Swinging Couple turned me BI

Swinging Couple turned me BI
It was getting late in the summer. A terrible summer for Casey. At 24 she felt she should be dealing with the good things in life. Building a career, getting engaged, travelling, the goods things that young people do. Unfortunately she lost her job after her employer was bought out by a multi-national, her fiancée lost faith in her being unemployed, and left her. Casey went into a brief depression, lost faith in herself, stopped job hunting lost her apartment, and moved back home with her parents.
After a few months she regained some much needed confidence when her former boss called asking if she was still in the job market. He had waited out out most of his six month noncompetition clause, and was planning to open a new graphic design firm. He wanted her to join him. He needed another month to get the details and financing together and wanted her to wait for him.
With some new found encouragement Casey wanted to spend the next month doing things that she had always wanted to try. High on her list was to try a long distance hiking /survivor training tour. She had seen advertisements for several companies offering tours, and set out to contact a company that can accommodate her. Being October, most had shut down for the season. One of her last calls was to a company that was geared towards couples, but thought she would try them anyway. Heidi, one of the owners of HG Adventures answered the phone. Casey told her story and said that because she would be signing up alone, she was more comfortable with a couple giving the course. Heidi said that because it was getting cold and stormy, they had stopped the course for the season. Casey left her contact info so when they start up in the spring they could contact her. A couple hours later, Heidi called saying that her and her husband would be going out next week but would be going for fun, not as a course. She told Casey that if she would like to join them she was welcome to. Casey jumped at the offer and said “Yes!! I’m in.”
Casey spent the next few days getting all her gear together for her adventure. Heidi and her husband Garth sent some information about what to expect and essentials she would need.
When Monday came along Heidi drove to the foothills of the Rocky Mountain Trail in Montana. She drove to a site that had a cabin that would look after the cars that were left there. Shortly after arriving, a couple came out of the cabin. She was tall, blonde, and beautiful. He was tall and well built with a nice tan, and salt and pepper hair. Casey got out of her vehicle and walked towards the couple. The woman approached and asked “are you Casey by chance?” “Yes, Heidi I presume” She chuckled by the Stanley and Livingstone reference. Heidi looked back to Garth and said “She’s even prettier than her voice” Casey blushed. The three talked for a little bit and had a brief orientation. They left their keys and travel plans with the cabin owner, and headed out on the trail.
They got an early start because the plan was to cover a lot of ground the first day. Casey promised them that she was in good shape and would not hold them back. She insisted they should proceed at their regular pace. Casey worked her butt off, nearly tapping out a few times but managed to keep up. Finally they had reached a nice quiet spot to set up camp for the night. Garth began pitching tents and building rain shelters while Heidi made a fire pit and prepared a meal. Casey set up her tent and got settled. She put her head down exhausted from the days hike. By the time dinner was ready, Casey had passed out cold in her tent. She didn’t stir until she heard the sound of a fire crackling and smelled the coffee brewing. She had slept through the night including dinner. As she pulled back her sleeping bag, she felt the bitter cold. She was impressed by her old cheap sleeping bag thinking it had done well to keep her warm. As she lifted her head she realized that someone had covered her in a couple wool blankets.
Casey emerged from her tent to the site of Garth tending to a pot of coffee on the edge of the fire. “Morning sleepy head” he said. “We missed you last night. We didn’t even get a chance to get acquainted” Casey apologized “I not usually so anti social. I was just so tired from trying to keep up yesterday” Heidi approached from behind and said “ We know, and we’re very impressed with how well you did.” Casey smiled and said, “Oh and thank you for the blankets.” Heidi smiled back, “you are a beautiful sleeper, it was my pleasure”
They had a quick breakfast of leftovers from the night before, packed up and set out for another day. After the previous days hike, Casey’s thighs and calves were burning and wasn’t sure how well she would do. Garth who could sense it, let her know it would pass in a couple minutes. He said “don’t worry, we are only going half as far today” They seemed to sense how much she was struggling and held back a bit. After about four hours of hiking they came upon a small lake. It was an incredible view. Casey asked if this was where they were spending the night. Garth said “We are staying at this lake, but on the other side. There’s too much traffic over here.” They continued for about another hour until they reached a well hidden out of the way spot on the other side.
