Sweet Summer Ch. 01


Sweet Summer Ch. 01Shy virgin finds passion with her cousins.[All characters involved in sexual situations are aged 18 or over]Anya loved the garden, its gentle grassy rise, the lush flowerbeds, the dappled shade under the lemon trees. She loved the way her aunt’s grand old house nestled comfortably atop the hill, looking out on the blue curve of the bay. The garden was huge, covering the whole hillside, full of hidden alcoves, sunken ponds and worn statuary. On a summer’s day, the air full of the scent of honeysuckle and rosemary, a cool breeze sighing through the leaves, this place was like heaven to her. Sometimes she would lie on the lawn with her eyes closed for hours and just breathe in the garden’s sweetness. When her aunt had invited her to spend the summer here, she had leapt for joy, glad to leave the noise and bustle of the city behind.Today, though, she was trembling with nervousness, her cornflower-blue eyes darting from side to side, her heart hammering in her chest. She was standing by the door of the little wooden summerhouse that was hidden in the trees at the edge of the garden; a whimsical little building with just enough space for a bed and bathroom for guests. She’d often stayed in it when she was younger, had sleepovers and played games with her cousins in it. But now, barefoot on the grass in her long summer dress, she hardly dared step through the open doorway.Inside the summerhouse, sitting on the crisp white linen of the bed, sat Anya’s older cousin Nina. Tall, evenly tanned and beautiful in a mischievous, sharp-featured way, she gazed at Anya with a gentle curiosity. Her ash-blonde hair flowed down to her shoulders, slightly unkempt in a way that was strangely exciting. She wore a blue and white skirt that ended just above her knees, and a tight blouse that flattered her ample breasts very nicely. Her long, athletic legs, toned from years of running and swimming, were comfortably stretched out; her bare feet tapped the polished floorboards in idle rhythm. Anya – slight, pale, dark-haired and small-breasted – felt positively dowdy next to her.Nina spoke, soft and husky. “Come in, Anni, I won’t bite.” As always, there was a slight hint of amusement in her voice. It was one of the things Anya had always loved about her cousin – the subtle good cheer that animated and amplified her beauty. Right now, though, it just made her more nervous. Trembling, dry mouthed, she stepped over the threshold. The wooden floorboards were cold under her bare feet. Nina smiled, showing perfect white teeth.”I’m glad you came, sweet. I was worried you’d leave me hanging. Come on, sit with me.”Anya stayed silent as she walked to the bed and sat beside her cousin. Nina leaned over and kissed Anya’s cheek, running delicate fingers through her long straight hair. Anya could smell Nina’s perfume, a subtle hint of honey.”Sam and the others are out in town, Anni. We have the place to ourselves. We can enjoy some time together.” When Anya met Nina’s gaze, the older girl’s deep green eyes were eager, almost hungry.At last, Anya spoke. She’d always had a slight stammer; now she was so nervous she positively squeaked. “W-what do you want, Nina?””You.”*The holiday had started just like all the others. When they picked Anya up from the airport, Nina and her elder brother Sam had hugged and kissed her hello, as always, and told her how grown-up she looked now that she was eighteen. She told them how lovely they looked in turn, and meant it. Nina was as luscious as ever, with her sharp cheekbones, delicate little nose and emerald eyes. Sam – sandy blond, easily six feet tall and strong without being bulky – was not classically handsome, but he still had an easy boyish smile and a jocular voice that was deeply comforting.They asked the usual questions: how her side of the family was (“They’re fine”), what her plans for university were (“I don’t know”), whether she had a boyfriend (“No”). They laughed good-naturedly at her eternal shyness. They cracked silly jokes in Sam’s car, gossiped about their beach-party friends, and promised to take her on all sorts of hikes and tours and boat trips.As always, she found their liveliness endearing, albeit a little exhausting. She’d spent most of her summers with Nina and Sam and their eldest brother Karl, and had grown to love them all dearly. As they grew older – Nina was nineteen, Sam twenty, and Karl twenty-three and married – their holidays had become more about sunbathing, drinking and nightclubbing than games of hide-and-seek, but they still had much the same connection they’d had as c***dren. Over the last couple of visits, Anya had even got to know her cousins’ friends, who all seemed to be beautiful, unfailingly friendly and amazingly athletic. They made Anya’s drab and sometimes bitchy friends in the city seem