Submissive Adam’s Bachelor Party


This story is purely fiction and involves adult characters over the age of 21.

Adam’s parents and friends gathered for his Bachelor party. Adam’s family threw him a co-ed bachelor party, since many of his friends were female and his Mother was an honored participant. Adam’s male friends brought their wives. In all there were 3 men and 8 women present, as well as his Mother, Father and older Sister.

Adam thought of his fiance Stacy and hoped she was enjoying her bachelorette party weekend in Las Vegas with her best girlfriends.

Adam’s father raised his glass in a toast, “to our son Adam and his fiancé, Stacy. As Adam’s parents, we see how much he loves and adores her. We see how he worships her and devotes himself to her, giving her the respect she deserves. May they have a lifetime of love and adventures. And may she continue to keep Adam in line as he needs, reprimanding him if he disrespects her in any way.”

Adam’s Mom took over, “Yes we know that Stacy wears the pants in their relationship and it is only right since we raised our son to respect the woman of the house. It is only right that she mold and discipline him to meet her standards. Adam knows that if he is found lacking respect or lacking in his service to his Wife, he will be punished. It is time for him to place Stacy’s wants and needs above his own and to find his proper place at her knees.”

Adam’s father looked at his son blushing and struggling to keep his head up among his family and friends. He continued, “Adam, you are a natural born follower and you have found your leader. This evening is a ceremony to symbolize the transfer of that authority from your mother and sister to your fiancé. Tomorrow Stacy will assume all authority over you as your new Head of Household. Come and kneel before your Mother and Sister to honor them and thank them for training you so well to be a submissive husband.”

At that moment, Adam was unconcerned with anyone’s reactions. He rushed to his Mother and Sister and knelt at their feet. He realized how much he would miss living with them and serving them as a loyal son and brother. He had tears in his eyes as he looked up and sought their approval.

Adam’s Mother spoke again, “Adam you have served as as a devoted son in our household and you are more than prepared to serve your wife now. May she take the appropriate command of you and mold your to her desires. It is now your job to service Stacy in every way.”

Adam noticed his sister looked sad as his Mother continued, “The only way you will service your Mother and Sister again will be at Stacy’s direction. Remember well your training at home with performing household and personal chores at my request and your sister’s request, and remain humble and ready to please your new wife.”

Adam replied, “Yes, Ma’am, thank you for your attention to my training.” He looked at his Sister, trying to reassure her.

“In addition to household chores and personal tasks, your Wife will require you to service her sexually as well. You will oblige her every command and will make us proud. Son, you have been fortunate to attract a Dominant Wife and you now have the privilege of serving her for the rest of your life, just as your father has served me.

Adam noticed his father was now kneeling at his Mother’s feet and she was patting his head.

Although Adam was blushing, he was very excited to hear these words about serving Stacy. She had already demonstrated the Dominant characteristics of his Mother and Sister! He was excited to ponder what sexual services she might require of him.

During their courtship, Stacy had been somewhat formal with directing him to serve her meals and drinks, as well as performing housework, but had refrained from direct sexual contact. Of course she had kissed him and touched his penis over his pants, so she already knew he was not well endowed.

Stacy had enjoyed making his penis hard, rubbing it through his clothing and listening to his moans. When they were at her home, she preferred him kneeling at her feet while waiting for her next command. While she enjoyed having his penis erect, she never removed his pants or offered any relief. Of course, Stacy forbid him to touch himself.

Adam had grown accustomed to this treatment while dating Stacy and had become very proud of how long his penis could stay hard to satisfy Stacy’s wishes. She waited until he had grown soft again to send him home, so that he would not be tempted to touch himself.

Adam looked forward to being Stacy’s husband and learning her sexual desires. eryaman rus escort He so wanted to please her in any way she wanted.

However, Adam had not known that the full circle of his friends and family members would be made aware of the nature of his submissive relationship with Stacy. He shyly looked up to see his closest friends and family members all knowingly nodding their support of his Mother’s speech.

Adam wondered if his male friends had similar relationships with their wives. He noticed one of his friends had dropped to his knees at his wife’s feet after listening to his Mother’s words. His friend’s wife was playing with his friend’s hair. Soon his other two male friends knelt at the feet of their respective wives.

Adam’s Mother acknowledged the behavior of the males at the party, as Adam’s father knelt at her feet. She praised them for providing Adam such good role models for healthy, happy marriages. Adam smiled, now knowing that he was not alone in his submissive sexual fantasies and his attraction to a Dominant woman.

Of course he had known that his father was submissive to his Mother, but it was reassuring to know that each of his closest male friends were also submissive to their wives. He need not have worried that his desires to please Stacy were odd or unusual.

Adam’s Mother announced that the submissive males would now serve the females at the party, with Adam taking the lead. She directed Adam to make his Sister her plate of food, while her husband would prepare hers. Adam rushed over to the food table, with his father following close behind him. The three submissive husbands at the party were next ordered to prepare plates for their respective wives. The men took the women’s drink orders and served them their drinks as well.

