Swinging hard


This is a story from my twenties when I still lived together with my ex-boyfriend. The bastard had cheated me with some random girl. I had heard about this from my girlfriends who had witnessed enough in one night. He did not deny it after I showed him the pictures and that was it. Since my name was on rental contract, I gave him over the weekend to move his sorry ass out from my home. I took overnight bag and called my parents that can I crash at their place over the weekend. They were fine and understanding, like they always are. They were visiting relatives over the weekend but they told me to feel at home and stay as long it was needed. That’s right, they are awesome.

Sorry, I went right into my life event without proper introductions. So I’m Nora and I am 24 years old brunette with brown eyes. I’m 168cm tall and I weight 57 kgs. I was blessed with nice C-cup breasts but I had to work countless hours in gym to develop my butt. I’m gentle and sweet as they come… So why would he cheat me? I mean I check the most boxes. Sure, I don’t have my life fully figured out yet but who does at 24. But I digress, back to the story.

I took the car and started to drive outside of city I lived at. My parents lived around 50kms away in smaller town and at there I could be in peace over the weekend. I even disabled my social media apps. I did not want to talk with anyone. I just wanted to have time for myself. It was nice and warm summer evening so drive would have been pleasant if I had not been so down myself. I made a healthy call and stop by at local store for some white wine and few ciders. And by that I obviously mean that I went to get food for the weekend and just happened to purchase some alcoholic beverages while at there. And who knows, if I can loosen up, I might even be able to relax a bit.

It would be wrong to say that my parents lived in middle of nowhere. But for someone who has lived in the towns and cities last few years, it might feel being middle of nowhere. I mean you could see the next door neighbors but it would be easier to call them than shout at the side of road. From my parents’ home it’s around 5kms to the town center. Important distance to know since that is where the closest bar is at.

It was around 5.30pm when I arrived to my parents’ place. I carried the groceries, beverages and my bag from the car. And around 30 minutes later I had unpacked my bag, cooked quick dinner and was sitting my feet on the living room coffee table. There was nothing interesting coming from the television so I decided to watch random sitcom while I ate and enjoyed one of the ciders I had brought. Do not get me wrong, life still sucked. But it is much bearable when you have warm food, good drink and nothing important to do for next 48 hours. And I had not forgotten the hot tub which my father had installed year or two ago. It was waiting just outside of the window doors. It would be ready later at the evening as it took some time to warm up.

At some point after dinner I had fell asleep. It was very lady-like two hours nap. It is not common for me to sleep naps as long as few hours but I guess my body and mind needed that. It had been stressful day. It not took me long to wake up after I had gotten some coffee in me. I lazily scrolled through my phone and noticed that my break-up from my ex had not gone unnoticed. There was few messages from my girlfriends. I replied with short message that I was alright and out of city for the weekend. They were supporting and even offered to join me. I politely declined since I wanted to be alone. And they were fine with that decision. “Fine, I don’t come, you don’t need me. You find what you want from Tinder ;)”. She was joking but that was naughty and curious idea. Pictures of cute boys might be exactly what I needed to get that bastard out of my mind. And wine. Especially wine.

I poured a glass for me and had a sip. “Hmm…, yes I should be able to get buzz going with this”. I never pick same brand. I so rarely buy wine so I choose the bottle in random. Glass in one hand, I went outside to check the hot tub. It was not fully ready but since it was summer, it didn’t need to be super-hot anyway. I turned around to go back inside to undress when I remembered that I had not packed swimming suit. But since I was alone, it did not really matter. And on that note I decided to undress right there. The summer dress which was covering my body dropped to deck of patio and just moments later the dress was joined by my bra and panties. Evening wind caressed my pale and nude body and that sent shivers through my body. It felt nice. I position the wine glass and my phone next to hot tub. Then I set the bubbles from nearby display and step in to the warm water.

I took another sip of wine and exhaled. For a moment I felt relaxed. I closed my eyes and let water and wine warm me up. I just laid there for while listening bubbles work their magic around my bare naked body. When I reached for wine glass I noticed that it was empty. “I did not take more than two sips right? Or was it three… or several more?” Fine! I got up to get the bottle and towel to cover myself after I’m done. This took me mere minute and I was soon back in my new-old favorite place.