They spent an hour or so setting up the site. They would use this as a base for the next couple days and planned some day hikes returning to this camp each evening. Garth gave a couple lessons an tips about setting up a camp. what plants to avoid, how to deter predators from hanging around. After eh lessons were done, and the fire was built, Garth started on dinner. Casey asked if she could help. The two worked together prepping dinner. In the meantime, Heidi finished getting her and Garth’s tent set up. Garth and Heidi worked well together and had a nice chat. Casey became comfortable with, and even attracted to Garth. She caught herself staring at him and fantasizing. Sometimes for so long that she got busted a couple times. From behind them they heard Heidi say “I’m going down to the water to clean up. You too have fun” “I wonder what she means?” Casey thought. Was that as suggestive as it sounded or maybe they are just that nice.
Once dinner prep was pretty much done, Casey said “I’m feeling pretty gross myself, I think I’ll go clean up too.” She went back to her tent and grabbed her toiletries, some clean clothes, and a towel. They had camped back from the water because she was taught it is safer. Casey headed down a path and heard Heidi humming in the distance. Just before rounding the last bend she looked through the brush and saw Heidi in the water. She was naked facing away from the path. Casey admired her form. For a woman about forty she was in amazing shape. Curvy and fit at the same time. Casey watched Heidi lather her body. She had never watched another woman like this before. She was shocked at her own desire to look at a woman. Heidi dipped into the cool waters to rinse. When she stood back up she had turned to face the path in front of Casey. The image of the soap and water running down her body was mesmerizing. Casey had never been much of a voyeur in the past but she was enthralled. Heidi reached into her shower bag sitting on a rock near her. She pulled out a razor. She picked up the bar of soap and began to work up a lather. Casey assumed she would be shaving her legs or armpits, but to her shock she lathered her barely visible blonde pubic hair and started shaving herself. This was something that Casey had never seen before and she was captivated. She felt a stirring in her that was beautiful and confusing. Casey was so taken by the goddess in front or he, she didn’t hear Garth coming up behind her. “You know you don’t have to hide back hear” he said. “You can go down there. She doesn’t mind” Casey practically screamed from being startled and broken from her trance. She apologized, “I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t be spying. It’s so wrong” Garth touched her shoulder and assured her “Really it’s ok. If you’re more comfortable here then by all means stay here. But honestly we are ok with our bodies and you can come down to the water if you want.”.
In the meantime Heidi had finished her grooming and was drying off. Garth said” I can see you are not used to camp life yet, we’ll leave you alone to clean up” Casey was still flustered by what she saw, and more so, her reaction to it. It stirred something deep in her and was having trouble shaking it.. Casey stepped into the cool water alone and started cleaning up. Out of the corner of her eye she kept checking the brush line to see if the couple might be watching her. At one point heard a noise back towards camp, so she felt she was alone. Once she was cleaned up she noticed she had let her own bush get a little out of control. Still moved by watching Heidi shave earlier, she decided to follow suit. So after shaving her legs, she decided to shave her pussy clean as well.
After Casey returned to camp, Garth went down to get cleaned up. This was the first time these two had a chance to talk. Casey told her story and she could see that it was effecting Heidi. She got up and walked to Casey and gave her a nice long hug. Casey melted in her arms. She was warm, smelled so nice and she just felt so welcoming. When the hug broke, Heidi looked into Casey’s eyes and said “I’m a great judge of character, you are destined for great things young lady” They hugged again. Casey excused herself to use the latrine. As she started towards the path she realized that just a few more strides down the path she could see the lake where Garth was cleaning up. It was too irresistible an opportunity to pass up. Casey peered through the brush and saw Garth naked in the water lathering his body. He was an Adonis. His muscles were defined and his golden brown skin gleamed in the setting sunlight. She stared at his nice thick cock that hung below his ripped stomach. Casey was deeply aroused and could feel the heat and desire build in her. She felt the wetness in her panties and started to rub herself. After rinsing Garth walked towards the shore towards his towel. Casey ducked and moved away from her hiding spot. She was crushed she didn’t get to finish what she had started but had no choice but to retreat from her hiding spot. She moved back to the designated ‘facilities’, peed and headed back to camp. After eating and cleaning up the site, they sat around the fire and talked about themselves, their lives, and adventures. Heidi went to the kitchen pack and broke out a box of wine. “You carried that all the way up here?” Casey said. “It’s my Achilles” Heidi said. The girls enjoyed the wine while Garth took sips from a flask he pulled from his pack. A couple hours and half a box later, they decided to call it a night.
