Strangers on a Train


“It looks like we may be lucky and have this cabin all to ourselves,” Nina smiled as she put her bag into the overhead of the train compartment. Nina and Henry had planned this impromptu vacation after she got hired at her new firm. She had always wanted to ride across western Canada on a train and the week between jobs was the perfect opportunity.

“I hope so.” Henry kissed her cheek, and gave her butt a light squeeze. Nina had recently gotten into a regular gym routine. She had always had a body that Henry adored, particularly her very endowed chest, but he couldn’t lie, the recent results on her ass were an added bonus.

“Oh?” He paused, feeling nothing through the thin fabric of the skirt she was wearing, “Has someone been cheeky today? No underwear?” He whispered into her ear.

Nina gave him a sly smile. “Better,” she whispered and gave him a quick flash of her skirt. It was only for a second, but it was enough for him to notice the pink jewel adorning her luscious brown ass.

Henry’s cock twitched at the sight. He pulled her closer, cupping her curves, “I love that you’re such a slut,” he growled, “spending the whole day with something in your ass.” Nina let out a small giggle before tilting her head up to kiss him. She meant it to be a quick one but the tightness in Henry’s pants forced him to prolong it. Their lips crashed into one another, their tongues dancing in the unison of well-acquainted lovers. Henry tried to lift Nina up, to feel her strong thighs wrapped around his waist, but the train cabin was too cramped for that. They both shared a laugh at the situation.

Nina sighed, “Just sit down on the bed babe. The train is starting soon. And anyway, we may have roommates show up soon.” She gestured to the bed on the other side of the cabin. With this trip being last minute, Henry and Nina were forced to book one of economy cabins that housed 4 people.

Henry knew that Nina was right, but he only had one thing in his mind. He did sit down but pulled her on to his lap as well. Between the small kisses he began to plant on her neck he said, “fuck our roommates.” Nina rolled her eyes at the comment before being drawn in for another kiss. Quickly, she succumbed to the heat of the moment. Taking a few seconds to readjust herself, she soon found herself straddling her boyfriend and meeting his ever-aggressive lips.

Holding her head with hand, Henry had the other slowly make his way down her curves. First caressing her soft breasts, feeling her already hardening nipples, down her soft but firm stomach, and finally landing on her beautiful butt. He lifted her up slightly to gain access to the wetness that he knew would be forming at that moment. All this teasing had Nina already turned on and the thought sent blood rushing to his dick, much to her delight. Instinctively, Nina began to grind herself on his hardness. She loved how thick it felt through his pants and was so thankful that he chose comfort over style for the trip by wearing sweatpants. She found herself reaching into his pants and finding the object of her desire. “Should we?” she questioned breathlessly.

Henry just left out a groan, but his eyes told her enough. Nina gently removed his long, hard member and positioned herself above it. Giddy in anticipation, she slowly lowered herself over it. God, she loved to be filled up with this cock. Henry and Nina savoured the moment for a second before he slowly began pumping into her slick cunt. “I love how you’re always wet and ready escort izmir for me,” He said in a low lustful voice. Nina didn’t say anything. She had a look of pleasure in her face and was trying very hard not to make too much noise. Henry was a little disappointed because he loved how loud she usually was in bed, but also knew that discretion was needed if they were to enjoy this time. Right then, the door to the cabin began to open.

Nina and Henry froze.

“Thank you so much, I’m sorry again for the inconvenience.” They heard a man’s voice say. “I’ll try not to be late next time.” The voice continued in a jovial tone to what they assumed was the conductor.

Nina and Henry continued to stay in place. Henry knew he should try and get her off him as soon and as quietly as possible, but at that moment he wasn’t thinking straight. It didn’t help that she felt so good too. Nina was frozen in embarrassment.

“Oh, I didn’t mean to interrupt.” Nina couldn’t see his face, but she could hear the smile in the man’s words. “Please, don’t mind me. I’ll let you two keep on going with whatever you’re doing,” He continued to joke. “As long as you don’t mind me watching.” Nina could practically hear the smirk on the man’s face.