Time went by and sip by sip I found my mood getting better and mind wilder. While laying in the tub, I had already set my dating profile and started to look into the offering of my old hometown. I was somewhat surprised that there was a lot of guys that I had never met who were around same age range that I was. But guess that happens when you have lived elsewhere a half of decade. I found profile of Rick who I knew when I still lived at my parents. I remember him being the quiet bullied guy back in the days. Oh my, he has changed. I would most definitely let him take me home. *Swipe right*.

I kept going through the list of never-ending of boys and men. At some point, I unconsciously opened my legs and touched myself with my free hand. I noticed this moments later when accidental moan slipped from my lips. I giggled at my own naughty behavior. Guess the wine, bubbles and pretty boys has the hoped effect. I let my fingers play with my clitoris for a moment longer before I stop to prolong the pleasure. I can finish myself later when I have teased myself to a point where I cannot take it anymore.

I got up from hot tub to cool my body a bit. I had been in the hot water for a while and some time off is probably good call. I went inside to drink glass of water and then returned outside to patio. I covered myself with the towel I had brought previously and took a look of my old backyard. My parents has not changed many things at outside. The hot tub was probably the only major change. I decided to walk at the recently cut grass and feel it between my toes. I walked to an old tree which my brothers and I had climbed countless time when we were younger. Our father had built a swing from old tire and roped it to tree branch for us to play with. It was installed so it was hanging from two spots of opposite side of the tire, just like the ones you can see at playgrounds around cities. It was perfect for my older brothers who were big enough to not slip through the empty space of tire. For me it took long time until I was big enough to play with the tire swing as they could. At that point, I do not remember caring about it as much anymore. But today sitting at the swing sounded like fantastic idea.

I took relaxing position on the tire. My back leaning to one of the ropes and my legs hanging from other side of tire. I couldn’t swing from that spot but with wine in one hand and phone in the other, I wasn’t planning to start swinging anyway. Instead I continued intoxicating myself while looking pictures of local hunks from my dating app. I even started to receive matches which made me feeling wanted. And hot of course. “I am sexy and hot and strong. My only weakness is that I’m too nice. Yeah, that’s it. Screw that cheating bastard!”. Looking all of those pictures made me feel wet again. And that made me want to touch myself again.

It was nice evening and there was no one close by so what’s the harm of having little fun. I emptied the glass and gently dropped it on grass. I then proceeded opening the knot which held my towel in place. I revealed my naked body underneath the towel. And there I was, laying naked at the old swing while preparing to pleasure myself to an orgasm. I touched my exposed nipples and they got immediately hard as tiny rocks. The reason for my erected nipples might have been the cool summer wind but most likely it was because of strong feeling of arousal. I think that I might’ve been building myself up for this specific event from the moment I woke up from the nap.

I no longer paid attention of matches that kept coming at the app, instead I scrolled through the pictures to find even hotter guys. My hand moved from my nipples to south, to the mound of my wet pussy. Electricity ran through me when I gently touched my engorged clitoris. I proceeded inserting my middle finger to entrance of my pussy while using other fingers Escort to play with my labia. I have shaved my cunt bare. The moist and smooth skin felt fantastic at my fingertips. I teased myself for a moment before pushing my finger inside of me. Quiet moan exited from my mouth. I slowly kept moving my finger back and forth inside my cunt. I closed my eyes and dropped my phone. One hand was not enough for me, I needed the other one for my breasts. I pinched my nipples while at the same time I pushed also my index finger inside. I picked up the pace. I entered to a world of my own and closed the real one from my senses. I felt like flying while laying on top of the dangling tire while my hands explored my young and horny body.

I felt pressure building at my cunt and I knew that moment of my orgasm was near. I left my breasts alone and reached with my second hand to my demanding clitoris to start the countdown. The lift off came in matter of seconds after I started playing with my clit. The orgasm made me kick the air with my hanging feet and toes kept curling and extending. I couldn’t continue playing with myself since the orgasm hit me hard. I removed my hands from pussy while my whole body kept convulsing in orgasmic bliss.