totally inadequate, and she herself felt like an embarrassing hanger-on when she went to the waterfront bars with Nina and Sam. They were so charming, so easy-going, while she was just…plain. It was often strange to think that they were related.This time, she was here alone, without her parents and her younger brothers and sisters – they’d booked a holiday in South America. She relished the chance to have Nina and the others to herself, and was looking forward to being more sociable this time. Maybe she could even get lucky with one of those tanned, muscular boys who Nina always attracted so effortlessly. Well, she could dream…It was during the drive up to the house that Anya realised something was different. The road wound between the emerald-green hills, beautiful old villas and vineyards racing by on either side, and on the horizon the sea sparkled a heavenly blue. But Nina and Sam weren’t looking at the view, they were trading little mischievous glances, as if they knew a secret that Anya wasn’t allowed to hear. They kept making small talk, but when they looked at her, their eyes sparkled. Anya was still a virgin, and she’d never done more than kiss a few boys, but she still recognised that eager look in her cousins’ lovely green eyes. Desire.She tried to forget about it as the car pulled up to the leafy driveway. The wonderful garden stretched out on either side as they drove up the hill, and the familiar house appeared against the bright blue sky. They got out of the car, Sam helpfully carrying Anya’s meagre luggage, and the rest of the family came out of the house. Anya’s aunt, her father’s younger sister, was a tall, glamorous woman, still beautiful at fifty, her hair a slightly faded blonde. She’d been a model for many years, and had made a small fortune – her ever-absent husband, Anya’s uncle, was a corporate executive who’d made a much larger one. She kissed Anya hello, and immediately started barraging her with questions and compliments. “Look at you, Anni! So beautiful! Just like your mother! How is she doing? How’s your pa? How are Eva and Thomas and Hans and Marie? How was your flight? Do you want to go swimming? Are you thirsty? Hungry? Come have some food!””Don’t deafen her, Mama,” Nina said, giggling, as they walked out of the blinding sun into the shaded verandah of the house. Karl and his wife Valerie were there waiting; they came forward to greet Anya. Sam was tall, dikmen escort but Karl was a giant, an easy six-foot-six with prominent musculature and short blonde hair. He’d served three years in the army, and now he’d been discharged and was starting his own company. Anya had always found him a bit intimidating, but he was a gentle and good-humoured man, with an infectious laugh. Valerie, meanwhile, was almost scandalously lovely – a year older than Karl, blue-eyed, chestnut-haired and with the sculpted cheekbones and sunny smile of an angel. She was visibly pregnant; she and Karl had been married less than half a year, and obviously they hadn’t wasted any time. “So good to have you back with us, little Anni,” Karl said as he embraced her. He probably meant it to be a gentle squeeze, but it was like being hugged by a bear. “Lucky us, we get to have you a whole month!”Anya mumbled something appreciative, then turned to kiss Valerie’s cheek, praying that she wouldn’t blurt out something stupid like the last time they’d met.”Oh, wow, Valerie, you’re so…pregnant!” Evidently she hadn’t prayed hard enough. “Observant as ever, Anni,” Valerie laughed, as Anya blushed bright red.The cousins sat and chatted happily on the verandah, looking out over the glorious bay. After a while, Anya’s aunt brought out iced drinks and tray after tray of chicken and rice and cold meat; it was just as well that they all swam and hiked so much around here, because the food was good enough to make even skinny little Anya gluttonous. But even as she ate and talked and laughed, Anya found herself again noticing those eager glances that Nina and Sam kept making in her direction. At one point, she felt a supple hand – Nina’s – brush her leg and linger on her thigh just a little too long to be accidental. When she looked over at Nina in surprise, the older girl grinned and raised a mischievous eyebrow. A few minutes later, another, larger hand briefly stroked the same thigh, from a different direction. Anya knew without looking that it was Sam.Otherwise, though, the first day passed uneventfully. The whole family went down to the harbour, wandered the cobbled streets for a bit, then headed to the beach to swim in the cool Mediterranean. As the sun set over the bay, they walked home and ate dinner, washed down with some of the excellent local wine, on the verandah. Anya curled up on the living room couch with Nina and Sam to watch some movies, and then settled into the spacious guest