Sweet Baby Jane, Chapter Five

Big Tits

  Each one of my daughters had worked together to give happiness to me, their once needful father, and boy did their plan work.  Though I had thought my self adventurous in the sack when Sheila had been my lover and wife, her three girls had shown me there were so many ways our family could find joy I had never imagined and until now never really considered. It is incest after all, and that for most is just plain wrong; thankfully not for us.  We would keep our secret safe over the times we shared, our bond was perfect, and we shared everything of life with me only as the guide, no longer just a father, but so much more.   The next day began early as a casual comment by Jane came to pass, her words had been spoken in the bedroom with Jake listening intently and bordered on revealing what would happen in our household when she said “Just think Daddy how much fun we can have when we roust you out of bed in the mornings.”  It was now Sunday, a morning our family had usually taken to sleep in or take it easy, that day would prove to be quite different, just as life indeed had.  The sun rose just before 6:00 AM as I stretched out the kinks from my worn but satisfied body as the stream of early morning light spread over the light comforter.  The satin sheets felt so silky against my bare flesh, though I wasn’t aroused by it I did squirm around to feel the lush softness as it slid deliciously over my skin.  I laid there relaxed in every way as I recalled detail by detail of the day before and smiled at the devious plan my three girls had pulled over on me, not to mention the eager  smooth youthful flesh that had been thrust and pushed over my manhood, each and every one’s.  Just the remembrance sent a wave of desire through me as my mind wandered to just how good each one was in their own special way.  My eyes drifted shut not yet willing to give up my dreamy down time and soon I fell back to slumber in peace; arms outstretched to bask in the early mornings sun streaming through the windows.   I’m not sure how long I really slept, but as I awoke and again stretched I found myself unable to move properly, and soon discovered why.  I was still covered, but the foot of the sheet had been pulled loose and my ankles were tied to each post at the foot of the bed and also my wrists bound to the upper posts.  The term Spread Eagled came to mind as I my eyes opened fully to see all three of my girls seated on the bed with me.  Tawny and Tammy one on each side and Jane knelt between my legs, each with a devious expression of more mischief being afoot.  In perfect harmony when my eyes opened the cooed “Morning Daddy; time to get “it” up” and giggled like school girls, which they were, one sophomore and two seniors; in high school no less.   My eyes went from one to the next and ended up staring at Jane, my sweet baby girl who had plotted out the day be fore’s events with her sisters and now had a plan to turn me into their submissive slave it seemed.  “What’s going on girls?” I asked as casually as I could at finding my self bound to the giant new bed by three apparently horny naked teens.   Tawny spoke first as the others nodded their agreement “Daddy, you were so good to us yesterday, we want more, and we’re going to take it!”  Her words weren’t casual like mine had been, she meant every word, and I would either give it up or they would simply force themselves on me until they were satisfied.  I half smiled, and half feared that this could be a bit over the top for three inexperienced girls to do, but as Tammy slid a scarf over my eyes I knew I had little choice, and when another pair of hands stuffed a small rubber ball into my mouth and lifted my head to bind it in place with yet another scarf I could easily have panicked, but trusted that their intent was only to tease and then suck or fuck me into oblivion.  istanbul travesti My assumption was pretty close.   Deprived of sight and speech all I could do is lay still and feel or listen to what was going on, not that it upset me more than not being able to watch.  The bed rocked a bit as they all climbed off, apparently and the covers were withdrawn to reveal my naked body.  The bed shifted on my right, the side Tammy had been sitting on and I felt a hand grasp at the semi flaccid member and begin jacking me off slow and steady as I heard her coo with pleasure.  Another hand, likely Tawny’s, slid below my balls and cupped them teasingly as my arousal began to spread through me, I groaned as the swelling manhood felt each slow stroke of its length and girth as the other hand soothingly caressed my sack.  My feet dipped lower into the mattress as, I thought, Jane moved as well. I felt a hand on each thigh put pressure to either support her or hold me down and soon felt the warm breath over the now swollen head of my cock as the hand held my member up for her advance.  A swipe of her tongue caused me to flinch spastically, and another that coated the underside of it with spittle as the hand continued to stroke me with gentle persuasion.  Again my breath came out in a groan at the hardening shaft and I felt my pre-cum dribble from the slit.  