Summer in the UK Pt. 2: Fun in the States

Cock Ring

I, like many other guys in the known population had never been very good with girls, until I had met with two very sexy young women, Kerry and Lucy. They rocked my world in London and apparently they liked what they had because they wanted more. I had just finished my first semester of college at the University of Arkansas and our winter break was over a month long so I got all my friends together to do something. We finally decided on my friend’s parents’ winter home in Aspen, Colorado, which happened to be a veritable mansion considering how loaded his parents were. I got Dylan, Jon, and Matthew to come, the guys from my rather unforgettable European vacation, as well as Rachel, Caroline, Jenna and Lexi.

Even though all of these girls were smoking hot, Caroline and Jenna were dating Matthew and Jon, respectively and Dylan was already putting the moves on Lexi, so we knew to back off. Which left Rachel and even though she was smoking hot, she would never get with me because she had put me in the friend zone long ago.

A week before we were about to leave I got a long-distance call and when I answered, I found the sweet voice of Kerry, talking back to me. I couldn’t believe how she got in contact or why she called, I was just excited to talk to her again. She explained to me that she also had a rather long break coming up and that she and Lucy were going to come to America to see the sights. Being a weaker man, my cock instantly got hard but I managed to spout out that I was getting together with some friends to go to Colorado. I could hear her talking to another person on the line, whom I had assumed was Lucy, talking excitedly. She answered that they were going to Colorado on the tour at around the same time I was going to be there.
I hurriedly explained to them the days we were going to be there, the location of the cabin and I got her cell phone number. Before she hung up she said, “I’m hoping this will be more fun than London,” and hung up. More fun? I hope so.

A week later, my friends and I arrived at the cabin and it was huge. It had an enormous kitchen, living room and six bedrooms, each just as nice as the last. We rushed into the house to claim bedrooms and I jumped into the one with the massive Jacuzzi overlooking the quiet snowy forest. Unfortunately, the one I had picked had twin beds and since all the other rooms had been taken, Rachel was forced to move into mine. She was really pretty but I could never be with her so I imagined that except for when Lucy and Kerry show up, it is going to be boy talk for me.

Later that night, I explained to all my friends that Lucy and Kerry were coming to stay with us in a couple days and that they were just friends from Europe visiting America. As a result of my stupidity with women, all the girls believed it but the guys knew what I had done with them and kept their mouths shut.
After a couple days of drinking and skiing, not always combined, the girls showed up in a rental car a week after Christmas. The girls looked just as good as ever and they hugged me tightly after getting all their bags. Although Lexi had to move out of her bedroom, so Lucy and Kerry could stay there, she was all too happy to move into Dylan’s room. I quickly fist bumped Dylan and helped the girls move into their room which was only a single Queen, but they made due.

That night, we all started drinking and getting really into the party, playing beer pong and circle of death and as it started to wind down, everybody got with dance partners and started grinding. Kerry came up to me with a smile on her face and a glint in her eye and without even talking she started to push against my crotch with her firm butt. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Escort Lucy and Rachel talking just off the dance floor, occasionally, looking in my direction. As I wondered what they were talking about, I lost my train of thought as Kerry started to twirk her little behind to Akon’s Sexy Bitch and I forgot everything else. As she started grinding harder, I couldn’t feel the usual feel of panties so when I took a subtle check, I noticed she wasn’t wearing any underwear. That’s my girl. We all went to bed late that night and I explained to Lucy and Kerry that we couldn’t fuck that night because Rachel was staying in my room.

“C’mon Joe,” Lucy whined, “We haven’t seen you in ages and I miss you,” whispering the last part and rubbing my dick at the same time. I told them that I would fuck the shit out of them the second I could. As they walked slowly back to their room, I could tell they were making a show of showing off their butts which drove me crazy. I walked into the room to see Rachel fast asleep in one bed, so I took the hint and as soon as my head hit the pillow I was out.

I started to have such an amazing dream, this woman started to rub me all over and even though I could not see her face, I could feel her body rub against mine. Suddenly I woke up from my dream, to wetness on my lips, I struggled to turn on the lights and when I did I saw Rachel sitting on my bed wearing a tight t-shirt and red-lace panties. “Surprised?” She said, “I saw you and Kerry on the dance floor and I might have gotten a little jealous.” I was fully awake and responsive now, “Rachel, you’re still drunk. I don’t want to take advantage of you.” Before I could react, she gave me a deep kiss and when I couldn’t help but kiss back, I didn’t taste any alcohol.