bedroom to sleep.She was just drifting off, listening to the distant sound of crashing waves from the bay, when she heard a soft moan from the corridor outside. Then a low, rhythmic thumping started through the wall behind her head, and the moans got louder and louder. Anya could hear muffled words, and feel a gentle vibration from the wall. She lay there and listened, blushing in the darkness, as the sounds of sex intensified.Of course, she thought, Karl and Valerie had the room behind hers. No surprise that the horny young newlyweds would fuck every night. But did they have to be so loud? To her shame, she could feel a slight bloom of arousal, strengthening rapidly. Her nipples grew stiff and sensitive under the thin fabric of her nightgown. Karl and Valerie kept fucking, and Anya felt her pussy become just a little wet.At long last, they fell silent, and Anya listened to the breeze whisper through the half-open windows. She was grateful for the quiet, but also strangely disappointed. She still felt sort of aroused, and now she knew it’d be very hard trying to get to sleep.Then Karl and Valerie started up again. They were more vigorous now, and even louder – Anya could distinctly make out Valerie’s voice, though the words were still unclear. The faint sound of creaking bedsprings filtered through the wall. The sex lasted even longer this time. Karl clearly had plenty of stamina. Anya groaned in frustration as the minutes turned to hours and Karl and Valerie just kept going, short silences interspersed with long bouts of grunting and moaning and lusty cursing. They must have fucked six or seven times before Anya gave up and left her bedroom, wandering out into the richly carpeted corridor. She was tired, grumpy, uncomfortably aroused, and after all the wine and fruit juice she’d drunk at dinner, she badly needed to piss. As she walked to the bathroom, she heard Valerie moan and call out, “Fuck me, Karl, oh God, fuck me.” How the hell could anyone sleep in this house with the two of them carrying on like that?After relieving herself, Anya decided to go to the living room. It was downstairs and on the other side of the house, so hopefully it would be quieter, and the big soft couches were fine for sleeping on. She padded barefoot down the mahogany staircase, flinching a bit every time the wood creaked under her toes. The house’s entrance hall was huge, though cluttered with ornaments and piles of Nina and Sam’s sports equipment; Anya weaved her way through the mess, taking care not to bump into anything. She was nearing the entrance to the living room when she heard a familiar voice gasp, “Fuck, Nina, you’re so tight.” And another voice, husky and urgent with desire, replied, “Sam, oh God, I’m close, don’t stop.”Anya froze in shock as the sighs and squeals and soft rhythmic slap of skin on skin reached her ears. She stood there listening for what felt like an age. They were quieter than Karl and Valerie, but no less energetic. Those voices she knew and loved so well were whispering loving words, cursing, calling out in breathless joy together. It couldn’t be them. Please God, it couldn’t be.She suddenly found herself walking forward, as if in a trance. The wooden floor was cold underfoot, and she shivered involuntarily. There was dampness between her legs, and her heart beat furiously, as she reached the open doorway and looked into the room.There, on the big leather couch, Nina and Sam were locked together in passion. Their lovely naked bodies gleamed with sweat in the dim light. The toned muscles of Sam’s back were taut as he pressed down into Nina, his rhythm speeding up with each rough thrust. One of her legs was hooked tight around him, while her other leg kicked at the air, her neat little toes curling and uncurling in time with her brother’s motion. Her hands clutched at his back. Even in the near-darkness, Anya could see small bloody scratches where Nina’s nails had dug into Sam’s skin. The two of them were kissing hungrily as they fucked, breaking off every now and then to gasp for air and cry out in pleasure.As Anya watched, her cousins’ urgent movements reached a fever pitch. Even through her shock and disbelief and revulsion, she felt a terrible bloom of excitement grow inside her until it seemed to fill her from head to toe. She was soaking wet now, her nightgown sodden with arousal around her hips. She wanted to yell at them to stop, or throw something at them, or run and tell her aunt. She wanted to keep watching them. She wanted to join in.”Oh God, oh fuck, I’m so close, Sam,” Nina moaned, and then her moans and whimpers became a long shuddering gasp. She rocked and writhed in Sam’s embrace, arching her back and kicking out her legs. As Nina’s orgasm subsided, demetevler escort Sam reached his own, grunting and shuddering and clutching Nina against himself