I mumbled through the ball gag and tried to say “Suck me baby girl” but it was hard to understand I am sure and needless anyway as lush lips surrounded the crown and a tongue swirled over of it as the pre-cum became someone’s early morning snack.    Tammy whispered in my ear “Daddy, don’t cum yet, we each want to have a taste” and kissed my cheek so softly I felt a quivering fire zip through my blood stream as my hips rose to attempt to have Jane’s mouth, or Tawny’s, whichever it was take more of my now fully engorged cock.  Whichever one it was had been prepared for the lurch of my hips and rose to maintain only the head within the hot wet portal of her mouth as I groaned with need.  The lips slid slowly down along the shaft and my hips thrashed eagerly towards them, but only one plunge and the mouth parted from my meaty prong with a popping of her lips.  I frantically pulled at the bindings on my wrists for moments that seemed to stretch out for an hour, though in truth only seconds had elapsed.  Sultry lips closed around the crown once again, this time from the side of my hips and I grunted as I tried my best to restrain cuming right then and there, but the hand pushed back on the tensed sack and pressed it towards my perineum to deny me my climax.  ‘How in the hell did they learn that trick?’ I thought in my dazed arousal. The lips pressed along the hard, now very eager shaft once allowing me to feel the back of whichever one’s mouth at the brink of her throat and slipped off again with a loud pop as she smacked her lips, or something to accentuate the departure. I pleaded in body language and muted grunts with them to give me what I already desperately needed, climax.  Again I was denied as the third mouth captured my cock and sucked it to the back of her mouth, this time I recognized the hum of her voice as Tammy tried her turn at the monster that overfilled her cheeks as she sucked longer than the others had, but still the pressure against my sack denied me the pleasure of ejaculation.   The bed stirred again, this time I felt the mattress dip around my head and a pair of hands pulled on the scarf holding the ball gag into my mouth removing both.  I gasped as a full intake of air as it slipped free.  “God girls, you are going to drive your daddy crazy this way, untie me and we can all do what we want.”   I heard the giggles as Jane kissed my inner thigh and said “Daddy, you’ll like what we want so just lay still” and istanbul travestileri giggled softly as her tongue ran up my thigh and lapped gently over the tight eager sack as my cock throbbed and swayed with need.  One of the others, I thought likely Tawny, slid her groin over my face and although her voice was muffled by the smooth flesh over my head I heard her say “Eat me Daddy, and make me cum all over your face” as the warm wet pussy covered my mouth and chin.  What could I do, she had told me to do this and my tongue thrust into the gash of hearty flavored wetness as the hips above me quivered and began to move over my face.  I now knew just what a face fuck felt like and man did it feel good as the sopping gash flooded me with sweet honey.   While I reveled in the sopping pussy that thrashed over my face coating it with stifling juices I felt the bed stir near my hips as well.  I could still feel Jane’s tongue on my sack, so figured it was Tammy that rose up and squatted over the lengthy pole as Jane’s hand guided it to the tight wet flower that lowered along it painfully slow. My hips pushed up as much as I could, but the tongue still lapping at the sack felt so damned good I hated to move at all.  I felt the gash slide over half of me before it began to rock front to back on it and heard the coos of Tammy’s pleasure as she took what she wanted and no more. It didn’t take long before she came hard, the flood must have covered my sweet baby Jane as well as I felt her sputter and move away.  Tammy rose off of me quickly, again I was denied my climax and was getting downright frustrated, but Tawny came over my mouth again distracting me from all else as I swallowed her cream.   I felt Jane move up along my body and rest her shoulder at waist level to me.  Her breasts were unmistakable as she squeezed them around the burning pole so needing to explode.  I yelled, literally cried out into the cavernous pussy that still held my face captive as Jane began to tit fuck me like a porn star in heat.  My gasps came faster as she seemed willing to let me at last cum for her.  No, she stopped suddenly and chuckled naughtily as she again licked over the throbbing hard shaft and pressed my balls back against my perineum.  My arms felt like lead with the strains to be free enough to fuck at least one of them, and suddenly Tawny rose from my face as I gasped with needs they surely couldn’t understand.  “Come on girls…” I said between haggard, much needed breaths “…either let me up or fuck me hard. I need to cum bad.”  My voice sounded more like pleading than a command, but I was getting desperate.  They all giggled and Tammy, I think, said “We’ll be back soon Daddy” as the bedding dipped with their departure.  