Still Life


I had been Jane’s lodger for about nine months. I worked as an intern in an advertising agency while she was taking up her doctorate in Fine Arts. We had become good friends and enjoyed a few evenings cooking and watching whatever films we could find. We were both busy but always found time to chat.I had a lot to do in several national advertising campaigns and she was putting the finishing touches to her portfolio as part of her studies.One evening, we were both working on our laptops at the kitchen table when she asked me if I have ever been painted. I hadn’t but was curious to know why she was asking. She said she had to do a still-life portrait of the human body and it had to be naked. I could feel my face getting warm and felt slightly nervous about the prospect of stripping off for her.There was no doubt in my mind that Jane was hot. I have seen her dashing from the bathroom to her bedroom in a skimpy towel. She would often wander nonchalantly bursa escort around the flat in just her knickers and a t-shirt. At times I wondered if she was teasing me or if that’s just the way she was when at home, even with a man looking at her.After some persuasion, I agreed to model for her on Sunday. I was still nervous but in for a penny as they say. She was a good woman and I know her Ph.D. meant a lot to her. Unbeknownst to her, my inner exhibitionist was excited.The appointed hour arrived. With her easel and paints, Jane set up in the lounge dressed in her shorts and a t-shirt. I walked in and lay on the couch and slipped out of my robe. I lay back as she arranged me in a pose. I was meant to be asleep and relaxed, one arm above my head and one leg open. My cock was resting on me. I felt exposed as Jane started to paint me.We chatted about her course and her favourite artists. It was pretty innocuous but as she painted, I began looking at bursa escort bayan her more intently. She sat on the edge of her seat, creating what I hoped would be a masterpiece.It soon became obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her nipples were standing out. She breathed in deeply, licked her lips, and shifted on her seat. As I watched her, I could feel the blood flowing into my cock. I closed my eyes in an attempt to think about something dull but all I got were flashes of her in a bath towel, her robe, or her in knickers and a t-shirt. It was becoming a little unbearable.I half-opened my eyes to catch her with one hand on her t-shirt, softly caressing her right breast and nipple as she watched and painted me. The sight made my cock twitch and it began to get hard. Her left hand moved under her t-shirt and I could see her squeezing her breast, her eyes shutting quickly before looking back at her work. The ache in my cock was getting irresistible, escort bursa and I just had to touch it.I concentrated on her hand under her t-shirt as I slid my right hand down and just pressed my cock, letting out a sigh as my body registered the pleasure flowing through me. My eyes closed briefly and when they opened I saw Jane looking directly at my hand on my cock.Smiling, she applied more paint to the canvas and placed her other hand between her parted legs. I could see her fingers pressing against the front of her shorts. The expression on her face gave away what she was feeling between her legs. Her eyes flickered and her mouth opened and closed as she pressed against her pussy.This was such a turn-on. I wanted to encourage her to go further and despite our platonic relationship, I wrapped my hand around my uncut cock just pulling down to reveal the shiny juicy head.As my thumb teased the head and spread the precum, she undid the button on her shorts with her free hand and slid the zip down. As her eyes moved back to my cock, she slipped her hand in and touched her pussy. My cocked flexed in my hand and I started to slowly stroke it, keeping my eyes locked on hers.

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