Taking Ownership of Dick – Part II


Taking Ownership of Dick – Part IITaking Ownership of Dick II6/26/2013After looking into the sea of gorgeous men while entertaining cool panty wetness and cradling my cool cup of coffee, I decide that I was courageous enough to find a dick. I am sick of being single, alone, breaking vibrators and just feeling fucking sexually frustrated all the time. Just because I am a black woman of the voluptuous persuasion, does it mean I am to stay alone and sexually frustrated in this land of the very thin, very beautiful and with very long, blond hair!? I just need to get laid! Now! With someone who acts like I am the shit! So feeling charged with boldness, I stand up and go inside the café to use the facilities and wash my cum-soaked panties. It is a very warm day so they will have no problem drying while wearing them.After freshening up, I exit the café with the intention of walking through the plaza in hopes of meeting someone. Naturally in reality, I would never just begin groping a strange guy, but I try to go beyond my shyness and catch people’s eyes and smile. I get a few returned smiles so things are off to a good start. While walking through the plaza, I stop by a fruit stand to buy Cherries. To my left, I hear “Well, hello Martina.” I know that voice and without looking first, I respond, “Hello Tobias.”Tobias is the real man behind my greatest sexual fantasies. I have dreamt and eye-groped him so many times it is a wonder I am not paying for my crimes. He is standing so close to me, I can feel his breath at the nape of my neck. I can smell him and God the sexual emanating energy finds its way to my cavernous lust and shoot through my body until I almost lose the strength to stand! Noticing I seem to have lost my balance, Tobias steadies me by holding me by my elbow. It’s been a long time since we have seen each other. Tobias is a former colleague turned friend where we enjoyed many movie and dinner nights together. Intimacy never found us but sexual tension did. We were like two crippled shy people who loved each other dearly but could never find the courage to tell each other. türbanlı kırşehir escort Our friendship ended on a note of betrayal. It’s the usual story of another woman liking him and using every trick to destroy any possibility of our bottled up sexual energy transitioning into new found love. So we stopped working together and that was the end of our tale. So now here we are three years later, casually standing at the fruit stand with a charge of visible sexual energy between us.I turn to face him. There he stands before me not having changed much since the last time we saw each other. Tobias is native Swedish with typical Swedish features except his unusual youthful appearance for a man of forty one. He is tall but not very tall. He has a typical white boy average physique with a bit of a beer belly and a flat ass fitted into denim jeans and complimented by a simple t-shirt and gym shoes. He is not my dream come true but for some reason he always felt like my dream guy. His very blond hair is neatly trimmed and he is sporting the beginning of the whiskers coming in. His blue eyes are glistening and he still has that signature scar by his eye from a motorcycle accident. I notice he still has those gorgeous thick, perfectly shaped eyebrows. Any sane woman would kill to have those eyebrows for herself. We hug strongly like two people who greatly miss each other. The side of my face touches his and the warmth from his strong chest was just as I remember from a time before when we hugged. It almost seems like another life time ago! He says quite timidly, “I’ve missed you.” I shake my head yes and say “yes I have missed you too” matching his shyness. “Hey are you free today? Why don’t we find some place to hang out?” he asks. “I would like that” but actually I was thinking more “I would like to fuck you.” So for the next few hours, we found places to hang out, talk and catch up. The passing hours did not help the sexual tension I was feeling and actually all it did was soak my panties again. It reached a point where I was shy türbanlı kırşehir escort bayan to move for fear someone would notice. As the afternoon gave way to evening, we reach that awkward moment where someone should call it a day. To my surprise Tobias says, well he stutters, “how….well…would you…” I look at him intently and say “yes, what do you wish to ask me Tobias” and to my surprise I take his hand. His hands are so strong. “Well, uhm…….” He breaths in deeply “movie…would you like to hang out…my place for a movie….tonight?”“Yes Tobias. That would be great. I would like to run hom…”“NO! I mean…why?”“Well I thought I would freshen up.”“You look great! Please you can freshen up at my house. Please!”So after I give it some thought, I agree. He walks me to my car and then I drive him to his bike and I proceed to follow him to his home.We arrive at his place and it isn’t very different from the last time I visited. “May I have some water?”“Sure follow me to the kitchen.”I did and we stood next to one another at the kitchen sink. He reaches across me to grab a glass and accidentally brushes against my boobs. I swear it feels like an electric current just rushed through my nipples and I can begin to see the nipples becoming visible through my top. “Oh, I am sorry.” “I am not” I responded.He hands me the water and I drink it at once. I return the glass to him and he allows a finger to stroke my hand. Then there we stand like that for what seems an eternity. He sits the glass down and put a hand on my back. I step closer and then closer again until our lips just barely touch. He then presses his mouth onto mine. We stand there like two virgins until our maturity woke up and we begin to work our mouth. Now we are kissing each other for the first time ever.He pulls me closer and I can feel the sexually charged energy had reached him too. We kiss each other with great force until it turns into an a****listic hunger like we simply wanted to go inside of each other. He begins lifting my shirt and I begin unbuckling his belt. türbanlı escort kırşehir We frantically kiss and chaotically remove each other clothes. My full breasts drop from my bra into his hands and his cock springs forth into my stomach the moment it is freed from his underpants. We hug and kiss and roll around on one another until we trip and fall to the floor. “Ouch!” I express as I felt the pain rise from the smash to the floor but it didn’t break our intense concentration on one another. We still hungrily kiss and grope one another but he does mutter “are you ok?” “YES YES” as I am clawing and pulling him to me. He rolls on top of me and my legs immediately part. He grabs his cock and guides it in immediately and we begin humping each other like rabid dogs. His hips pound into mine and we are panting and moaning and groping and feeling and kissing and whining and whispering. Floating phrases in the air expresses or long overdue passion and sexual starvation for one another. He humps me hard marking each one with a guttural grunt and the force of the movement drives us from the kitchen to the living room. I lift my hips to match his thrusts feeling bites of pain as our hips meet. I lift my legs high and try to wrap them around him and as if on queue he begins to fuck me deeper like a brother (black guy) would fuck which I totally didn’t expect! All his fucking came directly from his hips and it felt good to have his dick drive deep into my depths. We fuck and kiss each other hard. We rub and grope and massage never losing the rhythm in our hips. The hip smacking is audible from outside the room punctuated by moans and groans until an “OH SHIT” from Tobias hit the air and warmth spills into my womb. His dick is still tremendously hard and we keep fucking until my own orgasm hits. I throw my arms around his neck feeling his dick plunging into me and never losing the concentration on my special spot. “OH TOBBE TOBBE TOBBE OH GOD.” “Yes my c***d cum for me!”I jokingly say breathlessly “You goin’ to hell! Oh God!” I tremble uncontrollably as my own passion mingles with his giving us a beautiful mix of essence in my womb. We still fuck for a few moments more until the hardness in his dick subsides. We begin to kiss each other gently and tenderly just now becoming aware of the vast amount of heat we generated as evident from the sweat on our bodies. We stop. He lies on top of me. He feels heavy but good. We lay there quiet, panting and in disbelief.

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