During my cumming I had forgotten where I was. My limbs had gone wild during my orgasm and I forgot to keep my balance on top of tire. During one of the spasms where I reached as far I could with my arms and legs, my ass slipped through hole of tire. I screamed when sudden feeling of falling hit me. But the screaming was changed to embarrassed laughter when I understood what had happened. I was no longer a child so I did not fall completely through the tire. Instead I was hanging inside the tire, my butt being around half meter to one meter above the ground. The towel was hanging from one side of the inner circle of tire and thus exposing my butt side completely.

I must have been stupid sight to behold. I was just lucky that there was no one to witness this incident. The idea of having the most fantastic solo sex story ever told, made me continue laughing. “Heh… Alright, I’ve had my fun. Time to return to patio”. But that proved to be more difficult than I imagined. I tried to pull myself back up but I couldn’t get proper grip from the ropes or side of the tire. Including that my legs were far too extended to be used as leverage. “Fine. It’s just dirt and grass, I just let my whole body to slip through the tire”. But I had no luck with that plan either. I do yoga every week so I am quite flexible but even that did not help me become any smaller. This was first time ever I hated my boobs not being smaller than they were. I think I was only able to jam body even further in the tire. “This isn’t funny anymore”, I thought. I was really stuck inside tire which was slowly swinging in air.

Next 10 minutes I tried my everything to remove myself from the trap. I think my struggling only made things worse. When I had exhausted all the options, I started to shout for help in hopes that someone could hear me. But no one came. I was not sure if I even wanted anyone to see me like this. When I started to panic, I finally heard soft steps approaching. “Hello!!! Is someone there? Can you please help?”.

No answer.

“Hey? Are you there?”.


“Hey!” I shouted.

At the third time something replied. I heard loud bark coming from close by. I couldn’t see it but it was definitely dog. And it could not help me at all. But maybe it could go get help…?

“Hey boy, go get help”.

But it just barked back. “Stupid animal” I thought. I tried to swing so I could push it any direction. But it was next to impossible. I ended up just jiggling my bare ass without moving elsewhere.


It was pointless. The dog just kept barking around me. With my current predicament, I couldn’t even see it. I was just able to hear it panting and barking next to me. I tried to struggle some more to get some reaction out of it. And then I got a reaction out of it, but not the one I was hoping nor expecting. I felt its cold nose touching my pussy. It was sniffing my bare cunt which was hanging in air at the perfect height for it.

“NO!” I screamed.

I tried to fight it off but once again I just jiggled my backside at it. The dog stuck its nose harder against my pussy lips to locate the source of this exciting scent. It might not know much about human anatomy but it was programmed to know the scent of wanting bitch. I might’ve cooled down during last 10 minutes but I was still wet. My pussy juices had been streaming down my taint to my ass. That being said, the side of my body which was hanging from tire, was quite well marinated by my pussy. I could not believe the situation where I was at. It felt so surreal. But no amount of “trying to wake up from this nightmare” changed the fact that I was being assaulted by dog while I was stuck inside car tire.

The dog had hit gold. It kept sniffing more and more, while turning around my ass to find better angle. I still had not seen the assailant at all, after all I’ve been staring my knees for quite some time. But the dog felt big. It used its head to swing me around with relative ease. I don’t think that small dog could have done the same. It also had deepness in its bark that had level of authority in it. After twisting and turning, the dog returned to its original position nose deep inside of me. It must have concluded that this was best possible position for it to explore. After I had felt the nose for second time, I was expecting the tongue to come as well. But when it came, it was still total shock for me. It was long and slow lick from by butthole, all the way to top of my clit. No square millimeters of my more sensitive erogenous areas was safe from that gigantic tongue.

I shrieked from the sudden tongue which was exploring my most protected openings. Especially the tingling sensation emanating from by butthole was unbearable. No one had ever touched my asshole before and now it was fully exposed and presented to a random beast as freaking piñata. That was not to say that my pussy didn’t react to this new twist at all. It most certainly felt the warm and wet tongue which was doing its best to reignite the flame which had cooled down while I had got myself stuck. And longer the event took, more my body started to betray me. I had not noticed this change in me. Sure, I had noticed my whole lower body being wet but I had thought it was because of dog’s tongue, not because of my body had slowly but surely started to succumb. But when I heard unintentional sigh slip from my mouth, I noticed my own arousal.

