Straight guy learns to submit


Straight guy learns to submitThis is based on a true story. Many years ago, I was newly married and starting my career at a major corporation. I was sent down to Dallas, Texas for 2 weeks to help install a new branch office. Being that I had a wife at home I didn’t want to cheat or find some one night stand. Whie I was driving around I saw a sign for an Adult Video Store. I have never been to an Adult video store so I thought I would stop to see what it was like. Walking in, I saw rows of sex magazines, that were more explicit than the Playboy or Penthouse magazines I knew. There were all kinds of sex toys, including hand cuffs, whips and other interesting things that I didn’t think they belonged in a sex store. They had two curtains that lead to other rooms. I went through the first curtain and I saw like little booths where for 25 cents you could watch various Porn movies. There were a lot of men just standing around back there which I found intimadating so I didn’t stay to watch any movies. When I went through the second curtain I saw a hallway of doors. Some had red lights over the door which I assumed were occupied. I saw a sign that said you could choose any movie from the store colletion and watch it in one of these rooms. It was less timidating than the booths on the other side so I went to find a Porn movie to watch. Since this was all new to me, I picked what looked like a good X rated movie and I was assigned to a room. The room was the size of a regular bedroom with a sofa in the middle of the room facing a large screen TV. I settled on the sofa and the movie started as I sat down. The movie was a normal x rated movie with lots of fucking going on. and showing everything. Part way through the movie there was a scene where a girl was laying over a guy’s lap and he was spanking her bare bottom. My cock was growing as I watched her ass getting red. I heard something behind me and turned my head. I noticed that someone had entered my room while I was watching. I thought it was strange because he must have seen the red light on saying this room was occupied.. He asked if he could watch too or should he leave. Being new and a little naïve to adult video stores, I told him he could stay if he wanted.. He said his name was Tony.Tony saw the spanking scene and asked me if I ever spanked anyone like that. I told him that I hadn’t and asked if he has ever spanked anyone like that. Tony replied, “Yes, I have. I am Dom.” Not knowing exactly what he meant by that I asked, “What do you mean Dom?”Tony replied, “I dominate little sluts.”, and then asked me, “are you a little slut?”I was a little shocked at his question and replied, “No, I’m not.” And feeling like I had to prove that I wasn’t I added, “I am married.”Tony asked, “Where is your wife? Does she know you are here?”I replied, “I am here in Dallas on business. She is back home.”We watched the movie a few more minutes when Tony shocked me again by saying, “Why don’t you take your shirt off?”I replied, “I am not gay.”Tony seemed to ignore my response and said, “As I see it you have 3 choices. Number 1, you can ask me to leave since this is your movie. Number 2, you can leave if you want. Or 3, you can remove your shirt.” I sat there speechless. Tony said, ”Well, do you want me to leave?”I was a bit surprised at his comment and said, “You don’t have to leave.”Tony said, “Well you are not leaving so remove your shirt.”I’m not sure why I decided to remove my shirt. I stood up and unbuttoned my shirt. Maybe it was the movie or maybe I was just curious at what was happening here. As I was removing it, Tony said, “fold it and put it on the edge of the sofa”Still in a confused state, I did as he said. Tony then said, “Now remove your pants.” He could tell by my hesitation that I wasn’t sure I wanted to do this. Tony said, “You still have the same 3 choices. Do you want me to leave?”I shook my head no and Tony said, “Then remove your pants.”What was I doing here? Why didn’t I grab my shirt and bolt for the door? Was it the movie that aroused me so much or his commanding voice? I felt like I was in a state of confusion as I kicked my shoes off and then started undoing my pants. Just as I got my pants half way down a 2nd guy entered our room. I was shocked. I thought these rooms were private and assigned to you when you rented a movie. I didn’t know that other people could just walk right in. There is a light outside the door showing you the room is