Stand for Love Ch. 14

Deep Throat

Welcome to the 14th chapter of this story. I appreciate your time and your great love. I really hope this chapter will be interesting to you. Don’t forget to drop your comments and rates at the end of this chapter. Happy reading…


Adrian slowly opened the door leading to his room. He stood in the door way, his face looking straight but he couldn’t see a thing because his mind was focused on what he had found out in Jake’s room. There were so many questions running through his brain. He felt needed answers or he’d go crazy. He had no idea where he’d get the answers that he was seeking. It was as if his brain had become a vacuum. Where would he get the answers that he was seeking?

Slowly entering the room, he closed the door behind him. It was a little louder than he expected but he continued moving inside. He was so lost in thought that he didn’t even notice his husband who was seated on the bed, smiling brightly and licking his wonderful lips.

Nicholas had his eyes on the wonderful boy entering the room. His eyes were mostly on his wonderful thighs and legs. He could tell that the boy was somehow getting fat just by looking at him. His body had turned out to be sexier than they got married. And his ass…which made Nicholas’ mouth to water…it was getting bubbly and Nicholas couldn’t help but admire that wonderful ass.

Nicholas slowly traced his eyes from Adrian’s legs to his face, his gorgeously curved face. It was really cute and beautiful. In fact, Adrian was not handsome; he was an extremely beautiful for a boy…hairless face…piercing blue eyes and his dark hair, tied in a ponytail was just lovely. But something was not right with him. He seemed lost and Nicholas couldn’t help but worry.

Nicholas quickly got up, observing the wonderful boy coming near. Then he dropped his smile and went straight to him. Even when he stood by his side, Nicholas could tell that Adrian was really lost. What was wrong with him? The boy didn’t even notice that he was standing by his side.

Nicholas extended his arm and wrapped it around Adrian, squeezing it tightly. Then he heard the boy gasp and a bright smile appeared on his face. Nicholas gave him back the same kind gesture but it was not genuine. He needed answers.

“Are you alright?” Nicholas asked, squeezing Adrian’s shoulder.

“Uh,” Adrian gasped, smiling faintly. “Um…err…I’m fine.”

“Are you sure?” Nicholas asked. “You seem err…lost. Is something bothering you?”

“Well, actually, there is…” Adrian trailed off and then lost his smile. He was still looking at Nicholas but something came to his mind. What was he trying to do? Nicholas was probably not in the right mood. He had just come from an emotional trauma just the day before. Adrian didn’t need to make him more worried. He needed to tell him that he was alright otherwise his husband was gonna be more worried.

“Baby,” Nicholas said softly, slightly shaking him to snap him out of the mood that he was in. “What are you thinking about?”

“It’s nothing,” Adrian smiled brightly. “Actually, I was just thinking about…us.”

“Us?” Nicholas asked. He didn’t understand anything that Adrian had told him. “You were thinking…”

“Yes,” Adrian chuckled softly. “I was actually thinking about how much we love each other.”

Hearing what Adrian had just said, Nicholas smiled brightly. Then he moved and came in front of Adrian. Then he smiled brightly, wrapping his big strong arms around Adrian’s neck. He brought him closer and then brushed his nose against his. He was happy and the feeling that overtook him was absolutely amazing. There was no place that he’d have loved to be aside from his husband’s.

“You…know…” Nicholas paused and then rubbed his hand on Adrian’s neck. “I can’t believe I’m standing here with you.”

“Why?” Adrian was trying to stop thinking about the whole issue but it just found its way in his brain. The last thing he wanted to do was ruin the moment with his husband. “Where you planning on going somewhere without me,”

“Never,” Nicholas chuckled, breathing on Adrian’s face. “I’d never go anywhere without my precious beauty.”

“Ha ha,” Adrian laughed softly, wrapping his arms around Nicholas’ waist. It felt hard and beautiful to the touch. “By the way,” Adrian said softly, locking his eyes with the hunk. “The car is really beautiful. I love it so much and…”

“You don’t have to thank me.” Nicholas chuckled softly. “Consider it as my apology. I know you said I should just forget about it but I…”

“But I would love to…”

“Thank me?” Nicholas chuckled.

“Yes,” Adrian said softly, feeling a warm sensation take over his body.

“Alright,” Nicholas chuckled nervously. “If you want to thank me,” He breathed and the swallowed. “There is one way I know,”

“Really,” Adrian asked, tightening his grip on his husband’s waist. “And may I know what that is?”

“You wanna know?” Nicholas said in a lust filled voice.

