Subject: Son of An American Housewife Part 16 Son of an American Housewife part 16 Usual disclaimers apply. I don’t own these characters. This is pure fiction. I welcome your hoo “Thank you,” Oliver had said quietly in the doorway. This was moments after Oliver had snuck into Cooper’s bedroom, crawled on top of him, and roused Cooper from sleep by sitting on his hard dick. As Oliver closed the door, Cooper sat in bed in the dark, barely believing what had just happened. Oliver, who had barely been able to hide his contempt for Cooper most of the time when sex was involved, who had humiliated him countless times, who had passed Cooper’s ass around to strangers, was not only riding Cooper’s dick, but thanking him after. Cooper didn’t know what to make of it, but the subtext was clear. Thank you for the dick. Thank you for the load of jizz in my guts. As Cooper tried to go back to sleep, he noticed that his dick was still hard. The next morning, for the first time since before the incident with Franklin, Oliver was kind and polite to Cooper. He joined the family at breakfast and went out of his way to be kind of Cooper. He offered him toast and juice, he looked at Cooper and listened while he spoke, and while he jabbed verbally with almost everyone else at the table, he had nothing but kindness and respect for Cooper. Cooper kept looking to Franklin to see if he had noticed the difference in Oliver’s behavior, but Franklin (who had trouble with social cues) didn’t notice a thing. That day at school, Oliver was again kind, polite, and attentive to Cooper. Cooper wanted to ask what was going on, but he didn’t know how. So instead, he just went along with it (which was Cooper’s personality in a nutshell). By dinner time, Cooper had become accustom to it. He figured maybe this was just some game Oliver was playing. And Cooper thought he might as well play along. That night, Cooper expected Oliver to want to talk once they were alone in their basement apartment. But instead, Oliver politely smiled at Cooper and said goodnight before disappearing down the hall to his own room. It took Cooper a while to go to sleep. He woke at 4am shocked, but not surprised. Once again, there was a rustle over him and the thin form of Oliver’s body in the dark. Once again, without a word, he felt Oliver’s hand seek out his hard dick and guide it to the edge of his asshole. Just as the night before, Oliver slid slowly down onto Cooper’s hardness until his balls rested on Cooper’s pelvis. Oliver grunted softly as he began to slide up and down on Cooper’s erection. Cooper, taking his cue from Oliver, also remained silent. The room was quiet, so the only sound was the gentle rustle of the sheets, a soft wet sound as Oliver’s tight ass pressed tightly on Cooper’s dick, and the gentle breathing and groaning of each of the smooth boys in the bed. It didn’t take long (maybe a minute) for Oliver’s breath to quicken once more and Cooper felt hot jizz splatter his belly. Once Oliver’s shuddering subsided, he quickened his pace, now slamming his ass hard into Cooper’s hips. This quicker pace only took a minute or so before Cooper felt himself climax deep inside of Oliver. Once Oliver was sure he had milked every drop from Cooper with his clenched ass, he gently pulled himself off of Cooper’s dick and once again took an unseen towel and cleaned his DNA from Cooper’s belly. Just as the night before, he stood and said, “Thank you” quietly. As Oliver closed the door, Cooper knew that this would be their thing now. Oliver never did anything in moderation. Cooper was correct of course. During the day, Oliver was well behaved, polite, even deferential to Cooper. Each night, usually around 4am, Oliver would let himself into Cooper’s room, gently fondle his dick to tumescence, and gently sit on Cooper’s dick. For eight days, this routine went on without deviation. On the morning of the ninth day, Cooper was in his first period class when he got a text from Oliver. It instructed Cooper to skip school after second period and meet him at a hotel. kızılay escort The text was quickly followed by a dropped pin showing Oliver’s location. Cooper was immediately nervous and apprehensive. Cooper and Oliver had gone to hotels before, and it usually ended up with Cooper high or passed out and taking who knows how many loads from who knows how many strangers. There was a tome when Cooper had been into that some, but Oliver had definitely pushed that beyond Cooper’s comfort level. Cooper didn’t want to go back to the way Oliver and Cooper were before. But something told him that this would be different. Oliver had been so different since Franklin and he had “taught him a lesson.” Also, beneath his desk, Cooper’s cock strained against his khakis. Cooper ditched school and ordered an Uber to the location Oliver had texted him. It was much nicer than the shitty hotels that Oliver had always taken him too before. This was a fancy boutique style hotel in one of the fanciest parts of Westport’s fancy downtown. Cooper texted when he was in the lobby and immediately received a response from Oliver with a room number but asking that Cooper wait five minutes before coming up. That made Cooper nervous. Why would he need to wait? But part of him was too aroused (and too curious) to turn back now. Cooper sat in an oversized chair while he waited and nervously pretended to check his phone. Most people probably couldn’t hang out in