occupied. The thought didn’t enter my mind to enter a room with the light on. I was standing there with no shirt and my pants half way down my legs. I was embarrassed and nervous. The guy that just entered said “Am I interrupting something here? Do you mind if I stay?”Tony answered by telling him it was my movie and up to me if he could stay or not. Tony turned to me and said, “Tell our guest he can stay if he wants”I said, “You can stay if you want.” What was wrong with me? I am undressing and telling someone else they can stay and watch. Tony said, “very good, now get those pants off” Once again I hesitated and Tony reminded me of my 3 choices. I finished removing them while I watched both of them staring at me and ignoring the movie completely. I was standing there in just my underwear, holding my pants. Tony said, “Fold them up and put them with your shirt.” I was thinking there was still time to back out as I folded them and put them on the end of the sofa. Tony said, “Now turn around.” I turned my back to them sitting on the sofa. And Tony said, “Now remove the underpants”. I was nervous about being naked here edirne rus escort with 2 complete strangers in the room but somehow I was curious and excited. I slid my underwear down and stepped out of them. Tony said, “Now turn around.” I turned to face them both sitting on the sofa. Tony said, “Why is your cock hard?” I blushed. Tony said, “I asked you a question” I said, “Because I was watching porn” Tony said, “You mean the spanking? “ Not giving me a chance to answer, he continued. “Your back has been to the TV for several minutes now. We both know it’s not from watching porn.”Tony said, “what would your wife think of you standing here naked in front of 2 strangers, with a hard-on?” I still was nervous and couldn’t say anything. Tony continued, “You’re wife wouldn’t be happy about this would she? You are a naughty boy, aren’t you?”I replied, “Yes this is pretty naughty.”Tony said, “And what happens to naughty boys?”I said, “I think I better get dressed.”Tony’s voice got a little louder and he said, “No. You will not get dressed. Answer my question. What happens to naughty boys?”Once again I was blushing and thinking of the video i was watching, I quietly blurted out, “naughty boys get spanked.”Tony said, “That’s right. Naughty boys get spanked. Now come and get across my lap.”I started to know where all this was going. I looked at Tony and said, “I am not gay. I don’t want to do this.”Tony looked a little upset and said, “ I gave you 3 chances to leave or ask me to leave didn’t I?”I said, “Yes, but I really don’t want to do this now.” Tony was getting more frustrated with me and said, “I really don’t give a fuck what you want. Get your ass over here”I replied, “I think it is time for me to go” As I stepped towards my clothes sitting on the sofa next to Tony, he grabbed my pants. He removed my keys and wallet and threw them on the floor. Tony said, “If you want to go then go but you are only getting your keys and wallet. You figure out how you will get back to your hotel naked.” He gathered the rest of my clothes and said, “what’s it going to be?” I started to panic. What had I gotten myself into here. I am a married straight guy standing naked in front of two complete strangers. I knew I wouldn’t be able to get my clothes back against the two of them. I said, “please can I have my clothes back?”Tony said, “not until you get over my lap and get the spanking you deserve.”I said, “OK. I will do what you want.” How would I explain to my wife, that I got arrested driving to my hotel naked or walking thru the hotel lobby naked? I was mad at myself for being so stupid. Why didn’t I stop this when I had a chance?I was shaking and nervous but I complied with what he told me to do and got over his lap. Tony locked my legs under one of his and had me in like a scissor hold. His left hand was pushing on the small of my back. I felt like I couldn’t get up if I wanted to. The smack on my ass was a lot harder than I thought it would be. It caused me to shriek out a noise when it landed on my bottom. Tony said, “Were you expecting just love taps on your ass, after the way you just behaved?” With that his hand landed another firm smack on my ass. I was unable to speak. A third and forth smack followed. My ass was on fire and stung with every smack and each smack seemed to get harder. I said to Tony, “Please stop.You spanked me so let me go.”Tony paused and said, “You will call me Sir. Do you