Steve’s dirty thought’s – the beginning


This is the first story of Steve’s dirty little world. ??Steve is 37 is married to Linda, 34 and they have two kids, Sophie 18 and Steve Jr, 16.?Steve story starts at his dad’s 70:th birthday at the summerhouse. ??Steve and Linda are having a bit of a crisis in their marriage, so he goes alone, and there he meets his little sister, Sophie, now 20 (18 at the time of the party). This is the first time that Steve wanted to fuck his little sister, but things didn’t exactly turn out the way he hoped they would.??Steve brothers, Brad and Dan, are also there, as is Dan’s kids. Especially his oldest daughter, Kate, now 18. Kate turned out to be quite the teaser, and things get heated. ??Steve happened to watch his little sis in the shower, and he finds himself getting increasingly horny by her and really wants to fuck her, but things sort of goes sideways.??This is the first part of Steve’s dirty world. ?In these short stories, we will also find stories about his first love, Siahd, the forbidden love with a Muslim girl, his gorgeous wife Linda and read about her stories as well.
We will follow the family on a cruise and to Brad’s wedding. ??We will also meet Steve’s friend, Dan and his lovely, quite big, black girlfriend and their little fuck toy. ??Linda and Sophie’s friend have a lesbian love affair that ended kind of strange. ??The other short stories in the series are;?The cruise; here you will read their own stories.?Brad’s and Cassandra’s wedding, didn’t quite go as planned. Her family is seriously fucked up.??First let’s enjoy Steve’s dirty thoughts about his little sister, Sophie, and action at his dad’s celebration in the summerhouse.??Enjoy, ??Stephan???PS, Just to be clear; all characters are either a figment of my imagination or real. One day, I will tell you.????

Part 1 – Dad’s 70:th birthday and the first time I thought about my little sister.??

It was summer and the family, the big family, with all cousins had come to mom and dad’s summer house for his 70:th birthday, we were suppose to spend a weekend..

I wasn’t to happy about going, Linda was away, and we were in a rocky period of our marriage, but, mom convinced me to go.

It started off pretty boring, meaningless talk with aunts, uncles, cousins, basically, fuck all. But after a short while of figuring out how to kill myself, my little sister, Sophie, walked in, it’s been a year since the last time I saw her. She smiles at me, and wow, she has really grown up, wow, holy shit, and how gorgeous she’s turned out to be.

I can’t help myself, but my eyes really want to move downwards to her heaving chest, that jumps up and down whenever she’s laughing. She glances over at me from time to time but shows no signs of being turned on by me. Why the fuck should she.. I’m her fucking brother. Get a fucking grip. But… I do feel my cock getting harder, she turned away from me and man, her ass is soo tight and sexy. My Cock seems to agree.

“Steve. Hello.. “It’s some uncle that I met when I was like 15.
“What, O, sorry..” My mind wondered off.

Behind that bad smelling uncle is the door and I can hear the door bell ring and Mom walking over to the door. It’s my lovely niece, Kate that walks in. I haven’t seen her since, God, I don’t even know, but wow. She certainly has grown up to become a sexy young little woman, how old is she now, 17, 18?
God, you’re my older brothers youngest daughter and shit, are those tits her own? ?Got to be, since she’s so young, they have to be real.

She’s wearing a tight red skirt, a white blouse and a black bra. She smiles and walks around the room, enjoying everybody’s dreamy looks, until she finally comes over to me, at the same time as Sophie does, they’ve always been very close.
Kate bends forward and gives sis a hug, and for a moment I can see down her deep cleavage as her tight tits are almost are in my face as she leans over.
She smells nice, sweet and warm and I can feel my cock waking up again. Fuck, she’s hot, and damn, little sis… Holy fuck, Steve, get a grip.

“Hi, Steve,” Sophie says
“You remember my big brother don’t,” sis says as she turns to Kate.
“Yes of course, but I haven’t seen you since I turned 15, how’s your sexy wife?”
“Don’t know, we’re sort of, off at the moment,” my cock starts to swell.
I hope it doesn’t show.
“O, sorry to hear that. I always liked her.”
But I can’t help to notice the sarcasm in her voice

Kate certainly has grown up from that tiny little girl she was last time I saw her.
That tiny little girl didn’t have any female shapes at all, then. But, hell, She’s certainly grown up to be a very beautiful young woman.

“Steeeeeeeveeeee”, Sophie obviously doesn’t like this conversation, she doesn’t like that Linda and I are going through some rocky times.
“Come on sis, no need to be jealous; You’ll have a plenty of time to catch up with Kate as well. And me, what about me… I haven’t seen you for like a year. Come give your older brother a hug.”
She jumps up in my arms, just like she did when she was I little kid, Fuuuck, my cock is semi hard. Her body is warm and firm and for the first time ever do I get to feel her very tight and firm tits against my body. She holds her hands behind my body and holds me tight. If she noticed Escort my hard cock, she didn’t show it.
“Missed you too, Steve, let’s catch up some. Actually, let’s all sit-down and catch up..”