Casey was settled in her cheap old sleeping bag feeling better than she had in years. Everything was perfect. A little while later she heard Heidi and Garth put out the fire and head for their tent. Casey wanted to finish what she had started earlier but was having trouble staying awake and was getting cold. The wind started to pick up and it was getting colder. She knew now that her sleeping bag was crap and she was in a bit of trouble. She wanted to call over to ask about the blankets that she was given the night before. She hated to ask knowing how giving the couple was, they would probably give them away at their own expense. Finally she heard from the other tent, “How’s it going over there? It’s going to be a cold one tonight” Casey replied “I’m freezing.” Heidi responded “I think you should come in our tent so we can share the blankets” Casey tried to clear her head and think about what was about to happen. “I’m going to go into a tent and spend the night under the blankets with a couple of strangers.” She decided she trusted the couple and this was her adventure to live out. As shitty as it was, she grabbed her sleeping bag and headed over.
There was a glow in the tent from a solar light she saw charging earlier. She open the zipper and saw the two on an air mattress under a bunch of sleeping bags and blankets. Casey saw a gap between them and wasn’t sure what to do and where to go. Heidi lowered the blankets between them and said “sweetheart you look frozen. Get in here”.
Casey slid under the blankets and immediately felt the warmth beneath. Heidi spooned her from behind trying to help warm her. “I really appreciate this” Casey said. “Garth, back up a bit so Casey can leech some of your heat.” As Garth moved towards Casey she felt his skin on her hands and arms. He was naked from at least the waist up. She felt a burning run through her. A burning from touching a man that she was willing to give herself to. A burning she hadn’t felt in far too long. Casey slid her hands along his smooth back and arms. “I hope you don’t mind, I’m just so cold” Casey said. Heidi whispered to her from behind, “You know you will warm up twice as fast if you shed some of that bulky clothing.” It was like Heidi was giving permission for her to get close to her husband. Casey decided to play it out, and see how far Heidi would let it go. She stripped off everything and laid there between them only wearing her panties. As she did, she rotated so she was facing away from Garth. He adjusted and moved in close to Casey and felt her cool skin on his. He reached around her and pulled her in tight. Casey moved a hand to her hips and back to his to confirm, he was completely naked. She moved her arms back up crossing over her breasts in a natural protective state. He wrapped his arms around her pulling her in close to him. After a few minutes as a sign of acceptance, she dropped her arms to her sides giving him access to her. Garth ran his hands up and down her side and around to her breasts. Casey closed her eyes soaking in the forgotten feelings of ecstasy. She felt his cock starting to grow pressing against her back. Casey being lost in the moment forget that Heidi was inches away and probably watching this. Casey opened her eyes to see Heidi with a smile on her face. “I’m glad you decided to join us tonight. I feel you need, and deserve this” Casey felt the last bit of tension leave her. She closed her eyes again to focus on Garth rubbing her body. He hooked his thumb on her waistband and instinctively she lifted her hips. Once relieved of the confines of her soaked panties, Garth reached down to her freshly shaven pussy. Unlike the rest of her it was burning hot. She could feel his fingers explore her and as he ran his finger up and down her soaked slit. She trembled under his touch beginning to pant and moan. She felt lips and the tip of a tongue touch to hers and without thinking, Casey kissed back with passion. When she realized it couldn’t be Garth kissing her she opened her eyes to see Heidi kissing her. Casey froze but didn’t pull back. Heidi touched her face and said” it’s ok sweetheart, just let it all go.” Casey closed her eyes. She would let passion guide her for this one night. If kissing a woman felt good then she was going to experience it.