As far as I could tell I was alone, bound to the four poster bed with a huge hard on that needed release.  Each heart beat throbbed through me like a bolt of lightning that ran from my chest to the swollen crown of my cock, sizzling through my balls as it went.   My time alone didn’t quell the needs, but my mind worked through just what was happening in my once normal perfect home, now even more perfect, but not hardly the norm. Jane it turns out would be the most adventurous of the three, though Tawny would likely love to get pounded hard and deep at every opportunity and Tammy will yet learn to deep throat her Daddy with satisfaction and enjoy feeling me fill her tight gash with cock like most any woman would.  I’ll never have a need to go out and search for companionship since I had all I needed at home, three fold.  But it is Jane that I will hold closest to my heart for it was she that opened the door to our quest for fulfillment, and I just love the way she screams out “Daddy” when she erupts with her squirting floods.   I heard a soft footstep coming through travesti the door and though still blindfolded raised my head to acknowledge the entry and cooed “Is it time to untie Daddy so he can help somebody get off again?”    A sweet young voice, Jane’s, spoke in a hushed voice and said “Shhh, I’m not supposed to be in here yet…” as she seemed to get closer with each word. I felt the bed dip along the edge and then her hand cupping my jaw just before her lips pressed to mine.    I was hungry still and thought maybe Jane could help me out as I whispered back “Daddy needs to cum baby” as I flexed my hard eager shaft.  She giggled softly as she rose up and straddled me, again I felt lush tight walls surround my cock’s head and then slide down along the steely shaft she seemed to not be able to get enough of; I knew she had not had me as yet except in her mouth; well, and the tittie fuck she had tortured me with and surely she was ready to provide me with release. Her pussy felt so good, slick, and tight; the way she worked the muscles was purely sinful erotica.  She took it all and slid back and forth over my mound as her excitement built to frenzy as did my own.  My gasps were getting louder as she and I both neared new heights of orgasm.  Her body tightened atop of me as she pushed herself over my lengthy pole and began squirting past it the way I had come already to know and love, indeed she allowed me to cum as well as I sent two copious streams into her womb while she shuddered at the blended pleasure of draining and being filled at the same time.    She rose from my now satisfied dick and gasped; the evidence of my climax apparent I guessed as she licked away the left over male semen and then turned to allow me to lick her clean as well.  Though her voice was far from calm as I licked her snatch she said “Daddy, you’ll have to get hard again when they come back, they didn’t want you to get off too soon, but I couldn’t resist your hot sticky seed inside me.” I finished licking her cunt clean and she wiped off the remains from my face enough to have not been there at all as she then left for parts unknown to the bound and blindfolded father they were determined to make happy, even if it killed him.   It was a few minutes later that I again heard the footfalls of bare feet enter the room; again I raised my blindfolded face to greet them.  “Is it time to let your daddy up so he can get off too?” I asked nicely, hoping they would agree to my plea…they didn’t, not a one was being at all sympathetic for the old man tied on the bed.  Tawny’s voice rang clear as she came near the side of the big bed.  “Daddy, we decided that since each of us keep ourselves nice and smooth for you, it’s time we get you shaved as well” and giggled, which of course signaled each one to giggle along with her.    “Shaved?” I asked politely, knowing exactly what she had meant.    Her hand swept over my pubic hairs and tugged at them a little and said “Yes Daddy . . . shaved smooth as our pussies are for you.”  I guess my grin spoke well enough for my compliance as they giggled again softly.   Two of them lifted up my hips as a towel was spread out beneath my butt and groin, my cock had long since gotten soft, but the murmurs of whispered chit chat said that they would take care of that after my shave.  I felt it more than anything else as a pair of scissors neared my sensitive flesh. Snip…snip…snip they went as a gentle hand held up my cock and then sack to trim the hairs shorter. I heard the can of shaving cream as it squirted the foamy lather onto one of theirs’ hand.  I couldn’t tell which one it was, but soon afterwards I felt the cool sudsy cream being worked into what was left of the short curls that had till now blessed my pubic mound and groin.  I was pretty furry down below and I guess it was better for them with new contemporary thought frames on males being clean shaven down south.  I felt one of them pick up the flaccid meat and then heard Tammy say “Don’t wiggle Daddy, none of us have ever done this to someone else and we don’t want to nick you with the razor.”    I replied “If…

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