Kate has stepped back some, and smiles at me with her bright white teeth, I notice how she enjoys the scene, and it almost looks like she noticed the bulge in my pants…

Rapidly becoming very attracted to my brother’s daughter and my little sister. What if. NOOOO…

We all walk over to a couch in the room next to the big receptions room. I sit down, and for some reason, Kate decides that she want to sit on the other side of me, so, she steps over me and “accidentally” brush up against me as she sits down next to me, her hand gently slide down my back, and her tits brush against me. Her hand slides all the way down to my ass. She’s very discreet, but I get the hint. My cock quiver with excitement.

I’m very aware of my hardwood and really hope that Kate, or sis won’t notice it, or a part of me actually does hope that they will notice.

I think it was because of her nice breasts. Must be… 36D’s? Shiit. Kate’s hand seems to “accidentally” touch me a bit too much for my condition to improve.

I noticed her bosoms earlier, but they are even nicer this close.
Whoa, I can’t think things like this, snap out of it…

But, it’s impossible to get a thought out of my head:
I slide my hands up and around her sides, grab her boobs, and rub them gently
I play with them and pinch her nipples as I kiss her hard and deep. ?I grind my dick against her hip and she loves how my hard cock digs into her hip.

Kate’s hand grab my cock, and I moan as she stroke it.

“Oh..Steve.Fuck me..”
“Oh God, yes.”
”Oh..Steve. I wish you were my dad and I want that dick.. NOW”

Hearing those dirty words from Kate’s sexy mouth turn me on, and I knew I had to finish.
I stand up behind her, pull her tiny skirt up and thrust my throbbing cock deep into her wet pussy. I speed up, enjoying the feeling of my swollen manhood deep buried inside her as Sophie starts to finger her pussy. There is no-one else in the room.
My thrusts quicken, both of us moaning.

“Oh God, your pussy feels amazing..”

That must have set her off because she screams my name in ecstasy.
Hearing that makes me cum, deep inside her pussy.

“Steve, hellloooo, what the fuck, do you want something to drink, or what….”
My hot sister quickly snaps me out of my thoughts.

“Sure, whatever. Just bring me something.”

Fuck, I’d love myself some of Kate’s pussy right now…

“I still remember you from my birthday, years ago,” Kate says as Sophie walks away…
“… I remember that my little pussy got wet from watching your crotch by the pool. “

What the fuck, is this really a conversation to have now? Did she just say that or am I still trapped in my dirty thoughts? Somewhere in the background, I can hear:

“I was still a virgin you know. My pussy was untouched. By a cock at least.”
She laugh
“I did have a small dildo. I remember rubbing my clean pussy under the table and that you looked over and saw me.”
“No, I didn’t, or at least I didn’t see that .” ?I manage to stutter, still not sure f this was reality or fantasy.
“Not that I mind. After that, I went to my bedroom, took my clothes off and got my dildo out.” Her hand was now rubbing her pussy over her skirt.
“I watched you from my bedroom window and started to fuck my tiny little hairless pussy..”

“I haven’t even seen a man’s cock before, well, only my brother Nick.”
?” I remember that I thought it was grouse, he always ran around with his cock out.
His cock. was soft and floppy, just hanging there. I almost laughed.
It looked like such a silly thing. But it did hang down quite a long way”?
I glanced around the room; there was no-one close to us. ?So, I “accidentally” moved my hand to her thigh, she didn’t ever flicker. It was a dream..
“But now, I started fantasizing about your cock and what you would do to my tiny little body.”

“Oh Katie, you have a very beautiful little body. Your pussy looks very soft and sweet.”
She really was playing up a fantasy right there in front of me.

“I soo wanted you as my dad, always have, always will. Standing naked in front of you – the first boy, man, to ever see me nude – made me blush.”
?”I put my hands in front of my pussy. I started to shake a little.”
Kate’s dirty thought really started to turn me on. My hand slid in under her skirt, this time she did flicker. She spread her legs apart to help me. Dream? Maybe not..

I was shocked. What is this gorgeous young woman telling me, I once again looked around, but we were all alone. My sisters’ still at the bar.

Kate couldn’t be stopped now… Her breath got heavier and heavier as she continued to play out her fantasy.

“But Steve…I’m your niece…. or daughter. You can’t…
Kate.. I’m your …. dad. ”
Kate’s fantasy was something else.