Garth continued to feel Casey’s body and her wetness. He started to work her clit and then moved down slide two fingers deep in her then back to her clit Back and forth. Casey was going wild feeling an orgasm build deep in her. Casey and Heidi were kissing with incredible passion and fury. Garth rolled Casey on to her back and moved between her now spread legs. He started licking and probing her with his expert tongue. Her back arched ready to come when she felt her nipples being licked and sucked. Heidi was over top of her working her breasts. Casey opened her eyes and right over her face were Heidi’s magnificent breasts. Caught in the moment she reached up and touched her breasts. She initially thought to herself she wouldn’t go so far as to touch Heidi, but she needed to know what it was like.
Just then she felt the building orgasm reach it’s climax and she came hard. Garth was working her clit with his mouth and had two fingers buried in her. Casey’s body shook as the orgasm rocked through her. Garth gave her reprieve from his assault on her hyper sensitive clit but continued to bang her with his fingers. As she was coming down from her mind blowing orgasm, Garth moved himself between Casey’s legs. She knew what was coming and felt a tension in her. He started rubbing his thick cock up and down the lips of her soaked pussy. He did it for a while to give her every opportunity to stop him if she wanted to. After a couple of minutes Casey looked up at Garth and said “I need you in me. Fuck me.” Garth pushed forward driving himself deep into Casey’s still pulsating canal. She let out a load moan as he pushed deep in her. He pulled back and then buried in her to the hilt. She wrapped her legs around him and pulled him into her. She looked up at him to see him glistening with sweat as his back was arched pounding into her. Casey closed her eyes and let herself go. Letting a virtual stranger fuck her like no one ever had. Casey could feel Heidi rubbing her body and reaching down to rub her clit. The feeling of being fucked and her clit being rubbed was incredible. She opened her eyes to see that Heidi was straddled over top of her. Right above her face was Heidi’s beautiful shaved pussy. She could see the wetness escaping from her perfect bald pussy. Casey stared up at Heidi’s pussy as Garth continued his relentless pounding into her. She wondered. “What would it be like” she thought. “Maybe I will touch it” she conceded to herself. Casey reached up and ran her finger along Heidi’s slit. Heidi shuddered and moaned from her touch. Casey was surprised and overtaken with Heidi’s reaction. She felt a new lust and satisfaction that she could have such an effect on a perfect woman like Heidi. She explored some more pressing a little harder feeling the bump of Heidi’s swollen clit. Sliding up and down more, pressing near the bottom of her slit to feel her finger effortlessly slid into her. Heidi gasps as she does. Casey was so turned on it triggered another powerful orgasm to overtake her. Casey came so hard she barley noticed that Garth had cum deep in her. Garth withdrew from Casey and Heidi quickly took his place finger fucking her cum filled pussy and licking her clit.
Casey still fingering Heidi’s slit realized it was the chance of a lifetime, no judgment or regrets. She reached up to Heidi’s hips and pulled her down to Casey’s waiting mouth. For the first time ever, she was going down on another woman. Casey nearly came when she brought her tongue back into her mouth and tasted Heidi’s nectar. The two stayed in a 69 position until each had reached intense orgasms.
Not wanting to be left out Garth rolled the two over and got behind Casey. He pulled her hips up and entered her from behind. He pounded into Casey making her scream as another orgasm shook her body. Garth grunted and pumped another load deep into Casey.
When Garth pulled out Casey lowered herself back down to Heidi’s waiting mouth. Heidi immediately started to suck on Casey’s pussy getting a mouthful of Garth’s cum. She turned to Casey and immediately Casey knew what she wanted. They kissed and Heidi let Garth’s cum flow into Casey’s mouth. Their tongues swirled and intertwined. They shared in the fruits of their work.
Exhausted they collapsed into the blankets and nestled in each others limbs and feel into a deep sleep.
In the morning Casey finding herself cuddling with Heidi, kissed her. Heidi awoke and kissed back. The passion was still burning and the two began touching each other. Heidi got up over Casey so she was straddling her face. As Casey worked over Heidi’s clit with her tongue she started to buck and grind on Casey’s face making the feeling even more intense. Heidi reached back and rubbed Casey’s clit making her moan and shake. In no time they were cumming. Heidi collapsed onto Casey and they passionately kissed.
Garth poked his head into the tent and said “Up and at ‘er you two” Casey couldn’t wait to see what they had in store for her the next three days of her amazing adventure.

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