understand?”I was almost in tears. I said, “Yes Sir. Please stop.”Tony laughed and said, “Your mouth is saying to stop and your hard cock is saying you want more.” 4 more hard whacks came down on my bottom. I tried looking back at him and he said, “Oh are you going to cry? Are you a little girl? A little pussy?”I didn’t move, hoping the punishment to my ass would end soon. Tony smacked me even harder and said, “I asked you a question slut.”My head was spinning, He turned me into his slut. He told me in the beginning he controlled sluts and asked me if I was a slut. Now I was proving that I was a slut. His slut. I quickly replied before he could smack my ass again, “No Sir. I am not crying.”He could see the tears coming from my eyes and smacked my ass again. He said, “That is for lying to your Master.”I was learning that I no longer had any control what so ever. I said, “I am sorry Sir. Yes I am crying. My ass really hurts.”Tony said, “Good slut. Now don’t lie to me again.”Tony turned to the 2nd guy and told him, that he could take his cock out if he wanted. With me over Tony’s lap and the other guy sitting on the sofa next to Tony, his cock was about 12″ away from my face. Tony asked me, “Have you ever seen a cock up that close?” I said, “No Sir” and once again tried to prove myself by saying, “I am not gay” Tony asked, “how do you like his cock?”I didn’t answer and felt a real hard smack on my ass. Tony said, “I asked you a question”. After I gasped, I figured I better answer. I figured I better answer what he wants to hear. I said, “It’s nice Sir.”Tony said, “Then tell our friend he has a nice cock” To make sure I heard him he landed another firm smack on my ass. I said, “You have a nice cock”Tony said, “Now open your mouth.”I started to panic. I knew what he wanted me to do and replied, “Please. I never sucked cock. I am not gay. I am a married man with a family.” Tony landed 2 hard smacks on my bottom and said, “I didn’t ask you if you ever sucked cock did I?”I said, “No Sir”Another smack to my bottom, Tony said, “What did I tell you to do?”I said, “You told me to open my mouth edirne rus escort bayan Sir.”Tony said, “That is correct. Now do it or do you want a harder spanking?”My ass was stinging so bad, I figured I better listen. I opened my mouth. As soon as I did the 3rd guy moved over closer so I was directly over his cock. With that Tony said, “Since you think he has a nice cock, lower your mouth on it”I knew if I hesitated, my ass would get hit again so I lowered my mouth over his cock. Tony said, “That’s a good slut. Now move your mouth up and down on it. Let him fuck your mouth.” This was the first time I had a cock in my mouth. I am laying naked over some strangers lap who is spanking my ass raw and my mouth is on another strangers cock. What is wrong with me? Why did I put myself in this mess?Tony stopped slapping my ass while I had a cock in my mouth. Tony asked the guy, “How is he doing for his first blow job?”The 2nd guy answered, “He needs to use more lip and less teeth.” With that Tony smacked my ass but not as hard as before and said, “You heard him. And use your tongue too. Try licking as it goes in and out of your mouth.” I started using more lips and my tongue and I could tell by the moaning of the guy that it was the right way to do it. As I continued to suck his cock, I felt Tony reaching in his pocket for something. I then felt something dripping on my ass followed by Tony’s finger going inside my asshole. Tony said, “This is how good sluts are rewarded. This is much better than the spanking isn’t it?” I couldn’t speak with the cock in my mouth so I was only to get out “Uh huh”.Tony kept fingering my asshole and said, “Now when he cums, you need to swallow it all. I don’t want to see any cum leaking out of your slutty mouth. Do you understand?”This was way before the scare of having protected sex with strangers, so the only thing on my mind was how good it felt to have my asshole fingered and that I was about to taste my first cum. I kept telling myself , I am not gay. This was not my choice. I never wanted to suck a cock or taste cum. I put myself in a bad situatiion and I had to continue until it was over. Within a minute I felt him squirting streams of cum in my mouth. Tony could tell by the noise the 2nd guy was making that he was cumming in my mouth. Even with his cum shooting in the back of my throat, I couldn’t swallow it fast enough. Tony was fingering my ass faster as I tried to swallow as much as