as he came inside her. “I love you,” he said hoarsely as he relaxed on top of her. “Fuck, I love you, Nina.””I love you. That was perfect, that was so perfect, Sam,” Nina mumbled in reply. She sounded exhausted, breathless, and utterly content, lying there entwined with her brother. Then, with a hint of her usual wry humour, she asked him, “Was I better than your last girl?””Are you fucking k**ding me?” Sam said. He kissed Nina, brushing tangled strands of hair away from her face. “Caterina was a back-alley whore compared to you. You’re always the best.”Nina giggled sleepily. “You’re just saying that.””I never said a truer word,” Sam told her, and they shared a long silent kiss. Then they rolled apart, lying side by side, sprawling naked on the couch. Anya bit back a cry of shock as she saw her cousins full-frontally nude for the first time. The light was grey and dim, but she could see Nina’s full, perfectly round breasts, and the wet gleam of her cunt. Sam’s thick uncircumcised cock was flaccid now, but still shockingly large, dangling against his muscular thigh. A thin string of semen glistened faintly at its tip, oozing down the shaft.The two siblings still hadn’t seen Anya; the hallway was much darker than the living room, and she was still in the shadows. Nina absent-mindedly reached out a hand to stroke Sam’s broad chest, and Sam put his arm round her, drawing her close to him again. Then they both closed their eyes, and seemed to be drifting off to sleep. Anya started to back away. If she was quiet, they’d never know she was there. She could go back to her room and try and sleep, and tomorrow she’d have breakfast and swim with them as if everything was normal. As if she hadn’t caught them committing i****t in their living room.Sam muttered something indistinct, his voice drowsy. “What?” mumbled Nina.”I said, I can’t wait to find out how Anya is in bed.”Anya couldn’t stop herself from gasping this time. Sam and Nina heard, and looked up sharply at the doorway. Their eyes widened in shock as they saw her silhouette.Anya took off running, sprinting for the staircase, no longer caring about the noise. She heard Nina call her name, but she didn’t dare turn around. When she got back to her room, she shut the door and locked it as quickly as she could, and leapt into bed, pulling the covers around her like a cocoon. She stayed awake, her heart thundering in her chest, until the birds outside started to sing their dawn chorus.The sun was rising red on the horizon when she finally dropped to sleep. As she felt herself drift off, she realised that Karl and Valerie had finally stopped fucking. Thank goodness for small mercies, she thought.*The next morning, Karl and Valerie were almost comically chaste at the breakfast table – apart from gentle kisses on the cheek and a few annoying lovey-dovey words, they hardly touched each other. Nina and Sam, on the other hand, were so hands-on it was as if they were deliberately mocking Anya. They tickled each other and wrestled like k**s, laughing all the while. They shared those wicked glances again, and constantly looked over at Anya, trying to catch her eye. Their mother didn’t even seem to notice; she was so busy rustling up pancakes and French toast and fruit salad that the breakfast table seemed fit to collapse under the weight of it all. Anya found she had no appetite, and excused herself, returning to her bedroom.She sat on the bed idly playing with her smartphone, trying and failing to be interested by the vapid texts and social-media posts from her friends back home. She was exhausted, having only slept three or four hours at most, but didn’t dare fall asleep. What if Sam and Nina decided to take advantage of her in her sleep? Catching them in the act had been bad enough, but knowing that they wanted her to join their sick little affair was even worse. And to think she’d loved them for all those years!She didn’t go swimming or sightseeing with them that day. Her aunt knocked to ask if she was alright; she feigned illness and just lay there for hours. She knew Nina and Sam were going to pay her a visit soon, and her apprehension grew as the afternoon drew on. She considered calling her parents, but they were thousands of miles away, and in any case they loved Nina and Sam almost as much as their own c***dren. They’d never believe her if she told them what the cousins were up to. She could just imagine her father saying, “Anni, this is just sick. My sister’s c***dren have always been good to you. How can you make up such awful lies about them?”It was almost sundown when Nina finally came to see her. “Anya? Anni, love, can I come in?” she said through the door. She sounded so infuriatingly calm.”Go away!” Anya shouted, almost sobbing. “You’re sick, go away!””Please, Anya, just let me explain-“”No! I don’t want to hear it!”Nina