”Steve. When I was thinking these thoughts three years ago, that dildo was deep buried in my tight, virgin pussy. Steve… It made me come, daddy.. again and again, watching your crotch from my window..”

“You grabbed my arm and pulled me down on Escort Bayan my bed.
– Please Steve, please don’t.
You pushed me down on the bed, both my hands tied up by your firm grip on my wrists, ?I was petrified. I looked down and saw that your cock had grown huge, a lot bigger than my brother. It seemed to be throbbing. You pulled my legs apart with your hands and then put one of your hands on my pussy.
It was the first time anyone had touched my pussy, and it sent a burst of excitement through my body. Suddenly I could feel your fingers pushing into me – first one finger, then two. “

You pushed your fingers in hard and hurt. I started pleading with you through my tears.

“Please Steve don’t…please…you’re hurting me.”

You lifted my legs up and started to push your cock towards my pussy.

“Please Steve don’t…I’m a virgin…please don’t.”

“But that didn’t stop you. I could feel your cock pressing at my pussy lips. I put my hand there to try and stop it, but deep down I knew, I wanted your big cock, Steve.”

“No Steve, no…you can’t! “

“You pulled my hand away, and your cock started to push past my pussy lips.
I could feel its head just entering me.”

“Oh fuck. You bitch. You fucking horny little slut. You deserve to be fucked.”
“What are you doing Steve…what…”

“Suddenly I felt a finger slide into my ass. It hurt. I jumped up, but you slapped me and told me to lay still. This was something I’d never even dreamed could happen. Sliding a finger into my wet, but tight bum. The more I resisted, the more it hurt.”

“I’d forgotten about your big cock now. I heard you say:
“Relax sexily…it won’t hurt if you, relax.”

Kate was rubbing my cock through my pants, her breath was hot and heavy, she was obviously extremely turned on. She continued:

“You pulled out your finger from my ass and once again grabbed my wrist.
I could feel your cock pressing against my tiny pussy’s back wall. It hurt.
Then you thrusted back and forth, slapping my face. My body burned. I bit the blanket and screamed.

”I could feel your cock slide all the way into my virgin pussy. I wriggle my hips, trying to get free, but you were too strong.

Harder and harder. After a while, it didn’t hurt so much. It was almost a nice feeling.
You kept plunging your cock in and out, in and out, in and out.
Then you groaned loudly. ”

”Steve.. I could feel your hot cum squirting inside me. You pulled your cock out of my soaking pussy, shoot the second half of your cum over my tight belly and tiny tits.
Then you plunged your cock into me again, all the way, pumping the last drops of your cum deep inside me and finally, you fell on me, exhausted. ”?
By now my hand had slid her panties to the side, and one of my fingers felt just how horny she was. Her hand was bluntly rubbing my cock.

“Wow, that made my cock hard,” I manage to say, and I was telling the truth.
“I can feel that.” She smiled.

Part 2 – Sister is back from the bar.
Sister was back. She just stood there, looking at us sitting on the couch, Kate’s hand on my cock, rubbing away. Rock hard. Horny..…
How long has she been there? Her chin dropped down and chest heaving.
Was she disgusted or horny? Noticed that her nipples were hard.

“What the fuck, what the fuck are you guys talking about. Forget talk, what the fuck are you doing…”
“Sis, well..”
She just turned and walked away..

“Come, Steve, let’s see if there is anything we can do about that hard cock..”

Kate grab my hand and lead me out onto the balcony, but there are tons of people there too.

“How about the boat house?”

Once there, She throw me on the table and we made out. Fuck my brothers daughter.. what the fuck is wrong with me..?I squeeze and rub her gorgeous tits, while Kate grabs my hard, swollen cock, trapped and desperate to get out of it’s pant-prison.

I forced her down on the table,, leaned forward, started kissing her down her shoulders and chest, and then pulled off her top, and bra. And there they were, in allt its glory.. Her sweet, round, perfect teen tits.I Grab them, squish them in my hands, and started licking and sucking on the cherry-like nipples.
Kate moaned with pleasure at my kneading and sucking on her tits.

“Oh, God, Steve…, I’m so fucking horny.”

I kiss her down the stomach, her beautiful pudgy little belly, kissing around the belly bottom, then down to her pubic mound, I lift up her skirt and I finally reach her moist, and hungry pussy.

I slowly lick up and down her slit, and I hear that her breathing is getting longer and deeper. ?Her whole pelvis is shaking with excitement; she arches her back like she was forcing her wet
pussy on to me. She was desperate. horny and desperat


Her pussy is soaking wet, and white cum sips out, the juice is sipping down towards her ass crack, but I manage to lap it up. She increases the bucking of her hips as I start circling around her pulsating clit with my tongue.

“Oh, Steve…huh…Oh, God!, you like fucking little me, don’t ya..”

