbed his finger across her nipple. He squeezed in deference, and then showing obvious restraint, he obediently replaced his hand on the bed.Delighting in her triumph, Gillian shoved against her grayskin’s chest until he lay back on the furs. Climbing onto the bed to join him, she clutched his throbbing cock with both hands at the base, and refusing to waste another moment, bent over and ran her tongue over the full length of his penis. When she reached the head, she wrapped her lips around it and circled her tongue over the tip. Then, as she rolled her tongue against him and sucked, she massaged his shaft in her grip so that her lips would graze her hand as her head moved up and down on him, creating an exquisite rhythm. As she pleasured him, she caught his gaze with hers and held it with every bit of intensity and heat that she felt.As she continued, Gillian noticed that her partner was clenching and unclenching the covers at his sides as he watched her. She could tell he was having difficulty denying his impulse to touch her. As he lowered his head back against the bed, his urge won out and he reached down to weave his fingers through her hair. Despite that she had not granted him permission, she appreciated that he lifted it away from her face, so she let his impudence slide.Her distraction removed, Gillian continued to pleasure her grayskin. Indulging in the tension and strength in his thighs, she raked her fingernails over them and then wrapped one hand around his hip. With her mouth still engulfed around his cock, she cupped his scrotum in her other hand, and feeling the weight of his balls against her fingers, tugged gently. He moaned as if the pleasure took him past the ability to maintain control of his voice. It was what she had been waiting for. Building momentum, she began to suck him faster while keeping her lips tight around his shaft. Knowing at any second he would spill his orgasm into her mouth, she slipped one hand down beneath her skirt and began to massage the nub of her swollen, wet clitoris.Gillian understood her partner’s urgency when she felt his fingers tighten in her hair. Gripping it, he made a fist and held her head down on his cock so that he could thrust harder and deeper into her mouth. He was so large that she could not take all of him, but with each thrust, he urged her to try. At first she enjoyed his dominance, but his grip on her hair began to hurt and she had to remind herself she was the one in control. Just then his body tensed and jolted as he let out a groan, and as she felt the first hot spurts of his come on her tongue, she soundly pinched his ass cheek until he released her. With his taste still in her mouth, she lifted her head to face him. Shooting him an angry look, she grabbed his hip and shoved him over, face down into the covers.Frustrated, but holding the excitement of her appetite steady, Gillian ran her hand over the fleshy curve of the toned muscle in her partner’s ass. Growing bolder, she cupped his cheeks, one in each palm, and squeezed. She then raised one hand and brought it down hard across his buttocks. The sound of the slap was louder than she had expected, but she brought her hand down again and again anyway.His groans rose each time her palm made contact, as if shock took him with each new mark he received across his ass. She would show her grayskin that she was in control. She slapped him harder with every blow; her hand vibrated and stung from the impact. He turned his head back to her and she saw his mouth open as she continued to spank him. Then he laughed and Gillian knew beyond a doubt that he was under her spell.“You will obey.”Gillian injected the same firmness into her tone that this grayskin had used on her the previous night. It felt good. She did not know where all this confidence was coming from, but she liked it. Kneeling on the bed, she maneuvered to his side and hustled him over onto his back. Then, bathed in his gaze, she inched her skirt up with both hands until she held it bunched at her hips. She vaulted a leg over his chest, and with her bare foot resting above his shoulder, she pressed herself forward until her vulva hovered just above his face. His nose was close, nearly close enough to brush against her soft, inviting folds.Gillian waited for her partner’s reaction as she let her fingertips dance over his lips. He closed his eyes. Then, tilting his head up just a bit more, he inhaled deeply.“Lick.”Gillian’s command was acknowledged with a pleased smirk. She watched the muscles in her grayskin’s neck grow taught as he lifted his head away from the bed to comply. The pressure of his lips and the sultriness of his tongue on the most intimate and sensitive nub of her clitoris gave her a jolt of ecstasy. Her body responded with a rocking motion as she began to grind her pelvis against the heat of his mouth. The delicate bud of sensation that he planted with his kiss blossomed from her pelvis, and unfolded toward her breasts and down through her legs. Though firmly propped over his body, she felt them tremble.Gillian heard herself moan; the sound had begun in her chest and had built until she could no longer contain it. The intensity of it spilled over her and raised goose flesh on her feverish skin. She imagined others would be able to hear her pleasure from outside: they would know what she was doing. Her first thought was to feel embarrassed, but she discovered instead that giving voice to her wantonness only served to increase her arousal.She wanted her grayskin right there with her. As he tongued her, she leaned back to wrap her fingers around his still semi-hard cock, then balled her hand in a fist and began to stroke the length of him. A rough groan escaped his throat and it vibrated against her vulva, causing her breath to catch. She held it for a moment, afraid to shatter the exquisite satisfaction induced by the application of his vocal chords. Then she released it in a heavy sigh. Feeling his warm breath on her tender flesh and his tongue flicking against her clit made it difficult for her to form a single, coherent thought.She clamped his unruly hair in her fingers and her rhythm quickened. Gillian expected her grayskin to keep pace. Almost tearing at his scalp, she pulled his head so that his face was buried in her slick folds. As she