After the wives were served by their husbands, the submissive males were then directed to serve food and drinks to the remainder of the females at the party. Adam knew some of his female friends were married and wondered if they had submissive husbands also.

After the women finished their food and drinks, Adam was directed by his Mother to select one of his female friends for a special assignment. Not knowing what his Mother was planning, Adam chose one of his unmarried female friends, Nadia. Once selected, Nadia rushed over to Adam’s Mother to learn her assignment. Adam’s Mother bestowed on Nadia the traditional role for a submissive male Bachelor’s party: to ensure that Adam’s penis remained fully erect during the party.

Nadia blushed at this request, not wishing to take part in monitoring her friend’s penis, but knowing that she must not break with the family’s traditions. Nadia was tasked with touching Adam’s penis over his pants and underpants and reporting back to the rest of the party regarding its status. Nadia sat in a chair placed in the center of the room and called Adam to kneel at her feet with his knees spread wide.

Adam blushed when he heard Nadia call him to his knees in front of her. His penis, already aroused from serving the Dominant women, stirred to its full height upon hearing Nadia issue commands to him. Adam had always found Nadia to be the most beautiful of his female friends. At that moment when she ordered him to his knees in front of the group, he found her beauty even more intoxicating and longed to please her. He went to her immediately and dropped to his knees, sitting back on his heels and spreading his knees open as far as he could while keeping his balance.

Once Adam had assumed the required position, Nadia reached down to examine him with her hand. Because Adam’s erection was not immediately apparent to observers, they held their breath waiting for the outcome. Nadia reached down to her friend’s crotch to feel an entirely stiff, although quite small, penis pointing straight up through his pants and underpants. She gasped and announced to everyone that Adam had a full on boner after serving the women at the party! Everyone smiled and clapped their approval at Adam’s performance at his Bachelor party. Adam beamed with pride at his success.

Nadia whispered in Adam’s ear, confessing that his tiny penis was so utterly adorable to her and she wished that they had dated before he became engaged! Adam’s conflicting emotions caused his head to spin. He was proud to have satisfied Nadia’s examination with his hard penis. Yet, a woman he found very sexy had just told him his penis was adorable! He tried to focus on Stacy instead of Nadia, but it was difficult with Nadia next to him.

Adam knew ankara etimesgut escort bayan that he had Stacy to thank for passing his Bachelor party test with flying colors. He was grateful that Stacy had taken the time to train him in this skill, which had all but guaranteed his success at his Bachelor party! She had trained him to stay aroused by teasing him and slowly increasing the time he could maintain his erection. Adam knew that the pressure to perform at the Bachelor party was increasing his arousal, since he never knew when he could be examined by Nadia.

Adam saw his Mother checking his father’s penis, then patting him on the head for his good behavior. She announced that the other Dominant wives at the party would check their submissive husbands’ penises! Adam realized he was not alone in his desire to please his Wife-to-be, since his male friends (and his father) were also clearly expected to fulfill their Dominant wives’ wishes.

Bad news followed, however, when Adam’s closest friend was found to be less than erect by his Dominant wife. She stood up from her chair and pulled her husband by his ear to the center of the room near Adam and Nadia. Negative statements could be heard from the women at the party regarding this naughty husband not adequately rising, so to speak, to his husbandly duties. Adam felt terrible for his friend, who looked so ashamed.

Naturally, discipline was called for by all of the women. Adam realized his friend was soon going to be punished by his Dominant Wife. Adam secretly hoped his friend would be punished in private. Adam had not yet experienced physical punishment from Stacy. Her disapproval and demeaning statements had served as punishment enough to keep him in line!

Adam’s friend was then ordered by his Wife to lower his trousers and underwear in front of everyone. Adam watched as his unfortunate friend pulled down his clothes, revealing his semi-erect 5 inch penis. Even at half-erect, Adam guessed it was 2 inches longer than his, as well as much wider.

Adam watched in horror as his submissive friend was ordered over his Dominant Wife’s lap for a spanking on his bare bottom, right there in front of everyone! The Wife pulled a large paddle from her purse and then pulled her husband over her lap. His head was close to the ground but he protected it by holding his hands out. Adam wondered if she took the paddle everywhere in case she needed to punish her husband! Would Stacy have one in her purse also? Just the thought made pre cum ooze out of the head of his penis.

His friend began to whimper, plead for mercy and to repeatedly apologize to his Wife for his failure, as well as his embarrassment of her in public. She let him know that she was finished with being embarrassed in front of her friends, and that he could expect a harder spanking than usual.

