Spanking in Amsterdam part 2


Spanking in Amsterdam part 2It had been 2 weeks since young Jennifer arrived in Amsterdam, met up with Peter and was introduced to a new wonderful world of sex and spanking. Every waking minute Jennifer had her legs wrapped around Peters waist with his erect penis buried deep in her vagina while she smothered him with wet kisses, when he wasn’t deep inside her he was adding a fresh coat of red color to her bottom. Peter was becoming exhausted and needed to get control of this young nymph, she was everything he wanted in a woman but he knew that he needed some rest.Peter had an idea that would take control of her and set regular times that she would be allowed to exercise her new found carnal desires. He hung a large bulletin board in the kitchen and at the top was a banner saying “Jennifer’s Punishment List” and below was incidents that she would be spanked for. Peter showed Jennifer the list and next to each item was a number that would represent the number of strokes she would get for each infraction, then check marks for the number of times in a week that she broke the rules. Peter set the bar too high to begin with because some of the rules were things that he realized after a few days she would never break in the first place, Jennifer was not a bad girl she did not swear, drink, argue, or anything that would earn her a punishment. He quickly modified the list to include very simple things like not combing her hair, making the bed, dressing nicely before coming to breakfast, leaving a light on etc. etc. etc. This way he knew he could find all kinds of little faults and add up the strokes for a nice punishment by the weekend, this also had a calming effect on Jennifer as she had to wait until then to receive her punishment and a good fucking. The bottom item on the list was if she used the “F” word it would result in 50 strokes of the cane, now Peter knew that Jennifer was incapable of saying the “F” word so this was really only on there for effect.After a few days with the new list Peter was pleased to see a few check marks starting to show up on the board. Jennifer was looking at the list Friday morning counting up the number of strokes she would be getting Saturday night and the wait was making her incredibly horny. Peter excused himself saying he had to step out for a bit to buy something and as he stood at the door taking his time to leave he noticed young Jennifer had her nightie pulled up in front, left hand on her breasts and right hand fingering herself. Smiling to himself Peter step out and quietly closed the door behind him confident that this was going to work out to his benefit.Peter headed down the street to his favorite sex shop where he had purchased many items in the past and had a very good relationship with the staff and owner. As he entered he noticed a new girl behind the counter, a cute blue eyed blonde barely 5 feet tall, round plump thighs and bottom. She welcomed him into the store introducing herself as Corinne; there was a mild Swedish accent in her quiet sweet voice. Peter introduced himself and she immediately recognized the name from what she had been told by the owner and rest of the staff. Corinne was overjoyed at having the good fortune to actually meet Peter, she wanted to help him any way she could. Peter asked Corinne if she would show him their collection of Cat-o’-nine-tail whips, he could see Corinne shudder a little at the request but quickly took him into ümraniye escort the back of the store. She laid out about 6 different whips from ones that just looked like toys to ones that would tear your hide off. Peter could not see what he wanted stating that it must punish the flesh but not damage it he also told Corinne that he intended on using it on Jennifer’s inner thighs and pussy. Corinne thought for a minute and then retrieved a very ornate box from the upper shelf and inside was a work of genuine art. A Cat-o’-nine-tails with a beautifully carved handle, it had a dragons mouth with the 9 cords pouring out of it, the cords were heavy and fairly stiff but very smooth so as he picked up the expertly made and balanced item he knew it would be Perfect. Corinne asked Peter if he wanted to take it but Peter mentioned that he would hate to buy something this expensive if it didn’t perform like he wanted, Corinne suggested that he try it first but Peter told her that is was a surprise for Jennifer. What Corinne said next took Peter by surprise, she said I mean why don’t you try it on me, Peter looked into her sweet blue eyes and asked her to tell him exactly what she meant. Well Corinne started, you want to use it on her inner thighs and pussy, Peter nodded, she continued that she would be happy to sit up on the front counter, her bottom right at the edge, lay back, spread her legs and let him whip her. Peter could not believe his good fortune so he accept her invitation and soon he was looking between a pair of cute round thighs framing a sweet eatable pussy with full thick lips. Peter also noticed that the other patrons in the store had gathered at the counter to watch so taking the whip from the box he measured his distance while lightly slapping the target area in between Corinne’s legs. She was already moaning quietly and he could see droplets of arousal leaking from between her labia, Peter was also aware of a tightness in his trousers so he had to reach down into them to adjust his very hard erection. It was obvious that Corinne was ready so Peter began smacking the soft smooth flesh of her inner thighs, the new cat made an unusual erotic sound as it struck her flesh but Corinne made no attempt to move, just laid there and enjoyed the whipping. Peter stepped up the force and speed to what he figured would be a suitable punishment but still Corinne made no effort to move but her moaning was turning into grunts and hisses. He turned his attention to her pussy itself finally bringing a real reaction from Corinne as she started to squeal and cry out with each smack and her fluids began to pour from her vagina soaking the whip as she reached orgasm. Peter continued to whip her quite hard now as Corinne struggled to stay in position, after 2 more orgasms she collapsed onto the counter completely spent and sobbing.When Peter arrived back at home he was very aroused and seeing Jennifer on the couch taking a nap in a cute little nightie that Peter had bought for her pushed him to the edge of his senses. She was laying on her side with her knees pulled up to her chest exposing her sweet round bottom, pouting pussy and gorgeous legs. As he sat down next to her the intoxicating scent of her arousal and wet sex filled his nose then gently started to run his hands over her bottom and thighs. Jennifer awoke and immediately turned around and laid face down over Peters lap. He massaged the backs kadıköy escort of my legs and bottom then slipped a finger in between my legs finding a slippery wet