I could. When he finished about 4 squirts, his body went limp and his cock started to shrink. I couldn’t believe it. I was laying naked over one guys lap after I sucked my first cock, still tasting his cum in my mouth. Tony kept fingering my asshole and said, “Now thank the nice man for letting you suck his cock.”Just when I thought the humiliation couldn’t get worse, I lowered my head and almost at a whisper said, “Thank you for letting me suck your cock.”Tony smacked my ass hard and said, “You can do better than that. Look him in the eye and thank him properly.”My face was as red as my ass as I looked up at him and said a little louder, “Thank you Sir for letting me suck your cock.”Tony rubbed my ass and said, “That’s better. I will get you trained yet.”Tony removed his finger from my asshole and told me to get up. I noticed when I stood up that I had an audience. There was a 3rd guy standing there watching it all. Tony looked at me and said, “You have cum dripping on your chin. I thought I told you to swallow it all? Go lean over the back of the sofa.”I looked at the 3rd guy and back at Tony. I was the only one naked there. Tony said, “You heard me. Get over the sofa.” The 2nd guy already fixed himself up and was heading out the door. I did as I was told, knowing I was about to be spanked again. First for having cum on my chin and second for hesitating when I saw the 3rd guy. Tony came around behind me and started smacking my ass really hard again. Tony said, “You need to learn how to behave and listen to what you are told.” With each smack, I felt my poor ass couldn’t take much more. Tony said, “So you are officially a cock sucker now aren’t you?”I said, “yes Sir.” I knew better than to disagree with him.I still got a smack. Tony said, “Yes Sir what?”More humiliation, he wanted me to say the words to make if official. I quietly said, “yes Sir I am a cocksucker.”Tony said, “Look at our new guest and tell him what you are.”It was hard saying it, hard admitting it to myself and now I had to tell a complete stranger. I looked up at him and said, “I am a cocksucker.”Tony knew the humiliation was getting to me and I think it was turning him on. Tony said, “Now tell the nice man you love sucking cock” I knew better than to disagree. I looked at him again sand said, “I love sucking cock.”Tony spacked my ass hard again and said, “ask our new friend if you can suck his cock.”I almost started to cry, I said, “Please Tony. Please let me go. I am not gay. I don’t want to do this.”With that I felt several hard smacks accross my ass and even when I tried to get up or put my hands back to block the blows, Tony was ready for me to keep me in place to make my ass burn like it never felt before. With tears running down my face, I looked at the 3rd guy and said, “may I please suck your cock?”Tony let up on the spankings as the guy approched. He unzipped his pants and waved his hard cock in front of my face as I was bent over the sofa. Before I could say another word, he grabbed my head and pushed his cock into my mouth. I started sucking the second cock of my rus escort edirne life, naked bent over a sofa. Tony said, “Your ass is red enough.” I felt the lube dripping on my ass again. I thought he was going to finger fuck my asshole again, but I felt something bigger being pushed in my asshole. I realized it was Tony’s cock. It was much thicker and not going in as easy as his finger. It was stretching me. It didn’t take me long to realize that Tony was about to fuck my virgin asshole. In a panic I tried to get up and I said, “Sir please don’t fuck me”With that, I felt 4 hard smacks land on my already sore ass. Tony said, “We will continue with your spanking until you ask me nicely to fuck your tight little virgin asshole.”I tried to get up but leaning over the back of the sofa I didn’t have as much leverage as he did standing behind me. More smacks came pounding down on my ass. Tears started flowing again and I knew I had to submit. In a crying voice I said, “Please fuck my tight virgin asshole Sir”Tony said, “get that cock back in your mouth now. I don’t want to hear another word out of you.” I resumed sucking the 3rd strangers cock knowing I was about to be fucked in the ass. Tony once again started pushing his cock in my ass. The pain was bad but not as bad as the pain my ass was feeling from the spanking. He managed to get the head in and stopped to let me get use to it. Tony said,, ”It will only hurt for a few minutes. Relax your ass. You are