“No, please no. Don’t do it.” I mumbled. And to reply that, the dog just lapped even harder. There was no stopping this animal anymore. The wetter I got, more the dog focused on my pussy lips which were producing the nectar which the dog wanted. This kept going until I felt something inside of me. The dog was pushing its tongue inside of me. I did not even thought that it was possible until several centimeters were already inside of me. Several lovers of mine had gone down on me but none of them had tongue as large and firm as this dog had. Now that I think about, they did not even have fingers as long as this dog’s tongue. It kept pushing it further and further inside of me with determination which made the swing tilt. It kept pushing me until I was basically sitting on its face. This odd position made me feel like vertigo.

Nothing as nimble had ever penetrated me like this. I felt the tongue invading far beyond my labia. It kept exploring every part of me with dexterity that was unbelievable. I had heard of G-spot but I had never found it but the dog did. Fingers of my inexperienced lovers could have reached it if they had known what to look. But the dog did not need such instructions. Oh no, it’s brutal tongue touched all the right places. It kept lapping the juices out of me by slithering its tongue in and out of me. It made sudden twists and twirls inside me which made gasp for air. It felt like the dog was literally tongue fucking me. Including the tongue which the dog was trying to push further inside, the dog’s nose kept caressing my clitoris. By trying to find better angle for tongue penetration, the nose kept going circles back and forth around my sensitive clit.

Realization what these sensations meant, made me sob due humiliation. My pleas and beggings went unheard, my body was taking this ride to the second orgasm of the day. And what an orgasm it would be. I am sitting on top of dog whose long tongue is deep inside of me while the nose is stimulating my clitoris.

I felt the orgasm building from cunt. I’ve never experienced G-spot orgasm before so I did not what to expect. That combined with the feeling which my clitoris was transmitting resulted with most exploding orgasm. Tears were running down my cheeks while I was screaming in sweet agony. Nothing seemed to stop orgasmic wave after wave washing over me. I kept erupting more pussy juices at the face of the dog. Most of the juices Escort Bayan were lapped by the dog but some kept trailing to my exposed asshole. The prolonged orgasm started to have toll on my body. Not only my position was somewhat tiring by being two-folded inside the tire but also the never-ending pleasure was forcing cramps to my abs and legs.

Subconsciously my body started to find ways to escape the situation by trying to protect my sensitive erogenous zones. Since I couldn’t block the dog, my body had to find way out. In the middle of constant spasms, I thrashed my body weight as much I could. And not even the dog could juggle the human-rubber wrecking ball on its face much longer and it had to move away when the tire with me inside begun to swing down. Feeling vertigo while swinging and cumming was unbelievably exhilarating. I was not being physically stimulated by the tongue nor the nose anymore but I still had hard time to focus my thoughts while swinging from side to side. The only thing I was able to figure out was that swinging would end soon and I would still be in same situation.

But that was not actually going to be the case. The swing was not designed to swing the direction where the dog had forced and including that it was already quite old. The rope tied to side of my feet could not hold my weight and it came undone. The rope at the side of my back still held on by some stroke of miracle. The sudden drop shocked me once again but on some level I was somewhat numb for it. I was still recovering from the previous experience so my senses were not as sharp as they were before. However for my delight I was able to feel the ground touching my toes. I found myself in odd crouched position while still being very much stuck inside the tire. The tire started to rotate on its own and I was finally able to see the assailant who had tongue raped me just moments ago. It was quite dark outside but I was able to see the figure which was standing on four feet. The gentle looking giant, Saint Bernard was not the most intimidating but my memories were far too fresh to have any pleasant ideas about it. I recognized the dog immediately. It was my old neighbor’s dog which he had gotten years ago. It was huge, no two words about it. I’d say almost 80 kgs. I remember it being much smaller but it might’ve been still young when I left home. It was no miracle that it was able to push me as up as it did. With frame it was more beast than pet.

