Taking One For The Team: Part Seven


Being the head of my department has its perks. I started to take the opportunity of going in later than usual, not too late, but not early. The other perk was that Tiffany always had my favorite drink ready for me on my desk.There were other perks, of course. Samantha and Lauren kept me on my toes, literally, either of them could make me either stand on my tiptoes or make them curl. Lauren’s dick sucking skills were unbeatable she loved kneeling before then burying my dick down her throat until I came. Samantha had put me to sleep between her boobs twice since the first time.Tiffany and I had turned our department into a well-oiled machine, it was running at such an excellent efficiency that we beat the regional record for trucks being loaded and leaving the dock. Since they had exceeded my expectations in such a short time, I decided to throw them a small office party. Everyone was excited about having half a day.“What are you doing later tonight?” Tiffany asked.I had to say Tiffany had made a massive turn from the person she had been before the promotion. Usually, she came in dressed in jeans and a shirt. Seeing her in business attire had made me see her in a different light. Today she wore a blue pencil skirt with a matching top. The buttons on the top threatened to burst open. Even now sitting next to her at one of the benches set up downstairs, I could see through one of the gaps between two buttons. She was wearing a baby blue bra.“Not much,” I said as I looked up at her.I had tried to make sure not to hang out or fraternize with workers outside of the workplace. Tiffany had asked me on many occasions beforehand and even more so now to socialize outside of work.“Well, it’s my birthday and a few friends of mine, that don’t work here,” Tiffany said trying to emphasize that she would be the only one that I would from work. “are going out to a local bar.”I shook my head immediately. “You know how I feel about that,” I replied.“Yeah, I know you don’t want to show favoritism,” Tiffany replied.“Exactly,” I confirmed while looking at some of the others as they danced, ate or talked among themselves.“Here is the address of the bar,” Tiffany said as she handed me a piece of paper as she got up. “In case you change your mind, or you can stay in your apartment and play your video game.”~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~Tiffany’s last words stuck with me. Here I was on a Friday night sitting on my couch playing my video game with people I had never met in person. While others were out there doing fun things. Samantha had sent me a text that she was out with some of her friends from her social media page. Lauren was out with her istanbul travesti neighbor friend, and here I was sitting in my pj’s playing a video game while eating potato chips.“I am going to log off,” I said into my headset.“What?” one of the guys said. “It’s early.”“I know, I just…” I started to give a reason, then I thought about it. I owed these guys nothing, I didn’t even know their real names, just their screen names. I took my headset off and turned the console off.I got dressed and headed out. The bar wasn’t hard to find, parking, on the other hand, was a different case altogether. I had to park in the corner way in the back. As I walked to the front, I saw Tiffany’s silver sedan. I walked inside and immediately spotted Tiffany with her friends in a large circular booth in the corner.I strolled over to the booth. “Decided to show, huh?” Tiffany smiled.“Yeah,” I said, looking at her smiling back at me. I could tell she had been drinking.Everyone shifted as I took a seat. “This is my…” Tiffany said as she looked at me. “coworker.”I smiled as Tiffany smiled back at me. I was glad she didn’t say I was her boss. I am sure her friends would have acted weird around me.The waiter came up, and I put in two orders of beer and a drink that the others had said I had to try. Within moments I was in total agreement that it was one of the best-mixed drinks I had ever tried.“So,” one of the women said. There were three women, including Tiffany and four men, including myself. “We were in the middle of a game. Before you came.”“I don’t think Kevin is into those kinds of games,” Tiffany smiled. I had to smile back with a grin.“You would be surprised,” I replied.I had to admit Tiffany was looking out of this world attractive. She was wearing a white crop top that showed just the right amount of cleavage, and her stomach, she had a hot body and was proud to show it off.While the other women were dressed conservatively.“What’s the game?” I asked as I downed my second beer.“One of us says something that we haven’t done,” one of the guys said, “and if you have done it, you have to drink.”“Ah,” I nodded, “I have played this game.”“But we play it with a twist, if you drink you have to explain in explicit detail what you did, you can change the names, but everything else you have to say.”“Oh,” I smiled. “Nice twist.”“He is going to need another drink,” one of the guys said.“Actually, I was thinking of getting the punch bowl,” I said as I looked at the drink menu.“Oh, is that the shareable one?” Tiffany asked.“Yes,” the waiter said. “It comes in a two share or a five-share bowl, which do you want?”I looked at the others, and istanbul travesti most of them shook their head. “We can share it,” Tiffany said as she looked at me.