came in anyway, dressed in skintight jeans and a low-cut top. Anya sat up in bed and glared fiercely at her, trying not to cry. Despite her best efforts, she felt a few hot tears trickled down her cheeks.”Go away. You’re fucked up, Nina. You and Sam both are.””Do you really think that, Anya?” Nina said, with a sad smile. “Is it fucked up that we love each other? That we love you?””He’s your brother. It’s not right, it’s against the law, it’s against God.” “God’s all about love, sweet. Adam and Eve were sort of like brother and sister, you know?””You know what I mean! If anyone finds out that you’re doing this, you’ll get locked up. You should be locked up,” she said as fiercely as she could.”You don’t mean that, Anni. I know you don’t.””I…” Anya hesitated. She was shocked, she was disgusted, she was furious – but it was Nina and Sam, her beautiful, smiling, good-natured cousins. She’d played with them when since she was a toddler. They’d never been anything but kind to her. Some of the happiest days of her life had been spent here in their beautiful house. And deep down, no matter how she might deny it, she’d always felt something for them that went deeper than just family love. “…No. No, I don’t,” she admitted at last, sniffling. “I can’t hate you. But…fuck it, Nina. This is such a mess. I can’t just stay here, knowing that you’re doing this, pretending it’s not happening…and Sam said he wanted to do it with me!””He does. And so do I.” Nina leant forward and kissed Anya full on the lips.Anya was so stunned she simply sat there, still in her creased and rumpled nightgown, as Nina stroked her long black hair and slowly kissed the tears off her cheeks. Nina pulled away and said, “We won’t make you do anything you don’t want to do. But I’m going to be honest with you, sweet. Me and Sam are very into you. We have been for a long time. And I have the suspicion it’s mutual.””What? No, Nina, I mean…I love you, but not, not like that, I…” Anya found herself babbling. Even as she spoke, her body betrayed her. She could feel the first hint of that telltale wetness between her thighs. “I just can’t,” she finished, lamely.”Have you ever tried, Anni? You’re still a virgin, aren’t çankaya escort you?””Yes, but…please, Nina, don’t push me around. I’m not ready.”Nina gave her a grin that suggested she didn’t quite believe her. She gave Anya another gentle kiss, this time on the forehead, and said, “Okay. No pressure, love. If you change your mind, you just tell me. Alright?”Al-Alright.”Nina stood up. “Now come down for dinner, Anni. You haven’t eaten anything all day, you must be starving. And we’re going out tonight, me, Sam and our gang. You feel like joining?” Just like that, it was as if the prior conversation had never happened. Anya gaped at her cousin. How could she so easily change the subject?”Nina,” Anya said, determined not to let the subject drop. “I need to know something. Who else knows about you and him?””Well, you do…” Nina began. Then she smiled wickedly. “You, and a few of Sam’s girlfriends from town. Quite a few of them, actually. It’s a big turn-on for them. Sometimes they join in.” She turned and left Anya staring after her in shock, disbelief and agonizing arousal.*It took Anya four days to decide. Four days during which Nina and Sam did everything in their considerable power to drive her crazy with lust. Unless their friends were visiting, they went around the house in nothing but their underwear, claiming it was because of the heat to dodge their mother’s disapproval. Whenever they went to the beach with Anya, Nina went topless, and Sam made no effort to cover up the impressive erections that frequently tented his swimming trunks. When they went out to clubs and bars on the waterfront, Nina skilfully steered every group conversation towards the frank discussion of sex, encouraging her friends to scandalise Anya with lurid tales of their bedroom exploits. She also made sure to point out the various people in each gathering that she and Sam had fucked. It seemed that Sam had bedded half the girls in town, while Nina had been with a smaller but still sizeable number of both boys and girls. “It depends on the mood I’m in,” she explained to Anya one night, when she was merry from wine and vodka shots. “If I want a good hard fuck I go with a boy. If I want someone gentle and sweet it’s a girl. I won’t say no to both at once, mind you,” she added, giggling.It was all very unsubtle, somewhat intimidating, and extremely effective. Anya went to bed wet and horny as hell every night. She listened to Karl and Valerie fuck each other senseless through the wall, and then thought of Nina and Sam down in the living room, doing the same. One morning, her aunt asked her why she looked so flushed and breathless at the dinner table; she said she’d just gone running, but in truth