“I told you I wasn’t lying,” she said. Before I could think about what this would do to our friendship or how awkward it would be later, I did something reckless and grabbed the back of her neck, shoved her face towards mine and I gave her a wet, passionate kiss with extra tongue. She responded by kissing back and getting her nimble body on top of mine and rubbing her cute butt on top of my athletic shorts. Rachel had been a dancer all her life and her body reflected it; she had long legs, a lithe body and small perky tits. I quickly took off her shirt and before I could get to her bra, she shoved me down and took it off in an instant, revealing two small B-cups with rock hard nipples. I leaned up and started sucking her nipples and pushing the other one between my thumb and forefinger which pleased her so much she arced her back and shoved my face further onto her tits.

She hurriedly took off my shirt and pressed her warm body against mine, all the while taking off her panties and my athletic shorts. There we were, her beautiful naked body pressed against mine, making out and rubbing each other all over. I feel her wetness on my boxers as she pushed against my dick. I reached down and immediately put two fingers in her tight wet pussy which caused her to make out even harder and as I rubbed her G-spot I could hear her moan in my kisses and I felt her cum shoot out over my fingers.

“I see you’re a squirter, let’s see if we can do that a little more,” I said in between kisses. I took her cute little butt and placed it on top of my face and went to work. I immediately stuck my tongue into her pussy as far as I could go and she instantly started to grind on my face and grab my hair. I alternated between tongue fucking her, sucking on her labia and lightly flicking her excited clitoris. She came multiple times, each time releasing a torrent of warm, tasty juice all over my face to which I thoroughly sucked and licked out of her quivering pussy. Escort Bayan

She immediately jumped off me and started to suck my cock in a wild frenzy. She first stuck out her long tongue and wrapped it around the head and moved up and down slowly causing me immense pleasure. She then started jerking me off and sucking my balls, I looked down to see her work and she stared up at me, a primal urge in her eyes. After she finished putting a thick coat of saliva on my dick, she tried to deepthroat me. She immediately took as much as she could into her mouth but she was only about an inch to the bottom before she came back up. I was surprised to see her try again but this time she grabbed my hand and put it on the back of her head. “Holy shit,” I thought, “This girl is fucking kinky.” I pushed lightly on her head and she made it all the way down making choking noises every once and a while. Every time she did it I feel the back of her wet throat on the top of my dick and I loved every second of it.

After she had finished putting pornstars to shame, I asked if she wanted me to put on a condom. My heart drooped when she shook her head, but instead of stopping she quickly put the still saliva-drenched cock deep into her pussy. She moaned loudly and I hoped I wouldn’t wake anyone and then she started to hurriedly pump up and down on my cock. I couldn’t believe how fast she was going, her glistening pussy and bouncing titties were a blur as she vigorously rode my dick. The clapping of her pussy against my cock started getting louder and louder and as I grabbed her tight butt and squeezed she came, soaking my cock and balls in cum.

After about 5 minutes of rapid fucking, I had an extreme urge to fuck the shit out of her. I grabbed her and threw her down on the bed, ass up, and spread her legs way out and pulled her up so she was in doggystyle and before I entered I asked her if she was ready and all she said was “Just fuck my pussy.” This really got me going and before I knew it, I was pumping her pussy so fast her cum was splattering all over my chest. She put an arm behind her to grab my arm and I could feel her squeeze tightly. “Looks like I’m doing something right,” I thought. It was a reckless night, so I thought I’d do something else reckless and grabbed her long brunette hair and pulled it back. This only increased her pace and her moaning and after a while all I could hear was “fuck me” over and over again.

I didn’t want it to end but I could feel myself about to cum so I stopped and lightly tapped her ass. She saw my face and knew I was ready to blow so she quickly latched her mouth onto my cock and sucked for all she was worth. After about five squirts, she pulled away and swallowed my cum and without a word, she curled up on me and we fell asleep.