squeezed her fingers tighter in his mane, she began to understand the abandon he had felt when he held her head and fucked her mouth. Her eyes sprang open—she had disciplined him for it. She glanced down into his face and watched as he kissed and lapped at her cunt. His attention and care made her feel as if he was worshipping her body. Her eyes narrowed into a glare; she was not sorry. She owned his tongue and she was not finished with it.Gillian could tell her grayskin had read her thoughts when she caught the smug acknowledgment in his eyes—he was enjoying turning her into a hypocrite. She might have been irritated if it were not for his cock growing rigid within her grip; it strained against her fingers, reminding her how much she wanted to feel him inside her again.She was about to shove away from his obedient mouth when he surprised her by propping himself up on his elbows and sliding his massive hands up through her parted legs to grip her round ass. He held her imprisoned between his arms and his mouth, insisting on administering her punishment. Then he drove his persistent tongue in and out of her and she envisioned her taste sapping down into his mouth.When the ache between her legs intensified to the point that Gillian could no longer contain her need to be filled by his cock, she released her grip in his hair. His strong hands squeezed her bottom to prevent her from pulling away from his eager mouth, but she pried them off and held them to the mattress an inch above his head. She leaned down so that her stiff nipples grazed against the coarse hair on his chest and she pressed her lips to his. When her tongue snaked between his lips and darted in to find his, she tasted her own musky-sweet flavor on him. Then, looking into his eyes, she returned the anticipation she saw there with the hunger emanating from her own.Releasing her orc’s hands, Gillian settled back so that she was poised just over his pelvis. She slid her palm beneath her to reclaim his firm cock and then leisurely rubbed the head of it against her wet pussy in a way that belied her urgency to have him snug within her. She let out a trembling sigh as the thrill of the intimacy shot through every nerve in her body. Bobbing herself up and down, torturing them both, she repeatedly dipped his cockhead just inside her slick entrance, and with each tease of penetration came fresh spasms of mounting pleasure. Finally, with a shocking smack of delight, her ass came down against his thighs and the full length of his enormous cock was encompassed within her tight sheath.Her grayskin was so large that for a moment Gillian could not decide if it was pleasure or pain that made her hold her breath, but then she began to rock her hips eliciting a sharp satisfaction that eased the sting away. She had not known that she would be able to take him in his entirety but she loved the feeling of him inside her, stretching her; he was deep, so deep. She propped herself up with her hands against his broad chest so she could better control the gyration of her hips.Arching her back, Gillian jutted her full breasts out toward him and stared down into his face. Somehow the eye contact made what she was doing to him all the more intimate. As she stared at him, his yellow eyes seared into hers, more luminescent than the fading light breaching the windows. She clawed at his rough, scarred chest wanting to mark him for her own.Gillian lowered her head toward her orc’s face. While she ground her hips against him, she ran the tip of her tongue along the pointed lobe of his right ear. Then she moved on to his jaw line and, nipping at the prickly hairs down his neck, she worked her mouth, kissing her way back up to his chin. Her tongue traced his lips, urging his out so she could capture it in her mouth. It felt so dirty to suck his tongue while his cock pushed against her walls and throbbed inside her.Gillian loved the tight squeeze of her breasts as she compressed them against his chest. She splayed her arms across his broad shoulders, ensuring he would not be able to rise, and entertained the notion that she was capable of pinning him: she could hold him, fuck him, and he would give himself over to her, just as he was doing now.She sat up and threw her head back. Her dark, sweat damp hair spilled over her shoulders and d****d down to brush the top of her heart-shaped ass. Her orc’s hands cupped her breasts and massaged them. He slapped them together while she maintained the momentum on his cock. Then his fingers sought her taut nipples and he rolled them against the flat of his hand and traced rough circles over their tips. Her hands masked his, encouraging him to please her as she drenched his dick. He pinched her, causing a thousand tiny sparks to shoot outward from the little pink buds clutched between his fingers.A smile stretched across his face. His large hands relinquished her tits and slid from beneath hers to explore the rest of her body. Gillian could feel the rough calluses on his palms as he caressed them down the graceful line of her back, and farther still, to clutch her ass. Then, taking hold of her hips, he encouraged her up and down movement on his cock and urged her to increase her pace. So tight was his grip that it felt as if he might bruise her flesh, but she found his eagerness thrilling and she did not care. She delighted in his ability to improve on what she initiated by knowing what she wanted and needed without being told.He pushed against the furs to a sitting position and wrapped his left arm around her waist while he used his right to support her upper back. Then he smothered his face in her breasts.Gillian granted him the illusion of control. With her hands clutching and tugging in his hair, she rocked her pussy against his cock’s base, causing the bed to shake with the force of her body on his. She rode him as if possessed—she would take from him until her enormous appetite was slaked.As their struggle for release became frantic, it seemed to Gillian that every separate sensation broke into chaos at the same time that her awareness of it all became heightened: focused. For one brief but infinite moment, she felt as if she knew his body like her own.His abdominals became rigid with sculpted definition as his thrusts grew more vigorous. Gillian felt the