the lobby of a hotel this nice for long without someone asking what you were doing there. But Cooper was young, blond, hot, and rich. And rich looking. Cooper’s privilege had made him comfortable in places like this. He set a timer and spent most of the five minutes watching the numbers tick down. At exactly one second left, Cooper ended the timer and hit the elevator. Moments later he approached the room and knocked on the door. A few more moments of waiting in the hall seemed like forever, until finally the door opened and Cooper was shocked to see Franklin was the one who had answered. Cooper was shocked to see Franklin here. Cooper opened his mouth to ask questions, but Franklin quickly held his finger up to his own mouth. The international sign for “shhh.” Franklin gently took Cooper by the arm and guided him inside. With the door shut behind them, Franklin leaned into Cooper ear and whispered. “We are just about to get started, but I think the camera is already rolling.” Cooper was (as he so often was) confused. But Franklin’s presence put him at ease. It was only now that Cooper realized that Franklin was dressed in a fluffy white hotel robe. The crest of the fancy boutique hotel embroidered on the left breast. Franklin was so handsome. He looked good in anything. They rounded the corner into the hotel room. The room was actually a suite with a large curved sofa in the center. On this sofa, Oliver was positioned on his hands and knees, nude, facing the entryway where Franklin and Cooper stood. Between the sofa and the entry way was a small tripod on a table with an iPhone nestled in it. Even from a distance, Cooper could tell that the camera was rolling. Oliver gave the camera a smile, but Cooper realized the smile was meant for him. It was only then that Cooper noticed the presence of another person in the room. Just out of the camera’s field of vision stood a tall, blond, nude man who was fumbling with something. As the man turned, Cooper recognized him as Trip Windsor. It had been a long time since the last time that Oliver and Cooper and Trip had swapped DNA, but when Trip turned and noticed Cooper had entered the room, he flashed Cooper a brilliant smile or recognition. Trip was very smooth and very fit. His dick was already hard and seemed to point to Cooper. Cooper felt a twinge at the base of his own dick. Cooper was still confused, but he could understand enough to know what was going on. Oliver wanted a sex tape. Presumably they would all take turns. It wouldn’t be the first time Oliver had made a sex tape with Cooper. But the one keçiören escort big difference this was was that Oliver was the one on his knees. Cooper saw that the thing Trip had been fumbling with was a ski mask. Trip slipped the black mask over his head and once satisfied that his face was covered, stepped into frame, giving Oliver’s ass a hard slap as he did. Oliver grunted slightly as he winced, but that was all. It occurred to Cooper in this moment that while Trip was wearing a mask, Oliver wasn’t. Perhaps whatever switch had flipped inside Oliver that had made him compelled to sneak into Cooper’s room every night and ride his dick had also made him crave attention. It was clear. Oliver wanted to be seen. Franklin stepped forward as Trip got into position. Franklin held another iPhone, this one he zoomed in to get different angles of the same action being captured by the one on the tripod. No doubt, Oliver would later combine them into a single video. Trip was already hard, but no matter, he stepped to the edge of the sofa, grabbed a hand full of Oliver’s hair, and craned his head upwards before jamming his hard dick into Oliver’s mouth. Trip, clearly taking out some aggression on Oliver (who had no doubt given Trip, given them all reason to feel harshly), jammed his cock deep into Oliver’s throat, causing him to gag and tears to well in his eyes. Trip was careful to keep his hip angled so that both cameras could get unobstructed views of Oliver’s face getting fucked. Cooper just watched as it played out. Several minutes of hard mouth fucking passed before Trip finally yanked his cock out and Oliver gasped for breath. Trip quickly moved around to Oliver’s feet and yanked him slightly so that his ass was angled off the edge of the sofa. From a standing position, Trip jammed his cock all the way inside of Oliver, so that his balls slapped against Oliver’s. Oliver yelped a little, but then was silent once more. Trip then began to rail Oliver as hard as Cooper had ever seen. With each down stroke, as Trip’s dick bottomed out inside of Oliver’s ass, Oliver would let out a low moan. After only a few strokes, Oliver made a motion with his hand toward Franklin. Cooper didn’t understand it, but Franklin obviously did as he took a step over and focused his iPhone on Oliver’s cock, which pointed out and down and bobbed wildly with each thrust of Trip’s dick. Second’s later, Oliver’s cock erupted, spurting jizz onto the sofa below. Oliver’s face was one of pure ecstasy as the orgasm washed over him like a wave. If Trip noticed, he made no indication of it, jamming his dick into Oliver again and again as Oliver’s ejaculation went from shots to spurts, to drips. Trip continued to pound for another minute or two before he suddenly made a loud grunting sound (the first sound he had made the entire time) and clearly emptied his load into Oliver. Not that there was any sign of it. Trip’s loud