Adrian nodded in agreement, trying to forget he even had ataşehir escort something in his mind. “Yes,”

“Alright,” Nicholas said. Then he let go of Adrian, leaned down and picked him up in his arms. He wanted to make love to the boy the whole night. He wanted to feel his pleasures and moans. He wanted to test his sweet ass. He wanted to suck on his sweet lips, nipping hard and sucking furiously. But most of all, he wanted to show him how special he was in his life.

Being in Nicholas’ arms was driving Adrian nuts. He was looking deep in his husband’s eyes, driving the pleasure out of them. There was something about the way Nicholas was looking at him. His gaze was of pure lust, love and desire.

Looking in Nicholas’ eyes, Adrian felt a powerful wind blow on his face. He then felt a strong vibration travel down his spine, moving up and down in pleasure. It travelled all the way down his cock. Then his cock twitched and began rising in his pants. All the worries went away, replaced by the pleasure he got just by looking deep into those sexy eyes.

“Your eyes are beautiful.” Nicholas said with a slow short moan.

He felt a cold wind travelling down his body. Then it was like something hot erupted, making his body vibrate as he felt his cock begin rising in his pants. In just a few seconds it was stiff, throbbing painfully and pressing against his pants. He felt like he was going to shoot. He was dying to make love to the beautiful boy in his arms.

Quickly moving to the bed as if something was after him, Nicholas slowly placed the lovely boy on the bed. Adrian used both his hands and then crawled upwards. He reached the head board of the bed and then opened his legs, staring lustfully in his husband’s eyes.

Fuck! The way Adrian was looking at him was a total turn on. Nicholas’ cock got even harder than before. All he wanted to do was taking the boy and slam his cock further into his ass. He was dying to and the thoughts in his brain were getting out of control. He was thinking dirty.

Making sure that his eyes were locked with the wonderful boy on the bed, Nicholas moved quickly and grabbed the hem of his t-shirt. He quickly pulled it off and then threw it on the floor. Then he licked his lips sensually and smiled. Even his smile was filled with lust which Adrian found to be pretty sexy.

Nicholas quickly grabbed the waistband of his trouser and slipped it off of him without even bothering to unbutton it. He was now only in his boxer with his cock throbbing painfully.

When Adrian looked at the outline of Nicholas’ cock through his boxer, he could see that it was really hard, wet at the tip. It was really sexy and he swore he could see it pulse. It was really sexy. Looking at his husband he could tell that he was eager to make love to him. Come to think of it, he was even eager to have Nicholas’ cock in his ass.

Looking at the boy, Nicholas stretched his arms and then brought them to his chest. With his tongue licking his lips and the cock rubbing on his underwear, Nicholas started moving his hands, rubbing his hairy chest sensually. It felt so good and the sweet vibrations that made his body quiver were electric. His cock got even harder and the way it pumped was painful. He could feel the blood rushing to it.

Then he winked at Adrian, slowly moving his hand downwards. He reached the underwear and slipped his hand right through, giving it a squeeze. He then gave out a low moan, biting his lips sensually. He loved the way his cock pulsed and jumped. He was slowly losing his mind. He couldn’t wait anymore.

Nicholas then quickly slipped his underwear off, making his cock hit his pubes, leaving pre-cum in the pubes. Then he jumped on the bed, touching Adrian’s legs. He then got between Adrian’s legs, capturing his soft lips in the sweetest of kisses. He kissed him, feeling his sweet tongue deep in his mouth. It was sweet and captivating.

“You’re so sweet,” Nicholas gasped, slowly rubbing Adrian’s lips. “Your lips are really sweet and beautiful. You make me so horny.”

“Then why aren’t you kissing me?” Adrian moaned softly.

“Who said I’m not?” Nicholas said as a shiver ran down his spine. He was trembling from the pleasure. Only one thing was on his mind, to make love to Adrian.

After saying that, Nicholas captured Adrian’s lips once again, this time tracing his hands downwards. He took hold of Adrian’s jean, rubbing his crotch. Adrian moaned softly in his mouth, making his tongue vibrate.

Adrian was in pleasure. Feeling his husband’s hand on his crotch was beautiful. His body caught fire, trembling terribly. The pleasure that got hold of him was beautiful and captivating. There was only one thing that was on Nicholas’ mind, to slam his cock deeper into Adrian while kissing his soft lips.

Nicholas then unbuckled Adrian’s belt and unbuttoned the jean. He then pulled away from Adrian’s soft lips, licking his own lips sensually. Still staring at the wonderful boy beneath him, he slowly moved down and removed Adrian’s ataşehir escort trouser together with his boxer. His tiny cock rose to life, making Nicholas to lose his mind with lust.