Henry coughed to clear his throat, ready to offer an apology. But then he felt Nina start to slide up and down his cock. It was slow as first but unmistakeable. Something overcame Nina at that moment. She didn’t know what compelled her to do it, maybe part of her just wanted to see how far she could take it. Plus, what’s the worst that could happen? This stranger had already literally caught them with their pants down. She decided not to think about it too much and began to pick up the pace.

“Fuck, Nina, what are you doing?” Henry was bewildered.

“Seems like you’ve got a little minx on your hands,” the man laughed. “you lucky bastard,” He said under his breath as he began to stow away his stuff, but not without taking the occasional glance at the couple.

Nina didn’t say anything, just let out soft moans as she continued to bounce on Henry’s dick. Henry closed his eyes as he felt her pussy pulse around his cock. He began to put his hands on her waist and pump deeper into her. “Is this what you want baby? You want others to see what a slut you are?” He started to play along. Nina’s moans got a little louder, he could feel her first orgasm start to build. “This stranger seeing what a whore you are is getting you off, isn’t it?” Henry moved a hand up to the hem of her shirt and tugged on it slightly, “Take off your shirt and show him those delicious breasts of yours.”

She didn’t take much convincing. Nina lifted her shirt over her head to reveal a lacy red bra underneath. Her nipples were so hard and poking through the cloth, further emphasize by the piercings on both of them. Henry considered unclipping the bra but felt like it would take too long. He pulled the bra down slightly to reveal the right, beautifully round, brown globe that felt perfect in his hand. He began to suck on the erect nipple, letting his tongue flick over the piercing. He continued to pump his hard cock into her, harder and harder. That was enough to set Nina off. Henry felt her pussy grip his cock and it felt amazing. He loved it when she cummed all over his dick.

“Oh my god.”

Henry heard the stranger’s voice again. He had forgotten that they weren’t alone. He smiled, “seems like our guest is enjoying our show.”

“Fuck, yes I am.” He heard izmir escort bayan the man reply. Henry didn’t look up, but he was convinced that the man probably had his own dick out right now.

He gave Nina a little slap on her perfect ass. She gave a slight whimper, “Do you like it when I naughty like this baby?”

“You’re always a little bad, and you know I love it.” Henry said as he slid his hands on her ass, and began tugging at the plug, “but you could always be a little naughtier.”

“Do you want to fuck my ass baby?” She teased.

“Well, you’ve got it all ready for me, wouldn’t want all that work to go to waste.” And he pulled it out. “Turn around babe, give our guest a good look at you as I fuck your ass.” Nina was quick to comply. Before long, Henry was in heaven. As he pounded into her ass, Nina began to rub on her clit with one hand and play with her right breast with the other.

This was the first time she made eye contact with the stranger. He was a handsome enough fellow. Nothing especially notable about him, but with the right circumstances, Nina could see herself hooking up with the man. At this moment, he could have been anyone. Nina just loved the way he looked at her as she was getting pummeled from behind. She loved the lust in his eyes. She looked down and saw plainly the effect she was having on him. His hand had found his hard member and was gently stroking it. He looked so mesmerized; Nina didn’t think that he even realized what he was doing. She continued to rub on her clit as she made eye contact with him. It felt so good, and she wanted to shut her eyes and enjoy it, but she was determined to hold his gaze. “Not so smug now,” She taunted him, “having fun?” She licked her lips and she rolled her exposed nipple between her fingers.

“Now you’re just being mean to the poor guy,” Henry interrupted. “You should make it up to him.” Henry hoped he wasn’t pushing her too far, but from the moans she was letting out, he didn’t think so.

Nina smiled, “if you’re sure?” She beckoned the stranger closer, “you do have a pretty nice cock sir.” He almost tripped over himself getting closer to them. She reached out for his dick and licked her lips again. “Do you need help with this?”

“Please.” He barely let out a reply before Nina wrapped her lips around his member. “Oh my god, fuck.” The stranger moaned. He instinctively began sliding it in and out of her luscious lips, going deeper with each thrust.