The bernard was moving around the tire while the tire was still rotating so it was difficult for me to fix my focus on it. Not to mention that now I was starting to feel vertigo because of revolving motion. Luckily it did not took long for the movement to stop. The bernard was curious so it came close. Playfully it pushed its head as close to mine and gave huge lick on my face. It might’ve been charming if I did not know where that tongue had been just moments ago. It just had been the main cause for the most powerful orgasm that I had ever felt. I started to shout “STOP! GO AWAY FROM ME!” while struggling to remove myself from the tire. But neither of those were very successful. The dog hesitated for a brief moment before continue licking my face with its huge tongue and also the tire was still holding its grip on my body. I just focused on keeping my eyes and mouth close and let it have its fun. It would tire itself out at some point. But it did not tire itself as much as got bored. My face did not have the flavor it had enjoyed just moments ago. It stopped licking and turned away from me. That is when I saw the huge veiny purple cock hanging from its loins. It was closer to 15cm and it was not even fully erect yet. It had pointy head and it was pulsating small amounts of precum from it. I soon lost my sight of it after the tire started to slowly rotate again when the bernard was not holding it. And that is when the dog noticed that the tire had the fun side as well. My bottom was still very much exposed and the scent was still coming from freshly tongue fucked pussy.

I felt the rough tongue once again invading my nether regions. “Oh c’mon! Haven’t you had your fun yet? Can you please get some help?”. But the bernard was having none of it, it was slowly licking from pussy to asshole. It made me heating up once more and making my cunt to produce juices again. It kept licking with vigor, spreading the moistness everywhere. But this time it was not enough for the horny dog. For some reason I had not understood what semi-hard cock oozing with precum meant for dogs. I had been too focused on my own problems to realize that there was no bitches around here for bernard to fuck, other than the one hanging from the tree. This understanding was correctified when the huge dog threw its front paws on the top of the tire while trying to mount me from behind. This shocked me to my very core, I felt the cock trying to hit my pussy opening. The cock slide on top of my sensitive mound, hitting clitoris while going back and forth. The angle was not perfect for it but it was determined to breed the bitch beneath it. I understood the situation quite well and I tried to force me legs as up as possible so the angle would be even worse for the penetration. I felt the precum hitting my shaven cunt and abs, after a while I was even able to smell it. The sawing motion made me moan in pleasure but I did not ease my struggle. I can succumb to pleasure but I will not let this mutt fuck and breed me.

The bernard was frustrated. Its prize was right there and it did not want to settle it like this. It released it hold with front paws and for a moment I felt victorious. I heard dissatisfied barks behind and thought that “Go screw some actual bitches and leave me alone”. But just moments later I felt its weight on the tire once again and I quickly kicked my legs as up as possible to avoid next round of humping. However, I screwed up big time. I should have allowed it to start humping before trying to prevent the access to my pussy. I had accidentally adjusted myself perfectly for him to hit my asshole. And when I felt the dick at my butthole, it was too late to remedy it. Only thing I was able to do was to scream when I felt the veiny cock trying to force itself to my virgin anus. For quite some time my asshole was being lubed by my own pussy juices and the saliva of the bernard. And now the purple cock was lubing it even further with precum which was being forced to my tight anal opening. As I said, I had never done any butt stuff before and now my first experience is going to be with dog bigger than myself. It took moment for bernard to balance the swing so the swing would not escape under the dog. But when it got handle on the tire, it started to apply the pressure I was so afraid of.

Even though it was painful, I was doing my best to clench my butthole. I was in total panic mode and subconsciously my body struggled with the only option that it had, prevent all access. The bernard knew that it was close of penetration. It did not realize that it wasn’t puppy making hole which it had been tongue fucked before and thus it kept pushing its member in. Little by little the extra lubrication allowed more and more access. I felt how the pointy head of the cock was forcing itself through my tight little sphincter. The struggle took seconds but due time dilation it felt like minutes. I felt every moment of my asshole expanding in the face of merciless dog cock. And further the cock was able to push itself to my anal cavity, further it was able to squirt its hot precum. I had long ago closed my eyes when I had started to clench every part of my body. Forcing my sphincter as tight as possible was sending pain signals through my whole body. I was so focused that I even seized my breathing. And the brief moment when I finally exhaled, I unintentionally relaxed my body just for .1 seconds. And that was all it took the bernard force the whole 15 centimeters of hot dog cock inside my ass. My eyes were now wide open when I was screaming in pain and embarrassment. When pointy head had pushed itself trough, the rest of the member followed with full length. I still kept trying to clench my bottom but it was far too late now. Only thing I managed to do anymore was probably stimulate bernard shaft.

