Spanked by Daddy for Backtalking Mom


“Daddy, daddy, come meet my sexy bestie,” nineteen-year-old Heather said to her stepdad as he climbed the cement steps of her friend’s house.Caledon checked his watch and said, “No, no, no, I just came to pick you up.”Heather groaned.“No hissy fits, missy,” he said sternly. “We gotta go. Your mom’s waiting on the plumber.”“Just come in for a second!”He shook his head. “I said no. I never agreed to meet your friend. You called me saying you needed a ride. See? I should’ve known. I’m not your plaything.”“But daddy…,” the college girl whined like a toddler.“Let’s. Go.” He crossed his arms. Her pleading doe eyes weren’t going to sway him. Her playful pigtails weren’t going to manipulate him. Nor were the hard nipples poking out of her white tank top going to seduce him.“Fine, you fucker,” she said finally. Then she opened the door wider. He could hear music. “Just say hi and we go.”“Thank you,” he said.Barefoot, Heather scurried back into the house. The house was fancier than his own, so he was curious to see the inside. He saw the indoor balcony, the spiral staircase, the expensive-looking vases and furniture.And then he saw her.A girl stood by the bookcase with her back to him, jet black hair covering her back, navy blue booty shorts, long bare legs. She turned around.Caledon gulped.Topless.He stammered to say hello.She smiled slightly.“Um, daddy?” Heather said.He was still looking for words.“This is Lisa Lee from my class,” his stepdaughter said.Lisa gasped. “You’re Heather’s fuck-daddy!” She bit her lip and started walking towards them.Caledon’s eyes skirted around her body. Lovely little titties. Legs. More legs. Camel toes. Titties. A cute small mouth. Cute Asian eyes. Cute bangs over her forehead. But the nipples…“Um, yeah, I guess,” he finally answered.He backed up as she continued towards him. She was looking him over as well. She put her hand on his chest. Her hand casually slipped down to his crotch, gave it a little squeeze, https://escortium.org before sliding back to his chest.“Wow,” he said.Lisa slid her arms around his waist. He scratched his head.“Hug her back, daddy, jeez,” Heather said.“Oh,” he said, and he put an around the topless girl, liking the feel of her chest pressing against his torso.“Mm, he’s so muscley and fuckably cute!” Lisa said as she squeezed him into a bear hug.He chuckled and put the other arm around her, enjoying the feel and smell of her hair under his chin, her tiny body wrapped inside his.“His heart’s beating, like, sooooo fast,” she said, laughing. Heather laughed, too.“Hey, I’m just, uh, you know,” he tried to explain.“Can I kiss him?” she asked Heather.“Hey, I’m right here,” he said with a silly grin. “You can ask me.”“Don’t ask him, just do it,” Heather said.Lisa laughed and turned her face to kiss Caledon. She had to stand up on her toes to reach him.“Mm,” he said as her lips touched his.She put her arms around his neck for another hug. He lifted her a little. She giggled at that. But then she whispered low in his ear, “I need cock.”“Um, what?”“Cock,” she said again, so low that Heather couldn’t hear. “I need big, nasty cock.”He stopped to look at this girl, shocked.“So, we were just leaving, right, daddy?” Heather said suddenly, pointing to the door.He gave her a look. “Well, no, I guess…”She grinned back at him. “Oh, you can stay now?”“Please, please,” Lisa said.“Aw, hell,” he decided. He saw the rum bottles on the glass living room table. “Oh, what’s this? Party in the afternoon?”“Yeah!” Lisa said. “Come on.” She took one arm. Heather took the other. They pulled him into the living room and onto the sofa, forcing him to sit. “Drink, daddy.” To Heather, she said, “Can I call him daddy, too?” She didn’t wait for an answer. “Drink, drink, daddy.”But he could hardly concentrate on pouring himself a drink. The girls were dancing in front of him. He nearly knocked a bottle over. Lisa pulled on Heather’s tank top until Heather lifted her arms.