With a chuckle, he gripped Adrian’s hem and slipped his shirt away. Then he got between his legs, rubbing his cock against Adrian’s beautiful cock. The feeling was powerful and the vibrations got more intense. He was gonna make love to him in a beautiful way.


Nicholas slammed his cock harder into Adrian, slapping his balls on Adrian’s cheeks. He was sweating terribly and his whole body was trembling in ecstatic pleasure.

Fuck,” Nicholas moaned, moving his hips in fury. He was near and his whole body was on fire. There was nothing sweeter than that in the world. He was fucking Adrian’s ass relentlessly while feeling the pressure building in his balls. He then snarled his teeth, breathing in sweet, fresh air.

“Oh,” Adrian moaned as Nicholas fucked him relentlessly. The vibration on his spine was getting out control and the way Nicholas slammed in him made him moan, moving his head from side to side. He then felt pressure building in his balls and a whole lot of pleasure took over his body. He squirmed and then pushed out to meet with Nicholas’ slamming cock. His whole body was on fire, sweating terribly.

“I’m coming,” Nicholas moaned as his thrusts quickened and he slapped on Adrian’s ass painfully. His balls were in pain but it was not compared to the wonderful pleasure that he felt. “Oh fuck…oh fuck…” Nicholas gasped, feeling a cold sensation take over his body. He was on cloud 9.

“You like it,” Adrian said in a slow lust filled voice. It was followed by a moan. “Do you like my ass?”

“Yes,” Nicholas moaned, fucking Adrian relentless. He was getting near and he could feel it, ready to explode and fill Adrian’s ass to the fullest. “Yes…fuck…you’re so sweet.”

Nicholas then moved and gripped both of Adrian’s legs. He pulled them apart, and got deeper into Adrian, moaning like anything. He loved every bit of it. The vibrations were getting out of control and his breaths were becoming violent and painful.

Adrian’s pleasure was getting out of control, feeling each thrust bring him closer to orgasm. He had not even touched his cock and it was already swelling up, ready to shoot his load.

“Fuck…I’m coming,” Adrian moaned, quickly moving his ass to meet Nicholas’ slamming cock. Then he moved his head from side to side, opening his mouth while a series of low soft moans escaped his throat. He wanted to scream, shout out Nicholas’ name but he knew better than to do what would make his family members hear that they were making love.

“Come for me,” Nicholas moaned, bringing Adrian’s left leg closer to his mouth. Then with a sweet moan of pleasure, he opened his mouth and sucked on Adrian’s toes. He was in pleasure and feeling Adrian’s ass so hot and so sweet was getting him over edge. He fucked and fucked and fucked.

“I’m gonna cum,” Adrian moaned, feeling a powerful vibration travelling through his spine. “I’m gonna…Oh fuck…” He moaned when he felt his cock swelling terribly. He tightened his groin and then arched his back up. His movements on Nicholas’ cock quickened and then he clumped up his ass muscles.

With a soft scream of pleasure, Adrian felt his cock swell up badly and then a rope of cum left his cock all the way to his chest. He moaned a little louder, panting and groaning terribly. Then he moved his head from side to side, clenching on the sheets harder. His body was taken by a whole lot of pleasure which made him squirm. He tightened his ass muscles while he came and milked Nicholas’ cock.

Adrian came and he came hard, releasing spurt after spurt of come.

Nicholas felt Adrian tighten his sphincter muscles and he got over the edge. His cock swelled inside of Adrian’s ass and he slammed harder while his balls got ready to release his juice. His pants and moans got louder and he sucked harder on Adrian’s toes.

He was overcome with a really powerful, intense ecstatic pleasure which made his body shudder. Then he felt a powerful pleasurable vibration travel to his body. He arched his back up while his body trembled in readiness for the powerful orgasm which had built up.

Then with one final moan and groan on Adrian’s toes, he got his cock almost all the way out and then slammed in with all his might. Hitting his prostate violently, he began coming deeper into Adrian’s bowels, moaning loudly on the boy’s toes. His sweat was dripping and his cock was vibrating. He came and came till he felt like his balls were drained. He filled Adrian’s ass to the fullest while both their moans filled the room. His body shuddered and convulsed. With a few weak thrusts, Nicholas stopped and then collapsed on top of Adrian. He felt his body jerk in pleasure and he felt weak and drained.

“Fuck,” Nicholas swore. “That was really sweet. You’re really sweet.”

Adrian moaned softly, trying to raise his head. He then looked at the anadolu yakası escort hunk that was on top of him. He was sweating and the both of them breathed heavily.