The bernard barked happily above me. It had conquered the final obstacle and buried its bone deep inside the bitch. Never before it have had this tight bitch and it was loving it. It started to move its loins back and forth while shooting the precum inside of me. Now that the warm cock was fully deep inside me, I felt hot jets of precum in my butt. I was so wrecked that I did not realize it back then but without that constant lubrication, the dog might’ve done some serious damage to now mine former virgin ass. My sensitive nerve endings around anus felt every centimeter of the cock. I remembered the moment when I saw the cock moments ago. And now when I thought about it middle of this bestial ordeal, back then it seemed to be only semi-hard. My asshole kept expanding while the dog kept hardening and I felt that I was already past the limit I can take. Bayan Escort And that was when the bernard picked up the pace. The constant lubrication ensured my anal co-operation and as proof of that the beastly cock was able to piston in and out of me with increasing tempo.

Soon I’m being pounded with speed that is unreal. Now fully erect cock was slamming through my asshole deep into my rectum. I am too busy gasping for air while at the same time sobbing in defeat. Not only I am wrecked mentally but my body has given in as well. There was no point clenching anymore. So now to lessen the pain my body is doing its best to relax. My ass is its plaything and there is nothing else to do than wait that its done. But when I gave in and relaxed, I felt unexpected sensation to replace the fighting spirit. At every thrust, dog’s heavy balls kept hitting my pussy and clitoris. Also from this position the cock was hitting my vaginal walls inside my ass. This stimulus was starting to have surprising effect on my body. Surprising at least for someone who had not experienced anal sex before. I was not mentally prepared when I started to moan under of this building pleasure. I thought that I could have not sank any lower with degradation. I was no longer just sobbing but I started to tear up for real when I understood what was happening for my body. The faster I was being fucked to ass, louder I started to moan. I couldn’t hold back my evident arousal. My tears tasted salty while they rolled down to my groaning mouth. This acceptance in my behavior did not go unnoticed by the bernard. It had picked the pace before but now it added more force to its thrusts. There was no need to take it easy any more. Now it started to fuck my tight ass as fast and hard as it possible could.

Without any warning, I suddenly climaxed. I did not know what I could cum from anal but that misunderstanding was being cleared by most brutal way. The orgasm felt deeper than the one I’ve gotten from having my pussy stimulated. I had long forgotten where I was and I shouted without care of any one hearing. My continues grunting was only matched by the loud panting of the beast above me. Unintentionally, my sphincter kept milking the huge cock while it was sawing through my anus. This was driving the bernard even higher state of frenzy. He was ready to start insemination of the bitch but before that there was one technical matter to be taken care of.

I felt the added pressure at my anal opening and this forced me out from the blissful state I was in. The pressure was becoming somewhat painful. “It cannot get any bigger, right…? My ass cannot take much more.” I thought while being afraid again. “Maybe it is preparing to cum?”. Then I remembered one nature documentation I saw years ago. Some animals ensured impregnation of bitches with different methods. With dogs something called knot was going to be built at the base of the cock. “Oh please god no… It will tear my ass”. My moaning did not sound only pleasurable anymore, it was starting to be obvious that the ordeal had become more uncomfortable for me. I did not doubt the determination of the bernard. It had already quite brutally forced it cock through my tight asshole previously. It was unlikely that it did not do its best to force the knot in as well. “What I do…? Do I try to relax further or do I try to clinching again? What hurts less? No… No matter what, it will force it through. It will fucking do it no matter what…” To preserve my used ass I decided to humiliate myself once more. I started to relax my whole body so the dog could push the knot inside. I justified this by constantly saying to myself that if I let knot grow any bigger, it will just hurt more.