so fucking tight.”After a minute or so, Tony said, “Do you want more?”He was right, the sharp pain had eased up. I took my head off the cock in my mouth and I said, “Yes Sir. I want more of your cock.” His cock was going much deeper in my asshole. Tony went slow at first to let me get use to it. When it was all the way in my asshole, he asked “How does that feel?” I was gasping for breath and all I could say was “good”. I wasn’t lying. It did feel good in my asshole. I didn’t want him to stop. My cock immediately got hard again. I couldn’t understand it. Did I turn Gay? Why did it feel so good to get fucked like this? I started begging Tony, “Please fuck me Sir. Fuck my tight asshole.”Tony laughed and said, “Oh you like my cock in your ass. Your ass belongs to me now. Anytime you are back in Dallas, you will call me up to fuck your pussy ass, isn’t that right?”I was grunting and breathing heavy but managed to say, “Yes Sir. You own my ass now. I want you to fuck me anytime I am here.”Tony kept fucking me deeper and faster. He grabbed my hair from behind and was pumping me for all he was worth. He was breathing heavy and said, “Tell me what a cock loving cum slut you are.”I immediately said, “I am your cock loving cum slut Sir”Tony proceeded to fuck me. He was telling me what a tight virgin asshole I had. I could see the 3rd guy standing there stroking his cock as he watched me get fucked in the ass. Tony said, “You want me to fill your pussy ass with cum don’t you?”I said, “Yes please Sir. Fill my pussy ass with your cum”Within a few minutes Tony moaned real loud and thrust deep in my asshole. He spurted his cum deep in my asshole. He kept squirting stream after stream of cum in me. On the back of the sofa were drops of my own cum. I had cum without even touching my cock. But I was still rock hard. Tony slowly pulled his cock from my asshole. I felt so empty. I already missed his cock in my ass. Tony said, “Now be a good slut and clean my cock off”I immediately dropped to my knees and started licking his cock and balls. Tasting his cum and my ass at the same time. Tony said, “You need to thank me for taking your virgin ass slut.”I said it looking right in his eyes, “Thank you Sir for fucking my tight virgin asshole. Your cock felt so good in my pussy ass.”Tony was pleased. In just a few short hours he had turned me into his slut. He looked down at my hard cock. Tony told me to go lay down on the sofa and finish myself off. I did as he told me. I was laying there naked, stroking my cock. The 3rd guy came over so I could resume my cock sucking. I knew after watching me get fucked in the ass that he wouldn’t last long. I felt spurt after spurt of his warm cum filling my mouth. There I was laying naked on a sofa, my ass beet red from being spanked, with two loads of cum down my throat and one load of cum up my asshole. I didn’t want to cheat on my wife and I ended up being used like a whore by 3 complete starngers. As I was stroking myself, Tony told me, “The next time I see you, I want you completely shaved. I don’t want to see any hair around that cock. Do you understand?” I could hardly talk as I was breathing so heavy. I only got out “uh huh” Tony went on to say, “And I want you wearing panties. Go buy a pink pair of panties. All my sluts where panties. Do you understand?” Once again, I could only get out, “uh huh” He added, “If I catch you in here again, you better be shaved and wearing panties”. Within a few moments I was squirting loads of cum all over my tummy and chest. Tony said, “Clean yourself up with your underwear and get dressed. I am done with you tonight. And don’t forget that pussy ass belongs to me so don’t even think about letting some other guy fuck you.”I had cum dripping out of my asshole and cum all over my tummy and chest. I wiped myself up with my underpants and then proceeded to put them on. By the time I finished dressing, I was alone in the room. I felt dizzy and confused. Was all that just happen real or just my imagination. By the wetness of my underpants against my skin. I knew it was all real. I started thinking if I did see him again this week, Was he serious about me shaving and wearing pink panties? I could still feel the sting on my ass and how empty my stretched asshole felt, and realized that he was serious and I better do as he said,. I looked in my pocket and saw a piece of paper with his phone number on it. The note said, “Call me slut.”

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