pussy. I could not take any more teasing and looking over my shoulder I pleaded for Peter to “fuck me” Peter looked at me, what did you say he asked, I replied “fuck me now” at that instant I realized that was a mistake to actually say the F word and twice. Peter rose from the couch, walked into the kitchen and standing in front of the punishment board he put 2 check marks on the line for using the F word. I sat up on the couch with fear in my eyes calculating that my mistake would cost me 100 strokes of the cane, I ran to Peter sobbing beseeching his forgiveness but as I looked at him through tear filled eyes I could see he looked rather pleased. Peter held my face in his hands reassuring me saying that he had a very special surprise in store for me and not to worry about the demerits that were quickly adding up on the board but I would have to wait until Saturday evening.All day Saturday I was a nervous wreck, every time I walked past the punishment board I kept looking at the total which was 165 demerits and climbing, of course Peter kept teasing me about it saying he had something special to use on me. When the time came for my punishment Peter informed me that because the total was now 170 demerits he would break it up into 2 parts. The first part would be 100 strokes of the cane on my bare bottom, while bent over and tied to his specially designed low table. The second part he would lay me on my back tied to his low table with my legs securely spread apart so that my tender thighs and pussy could taste the sweet caress of his new toy.Peter had me dress like a school girl for my punishment, wearing a very short tartan skirt, white blouse and white knee socks. I stood in front of him and had to address him as Sir, explaining my behavior and why I deserved my punishment. When I had finished Peter said that he had to inspect me to make sure I was ready, that meant lifting my skirt so he could inspect my bottom and thighs then slid a finger into my pussy to check my state of arousal. Upon removing his finger from my vagina he remarked how wet and slippery it was and how naughty it was for a young school girl to get aroused at the thought of her impending punishment. Peter then added that maybe he should double the number of strokes. My ears were ringing my breathing heavy from being so aroused that it did not register what he had said. He lead me over to his low table and had me kneel on it legs spread wide and head right down on the surface, I was secured in this position so that I would not be able to avoid any of the cane strokes that would soon lite a fire in my bottom and thighs. Peter sat back admiring this young sweet girl that was offering up her body for his enjoyment, the smooth flawless supple flesh plus the cutest little bald pussy he had ever seen. He hadn’t spanked her for a week so all previous marks were gone leaving a beautiful white canvas on which to add colors of scarlet and purple.Peter kept looking at his watch as if he was waiting for someone when a knock came at the door. He opened it and young Corinne from the sex shop entered. She was dressed all in white from her shoes and stockings to her tight corset. Peter introduced us and then whispered into her ear, causing her to giggle and blush. Peter then tuzla escort handed her the cane and it occurred to me that she would be doing the whipping. Corinne knelt down between my legs and ran her tongue over my slippery wet vulva making me gasp with delight then moved around to my face to kiss me and let me taste my own arousal that was smeared on her face. Peter would not delay this any longer and giving Corinne a signal she positioned herself behind me giving me a couple of quick hard strokes to set the mood then watched the two lines turn red and swell into two thin welts. I made no sound or movement so Corinne applied six more fast strokes causing me to squeal a little. These one hundred strokes of the cane were intended to get me excited. Peter wanted to save the second part as the real whipping that would take me to a new level of arousal. As she laid stroke after stroke to Jennifer’s fully exposed bottom and thighs she only moaned and sighed as the heat from her bottom spread to her pussy causing her vaginal fluids to begin dripping out. Jennifer’s moans were getting louder and her love juices were flowing down the inside of her thighs, Peter did not want her to orgasm so he cut the caning short to save me for the real whipping.I had no idea how many strokes of the cane I had received but as Peter untied me I sniveled that I wanted more so I could orgasm but he paid no attention because he already had another plan in mind. Quickly he flipped me on my back and again secured me in place with my hands over my head and my legs spread wide. Peter retrieved his new Cat-o’-nine-tails whip and began lightly flicking it at my inner thighs; I thought that he was just going to play with me for a moment until he really started to apply the strokes with force. The Cat had quite a bit of weight to it making my flesh bounce and quiver as it contacted my thighs and the smooth tails quickly began to leave long thick welts. It was very painful but at the same time the whipping almost felt sensuous like an erotic serpent licking me with its tongue. Peter took his time to stoke the fire in my loins, ever increasing the speed and force until he was flogging me as hard as he could. Peter had slipped out of his confining clothes releasing his own stiff one eyed monster that had a mind of its own and eager to bury itself into Jennifer’s warm wet quim. I was screaming and weeping as the whip lashed my tender swollen pussy and thighs but the signs of my impending orgasm were visible as slippery love juices leaked out of my spread open love tunnel. Corinne had removed her skimpy panties and positioned herself with her legs spread over Jennifer’s face so that her labium was just touching Jennifer’s mouth. Corinne began to moan and grind her dripping pussy into Jennifer’s face driving her into a frenzy of orgasms and squirting her cum into young Jennifer’s mouth. Peter’s lust took over his brain, controlling all his movements from this point on. Leaning forward between Jenny’s spread legs he plunged his hard manhood deep into her sex, at the same time he took young Corinne’s face in his hands kissing her passionately nearly sucking the life out of her. It wasn’t long until Peter was filling Jenny with his hot cum, filling her and overflowing onto the table. Peter pulled his still pulsating cock out of Jennifer and before any cum could pour out young Corinne dropped down in between Jennifer’s thighs. Corinne started sucking and licking at Jenny’s pussy savoring the heady mixture of Peter and Jenny’s sweet sex. Peter watched this erotic scene unfolding naturally in front of him and decided then and there that young Corinne needed to move in with them.

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