I started to focus to get more aroused. The cock was still hitting all the right spots. By matching the rhythm by and pushing my back side against the dog’s cock, I was trying to enjoy as much I could. I pushed back the nagging voice which told me how wrong it was. I did not have time for worries, for myself sake I had to relax my body. My pussy was wet and luckily the juices kept flowing down my taint to my ass. The precum kept gushing out mid-thrust from my ass. I was well lubed for what to come and I just had to hope it was enough. The rock hard cock did its own part and applied enough force by pistoning in and out through my anal opening. The knot kept hitting my anus which blocked the final access for the bernard. He thrusted harder and harder at the lubricated entrance of my rectum. I felt my sphincter expanding slowly when the “gatecrasher” kept slamming my anus. Slamming continued harder and harder until my ass finally gave in. The knot smashed in to my butt with force. The cock pushed deeper than before and my ass was filled to a point which I did not know was humanly possible. I had thought that knot was at the base of the cock but clearly I was wrong. When the knot penetrated my poor anus, several centimeters of previously unburied cock was pushed in as well. The dog even lost its balance for a moment when it thrusted full length of its dick in me. I gasped for air when I was suddenly filled up but there was no time for me rest since once the dog found it’s bearing it resumed screwing of my ass. For next few seconds the knot sawed through my anus until it was blocked because growing too large. The dog kept fucking me but it was more to test that the cock cannot come out until the bernard is done with its bitch.

I’ve been forcing myself to higher and higher level of arousal. I did not have any choice. So when I felt bernard’s hot cum started to gush into my rectum and its knot pushing against my vaginal walls in my ass, I exploded like never before. The dog’s cum felt a lot hotter than I expected. The sheer volume of cum being shot inside of me surprised me even further. It felt like the orgasm was ravaging my whole body from bottom to top. It was like every part of my sensitive body was contributing to this mind shattering climax. My face turned bright red color and I even had trouble to breath. My eyes rolled back to my head and my mouth was wide open trying silently to scream from the pleasure. My body was convulsing when the orgasmic waves originating from ass and pussy wrecked over me. I felt also shame of being forced to climax by a dog and I knew that I could now wash that away. Mine climax extended over 30 seconds. The built-up arousal just kept me erupting and all the while the bernard kept pumping more cum inside of me. The knot could not hold everything inside me so some gushed past my asshole. Being filled to the limit by the hot sperm felt unimaginable and even after few minutes I still felt the cock doing pumping motion inside of me.

I kept feeling the after quakes of my cumming for long time after final reckoning had ended of the multi-layer orgasm that I had just experienced. The bernard was still deep embedded inside of me but I now clearly felt the dripping of cum which had gushed out from me. I also felt small waves of pain and pressure when the dog unsuccessfully tried to pull out. “How long is he going to be in me?” I wondered silently. Even though I was quite alert after being fucked so hard and so long, I was able to feel my body to tire down. I just wanted to rest and get the cock out of me as soon as I can. When adrenaline started to wear off, I started to feel pain over my body again. I did not embrace the feeling… To test that everything worked I tried to move my arms and legs. For my surprise, I was no longer stuck at tire. The knot was still firmly embedded inside me to prevent me leaving but guess the brutal fucking had popped me out from the tire. This felt bittersweet. “Maybe if I had just tried to prevent knot to penetrate me, I might be free already. Maybe I would not hurt this much. Maybe… maybe… maybe…”. Bernard felt that I was trying to release myself so it tried as well. It started to pull the knot out from my ass. I felt pain when my sphincter expanded once more and allowed the cock to exit.

Copious amounts of cum gushed out when the head of the cock finally slipped out from me. I felt sudden emptiness inside of me when everything was removed at once. I was no longer stuck at the tire so when cock slipped out, I lost my balance and fell on my knees and arms to dirt. The cum inside of me kept dripping out from ass and down to my thighs. The dog had pumped enough cum in me so it would be coming out for a while. That was not missed by the assailant who came behind me again but now to lick me clean. I simply didn’t care anymore. I allowed it to go down at me while I was gathering strength to get up. Between my legs I saw the monster cock which had been inside me. It was over 20cm long and the knot at size of small fist. I did not want to think how big it was when it was fully inside of me. Nor did I want to think what it had done to my now gaping asshole.

After a minute I got up and started to walk back up house. The cum kept flowing down to my legs at each step. Dog followed me until I was able to enter the my parent’s home and close the door behind me. I watched the dog through the glass door and I saw dominance in its eyes. It was no gentle giant as many think of. In it’s eyes I’m nothing but a bitch which it had taken. And probably a bitch it would take again when it felt like it.

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