she’d been masturbating in the upstairs bathroom. She’d almost never done that before, but then again she’d never been this constantly aroused before.Despite this relentless seduction, Nina was as good as her word in one respect. She and Sam didn’t try to force Anya to do anything; they kept their hands to themselves, even when it was obvious they wanted to fondle her under the table or French-kiss her goodnight. Several young men (not to mention one or two girls) showed interest in Anya during their nights out, but the ever-watchful cousins never let them get hands-on with her, and kept her safe from the occasional overly-affectionate drunkard.Even so, Anya was annoyed that her cousins were so blatantly trying to seduce her. On the fourth evening, having drunk a little more wine than she was used to, she confronted Nina in a secluded corner of the garden. “You promised no pressure, Nina. But you and Sam have done everything but hold me down and fuck me. You know I like you, but you’re not giving me a choice!””Not my fault your hormones are all a-flutter, sweet,” Nina replied, smirking. “But if it upsets you, we’ll stop. I’ll dress as a nun and send Sam off to join the army, so you don’t get tempted.””I’m serious, Nina.”Nina put her arm round Anya. “I know, love. And I mean it, we’ll stop…encouraging you. You can have all the time you need to make up your mind, and we won’t try to influence you either way.”Anya nodded, just about mollified. She sat down on the lawn, a bit unsteady from the wine, and Nina sat beside her. The sun was setting, and the waves in the bay below were tinted a glorious bloody red. The distant hills glowed softly in the dying light. Electric lights twinkled to life in the harbour as the bars and clubs opened for the evening. On the far horizon, silhouetted against the sinking sun, a cruise ship made its sedate way across the Mediterranean.”It’s beautiful,” Anya said, at length. “I was always so jealous of you guys, living here, with this house and this garden and this view.” She laughed quietly. “Some people dream about a penthouse in New York, but I’d settle for moving in with my cousins.””We’d be happy to have you, sweet. Whatever your decision.”There was a brief silence. “Nina, how did you and Sam…you know…?” Anya asked shyly.”Start fucking?” Nina grinned. “We’ve always been close. I mean, you knew us as k**s. And since Papa was never around, and Mama was so busy, we pretty much had to raise ourselves. Mama’s lovely, but she’s a much better hostess than she is a mother. Always with her society dinners and her weekends in Paris. I think she sees us as fashion statements more than c***dren.” Nina’s smile was rueful, and for the first time in her life, Anya actually pitied her cousin. Her own family might be drab and dull, but they were also close and loving. Now that she thought about it, her aunt never seemed to say more than two words to Nina and Sam. And her perpetually absent, workaholic uncle made no secret of loving his money more than his c***dren.”Karl took care of us as much as he could, but when he went off to the army, it was just us most of the time. Sam had his girls, and I had boys and girls too, but that was just sex, it wasn’t love. Me and Sam would cuddle up sometimes, when we just wanted company, and as we got older it started getting more serious. A few months ago, we talked it over, and decided we wanted to be lovers. Best decision we ever made, even if it had to be a secret one.””But you can’t keep it a secret forever, Nina. You said some of the girls in town know about it already.””I know,” Nina sighed. “Mama would go insane if she found out. Papa might even be moved to actually come see us. Karl would…I don’t know. The people in town are easy-going, they don’t judge us. But we aren’t going to live here forever, we’ll both be starting university in America soon. It’s going to be hard to keep it up when we leave home.””Will you, then?””I don’t think I could live without him. We’ll find some way to stay lovers, even if it means sneaking out to fuck in hotel rooms and car parks.” Nina chuckled, but again, there was a slight edge of sadness to her voice.”I hope you find a way,” Anya said truthfully. All the shock and disgust she’d felt a few days ago had given way to a kind of sympathy. Yes, what her cousins were doing was wrong, but they were still good people. They deserved happiness.”Thanks, Anni. You’re a sweet girl. That’s why we love you.” She kissed Anya’s cheek, a sisterly kiss.They sat in silence, watching the last crimson glimmer of sunlight fade away. A cool breeze stirred the tree branches, and insects chirped in the bushes. The lights of the cruise ship vanished over the horizon.”Nina,” Anya said at last, her mouth dry and her heart thundering away. “I want it.”

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