I woke the next morning to a door opening and before I could tell them to leave, Lucy and Kerry were standing, eyebrows raised at Rachel’s naked body draped over mine. Before I could say anything, Rachel woke up and instead of being surprised, all she said was “Thanks for the tips, Lucy.” I didn’t know who to look at I was so surprised. “Are you ready for round two?” Lucy asked, not sure who she was talking to, Rachel and I both said “yes.”

Lucy and Kerry dropped their robes standing bare-naked in front of me and all I could do was stare wide-eyed as Kerry and Rachel laid on either side of me while Lucy laid right on top of me. Their warm tits touched my skin and I got the biggest erection I ever had, they all started stroking my cock while I took turns kissing them and rubbing their luscious butts. All at once, the girls moved down to my dick and all started sucking. My stamina had gotten better because if this would’ve Bayan Escort happened any other time, I would’ve exploded right there. Lucy and Kerry took turns sucking my cock while Rachel was sucking and licking my balls like there was no tomorrow. Lucy and Kerry were pumping my dick with their throats and spitting on it to help them go down as far as they could. Suddenly, Rachel pushed Lucy and Kerry out of the way and took my whole cock all the way down in one try. Lucy and Kerry stared wide-eyed at her accomplishment as she proceeded to do this multiple times. “I think that deserves a reward,” I said hungrily as I put Rachel on her back. I proceeded to push her legs behind her head, which was no trouble because she did it all the time in dance, and she pulled her legs back in place. Her tight pussy was open just waiting for me. I spat on her pussy and pushed my dick completely inside her, pussy gripping for dear life.

I then pushed in and out of her as fast as I could making sure to go all the way in. By that time, Lucy started lightly licking Rachel’s pussy and Lucy positioned herself over Rachel’s face and starting grinding, her face away from me. However, I did get a great view of Rachel sticking her long tongue into Lucy’s wet pussy. I would fuck Rachel hard for a few minutes and take my dick out so that Kerry could suck off all the pussy juices and then I would go at it again.

After a while of hardcore sex, I laid Rachel at the head of the bed and put Lucy and Kerry into doggystyle right next to each other. “Now Lucy and Kerry, I want you to be bad little girls and eat Rachel’s pussy until she cums all over your cute faces. If you make her cum enough, I’ll give you a big surprise.” Both girls immediately started to lick and suck Rachel’s pussy, I looked up at Rachel and she stared at me in pure bliss. I started by putting my cock into Lucy’s quivering pussy and her big butt started to pump back and forth excitedly. I put one hand on her wide hips for leverage and the other I used to put two fingers into Kerry’s tight asshole. She immediately moaned loudly and went back to eating out Rachel, this time more vigorously and then I heard Rachel cumming and the girls licking and sucking all the cum out. Then, I moved over to Kerry and before starting I spat into her tight ass and shoved my dick all the way in her tight butthole.

This caused her to shoot upwards so I grabbed her perky tits and proceeded to fuck her senseless. Her asshole was so tight and she couldn’t stop moaning to save her life, I used my other hand to stick two fingers in Lucy’s ass. She really seemed to like this because all she said for the next two minutes was “Oh, finger that little asshole.” After Rachel and Kerry came again, I moved over to Lucy and stuck my dick all the way in her little asshole causing her to scream curse words in ecstasy. I started pumping her asshole harder than Kerry’s because I knew Lucy liked it rough. Kerry then started to vigorously finger and kiss Rachel all the while putting her pussy in front of Lucy’s mouth. The sight of Kerry and Rachel kissing only made me fuck harder and before I knew it I was in the final stretch so I pulled Lucy’s hair back and fucked her until I came at least 10 squirts into her tight butthole.

I pulled out and the girls had known that I came but instead of being sad, Rachel went over to Lucy’s asshole and sucked every drop of cum out. It was so fucking sexy that Lucy and Kerry started making out with Rachel and sharing the cum while licking each other’s tongues and rubbing each other’s asses. We all laid down on the bed and before I could say anything, Rachel said, “We’re definitely doing that again.” We were so tired all we could do was nod. We all knew we wouldn’t walk right for a week after this one but we knew it was going to be worth it. As it turns out, everybody else got lucky too. Looks these girls were my lucky charms.

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