“Release the boobies!” Lisa said. Heather’s top was off. They threw it at Caledon who laughed and protected his drink.“Daddy, daddy, look at our titties!” sang his stepdaughter.“Oh, fuck,” he muttered as the girls smooshed their breasts together. “Oh, God help me.”Heather was fondling Lisa’s. Lisa was slapping at Heather’s. And Caledon was enjoying the show.Heather had her arms in the air. Lisa was biting her nipples. Caledon was squirming a little.Heather was twirling her fingers through her pigtails with her eyes dreamily closed. Lisa was licking and kissing down Heather’s body, stopping at the V between her legs. Caledon was holding his erection.With a grunt and violent yank, Lisa suddenly pulled down Heather’s white shorts, exposing that lovely mound Caledon loved.“Get naked, you slutty little bitch,” Lisa said.Heather laughed as she struggled to step out of her shorts and panties. Lisa stood up and gave her a few spanks.Now it was Lisa’s turn. Heather took her time. Lisa stood there topless facing Caledon, swaying a little. Heather was behind her, reaching under her arms and fondling her breasts for Caledon to see. Lisa stared at Caledon hungrily while he drank and watched. Heather peeled off Lisa’s booty shorts slowly.A bushy little landing strip pointed the way to Lisa’s pussy. And Heather was on the floor, reaching up between Lisa’s spread-out legs from behind and caressing those little hairs. She looked at her stepdad while her face rested against Lisa’s butt cheek. She stood up again, grinding her body against Lisa’s.“Jumpin’ Jesus,” Caledon groaned as his favorite porn subgenre—interracial lesbian—played out in front of him. He leaned back and grabbed his thighs, resisting the urge to undo his own pants and jerk himself off.“Oh, shit,” he said, sitting up as two topless nymphs began rushing towards him.“Strip him!” Lisa commanded.“Wait, wait, wait,” he complained, but he moved in his seat to accommodate the girls as they tore off his shirt, his pants, his shoes. “Oh, man, oh man,” he said as his boxers were torn off. He heard a rip. “What was that?”“Nothing,” Heather said.The girls sat on Caledon’s lap. He dug into both their rib cages to tickle them. The girls squirmed and yelped, their limbs flailing and their breasts bouncing every which way. Caledon was in heaven.“Stop, stop, dude, stop,” Heather begged.When he stopped, she treated him to a kiss. Lisa brought her lips to the scene, saying, “I want some,” and began kissing him, too. She pulled Heather back into the kiss as well. The three of them were locked in a three-way French-kissing tongue fest.“Wait,” Caledon said. “Who am I kissing?”Heather mumbled a laugh. Lisa was the hungriest, alternately focusing on Heather, then Caledon, then Heather again, finally pushing Heather away to have all of Caledon’s lips for herself, kissing loudly and wetly. Heather buried her face in her stepdad’s neck, but Lisa nuzzled his neck as well, pushing Heather aside.Heather sighed, annoyed.  She tried to grab her stepdad’s cock, but Lisa grabbed that, too, stroking it hard.“Mine,” Lisa muttered before returning her mouth to his.Lisa started sliding down until she was kneeling between Caledon’s legs.“Play time,” she sang, before she started licking every side of his cock.“You like that, daddy?” Heather asked.“Oh, yeah, bumpkin,” he sighed, leaning his head back.“Pumpkin?” Lisa asked confused.He shrugged. “Nickname.”Lisa took him into her mouth. She wiggled her face and took the cock in as deep as she could. And then a half-inch more. Caledon held on to the top of her head, concerned about her but enjoying it just the same. He heard the gurgling noise. He stammered to say something but couldn’t. She even had his balls in her hand. But the gagging noise made him stop. He pulled her out.She cried out, “Oh, fuck,” and gasped for breath, saliva dripping out of her mouth. Then she winced and begged, “More, daddy!”

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