“Sure,” I replied.“Okay,” one of the women said. “I have never cheated on my significant other with their sister or brother.”I took a swig of my beer, looking over at Tiffany she also drank some of her mixed drink.“Seriously?” one of the guys said.“What?” Tiffany shrugged. “I told you when I got out of high school, I rebelled against my Christian family.“You first,” I said, looking at her.“What’s to explain?” Tiffany said. “One of my boyfriend’s had a hot brother, he fell asleep, and his brother was still awake and willing, we fucked right there on the bed with my boyfriend fast asleep.”“Fair enough,” one of the guys said as he shook his head.“My ex dumped me and to get back with her I slept with her sister and recorded it, then sent it to her and some of her friends,” I smiled.“Wow!” most of them said.“Remind me not to piss you off,” Tiffany said as our drink arrived.“My turn,” the guy nearest to me said. “I have never had sex in public.”Nearly everyone drank except him. We all took turns to explain our story. Then it was another and then another.Tiffany told us to hold on as she had to use the bathroom, the other women went with her. When Tiffany got up and walked to the bathroom, I realized that she was wearing a black leather mini-skirt with knee-high boots.“So,” one of the guys said. “Tiffany, huh?”“What about her?” one of the others asked.“She’s something,” the guy said as if we would understand what he was trying to say.“Spit it out,” I said, looking over at him.“What?” he said, looking at the rest of us. “I am just saying she isn’t like most, which isn’t bad, but still, come on?”“Oh,” one of the others nodded. “Because Tiffany likes sex and has been with many guys, she’s what? A whore?”“I didn’t use the word,” the first guy tried to backtrack. “But, not the type you want to have a serious relationship with, right?”I shook my head. It was guys like this that made the slutty girl stereotype stick around for as long as it had if the table was filled with all guys talking about the same subject. No one would say a thing, but because Tiffany and one of the other women had slept with as many guys or more than the guys at the table, they were whores or sluts. Now if they had only slept with one or two guys and didn’t want to sleep with any of them, then they were prudes, feminists or lesbians.The rest of us shook our heads and changed the subject. “Fine,” the guy said as he got up. “I can take a hint,” he called for the waiter and followed him towards istanbul travesti the front to pay his tab.“Guys like that make me sick,” one of the others said. “I bet he wanted to get with one of them and they weren’t giving him the time of day.”“Katie,” one of the others said.“No idea who that is,” I shrugged.“The blonde that sits there,” one of them said.“Ah,” I nodded. “Tiffany’s ex-roommate?”“Yeah,” he replied.I remember seeing a picture of her on Tiffany’s phone. It wasn’t hard to put two and two together after that. That meant the other woman was Kristina, Tiffany’s best friend. Since the guy on my right was her boyfriend that meant his name was Michael and he came with the guy in front of me, who they seemed to be best friends that made him Jamie, the asshole that left had to be Anthony. Tiffany had said there was a creeper that hung out with her crowd. Now that I had everyone figured out, it would make things much more straightforward.“Good,” Katie said as she sat down. “You guys got rid of Anthony.”Katie took her seat, Kristina sat next to Michael, and Tiffany sat back next to me.“Why do you keep inviting him?” Jamie asked.“He usually pays for all our tabs at the end of the night,” Tiffany said. “Usually, without being asked.”Tiffany moved in close to me her hand fell on my lap. “So,” she smiled as she looked around. “Whose turn is it?’“Yours,” Kristina said.“Okay,” Tiffany said. “I have never slept with more than one person within twenty-four hours.”Nobody drank, except I felt like I should. I tried to remember if I had slept with Samantha twenty-four hours after I fucked Lauren. I leaned forward and took a large swig of the punch.“No fucking way!” Kristina said. “Details!”Tiffany just smiled at me. ‘Fuck!’ I thought to myself. ‘She knew!’“Yes,” Tiffany smiled as she stared directly into my eyes. “Details.”“What’s to say,” I started trying to think of a way to explain that I had fucked one of my bosses in the ass, went home, came back to work and then slept with another of my bosses. Hell now that I thought about it, that wasn’t the only time.Tiffany’s hand was still on my thigh. She took a long suck on her straw as she looked at me. “I slept with one of my friends with benefits,” I said as I looked over at everyone. “then went home, then later the next day met up with another one and had sex with them.”“Met up?” Tiffany asked. “Did you go to meet them, or they came to you?”“Do they know of each other?” Jamie asked.“I went to them,” I answered Tiffany. “Yes, they know of each, and they are fine with it.”“Did she know that you had slept with the other a few hours before sleeping with her,” Katie asked. “I don’t think I could do that.”“I am sure they both know that I have slept with both of them only hours apart,” I answered.They all fell silent. Tiffany’s hand slowly moved up to my growing hard-on. Thinking about fucking Lauren and Samantha always had that effect on me.

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