The women at the party, especially the Dominant ones, began chanting “Spank his bottom! Spank his bottom!” When Adam’s friend’s wife finally brought the paddle down hard on her naughty husband’s butt, the other women cheered her on and counted the strikes. At five strikes, his bottom was very pink, but She continued spanking him, seemingly with all Her strength. At ten strikes, his bottom was turning red and he was sobbing from the pain and the embarrassment. However, she continued until the crowd counted 25 strikes! After She finished his discipline, She pushed him off her lap and he sunk to the floor, crying and kissing her shoes.

Of course, Adam had often been punished by both his Mother and his Sister for failure to complete his chores as required. His most recent paddling was only a few days ago when he delayed in completing his Sister’s requests. His Mother and Sister had taken turns spanking him, after he was sent to fetch the punishment paddle which hung on the wall by his Mother’s side of the bed. At home, Adam had been allowed to keep his underpants on during his punishments. And he had never been punished in front of anyone except his immediate family members.

Adam sympathized with his friend’s humiliation at being stripped from the waist down and paddled to tears in public! He sincerely hoped he would never displease Stacy enough to warrant such a punishment!

Adam watched as his punished friend was then ordered to stand up and apologize to everyone present for disrupting the Bachelor party. As he stood it was evident that the punishment had been successful at producing a full erection in the naughty husband! Cheers erupted from the observers, who quieted only to gölbaşı rus escort bayan hear the husband’s meek apology. The Dominant Wife returned her paddle to her purse and ordered her husband to stand in the corner with his bright red ass on display as a warning to the other submissive husbands.

Shocked to witness his friend’s public punishment, Adam struggled to acknowledge that he, too, could suffer the same fate at Stacy’s hands. He feared what would happen if he was found inadequate by Stacy once she became his wife tomorrow.

Although Adam was alarmed at the punishment he observed, he realized that he was also aroused by it. His penis was even harder than before, standing at attention, but he knew Stacy would find out if he relieved himself. He worried about having to show his tiny penis in a crowd some day if Stacy decided to punish him.

The submissive men at the party, including Adam, were all re-checked by the women for erections. Nadia called Adam over and he immediately knelt at her feet. He was so excited to be touched again by his beautiful friend! She took so long conducting her examination that Adam feared he would come and lose his erection! Nadia again took the opportunity to brush her lips over his ear, whispering, “Keep this micro-penis hard for me, little man.” Adam realized he would always remember her hand on his hard penis and her breath in his ear.

In the end, Adam and the others were found to be fully erect. “See Ladies”, said Adam’s Mother, “what a little discipline can accomplish? Remember to discipline your husbands on a maintenance schedule, as well as for any infraction, to maintain their optimal performance for you. The naughty husband in the corner has probably not been punished regularly enough by his Wife.”

The women then gathered at the bar for more drinks, and the men were given permission to serve themselves food and talk amongst themselves. All made themselves plates except for the punished husband in the corner. He knew he had to wait for his Wife’s permission.

The women supported the Wife who had been forced to discipline her husband at the party. They congratulated her for an excellent spanking display, as well as for her husband’s properly submissive response to it! They laughed at her humiliated submissive husband standing in the corner with his punished bottom on display. The single women in the group had a lot of questions for the married women! They asked about how to find a submissive husband, and how to mind him once they had found him.

The single women at the party were encouraged to examine the punished husband. Nadia and the others walked over to him to slap his abused bottom and to ensure his penis remained hard. Apparently he had no difficulty maintaining his erection with so many women touching him.

The other submissive men sat down quietly to eat their dinners. They did not dare to discuss their friend’s public punishment display, but they continued to steal glances over at his red bottom in sympathy. All of them understood that public punishment was a possibility as a submissive husband, and all were aroused by it.

Adam admitted to his friends that his penis grew harder while his friend was being spanked, even though he had not yet experienced physical punishment at Stacy’s hands. Adam’s friends assured him that this was a normal response for submissive males. They reassured Adam that although punishment hurt a lot, it was arousing as well, and it helped them perform better for their Wives.

Adam’s friends asked him if he was certain that he wanted to marry Stacy after witnessing the public humiliation and punishment of their close friend. They explained to him that after he married Stacy, she would be able to punish him anytime she wanted. She didn’t even have to have a reason. This excited Adam. He reassured his friends that he was ready to marry Stacy.

Adam hoped to service Stacy so perfectly that she would be well pleased with him. Secretly, he hoped his new wife would punish him for his small penis. She had already belittled him for it. He wondered if she had chosen him for his small penis, so that she always had a reason….

Adam was given presents by many of the guests. Some of them were things he had not seen before, like the huge, hollow strap on dildo. His friends assured him that Stacy would enjoy straddling him and riding it until she came. They showed him how to put it on correctly, and explained that his penis would fit inside the shaft.

Adam’s submissive male friends were summoned to the kitchen by his Mother, and then they appeared, carrying a beautiful cake with lit candles. They placed the cake on the table in front of Adam. Adam realized that this party symbolized a big change in his life. He felt ready and excited to fulfill his new role as Stacy’s husband! He blew out the candles and wished for a happy marriage!

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