Henry loved seeing his girlfriend acting like a wanton slut. He could see just how much she was enjoying being used like this.

Nina loved the feeling of the stranger’s cock in her mouth. She grabbed the base of it and began sucking more intensely on the head occasionally running her tongue along it. The stranger almost buckled at the sensation. Seeing his reactions, Nina continued to suck harder while jerking the rest of the cock. The stranger loved it, but a little too much. He didn’t want to cum too early on this beautiful girl. He still couldn’t believe his luck with the entire situation but was determined to make it last as long as possible. He forced himself deeper into her throat, Nina gagged a little but took it in. Being enveloped in her was exactly what he needed right now. The stranger used this opportunity to fondle her generous tits. He pulled the other one out of the bra and began gently kneading them both. He imagined what it would be like to slide his cock between them but being in her mouth was more than izmir escortlar enough for now.

Henry had slowed down but the sight of everything had prompted him to more aggressively thrust into his girlfriend. As he kissed and bit her ear, he began to move to play with her clit. Though muffled by the cock in her throat, Nina began to moan louder, no longer caring about who heard her. “Do you want this stranger in you baby?” He whispered into her ear.

Nina responded by gently pushing the stranger away and looked up at him, “do you have a condom?” She asked, her makeup had begun to run a bit, but she still looked as hot as ever. Still a bit dazed by the situation he found himself in, it took a little bit for her words to register in his head.

“Yeah… yes! Yes, I do!” He said as he went to rummage through his bags. He quickly rolled the condom on before finding himself in front of her again. “Are you sure about this?” He confirmed.

“Shut up and fuck me please, my pussy is so empty right now.”

The trio took a minute to get readjusted. Henry paused while Nina opened her legs wide and put it on the stranger’s shoulders, and soon, he sunk into her folds with ease. She was dripping wet, and he slid in perfectly.

Nina let in a loud moan when he entered her. Henry covered her mouth in response, “we don’t want to attract too much attention sweetheart,” he said.

Nina nodded slowly and closed her eyes as the two men began to thrust in and out of her, finding a rhythm that worked best. She had never felt so full before. Her whole body was on fire, “harder,” she begged.

The two men began to pick up the pace. Henry continued to cover her mouth, “just to be safe,” he smirked. The stranger wrapped his left hand around Nina’s neck so he could pump into her with more force. Nina had her second orgasm right there. She loved being manhandled like this. It was almost too much for her, but she didn’t want it to stop. She began to play with both her tits while the men had their way with her. The view of this gorgeous woman squeezing her breasts and playing with the piercings on her nipples was too much for the stranger. “Fuck, I’m close,” he warned. Henry was as well.

“Cum all over me,” she bit her lip.

The stranger thrusted in and out of her a few more times before sliding out completely and covering her tits with his cum. As he came, Nina stuck her tongue out seductively, she loved the taste of cum.

“I’m almost there too baby,” Henry promised before filling her ass up with his seed. He removed himself from her before they both collapsed on the bed. The stranger went and sat on the other bed in awe.

“Wow,” He finally said after a long moment.

“Yeah,” Nina was out of breath.

Henry didn’t say anything.

“I don’t know if I should thank you or…” the stranger laughed.

“No, thank you.” Nina took the hair tie from her hand and tied up the mess of her curls. “Is it crazy that I’m still a little horny? Two orgasms weren’t nearly enough,” She giggled to herself.

Henry joined in with her laughs, “my insatiable girlfriend. I think you’ll need to give our buddy here and I a sec to recharge.”

“Whoever said I needed you?” She gave a sly smile as her fingers made their way back to her crotch. She began to slowly pump two of them in and out dripping pussy. Moaning slightly, she closed her eyes, reliving the last couple of moments again. To her surprise, she felt two strong hands slowly spread her apart more and a tongue on her clit. She didn’t know who the owner was, but at this moment, didn’t care enough to check. She tossed her head back and removed her hands to give the person full access to her. This trip was already promising to be a fun one.

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