“I have no more energy,” Adrian said, dropping his head on the pillow. “You really gave it to me hard.”

“I hope I did it the right way.” Nicholas laughed, slightly closing his eyes. “I got so lost in the pleasure.”

Adrian chuckled softly, feeling his eyes get heavy. “You always do it the right way. What matters is that you are satisfied.”

“I’m more than satisfied,” Nicholas said, kissing Adrian’s chest softly. “Thank you so much for giving me such pleasures.”

“No…” Adrian moaned. He couldn’t say anything. They had made love twice and he was tired…his waist hurt…his eyes were heavy and he was sweating terribly.

The both of them were more than tired, panting like wild cats. They had never been as tired as that. All they wanted was to stay like that for good. Their eyes kept on getting heavy and their bodies were still in pleasure. Before they knew it, they were sleeping, snoring a little louder.

When they woke up the next morning, Nicholas was still buried deep in Adrian’s sweet ass. They woke up to a warm sensation and they were both horny. Nicholas’ cock was already hard and they ended up making love twice before they both went into the bathroom and sat in the Jacuzzi, holding on to each other as if they were stuck.


Nicholas began slowly going down the stairs, his arms wrapped around Adrian’s waist. He didn’t want to let him go. He just wanted to feel his body close to him, kissing him from time to time. He loved feeling his heat and the pleasure that followed when his skin rubbed against Adrian’s skin. It was super cool and he didn’t care about anything.

They’d just made love twice, sat in the Jacuzzi and made love again. It was wonderful and he came harder each time. He was feeling drained and his cock was flaccid in his pants. He could stay like that for days without making love to Adrian but who was he kidding, he knew that he would make love to him anytime?

“I love you.” Nicholas whispered, smiling brightly.

“I love you too.” Adrian chuckled. He was feeling satisfied and hungry. Nicholas had drained all the energy from him with his sweet cock. The only good thing about it was the pleasure he felt even while he moved down those stairs.

“I know you’re tired,” Nicholas said softly. He didn’t want anyone to hear him. “But I’ll make it up to you.”

“I hope I’ll love it.” Adrian chuckled.

“Don’t worry,” Nicholas said, sniffing on Adrian’s neck. “I know you’ll love it.”

Adrian chuckled and then began moving down the stairs all the way to the living room. Looking around, there was no one in the living room. Adrian took a quick glance at his watch and he knew exactly where the family members where.

“In the dining,”

Adrian went to the dining room with Nicholas still gripping his waist, sending electrical impulses to the rest of his body. Entering the dining room, he found the family members eating their breakfast. He got surprised at the mood that he saw. Everyone seemed to be happy and they were talking to each other, laughing and smiling.

“Morning,” He greeted, feeling Nicholas’ arm leave his waist.

“Morning,” everyone greeted, chuckling happily.

Adrian frowned and then took a good look at them. Guess his threat had worked on them. They were back to their normal selves and if he was not mistake, they seemed even happier. He wouldn’t have loved to see them in any happier mood.

Emily quickly got up, gave him a kiss to stunned Adrian and then grabbed a chair.

“Sit with me,” Emily said happily, squeezing his shoulder.

“Sure,” Adrian smiled and began moving. Then he felt Nicholas’ hand tightening on his waist and then he was pulled. He was now close to Nicholas, feeling his breath on his face. Their eyes were locked with each other and the feeling that overtook over them was beautiful.

“I don’t think I’ll allow that.” Nicholas said softly, still looking in Adrian’s eyes. “Adrian is mine today. You can have him another day.”

Adrian stared at Nicholas and then pulled away from him. He looked at the happy faces staring at him and then blushed. He felt shy and he had no idea what to say. He looked at Emily who Nicholas had denied the request and she was smiling brightly.

“Guess we won’t be touching him.” George joked, holding the spoon firmly in his hands. “Someone is being overprotective.”

“Yeah,” Arianna chuckled softly. “He just wants to stick to him like glue. They are so cute together.”

Adrian blushed even more when all the family members bust out in laughter. He wanted to laugh with them but there was that feeling of shyness especially after making love with his husband. He was really shy.

“Stop teasing my grandson.” Granny said with a chuckle. “Please, sit down.” Granny chuckled softly.

Gripping Adrian’s waist tighter, Nicholas led Adrian to a chair and they both sat, holding each other like they were glued on each other. Nicholas didn’t want to let go of that wonderful hand. It made him feel electrical and happy. He just wanted to feel its radiance, rubbing softly on its tip. He gave it a kiss before staring at the boy with all his heart.

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