orgasm was accompanied by his shoving his full weight into Oliver for several seconds before finally, he slowly slid his cock out of Oliver. When he did, all the evidence was left inside of Oliver. It was at this moment that Cooper realized he was still standing. It was also at this moment that he realized that at some point during all this, he had absent-mindedly unzipped his pants and was now slowly beating his own dick to the action. Oliver started directly into the camera, and into Cooper’s eyes with a look of smug satisfaction. Cooper suddenly felt self-conscious and averted his view to Franklin. Cooper looked at Franklin just in time to see him slipping off his robe. He was fully nude and also erect. As Trip stepped out or frame, he slipped off the ski mask and handed it to Franklin, who put it on as he handed the iPhone to Trip and the two fully swapped positioned Oliver’s position was unchanged. He was on his hands an knees, his ass in the air, a load of his own jizz cooling on the sofa below him. Franklin chose not to fuck Oliver’s mouth, and instead, penetrated Oliver’s ass immediately. escort ankara Franklin used less force, but his cock was thicker than Trip’s and the effect read on Oliver’s face. Oliver grimaced as Franklin quickly settled into a rhythm. It was while Franklin began slowly fucking Oliver’s ass that Cooper realized the absence of sound in the room. There was no music, no TV, just the slow, soft, wet, clapping sound as Franklin’s pubic bone tasted against Oliver before once again pulling out for the upstroke. Occasionally Oliver would make a small grunt or Franklin would breathe a little heavy, but other than that, there was no sound. Trip gently wiped the lube and jizz from his own dick while aiming the camera at the two boys fucking on the sofa. Trip was friendly, but didn’t look away from the task at hand. Cooper continued to gently stroke his dick as Oliver took Franklin’s dick. Franklin (as Cooper well knew) had stamina. Cooper thought it likely that Franklin could fuck for hours if he wanted to. After about five minutes of slow, rhythmic butt fucking, Trip (who apparently had been asked to time it), looked at his watch and said simply, “Ok, now.” Franklin (his face still obscured by the ski mask) nodded and quickened his pace. Within a minute, Franklin made a small grunting sounds and ground his hips into Oliver, once more filling his ass with jizz. When Franklin finally pulled out, there was once again no trace of semen. All of it had been left inside Oliver. Franklin quickly stepped out of frame and removed the ski mask, handing it to Cooper. It was only in that moment that Cooper realized that he was supposed to take a turn too. At first his instinct was to refuse, but something inside him (perhaps the part that made his dick hard) said that he should. Cooper quickly stepped out of his jeans and stopped off the rest of his clothes. For some reason, Cooper left his underwear on. They were a pair of bright blue Calvin Klien’s. they hugged his ass and he looked amazing in them. His balls and hard cock protruded out over the waistband. Cooper put the mask on and stepped into frame. Oliver smiled at him. Cooper wondered if all this was just a new way that Oliver had found to manipulate those around him. Cooper was confident that the power dynamic had shifted, but certainly Oliver had arranged all this for his own amusement. Whatever conflicted feelings he had evaporated from his mind as he slid his dick inside of Oliver’s warm wetness. As Cooper began to slowly slide in and out of Oliver, the reason that they were all there didn’t matter as much to him. Oliver’s hole felt different than it had all those nights he had slipped into his room and slid down on it. Trip and Franklin had loosened the hole considerably, and the multiple loads inside made for an itchy chaffing on his dick. It still felt amazing, but all too quickly, Cooper realized that with all the stroking he had done while watching, he was now dangerously close to cumming. Cooper didn’t think. Instead, he watched as his body took over and did the rest. Cooper slipped his dick out of Oliver’s ass after less than a minute of fucking. He quickly moved to the edge of the sofa and grabbed Oliver’s hair (mimicking the way Trip had grabbed it earlier). Then just like Trip, Cooper jammed his dick into Oliver’s mouth. Oliver was legitimately surprised and made a garbled grunt of protest (or surprise) but made no other attempt to resist. As Cooper pumped his cock as deep as he could, Oliver could taste himself on Cooper’s dick. He could taste Franklin and Trip too. Seconds later, he would taste Cooper as Cooper suddenly pulled all the way out at the moment he began to cum. His jizz shot directly into Oliver’s right eye. The second shot onto his face, drizzling down into his mouth, the third and subsequent shots were unseen as Cooper shoved himself back into Oliver and finished in his mouth. “Clean it off,” Cooper said quietly under his breath. Oliver looked up for a moment, one eye shut, the other wet with tears as he smiled before once again opening his mouth to clean Cooper’s cock and balls. Once Cooper was satisfied, he finally removed his cock from Oliver’s mouth, allowing him to catch his breath. Cooper looked to Trip and Franklin who were just staring speechless. Cooper looked into the camera and calmly said, “cut.”

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