I grab hold of her butt-cheeks as I lick faster and harder, determined to taste her orgasm. ?Kate’s Bayan Escort hips lock up, her breathing stops and I can feel her nails dig into my neck, her hips starts shaking as she, in a muffled scream cum in my face, and then quickly again, this time, not so silent.


Before we can continue, we hear a noise. Someone is outside. We hear someone walking up to the door. We quickly grab our stuff and sneaks into the sauna. Kate’s panties are still next to the table.
Fuck, did someone hear us? Me and my brother’s daughter… Fucking 18. What the fuuuck, this is it.. Linda and I will forever be fucked.
The sauna is not turned on, so it’s bit chilly. It has a huge glass that faces the changing area and the shower. We drop to our knees.

It’s my little sister….

She undress and walk over to the shower

“I hope she won’t see us..”
“I know.”

We both look at my little sister’s slim body, breast a bit bigger than her frame would indicate, as she gets undressed. My cock is now aching. What if…

As the shower starts up, the room fills with steam.

I realize that if we can see Sophie through the window, she can just as easily look up and see us.

My cock throb and pulsate, watching Sophie’s naked body and her secret erotic solo show.
Her tiny slit has almost no labia, and as her pussy open up, the pinkness within glisten with her juices and her hard swollen bead was readily visible beneath its hood.

Kate reaches out and slowly start rubbing my cock and playing with my balls. Both of us awed by the sensual scene in front of us as well..
Wonder if Kate also wants to fuck sis? Should I ask?

We watch my baby sister lean back against the wall as she kept the shower massager pointed directly at her crotch, continuously ”buzzing” her scrumptious clit.
?After about two minutes, her face changed into a very concentrated look, and she started rocking back and forth. She hunched over with her mouth wide open in a big ‘O.’ She stayed frozen in that position, hunched her small, sexy hips forward easing her cunt closer and closer to the steady spray between her legs.
During this whole time, she looks straight at us, she can for sure see us, but for some reason, she doesn’t. I guess she’s looking at herself in the mirror image that the window offered.

Kate and I watch this scene, and we’re both so fucking horny, the sauna started to get a lot warmer, Kate keeps playing with my rock hard cock, not willing to blow it, cause then she can miss something on the other side of the window.

Sophie closes her eyes, and her face radiates the growing sexual delight she’ s giving herself.

Suddenly her movements change.
Sophie thrust her hips forward jerkily and strong. It’s like she’s stroking herself with the steady stream of water. After only a minute of this apparent intense self-pleasuring, she stops her thrusting and seems to tense her entire body. In the next moment, her whole body lurches, and she scrunches up. She tries to stifle a groan, but it totally escaped her lips,

That groan grows louder and finally reaches a high-pitch cry of ecstasy.

I see the panting rapture on my baby-sisters beautiful face, watching in total fascination and sexual awe as she explodes in a series of jerking pelvic raptures.

It’s all too much for me. As I watch her slick inner lips swell and part, I tense up, and Kate’s obviously getting close as well since her speed has increased

“Honey, I’m gonna come, Kneel for daddy..”

Sophie gasps again and again as one orgasm after another overtake her.

I soon join her in her ecstasy. I try my best to be silent, but as the first convulsion hit, I feel a sharp intake of breath followed by a very audible sigh. The load I shoot down Kate’s throat must be a personal best.

I swear the first jet of my cum impact deep inside her mouth. I close my eyes and hold my breath as I keep squirting over and over and over again, feeling my cum shoot out, hearing it splash against her pretty face.

When I open my eyes, besides being drained and satisfied, I am totally stunned.
I look down and see what the squirt caused, all of Kate’s face drenched in cum. White cum is dripping down to Kate’s rock hard tits.

We’re both amazed at the amount of cum. It honestly looks as though I’d poured about a cupful of creamy white semen in her mouth, face, and tits!

For a few more moments I didn’t move or make a sound, did she hear us?.
We can’t look through the window since we’re both scared that she actually did hear or see us.

But, then we hear a loud exhale and a very audible ”Mmmmm,” come from the shower, It was Sophie, and she sounded very satisfied. Her climax must’ve been a good one.

We peaked out the glass again, to see her lick her fingers off.
Sophie starts to dry herself, singing and smiling. She looks in the mirror, puts one foot on the toilet, spread her pussy and gently starts rubbing it again.

I felt drained. But fucking horny still.

Part 3 – My brother Brad enters?
Then, just as Sophie enters two fingers in her swollen cunt, the door suddenly opens, and there’s my brother, Brad. Brad is ten years older than I and there with his wife and three kids.
Brad and Sophie are half siblings; they have the same dad, but not the same mom.

Sophie looks up at him, not the least shocked that he came in.
What the fuck.

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