muscles in his thighs tense and work beneath her; the drive of his cock inside her paralleled and synced with her own rhythm until their separate movements merged and became the same frenzied rush between them. Then his mouth came away from her breast and he let out a yell that escaped beyond the confines of the room. His orgasm spilled into her and she moaned, her body going stiff in response.Ever fiber of Gillian’s being felt rigid, shaky, and ready to snap when she found her release, triggered by his. She felt almost mindless as her pussy tightened and clenched. Heat spilled from her pelvis and spread through her limbs and torso. Going weak, she trembled as she clung to her partner’s wide shoulders, but he held her upright and enveloped her in his strength. As the rest of her body fell limp, her vagina continued to spasm around his cock, milking her grayskin the rest of the way into post-coital oblivion.CHAPTER NINEGillian held her grayskin with boneless limbs. Her mind, now calm and floating with endorphins, returned to take stock of her present surroundings. She opened her eyes expecting to see daylight, but instead found only dancing shadows cast by the fires from beyond the window. She had not realized she had been occupied so long; somehow she had managed to lose the rest of the day.Spent, the great b**st fell back against the furs and brought Gillian with him, turning her body so that her back fit snug against his chest. She found comfort in his warmth and in the protection he offered her within his arms. He must have felt it too because she sensed the tension in his limbs leaving his muscles. Suddenly feeling the need to study his face, her belly met the plush pile of the a****l coats strewnacross the bed as she rolled away from his hefty, gray chest and turned her face to meet his. He laughed. Apparently unwilling to part with the intimacy of their skin-to-skin contact, his rough fingers followed her to nuzzle at her hips.“You remind me of the way things were.”His voice had a deep, resonating quality to it that made Gillian want to curl in closer to him. As he slid the gentle pressure of his fingertips lower, beyond her waist and over the curve of her bottom, she marveled at how large his hand was in comparison to her body; it was easily large enough to crush her head. For him to have such power at his disposal and yet choose to handle her with such tender restraint told her much.“These scars…did you dishonor your kin to earn these or did an enemy mark you?”Gillian froze. The bumps, ridges, and blotches painted the awful map of her past against the supple canvas of her skin. The disfiguration had been the price she had had to pay for incurring her mother’s wrath. Usually she was meticulous about keeping them covered so no one would inquire about them. Somehow, she had allowed herself to relax to the extent that her scars had completely evaded her thoughts. But now they lay bare before him, betraying every humiliation she had lived through and revealing the weakness within her for having provoked them in the first place.But his touch was not withdrawn.Gillian awaited the familiar onset of shame so she could collapse into a ball and rock herself into the blissful numbness of a c***. It never came. Instead, his hand on her ugly, scarred parts instilled in her an unexpected sense of relief. His hand was like a balm and suddenly she wanted him to know everything.“They were a gift from my mother.”Gillian had never said the words aloud before and they felt heavy in her mouth. She took a deep breath and held it as she waited for him to respond. When he remained quiet, she forced herself to continue.“She wanted to make sure that I understood the ways of the world.” She paused as she let the memories, held for so long at arm’s length, wash over her. “Some nights were worse than others.”“It was an enemy then.” He trailed his fingertips along one of the more prominent ridges. “What caused you to leave?”“I realized that if I stayed, it was just a matter of time. She would have killed me.” At first Gillian was reticent to meet the grayskin’s eyes. She waited for his reaction, but when it did not come, she looked up to see that he was still contemplating what she had said.When he was ready to speak, he tipped her chin up so that she was looking directly into his gaze. “The woman who bore you? She must have seen the fire in you, and beat you to keep you subdued—to control you. Clearly, you are not one to be kept on a leash. You fight as we do.”Gillian was taken aback. Her partner’s tone held no trace of pity. She realized that he saw her marks as evidence of the fact that she had endured endless attacks and had come out the other side largely uns**thed: she had survived. It had never occurred to her to think of her scars as symbolic of inner strength, but the moment he said it, she knew it was true. It was the same feeling that had spurred her to take the initiative with him. The fire he spoke of—it was a power she had not even known she possessed until now, until this evening.“The way you fight, like the way you handled Gruul earlier…” He shook his head. “If I could not see your appearance, I’d think you were an orc.”Gillian smiled at the thought of being compared to an orc. She had not yet seen a female orc, but she imagined their females were every bit as strong and as intimidating as the males. Physically, her small frame would not measure up, but she was beginning to understand that strength was also a state of mind.He propped himself up on one elbow. “What can I call you?”“I was born Gillian…Prock.” The last part, Prock, tasted foul in her mouth and she could not stop herself from sneering when she said it.He weighed her response. “You are now Gillian Thundereye.”She considered the name. “Thundereye. That’s Gomdrok’s name?”“He is my brother. I am Valthurg.”She was quiet for a moment, and then she tested his name on her lips. “Valthurg. Can I call you Val?”He did not smile. “No.”She stifled a grin and tucked her head in close under his chin, choosing to ignore the gruffness in his tone. She breathed in his warm, comfortable scent and closed her eyes. She did not know what tomorrow would bring, but if her mother had taught her anything at all, it was to live in the present.

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